Hi folks, how is thoughtworks as an organisation?

Asking because I don't know much about it and have received recruiter's call today. Currently I am working in
Deloitte. How is thoughtworks hikes, wlb, does it provide any benefits apart from fixed pay? My research gives me a mixed review: some say it's good, some say that thoughtworks is not stable enough like big 4 or other organisations. Pls help Thoughtworks Deloitte

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Not like the hikes in Deloitte, for sure. WLB is good. Not too great, not too shabby - would largely depend on your profile, actually. Benefits are okayish.

I didn’t get the stable thing? What do you mean by that?


Great WLB. And great people to work with and learn from. Not sure what you mean by stability, if its job and financial security its as good as any other. Its one of most the reputed software consultancies.
Hikes might not be as great but like any other company it would depend on your profile and skills.
There’s a lot of focus on L&D, lots of trainings, workshops, all courses on udemy for free, people are encouraged to take part in conferences and seminars and write blogs.
Personally no complaints yet (been here for 2.5 + years) especially because the WLB and open culture compensates a lot


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Hi Guys,

I am at a pay of 12.5 Inc variable.. I am getting an@ offer from LTI for 16 lakhs Inc variable for a PMO role and the joining in September...

Is this a good offer. Have a exp of 5 years 9 months...

And how is the training ( KT) structure at LTI?

Are projects directly assigned at the time of joining or I need to be on bench for some months... Considering it's a PMO role m not sure if they will bench me initially..

Pls guide.

Did any of you in Kyndryl got your offer revised with a counter offer ?

I have a offer of 24L with Kyndryl... And 28 with Oracle...

Gonna ask Kyndryl to revise and match the salary . What do u think?


Hi,Deloitte Accenture Deloitte USI
Can someone please give me some insights on working with Accenture AWS Business group in Canada/USA and Deloitte Canada under the Cloud engineering unit. I have offers from Accenture as a Technical Architect and Deloitte as Senior Consultant with similar compensation. I have been working in Deloitte India for 2.5+ years & recently moved to Canada. What would you recommend & why? TIA


Hi.. I am working in TCS as a BA (Third party payroll) , recently my team has started the process of bringing me on-board TCS permanently ?
Is there going to be an interview for the onboarding ??

Do we get a response after an interview, even if we're not selected? As I am waiting for a response from OpenText . My interview was last week Thursday, and I have even sent a follow-up email on Monday. Still no response. Shall I consider that I am not selected and that I will not be informed as well?


May I ask what your knowledge of Citadel FIG in Chicago is in terms of career progression and culture? Thank you!


Hi Folks, I have joined EY GDS but not gone through induction yet. Can you guys tell me, what is growth and work culture I can from here.
I am Technical background like .Net Fullstack develoer.


Do people have good examples of healthcare centers that provide daycare for clinical staff? Especially these days I could really use the help. I want to propose something our hospital can get set up quickly


Hi friends,
I've attended a first round interview in Infosys for sap sd today -17th December
Do you have any idea when and how the result will be shared.
And will they share a word with us even if we didn't get selected ?
Kindly help to understand


Anyone had experience at West Monroe or Riveron ? What are they like in terms of WLB, salary and TC, culture, etc for a SM or Director position? All advice appreciated


I graduated in June with a dual BSBA in healthcare management and human resources management/organizational management and two associates degrees in business and arts. I have twelve years of experience as a certified clinical medical assistant.

I'm having trouble finding my first job as a healthcare manager. After submitting many applications and receiving so many rejection emails, I've become frustrated. Any advice anyone can give is greatly appreciated.


Is tcs giving work from home to experienced new joiners?


Hi TCSer ,
What is the timeline to accept TCS offer letter .?
As I cleared the interview but in bond with the present organization for 2 months . How much can I delay ?
Any suggestions would be helpful .


Hi, I currently work for an MNC and have received an offer from Hexaware in sep with joining date in dec last. What is the situation in SFDC domain in Hexaware currently with respect to projects and layoffs. My current company is best in terms of job security but due to the pay hike I have planned to shift as the current payscale is on the lowest in industry. Please provide your inputs on job security and work life balance in Hexaware

Anyone have tech experience at CVS/Caremark? Trying to understand the culture there, compared to other healthcare companies and/or tech.


Just finished a long recruitment process and decided to accept a new CEO role for a healthcare organization. Need to give 4 weeks notice…should I give more and help my current organization find a COO replacement?

