One of my friend needs referral in flipkart.
If someone can please help
Thanks in advance!

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Hi, is there any opening for business analyst in kolkata? There were a couple of positions. I have even applied for those. Did not get any calls though


Hi Fishes, I'm a Python developer now and I need to switch my role related to AI/ML for long term.
Currently I 've planned two options and I'm bit confused which road i've to take:
1) Do Masters degree in Canada, after that try to get Job in there or US.
2) Do any Master Programs in Here (India) and get a job.
Suggest some ways other than this also welcomed.

YOE : 1.5 years as Python developer

Skills : C, Python, Excel in writing SQL queries, Swagger, Microservices, PostgreSql.


Already in the interview process at SF and have an application submitted. Can I still have someone refer me or are we past that point?

ServiceNow what is a good, and/or what should be expected for a Director role for base + bonus + equity package at ServiceNow? Corporate type of role (Finance/Marketing - not sure where the role falls yet).


Can anyone give any insight on what a strategy role is like. I’m currently in sales have been toying around with the idea of going into strategy because it seems a bit more interesting to me but what does a day to day actually look like for someone in strategy ?


Can anyone refer me to Salesforce , Microsoft , JPMorgan Chase , OpenText , Optum for Hyderabad location?
I'm immediate joiner and have 6 years of experience with product based companies.


Management offered me a new role and training for it too, but I’m moving countries very soon like in 4 months so I rejected it and offered to stay in my same role. Though even in my same role they’re giving me an increase in responsibility + pay.
Now 1 - I feel weird accepting this cause I know I’m leaving
2 - I feel bummed to have not accepted the other opportunity because I was excited for it, now I’m wondering if I made the right decision

Business dev role v/s technical product manager role in SWE group. Not a developer am a data scientist so can understand technical details. I have also really good M&A and mgmt consulting experience with strategy projects. What are the pros and cons for these roles from growth prospect in a company and comps as well as wlb. What are business dev roles like in a biotech setup.


Hi All,

Looking for some help with job referrals!

I am trying to get into policy/government affairs related roles, preferably remote jobs but open to relocating.

Thank you!

YOE: 3 years
Highest Degree: Masters


Hello everyone. I'm looking for job change in testing domain with 5+exp in manual testing and out of that 1+exp of automation testing using selenium java. But I'm not aware of any frameworks in selenium since I did not get opportunity to work on such projects. But I'm ready to learn everything If I say this in interview. Will any company provide me opportunity to work on Automation.

How bad is it at Deloitte in terms of staffing. All I see on my LinkedIn from my Deloitte network is that “Deloitte hiring seniors and managers”.


Any IBM referrals for a PM role @

I’m a Junior accountant, recent MBA grad in Finance, located in NYC, just got laid off due to a merger. Anybody hiring or know any opening positions?


🍂November JOB THREAD!

Do you know of an opening or opportunity?

Share it in the comments below! Help another Fish. 🤝


My friend has applied for the Associate business analyst position at VMware. He is having around 1 years of experience and CCTC of 3.65 LPA. Could anyone help me with the current market rate for the above-mentioned post at VMware in India?


Hi All, I am currently working in TCS as a java backend developer.

I have 1+ year of experience.

I have strong grasp in data structure and algorithms and also have solved 500+ leetcode questions.

I am very much confident that if given a oportunity i can clear coding rounds.

My resume is not getting shortlisted. Kindly help me with the referral.

My skills are DSA, java, springboot, hibernate, sql.

Walmart Microsoft Google Netflix Hashedin by deloitte Paypal Oracle


In Capgemini, having position for Team Lead, Team Manager, Operation Manager, Engagement Manager, Senior Engagement Manager.
If anyone wants to refer please drop your email id in comment.


Why do I constantly want more and more- more money, better role, better company? Is this because I am desi? Is this a desi thing? 🧐🤔


What is the best way to demonstrate proficiency with Python (and other more "real" AI/ML technologies) to help move from an RPA team lead role to one in analytics/AI?

Already have some programming skill, but no professional experience. I have hobbyist experience, and could make a portfolio on github or something. Or I can just list Python in my skills as Intermediate, which is probably a stretch.

RPA is fine and I can easily get a cert or something, but I think ML is better long term.


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Thursday Wordle

Wordle 495 3/6



Which are the best consulting firms in Europe for Retail/FMCG?


I am a 23 yo civil engineering new grad (May 2021) doing QC at a construction company making $76,980 + moving bonus and good benefits. I’m also an immigrant (this is important because my family depends on me for money) and living in a HCOL state (OR) after the company moved me from Texas. I have about 18k in personal debt and made the mistake of renting a 1bed1bath with a pretty high rent ( lesson learned I’m getting a roommate next time)

Contd in the comments


Is multitasking overrated?


