Hi All
I have joined Cts on 10 oct.
I have 2 year of experience as a Java developer.
If anyone have any suitable project opening, please dm

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Have a second round interview at a non profit. First was with hiring manager, second is with company ED & someone in the fundraising team. I asked really thoughtful questions last time, I’m drawing a blank on what questions to ask now. Should I repeat same questions? or does anyone have ideas of what I can ask this round.


What is the learning curve/different expectations for an attorney versus a CPA in a first year associate role? I just started, but a bit confused on how I can best contribute my legal skills and anxious about not being an expert on accounting principles.


I am looking to move out of Development and more into Delivery Management. I have taken on the SME role for the last 3 years which has meant I have been used a lot more in the building of teams, project planning, running meetings and workshops, requirement gathering etc. I was wondering if anyone else has made this move from Development to Delivery and how did you do it. I am wondering if there are any qualifications I should do to help me get interviews.


People that don't manage to make it as MD in PE, is it that you're stuck in the same role or you're booted out? If the latter, what did you do?


Currently working in S&T in a pretty analytical role but think my strength lies more in my creativity, but I want to stay in finance- any advice appreciated!


Looking for Guidehouse referral


Best exit ops for someone in GPS? Experience in process improvement/ops


Our nurse has an email group of our states school nurses that she can bounce ideas off, or ask questions etc. Is there anything like that for secretaries? Teachers are keen to share how they handle things in their classrooms, but every school does attendance, has messages that need to be relayed thru the day, all these things going on, I just always wonder how it's handled elsewhere. I took this position two years ago and I don't like "This is just how it's always been done".

This bowl was originally created for black attorneys in big law, but since it’s the only bowl for black attorneys, many black attorneys in other sectors have joined. Some people are apprehensive about starting another bowl for all black attorneys because it will take away from this bowl. Assuming that the conversations & topics will stay the same, What are you thoughts on keeping this bowl solely for black in big law verses Opening this bowl to any black lawyer?


Immediate joiner: Looking for an opportunity in Python Automation with robot.
YOE 6.7 years
Skills: Docker, K8, Python, Robot, Pytest, Locust
Domain: telecom
Preferred location: Mumbai/Remote
Any leads would be appreciated.


I just broke up with someone via text during a client meeting.


Hi Sharks

Looking for Program Manager role within
Google . Kindly please help me get a referral for it.


Hi folks, I am looking for an internship opportunity into Product Management.
I am currently a student of MBA, Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, Batch of 2021-23.
I have a prior 4.5 years of experience into banking into which 1.7 years is as a BA.
Looking for your referral and support.

Thank you.


Salam! 2 questions below:

1) As someone trying to get fast tracked for promotion IA, should I push to get on a project during Ramadan OR spend my time on firm building in Ramadan and try to get staffed afterwards? Would prefer the second option so long as it doesn’t impact promotion.

2) if the reco is to max utilization and be staffed during Ramadan, any advice for balancing fasting + long working hours?


Any idea how are the exit ops for consultants in Sweden?


Looking to apply at different P&C companies been at Farmers for a long time which was previously MetLife , the company has changed so much which the acquisition, management and leadership pretend things aren’t as bad as they are. Really looking to leave and quite honestly leave before finding another position at this point. Any suggestions are any underwriting positions at any company’s you guys are with, my current role isn’t underwriting exactly but we do a lot go underwriting work and my


I have had several rounds of interviews for a role at Visa London office. When I reached out to the HR to check on progress/status after what they called the "final round", they said everything is positive and then set up another round with the hiring manager last week. TBH, that round seemed as if they want to make sure I have understood the job well. And there has been radio silence after that. Any idea how to read this? I have another offer and deliberating if i should just accept that.


I have an upcoming 1st round interview with Goldman for a Trade and Transaction Management role, any interview tips for the position/company? Thanks in advance!


Is there anyone who was offered Consultant position even with 7years of experience as a Front end developer at Deloitte USI?Deloitte

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Any Salesforce-related roles paying around $130k-$150k? I am in Madison, WI with 6 years of Salesforce experience. Not exactly sure what next role I should pursue. I’m not asking for current postings, but wondering if there are any types of roles with that pay.


Anyone here an AE for Tock? Whats the salary and OTE like?


Why do some leaves of my monstera not have the foliage?

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Folks Please help me calculate my inhand salary

My 80c deductions are 1.14 lakh

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Is the SAP practice in India at PWC any good?


Is H1b amendment required if you change your home office?

Has anyone tried asking their school for more financial aid as a result of COVID?


