Hi fishes, what is the compensation of operations manager (Grade 9) in flipkart.

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Any one at sequoia capital? What is comp like at sequoia capital?


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Colleague has put in his resignation. They are offering him whatever he wants to stay including 4days a week work from home. He’s not bluffing and plans to leave. However, at this same time I was asked to begin working as a supervisor for the engineering team and I would get a promotion at the beginning of the year. I have been supervising and managing our team of 6 for months with no extra pay or bonuses. I was told yesterday that raises will be light this year. Yet today they spare nothing.


Is everyone entitled to get a Bonus?

Hi folks
Please suggest
I am working in service management and ops domain (non tech) with two year of experience.
I have been offered
Epsilon- 8lpa wfh for initial 6 months
Capgemini- 8.7lpa (have to relocate immediately)
Which one should I join

Has anyone received the interview challenge from Palantir Technologies Inc. called “Product Reliability Challenge: Slow Searches”? I’m seeking some advice on topics I should prepare before taking the test. Thanks so much for any advice!

What has your salary looked like as your career progressed? Starting, 3 years, 5, years, etc?


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Hi all, I have my first interview with a recruiter at Apple for strategic planning. Any advice or tips on questions would be welcome - oh, and good thoughts! Thank you🤞


According to california labor laws the interviewer cannot ask your current salary package while doing salary negotiations. Just wanted to know if the same rule applies to desis holding H1B visas?


I have 7.5 years of experience on QA manual and automation testing. Now preparing to get cloud solution architect associate Certificate.
As per market standard how much salary I can expect if I switch the company.


Hi Fishes..

Just few days left for my LWD. Holding below offers.. Please suggest which company is best with respect to all the aspects...

Devops role... 6.9 yoe

Learning.. Skill Development... Wlb.. Job security... Yearly hike...

Kpmg - 22L fixed + 3L joining bonus
Standard chartered - 24L fixed 2.5 variable pay
Cgi - 26 fixed
Fractal - 25.5 fixed + 2.5 committed pay + 1L joining bonus

Please suggest...
Thanks in advance...


Is job stage 7 good in Ericsson. How much experience is required.. Please provide more details if possible like salary range, work pressure, job security.


Heyy there,

Some advice please on which is a better option

American Express
JP Morgan

Both are offering around same fixed salary.

Field - Java + Microservices
YOE - 8


Hi Are there any google cloud TAMs who can chime in on salary range? Thanks!


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Getting frustrated. Whenever I make calls, I've averaged 1 - 2 solid apts a day over 50-60 calls. Today I made 145 calls, spoke w 30 business owners and got 0 apts.


So I got invited to do an on-site interview and as part of it, the hiring manager wants me to present some of the chemistry I'm currently working on. The problem is all my work has been government contracted and hasn't been published, so due to confidentiality I can't present any complete schemes or specific structures. Any tips on how to ace this presentation?


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🐠 - Recommendations for a small black shoulder/crossbody. Looking to spend between 2-3k.


Leaving public soon, how do you break the news to your team, especially mangers and the partner?? I'm so nervous I really liked my team and have a great working relationship just ready to move on


Hello folks,
I have an offer in hand by value labs and Accenture and I’m more leaning towards valuelabs. However, I’ve seen a lot of comment online which were made in 2022 and before as well that the job security is an issue in value labs and they will fire a chunk without any prior notice.
Is it true?
I would really appreciate if anyone can shed some on light on this.


Any recommendations for a good frying pan? Does the our place always pan really live up to the hype?


I am currently unemployed (but looking) an opportunity to consult has potentially fallen into my lap. Before I shut it down for a lack of experience, I want to know if it's something that I can even do. It's a very very small company, not even 3 FTE. But they are looking for someone to come in, create a Handbook(I can do that), provide benefits, etc.

Is that difficult to implement? I can't imagine it being so, but I don't want to set myself up to fail.

TFW a Partner pops in the room to tell the team “Great work this week!!”

Post Photo

Anyone have experience with Booz Allen Hamilton commercial consulting capabilities team?


Any AAS recruiters here? FAAS senior 1 going into my second year in AAS and with Audit background before that. Just don’t feel hopeful for our raise that’s coming on Friday anymore. If any firm can offer 125+ in East region (nyc,boston, nj, etc) let me know. Putting my resume together now…


Anyone want to chat about their addiction/sobriety? I’m getting forced into compliance by my SO and kind of glad and sad at the same time.

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Never been set up with anyone. how do I make the initial texting less awkward? Once I get to the actual date I'm sure I'll be fine, but hoping to get there without coming off as boring

Give me 11 likes to dm


Petroleum engineers, how much of a concern is there for reducing environmental damage in your line of work?


Which is better!!?
TCS onsite - 85k AUD
Abroad job - 132k AUD - this includes 10% super
1) If abroad job then all travel costs to and from india i have to spend.
2)If TCS everything will be taken care by company always just accomodation and food
3)Both offering 482 visa!!
4) Abroad job - no job security visa proces will be done by immigration consultant
5) TCS onsite - everything done by TCS

PLS ADVISE!! I'm single and looking for savings! Want to know which is safe and trustable!


Would anyone know of any companies actively recruiting for remote positions with a soon-ish start date?

I'm nearing my 5th month of being laid off and haven't had any luck after the 100+ applications I've submitted.

Panic is starting to set in as I'll no longer be able to financially support myself in the very near future :(

Additional Posts in Flipkart

I have an experience of 11 years and getting an Offer from Flipkart as Operations Manager at Level 9. They are offering a jump of 40% to make it 28 LPA.

Is the exp vis a vis Grade Ok ?
Is the CTC ok or can i ask more ?

I am joining from Steel Mfg Industry.
Thanks in advance. Any comments are welcome.

What is the news of 10000 crores fine coming on Flipkart


Can someone refer me in flipkart
I have got job id matching my current role

Hi fishes, if someone could refer me to Flipkart it would be of great help. Thanks in advance

Hello fishes...
Can anyone help me with the reffral
My preferences are in last mile operations, dispatch operations ..

Please help with the referral at flipkart.
I have the job id which aligns perfectly with my current role.


Hi fishes, what is the remuneration for hub incharge in flipkart, also how would you describe the daily life of a hub incharge, is it worth joining? How is WLB?TIA

I am working in a automobile sector in supply chain management
YOE 8 years
I wish to move to E commerce supply chain
Suggestions needed

This is the most dormant group 😁


How much flipkart pays to an IIM grad?

Whats better Company for SDE 1 position between Paypal and Flipkart. The base of flipkart is 40% more than paypal. Rest all is same except paypal is also offering JB of 2 L.

Can someone please refer me for a position in Flipkart ? I can share job id and its a exact match.

Can someone please tell me how long Flipkart takes to give the final interview result for developer post.

Hello Folks!

I had applied via employee referral back in January,

How long does it take to get called by a recruiter on average for flipkart's process? Anybody who has been in this situation before?

Applied for Product Manager 1
Yoe 1.5

I am looking for a referral in marketing /operations role in flipkart at Bangalore location.

Anyone please out here who can hive referral

Can someone please refer me for a marketing position at Flipkart?

Can anyone tell how much flipkart offers in CTC for Management trainees from Bschool?

Hi Fishes,
Need help. Can someone please refer me to a position I have the required credentials for?
Thanks a lot in advance.


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