Hi Fishes, how much does the post-graduation college matter while applying for Bain & Co.? when one has the relevant experience, skills, and certifications mentioned in JD. Also, any leads on referrals for Supply Chain Consulting openings would help.

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Hi all, what would everyone consider as being proper equity compensation at a startup? I am currently being offered a position at a Series E startup (coming from Big4) and would like to better understand the risks/rewards. Any advice appreciated - thanks!


Hi fishes,

I have 2 year of experience in tech skills like Python, SQL, Azure, Machine Learning, data analytics.

Can anyone refer me for some roles.



Prepping for AWS loop interview, for the leadership principle questions, how many scenarios should I have prepared to get me through the day? Interview is 5 rounds total. Also, if I used some during the phone interviews will it be ok to reuse them during loop?


Does anyone in here work for Cherry Bekaert?
I am currently a teacher who creates and makes all the lesson plans for my team and would love to shift careers into instructional design/curriculum development. Interested in any referrals please


Starting a role in software as a Product Owner. Should I have a Mac or a PC?


I currently make 78k at Lockheed but I’m not doing what I’d like to be doing and i felt stuck and after many conversations with my manager and no solution in sight, I started applying elsewhere. I just recently got an offer from a smaller AI company for 95k that I plan to accept. I’m happy to make the jump, I just don’t know how my manager/coworkers will react when I tell them I’m leaving.


Hello folks,
I am looking for new opportunities. I am a Design engineer with 5 years of experience in NX unigraphics - design, drafting of engineering drawings, Assembly/installation drawings. Strong in Geometry control and clash check analysis. Can someone refer me to a suitable role?


Accenture CN peeps, my manager has not been able to staff me to a project for 2 weeks now after my release from one of the projects where the role as as good as content manager’s. I had voluntarily asked for my roll off as the role was just to upload come content on various platforms. They tried allocating me to some internal project but I asked them to staff me on a client facing project.

I want to know what is the impact of all this on your performance or relationship with manager etc.?


Anyone willing to offer a referral into FAANG? 4 YOE in product design, delivery & management, specialising in FS


Hi Sharks,

My Last working day was 1 Dec 2021, I received experience and reliving letters but dint received FNF letter i am sending mails continuously to exit help desk but no response. can anyone please help me regarding this.

Need to get Form-16 also


Been in sales for 7 years (door to door,telecom,BDR,) I interviewed for a closing position and after submitting a demo presentation and 2 mock emails they have moved be forward for the last “wrap up call”. Any tips and advice for this?

Does this mean I’m being highly considered? Or are they just going along like many companies do. This is a Norway based Saas company.


Anyone here did final interview with VP-level people at Smartsheet? I will have the final interview soon with a VP in charge of the function. It's said that would be a conversational interview which I don't have much experience. I was advised to focus on stakeholder management and collaboration.

Any other advice for such interviews? Would such final round be still a major part for decision-making or the part with the panel would matter more? Thank you!


Hello Fishes 🐟🎏

I am rigorously looking for a job from past few months and tried applying many opportunities i came across, but everywhere I receive is Rejection or No response at all.I am not sure what needs to be added to my profile to get more attention or is it really something because of my Notice period which is 90 days at HCL

Tech Stack : Azure Cloud IAAS & PAAS.
YOE : 6 years 1month+
Currently persuing Devops tools and automation

EY Tata Consultancy Accenture Amazon Web Services


For EY experienced hires, how long did you guys receive 2nd round/office interview notice from the initial one?


What is Deloitte hiring in for federal and commercial health?


Has anyone ever had a bad feeling during the interview process? Not that anything is objectively wrong but more as if the company wouldn’t be a great fit - maybe they seem a little too standoffish, etc. I’m trying not to read too much into things but all of the interactions I’ve had so far almost seem begrudging? Is this a red flag or par for the course all things considered?


What do you wear for the 1st 30 min video hiring manager interview? Male


Can someone from Accenture help me. I have applied in Accenture couple of months back and have not been able to apply to more suited openings because resume already exists in system.
Is it possible to remove the old profile somehow.



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Hi Fishes,

I wanted to know if project change is smooth in
Nagarro after finishing 1.5years in allotted project.

Also anyone working in good angular/ionic based projects ?


Hey fishes. I have recently joined in tcs and i have my confirmation in December. Currently i have only 3 CL, 2 SL and 0.75 EL. When will more leaves get credited and also will I get any leaves credited after my confirmation?


what should I wear back to office?

I have a united visa with premier 1k status & an Amex platinum. What do those with the same cards use to book travel with, to maximize points, and insurance coverage regards to delayed bags etc? TIA


Work event in the bahamas need recommendation on warm weather pants that will be comfortable and island casual but look sharp enough to still be professional.

My 16 year old just got his license. Someone was telling me to buy him an insurance friendly car (essentially nothing fancy or highly desirable for thieves) car and just insure him on that car and not on my car or my wife’s car (both of our cars I would consider premium vehicles). Any comments on this strategy or other strategy to keep insurance costs low? I’m hearing horror stories about doubling and tripling premiums from other parents.


