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Bhai it can be anything

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What would the salary be for a VP of Finance at a family office looking after two HNW CEO's?


What could be the max for manager level in Bofa?Bank of America i have 8.5 yrs of work ex can i negotiate for Sr manager role however the opening is for manager level?

Anyone here working in IBM Barclays Project ?
How's this account? Do they give wfh flexibility since offices are opening now.

IBM Accenture Tata Consultancy Infosys Barclays


Anyone know anything on Chainlink Labs? I’m having a hard time finding information online or on social media.

I’ve checked Glassdoor but there’s only 12 reviews. LinkedIn has the basics, but not much else. I’m trying to learn about company culture, WLB, etc.


What’s the salary range for a GCD in Chicago? Negotiating an offer and feel like I’m being underpaid.


Does anyone work for Trinity Health Corporate? Specifically Epic? Curious how work life balance is working fully remote? How salary compares to other hospital systems? I have an Epic certification.
I saw online that pto benefits are less than ideal for new employees.


I have got offer from Infy of 32 lk ith 20%variable and 1 lakh joining bonus. Is 20% high in infy? I found it very high because infy never gives 100% variable


Questing as a hiring manager/hr assistant/ employee relations with a Ba in dance and 2 yrs work experience. What do you think my pay should be? I do payroll, performance reports, employees relations, work culture, all training to staff, floor supervisor? Plus much more


Does anyone know if Carlyle has adjusted salary due to inflation in the past 6 months?


Hey guys.. i joined cisco recently.

I would like to know where I can find the detailed compensation like other companies..
It just has three rows

Base pay
Target bonus

Could not find where i can check house rent allowance.. food coupons kind of detailed compensation...


Interviewing with EY’s Tech Consulting Group.

Salary Bands for C? SC?


Been offered a contracting role in reg reporting at Wells Fargo in London. Please can someone tell me how it’s like contracting at Wells Fargo?


Looking for Account Support Manager average salary @ HPE


Hello fishes

I recently moved to Canada as part of onsite. Initially it was for 6 months and later they told me it can extend.

But now they are asking me to go back to India with old CTC.

I am planning to switch once I return in Aug. My question is:

Are the markets good now to search outside? Heard that recession is in place. So is it wise to jump now?

Role: Devops Engineer
YoE: 5.6
Current CTC: 7.5L
Expected CTC: ??

Really looking for an input as I am clueless after getting kicked out.


Anybody have experience with in-house legal counsel roles at Handshake (LinkedIn competitor)? Specifically, employment counsel? I’m not applying currently, but eyeing the role to apply when it (hopefully) becomes available again, and I have at least another year of experience (in BL now, 4th year, in employment, benefits & comp).

180k base + 40k RSU yearly FAANG offer VS. 220k base MBB offer: which one is considered better purely from a monetary perspective? FAANG has refresher but MBB has higher bonus right?


I’ve been on the bench with J1 for about 3 months. I was worried that because I couldn’t find another project, I would get laid off so I found J2, which pays more, is very meeting heavy, but I really like. I’ve kept J1 because I’m still on the bench doing absolutely nothing and getting paid. Thinking about looking for a role on a project with J1 that’s not along my career path but will allow for me to do work with no calls so that I can manage both jobs. Does anyone have experience or advice?


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I'm joining JPM on 2nd Jan 2023. Will I be eligible for CEO bonus which is given in 2024? I have asked HR but awaiting their reply


Going to shrm next week and looks like they've needed up their tech expo/enterprise solutions component. Going to leave company names/summaries here. Is anyone else going?


KPMG folks, do you have a real pension or is it just a cash value like at EY? What is the vesting period for it?


Which one is better Mck C&I private equity or Deloitte M&A NYC?


I’m an “acting senior” for the first time and am coaching a first year who simply doesn’t care. Anyone have tips on how I can become a better/more effective coach?


Senior strategist > strategy director. What are specific qualities or tangible markers a person is ready to be promoted?


Hey y’all. Anyhow have a good place to sell or trade Rolex for another piece? I have a 116523 Two Tone Daytona in with a slate dial. Looking to upgrade to something new and trying to figure out where to go to make it as painless as possible.


What is the dollar amount you're willing to take more to go back to 5 days a week, 8 to 5 in office?
1. From fully remote job / position / condition
2. From 2 days in 3 days remote condition / position / job


Does anyone know where I can obtain a commercial lines only and workers comp only license? I am licensed in life, accident and health currently and I work in group benefits. I would like to add the commercial lines and or Worker’s Comp. to my repertoire, and I do not wish to take the P&C licensing test.


Is it better to negotiate scholarships via a phone call or email? Does it make a difference whether it’s the co executive director of admissions vs an assistant director of yield?


Hello everyone, I just graduated with a Bachelor’s in Data Science and am continuing my job search. Would anyone be willing to connect for some career guidance and advice on how to break into the industry? I would greatly appreciate any help!


Hey sharks,
I have 3 yrs of experience in performance marketing.

Got 3 offers which one should i choose.

Startup- 18 fixed + 3 esops
Practo - 19 fixed + 2 variable
Reliance - 21 fixed



My EPF Transfer claim has been rejected by EPFO with a reason that -


Can someone advise on this issue?


Need advice! Are there any restrictions on doing a rotation with a different service line within the same company?


Thoughts on DOCU for the next month or so?


Wadd up my Cringe-lantes? 😀


Well this aged well...


Do you ever feel bored at work


Got selected in Capgemini and yet to receive offer letter. Upon checking the Application status on the portal it's showing "Tagged to another req". What does it mean? And will they reach back or should I look for other offer? They are not responding to mails or calls


Additional Posts in Flipkart

I am working in a automobile sector in supply chain management
YOE 8 years
I wish to move to E commerce supply chain
Suggestions needed

What is the news of 10000 crores fine coming on Flipkart


Whats better Company for SDE 1 position between Paypal and Flipkart. The base of flipkart is 40% more than paypal. Rest all is same except paypal is also offering JB of 2 L.

Hello fishes...
Can anyone help me with the reffral
My preferences are in last mile operations, dispatch operations ..

Hi fishes, if someone could refer me to Flipkart it would be of great help. Thanks in advance

This is the most dormant group 😁


Please help with the referral at flipkart.
I have the job id which aligns perfectly with my current role.


Can anyone tell how much flipkart offers in CTC for Management trainees from Bschool?

Can someone please refer me for a marketing position at Flipkart?

How much flipkart pays to an IIM grad?

Can someone please refer me for a position in Flipkart ? I can share job id and its a exact match.

I have an experience of 11 years and getting an Offer from Flipkart as Operations Manager at Level 9. They are offering a jump of 40% to make it 28 LPA.

Is the exp vis a vis Grade Ok ?
Is the CTC ok or can i ask more ?

I am joining from Steel Mfg Industry.
Thanks in advance. Any comments are welcome.

What does the comp structure of level 14 look like?


I am looking for a referral in marketing /operations role in flipkart at Bangalore location.

Anyone please out here who can hive referral

Can someone please tell me how long Flipkart takes to give the final interview result for developer post.

Hello Folks!

I had applied via employee referral back in January,

How long does it take to get called by a recruiter on average for flipkart's process? Anybody who has been in this situation before?

Applied for Product Manager 1
Yoe 1.5

Hi fishes, what is the remuneration for hub incharge in flipkart, also how would you describe the daily life of a hub incharge, is it worth joining? How is WLB?TIA

Hi Fishes,
Need help. Can someone please refer me to a position I have the required credentials for?
Thanks a lot in advance.


Hi fishes,

Is there any openings in supply chain management in flipkart...
Can somebody give a referral
it would be of great help .