On a Zoom call:
Colleague A: *begins talking*
Colleague B: *begins talking at the the same time as A*
Colleague B: "I'm sorry, A. Go ahead"
Colleague B: (said with much attitude) "No, B. You go ahead. I'm sure what you have to say is more important anyhow."
Everyone else on the call: *Stunned silence....*


Indian friends in the peninsula-

I was told there might be a possibility to find a cook who can come once in a week for 1-2 hours to help prepare some base/curries/etc. any contacts?

Additional info- I live in foster city. Just moved and just moved in with my fiancé. We are vegetarian and need some help with cooking chores.

looking for someone once in a week to help me heavy lift and then we can manage on our own..


Can anyone please refer me to campgemini for job code 1222821


I am having an interview for big data tomorrow for 3 yoe..any suggestions?

Daily Dordle #0015 3&6/7
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Say I put $1k into a stock, it doubles, so now I have $2k, can I withdraw my initial investment of $1k without paying taxes or does this still create a taxable event? I’m concerned since I technically sold my initial shares for a profit but I didn’t sell for a gain above my initial investment.


Any recommendations on whom can review a resume? I have worked in hospitality and tech ops with a focus on customer engagement/success.


How does MacKeeper actually makes money ? Who download this shit ?


Have you been invited to join The Human Gathering?
Did you do it? Was it worth it?

What other tech consulting firms have a huge presence in Pittsburgh? Looking to jump ship for a salary increase but want to stay in Pittsburgh. Im in quality engineering.


Hello All, I have offer in hand of 27.5 LPA+15% variable from ZS Associates as a BT Solutions delivery consultant and now my current company is ready to retain me by matching the offer & assuring that they will send me onsite to UK in couple of months. Now I am in a dilemma of what to do as I have been looking for onsite opportunities for my entire career so far. Kindly share your thoughts. Tech stack- ETL, abinitio, aws YoE 9 years CCTC 18.2+10% variable Capgemini


“With regards to…”


I tell people I work at Deloitte to impress people because it's harder to get into than Harvard


Additional Posts in Cognizant sr associate

Hi all,

I have 10 years of experience with 12L of package, I have takes 2 times ML and 1 year of LOP.
Is my package ok?

Hi anyone here working for google client through cognizant, refer me for google process (Risk analyst role)


Hi guys.

What is IJM enabled opportunity in cognizant?


Hi Foks,
What will be the hike range of CTS after completing 11 moths in CTS, and what is by default % hike of Cognizant.
I joined CTS on Nov 21 as Programer analyst.

I’ve received an offer letter for Sr customer service associate at cognizant..I have not joined on the date given but..the offer letter is still valid for next 2 months ..can I join now?


Will CTS change the job location in the offer released? It's different to what's been agreed not sure if they're in rush to release offer and such occurrence.


Hi Folks,

Anyone inside cognizant who is willing to be a part of python developement project please comment.
#UrgentRequirement #PythonDeveloper


Is there probation period for experienced in CTS? It is not mentioned in offer letter but few are saying they have got email about probation period. Also, does CTS give hike after completing 1.5 years or it gives you in 6 months if you fall in appraisal cycle?


Dear associates,
I am getting project under CS account in Kharadi Pune location (client location). Can anyone please suggest about CS acount and location , if it’s a good acount to work in or not.


What is the bench period for new joiner? I have joined cognizant 11 days back , I have given two client interview but did not selected. Should I asbscond from cognizant? Or should I continue in cognizant ?


Which is the best way to apply for the job from the company portal or to find someone to refer to

What's the maximum package cognizant offer for sr associate

TCS and CTS.. which is better offer for 8 years Cognizant Tata Consultancy Infosys

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For Oracle Cloud Functional tech, what is the maximum salary limit for SA-Projects role in CTS?


How to get release from an important project?


Out of Cognizant, persystent, Hughes Systique, Gspan, Which company should I join.
YOE 7+ and package is pretty similar in all companies Cognizant Persistent Systems Limited Hughes Systique Corporation Gspann

Hi all, Which company is good to join ? if offer is almost same based on work life balance, flexible working hour, work culture.

1. Cognizant
2. TCS
3. Capgemini


Having 1 yr 8 m Yoe in CTS as Qlik Replicate Developer, 6 months of Sales Yoe, 1 month as machine learning intern Overall Experience : 2 yr 2 months Previous BDE CTC : 10LPA [7 fixed + 3 Variable] After PGDM in Data science from manipal got placed in CTS as a lateral Developer Domain CTS CTC: 7.5 LPA [Fixed][April Joined] 1st October Appraisal 8.18 LPA CTC, 2nd October Appraisal : 9 LPA CTC What could be my next CTC after Switch? I don't want to change company how to get hike in CTS?

Hi sharks
News coming in i have just seen one person writing in some cts bowl that the new internet reimbursement model is put on hold and we will be receiving 1800 this month too,,is it true? Can someone throw light on this and enlight me by telling whether this is true or just a fake one


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