IQVIA new joiners, which iPhone are they giving you? I'm bored of the age old iPhone 7 I am currently using here.


Any recommendations on good happy hour bars near korea town that have outdoor seatings and are not crowded?


Hi Fishes,
I am an BScIT Graduate with experience of 5 years in BPO(Customer Service) currently working with TCS.

Ive been learning to be a data scientist (Ineuron Full Stack Data Science)

Considering having a hands an experience on 4-5 Projects with Internship Certificates, Is it possible to get an opportunity directly into a Data Scientist Role(NLP/ML)?

Or should i go and work as an Analyst first and then look for an opportunity at more adv role?
What would be your inputs/suggestions?


Recently I got invited to an interview with a decent growing company. I work in Executive Search and I am thinking of switching to in-house recruiting. During the conversation the recruiter made some weird assumptions about my current job. The interview took longer than expected and I feel like I have not delivered well. Was I wrong to expect in-house recruiter to understand the differences and similarities between in-house-recruiting, professional search and retained executive search?


Wondering how my desi peeps make their tea at home? Do you mix water and milk together to boil and then add tea powder or is it first boil water, then add team powder and then after that add milk?


What happens next with this pandemic? What happens when the numbers begin to rise after everything goes back to normal?


Best way to fire? And what age?


When mindtree will release the increment letters for annual apprisals

I hustle Swag on the side. Any startups or really any company of any size need someone to build and manage a company Swag store, ping me : ).


Been at the firm for over a year and the Partner keeps spelling my name wrong - is it inappropriate to correct him?


Starting at H/S soon and the imposter syndrome is REALLY starting to set in let’s gooooooo


iBond is series I saving bond, right? Try to make sure I’m not buying the wrong thing


I have never come across as rude as tcs onboarding team HR. . Tata Consultancy They are literally incapable of handling of a crowd of 100 people and. I am surprised how they are planning to onboarding avg of 200 people on single day. They take individual's questions and start answering with statement like can't you understand I am not here for this purpose with very rude tone and in a crowd of more than 200 people. . Tata should take care of these type of HRs

Is it legal for my employer to ask me to drive 12+ hours while refusing to grant me breaks? There's a meter in the truck that literally counts my wage as I drive, if I stop, it stops.


What's something you dreamed about having in the future as a kid that you are still waiting on? And better question: Have you ever built something you always wished you'd had?


What does the onboarding process involve at Accenture UK?


Additional Posts in Flipkart

I have an experience of 11 years and getting an Offer from Flipkart as Operations Manager at Level 9. They are offering a jump of 40% to make it 28 LPA.

Is the exp vis a vis Grade Ok ?
Is the CTC ok or can i ask more ?

I am joining from Steel Mfg Industry.
Thanks in advance. Any comments are welcome.

I am getting an offer from Flipkart construction division as an Manager - civil engineer. How much hike should I ask above my current CTC of 9 lac in Shapoorji Pallonji

Hello folks I’m working at Amazon currently as an Quality Auditor non tech in retail vendor department. I’m looking for a change. Can someone tell me if flipkart is hiring for any suitable job ? I’m also pursuing German language course.


This is the most dormant group 😁


Hi All,

Can you please share indicative compensation structure
Flipkart for the position of Senior Manager Growth & Retention and Senior Manager - Strategy Team?


Hi, I want to know the process of background verification in Flipkart for SDE 2 role. I have 5 yoe, however i do not have exp letter from my first company where i worked for 1 year.

Can someone please tell me how long Flipkart takes to give the final interview result for developer post.

Hi fishes,

Is there any openings in supply chain management in flipkart...
Can somebody give a referral
it would be of great help .

Whats better Company for SDE 1 position between Paypal and Flipkart. The base of flipkart is 40% more than paypal. Rest all is same except paypal is also offering JB of 2 L.

Hi fishes, if someone could refer me to Flipkart it would be of great help. Thanks in advance

Can someone please refer me for a position in Flipkart ? I can share job id and its a exact match.

Hi guys, can someone help me with a referral for a Job Opening at Flipkart which is a perfect match with my profile? TIA

Hi fishes, what is the remuneration for hub incharge in flipkart, also how would you describe the daily life of a hub incharge, is it worth joining? How is WLB?TIA

Hi fishes, what is the compensation of operations manager (Grade 9) in flipkart.


Please help with the referral at flipkart.
I have the job id which aligns perfectly with my current role.


Hello can someone help me with average CTC in Flipkart for a position of ast. Manager in the taxation role. I am in my final stage of negotiations and they have offered me 20 lakhs Work exp : 6 years Flipkart


I am working in a automobile sector in supply chain management
YOE 8 years
I wish to move to E commerce supply chain
Suggestions needed

Have an offer from flipkart for ui engineer 1. How is the work culture, WLB and growth here?

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