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I have received Offer although my NP is 90 days. Try convincing them and create trust with your words.


For which position & grade you have got the offer...

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I’ve been thinking about moving to Berlin. A couple agencies that peek my interests are scholz & friends, anomaly, DDB and heimat . Curious to know if anyone could tell me more about what it’s like working there?

Also open to suggestions for other agencies to check out!


Hi @All, Please share your thoughts on the company name -
Infinite Computer Solutions .

How is WLB & other things there as per your experience you might know?
I have no option except to join that.
Please help 🙏


Hi Sharks,

I have recently joined new organisation where my offer is 18fixed + 1.8variable.

I was having CTC of 8lpa in my previous organisation.

How could be the tax calculation for this year? How the tax is computed with 2 different CTC's? In which tax slab I would come under as per old regime?

I have joined in Oct with new organisation. Till Sept I was with old organization.


My firm has a collections budget (80% of your billable rate x 1850 hours) and an hourly budget that must be met in order to be eligible for a bonus. The firm cares very little about originations and will reward someone for making their collections over someone who brings in new work. I missed my collection budget due to some odd timing with a client, but originated more than all my peers so no bonus for me. I’ve been at this same mid level firm for 9 years and it’s all I know. Is this normal??


What is the location of Infosys kolkata office?

Anyone at Ogilvy Consulting? Can we chat?


Should I expect a raise at my first annual review? If so, how much? And if no raise is offered is there anything else I can ask for? It’s been made clear my performance exceeds expectations.


Corporate Strategy role at legacy tech company with lower pay but path to P&L ownership OR Strategy & Ops at Google ( higher pay but no clear path to P&L ownership)?


what is iDEAS ER&D in wipro ?


Looking to move from Big 4 strategy to MBB. If I have 1 YoE, should I be looking at analyst or associate roles at McKinsey (or equivalent at BB)?

When they say the salary range is dependent on experience and upto £40k and when I have some experience not on everything they are asking for how much I should budge for?

The position is Information security analyst.

Thanks all.


Does Delta Air Lines provide WFH option?


I worked FT as a paralegal and went to law school in the evening. I recently interviewed at a small ID firm in employment law with about 9 attorneys. They asked for a writing sample. I dont have anything recent but provided what I had from last yr in a legal writing class, it was not enough for them. I became licensed this May so I dont have an array of motions to pick from. Then they asked for my undergrad transcript, at this point, I am now annoyed They are not Biglaw. Are they going overboard

Where to prepare for excel assessment test for MI Analyst in Amex GBT?
Also what's the level of excel assessment for this position?

Anyone working or know about the company ‘TietoEvry’. A friend of mine got an interview call and wanted to know about company culture and pay range etc.


Hi Fishes .. I have an offer from Delta Airlines for a Product Owner role
. Can anyone help me with the below questions

1) Hows the work life balance?
2) Company Culture? ( Agressive .. Hierarchial .. Too political)
3) Job security in the current economic climate
4) Any rumors of Layoffs?

Thanks in advance!!


Hi Fishes,

I have YOE : 9 yrs in Dynamics 365 and my current CTC is 28LPA.

I wish to get insight from the community whether the package is good or I lagging behind?


I was recently offered a Zoom interview. The school had 10 interview slots for me to choose from. Three were one day this week and the rest are next week. I chose the first time slot available. Should I have waited until one of the last slots so I was fresher on their mind when choosing a candidate? I am just sitting here stressing out until I here something. Also, do interviewers still appreciate a hand written thank you for the interview?

Avg salary for digital ACD in Seattle? Preferably at a consultancy?


Thoughts on EY tax dsg program?

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Financing question - If you get laid off or have a gap in employment, does your 2 year proof of income “clock” (for lack of a better term), restart? Basically asking if you need to have 2 yrs of consecutive W2 income to great loan terms? For context, I was approved for great terms earlier this year but didn’t go thru with a purchase


What is an online MBA program you would recommend?


My L3 interview discussion is scheduled with Partner of
The role is for FRM division.

Any suggestions what kind of interview I can expect?
I had 2 interview rounds with Associate Director.