Hi Sharks
I'm looking for single room (Male) with attached bathroom in 2/3 BHK, including all basic amenities.

Areas : Kharadi, Magarpatta, Viman Nagar, Other nearby areas
Rent : 15-18k(Including maids and all)

I'm available to shift after 10th June.

PS: Non smoker, Non Drinker, Vegetarian


Hi Fishes...please let me know how many days it will take to complete the background verification in hitachi energy...


Any no filler/no procedure tips for sagging jowls?


If you’re a creative a need help navigating this game, share your issue and I’ll try to help.


Stupid question - do Big4 partners receive pension for their lifetime from the firms? If yes then how do our firms afford it?


Anyone feel like they’re not doing enough and/or not doing what they’re supposed to be doing right, even though they are doing fine? I’m on a project without real guidance but everything seems well around me. No bad feedback. How do I overcome this feeling of not doing enough/doing it right?


have got an offer from OpenText &Larsen & Toubro Infotech which one is good to join considering job security?


Hey Guys,
Anyone here who attended PepsiCo hiring drive today in Gurgaon?


Easiest online compsci masters?

Or people's experiences with them


Do we have to neccesaarily complete all the pending web learnings before the last working day? This is about learnings other than exit learnings. What if we do no?

Anyone work in an office with an open floor plan? Just got an offer to join an asset manager ($30bn AUM) as their second funds lawyer. currently a 6th year. nervous if I can cut it, if the open floor plan makes sense, if I can withstand 2-3 days in the office when im 100% remote at a v10. I have 3 little kids. first time in house. Any tips? thoughts?


Just got contacted by a prospective employer to do a test project - this is sitting in on a call and taking notes, then writing a case study. What would you bill for this?


Additional Posts in Big 4, MBB, PE, Inhouse Lawyers

Hello guys

Hey guys

I need guidance I am holding offer from Deloitte with 78% hike my current organization is ready to match same at home city

Do I have chance to re negotiate with Deloitte cause i personally want to move there

Yoe - 2.7 yrs current organization prior that private practice


Hey. I going to be completing two things in 6 months:
1. A 3 year law degree
2. 1 year at
EY in internal audit FS risk consulting.

I was looking for some advice. Is there any way I can leverage my audit experience and transition into a corporate legal role ?

Any advice would be appreciated

I have 3 year experience in legal compliance implementation, software deployment, regulatory laws etc.
Currently in an in-house compliance role.
Looking for a job switch in consulting big four or MNCs/listed entities.

Anyone from EY i require a referral


Hi ,

I am legal professional carrying 5.5 years of experience. Can somebody please refer me to EY/Cognizant or any other Consulting firm in legal (contract management/Business process management). I am looking for a change and want to shift. Thanks in advance


Hello .. what is the average salary earned by an in-house counsel working with a fortune 500 company's subsidiary in India at an Assistant Manager level? Any idea?

Any legal in-house opening for 8 years experience person with in-house and law firm experience. How much salary should one expect in this field with 8 years experience. Please provide your inputs

Hi All,
Require referrals for Big 4 or top MNCs. I hold 3 years of experience in Legal Contract Management. Looking for In-house roles. Please DM and connect.

Is doing an MBA after LLM a good option for getting placed in top companies in senior management roles?

Thanks in advance!


Hi! Can we start a discussion on Yoe VS. Salary for in-house legal professionals in India.


Hi guys,

I am working as in house counsel at Star Health with 2.5 year yoe and 1 year exp in private practice.

Can we connect to discuss opportunities at your organization.

Thanks in advance, please let me know if you know suitable vacancies.

Anyone from EY please comment i found some suitable vacancies would be greatful someone helps with a referral.

Thanks in advance


Anyone from Deloitte?

Any lead for legal opening at a manager level? I have 8+ years of experience in both in-house and corporate.


Hi guys

I require one clarity, if my application is under process in one department for a role and i have applied in another role in different department suitable to my profile in same organisation will they consider the application or not ????

-especially Deloitte
Please guide


Are there any job openings for legal?
Preferably contract redlining and negotiations. (Not open to abstraction work)
Experience in contracts : 18 months
Litigation experience: 2 years
Graduation: 2018 (NLU)
CGPA: 4.8/7

Can anyone describe the McKinsey interview process for the business analyst position in India?


Hello fishes ....

Any Legal openings for law graduate !!!

Would really appreciate any help i could get via refferal or for information on job openings.

Law graduate with progressive knowledge in the field of corporate law, compliance, taxation and arbitration.

I have prior experience in corporate and litigation side.


Hi Fishes,

Is there anyone currently working in
Roland Berger India office? Wanted to know about consultant salary range, wlb, projects and culture

Roland Berger Roland Berger


How is Deloitte India and Cisco in-house legal from work life balance standpoint?

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