My cousin has an offer from BETSOL. How is the company in terms of work culture, growth, work life balance


Anyone have experience in enterprise sales at Alteryx? I’m interviewing there and would love any info as to what your experience was like. @Alteryx


Any good Netflix/Hulu documentaries?


Anyone have any idea when the hiring freeze might end within AWS ProServ? I’m currently at Amazon and have a TS clearance, PMP & CSM. I come from a Big4 consulting firm with a background in Enterprise Performance. I’ll be honest and say I’m not feeling very safe in my current role with the ongoing layoffs. Instead of leaving, I’d love to go back to my “consulting roots” and join the ProServ team. I’m taking my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam next weekend. Hoping this freeze is lifted soon.


My Dad is hilarious, someone asked him what I did for a living and he just told them "he's a nerd." I mean, he's not wrong, so...


Does HR know at PwC or other Big Four if you're getting therapy via your health insurance?

I got a lowball offer from a reputable Fortune 500 for $95k and a 10% sign on bonus for a new role. Benefits are good but I have an opportunity at another company with just as good benefits for $115k plus 5% bonus. What should I do?


Anyone in BVS FS willing to provide some advice and specific questions. Pls DM me?


A picture speaks a thousand words

Post Photo

Presented my resignation to my boss…she asked me for some time to see if she could do a counter offer! Oh boy!


Hi I have 5.5 years of experience in Incident Management can anyone refer me for the role in Mumbai location.


Hello all, looking for Raytheon Technologies referral for Supply Chain department. Help anybody🙏Thanks.


Fastest way to Marriott status?
I am currently Diamond with Hilton but want to switch. Do they offer any challenges? I already was told no status matches.Also not interested in opening a Marriott cc..


How is Thoughtspot as an organisation?
And how's the work and culture at Hyderabad location.

Least PC company?


Hey Referral Gang,

TA Digital is hiring for following positions:

AEM Developer/ATL / TL/Architect
Analytics and Personalization - Business Analyst
Azure Cloud Sr. Engineer
CDP Architect
DevOps Sr. Engineer/Architect
Drupal - Lead/ Architect
Magento - Developer/Lead Architect
Mobile App - Associate TL/ TL/Architect
Sitecore - SSE/PE
UI - SSE/TL/Architect

Lemme know if you're interested!
First timer, I need 11 likes to unlock my DMs..


Additional Posts in S&P Global India

Can anyone please confirm what is the notice period of S&P Global India? Is it 2 months or 3 months?

How much ctc i can expect for 7 yoe as java developer. Cctc 20.

Guys, Anyone know the diff between S&P global, S&P global market intelligence and S&P global capital IQ.

Also, please tell me how it makes difference to a employee (developer)

Can anyone share what package is offered for Data Resercher 1/2/3 or Data Analyst Post ? S&P Global
Grade 7


Hi Fishes, how much salary can be expected for 12 Y exp guy in proposal management S&P Global Market Intelligence

What is the salary range for Grade 9 in India in data management department or operations of Market Intelligence?

Anyone gave interview for manual test in IHS Markit IHS Markit

Please help with the interview questions IHS Markit IHS Markit

What's the variable component in s&p global , HR is saying only fixed component will be mentioned in offer. Pls guide...


Can someone please tell how much % hike is given in s&p yearly for avera performance

Does anyone know how much does S&P Global offer for senior software developer role for 3+ years experience candidate?

Can anyone pls refer me to s&p global. I'm a .Net full stack developer with 7 years of experience. Thankyou


Hi, I got selected in S&P. Hr gave me an link to apply for some position but I am not able to do login to that link

Facing issue like user name doesn't exist in tenant s&p global.

Did anyone face the same, if yes could you please help me on that.

What are the Job Levels S&P Global Market Intelligence


Should i join s&p now, I heard some bad news of its merger..



Wellbeing Program
Employees will receive a reimbursement of up to INR 10,000 for eligible expenses per calendar year.

What's this program in S&P Global?

How is job security at S&P Global Market Intelligence Ahmedabad location for financial modeling ?

Hi Fishers! Good Evening! Anyone here from S&P Global Mobility team. Please ping me S&P Global Thanks


Hi everyone

Anyone waiting for an Offer letter from S&P Global?



Has anyone recently interviewed with S&P Global and got an offer?


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