What are some things you’d want to know about an incoming CEO or traits you desire in your new executive leader?


Hello All,

I got selected in WIPRO and today I got to know they are offering me SAP Successfactor Learning-Lead position.

I am a SAP ABAP on HANA consultant and my interview was also based on my area of expertise only not on Success factor.

Does any one here know about this position in WIPRO. If yes kindly share.

I think they will be giving me Band B3 (correct if my understanding is wrong). My HR round is tomorrow. What is the expected CTC for this band.

YOE - 6.7 yrs


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Looking for job opportunity worked HSBC Thomson Reuters in accounts payable department ready to work in any shift

What was your experience interviewing with EY-P TSE like? Rounds, types of cases, etc


Dear fishes,
How much can a technical writer expect from SAP Labs? Years of experience: 9.6
Thanks in advance.


The ladder in EY consulting:

Analyst 1/2/3
Associate Consultant 1
Consultant 1/2
Senior Consultant 1/2
Manager 1/2/3
Senior Manager 1/2/3

In the offer letter it's mostly mentioned HR band which is different from this, HR band is just the seniority level as per the org structure just for the reference for HRs.

(Continued in comments)


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Hii fishers,

I am planning to shift Bangalore by 30 March.
I am looking for a good wifi service provider.

Anyone can please suggest.
I am going to live in JP Nagar area.



Boss spending a lot of his attention on me for no real good reason. Now making weirdly pseudo-sexual jokes about me on group chats with coworkers. So uncomfortable but don't know what to do. 😖


Relaxing outside with my fur baby, my latte, and my speedy....my kind of a weekend.

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Can anyone suggest any projects in mern stack?
I joined recently and looking for mern stack projects

Do cheat meals actually help you lose weight, assuming you're eating at a decent deficit every other day and exercising regularly?


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Hey guys, tagged to HCOL city but I’ve been in a LCOL city to be closer to family since the pandemic, if I decided I didn’t want to move back do they slash salary? Looking for info thx!


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Hi fishers,
Need referral
Tech stack: Java,Springboot, Microservices,angular13, postgresql,docker
Currently serving notice period
Thanks in advance🙂


Additional Posts in Thoughtworks India

Anyone joined thought works recently as qa analyst?

Need 11 likes to DM. Please help


Is it worth to join Thoughtworks with less pay then other offers .
got 14.4 fixed + 1.5
Other offer societie generale 16 fixed + 3.7 var

Yoe 4


I have code pairing round for data engineer profile.

Please can anyone provide me with heads up.
I'm really looking forward to join TW.

Can TW revoke the offer? Should I try to take a backup offer?


Hi All,

I have 4 offer Letter with alomost similar package.
Wolters Kluwer Deutsche Bank Amdocs Thoughtworks .
Not sure which one to join!!
My profile is automation testing with experience of around 8 years. Please guide
My priority is wfh and wlb.


Hi fellow Thoughtworkers!
Needed some insights on the salary range/band for a senior con Data engineer with 7 yoe.

Current ctc 20.5 LPA ( due for a revisal.. Will go approx 24.5 LPA post assuming annual hike of 20% (which I feel is very low and would want to negotiate internally)

Also please suggest how much should I ask for based on my yoe and role.

Thanks in advance :)


Hi, I am having 1year and 3months of experience and Thoughtworks has offered me application developer - consultant graduate role with 11.1lpa as CTC(including that 1.5L benefits). They just sent me the salary breakup after I cleared my interviews. So can I negotiate on the compensation or is it strictly same for everyone having less than 2 yrs of experience/hired at consultant graduate designation?


I've switched 2 companies and right now I am in third company. I have around 1.5yrs experience in Unity Game Development. I am getting 7.2lpa in hand, is it good for me?


Current CTC 24 lpa plus 3.5 bonus
Experience 12+ years
What should be CTC expectations from Thoughtworks senior consultant BA profile?



Has there been a cultural shift or any other negative changes in Thoughtworks after bein acquired by Apax partner


Is it true that thoughtworks is replacing old intel chip with new m1 chip macbooks for everyone.. if not is there any ways to request for an m1 chip laptop …can we ask the tech ops team regarding this… do we need any approvals from manager and others…


Hi guys
Any suggestions for case study round?
From what I heard they give random business problem and ask suggestions

Should I probe more( means ask more questions to understand the problem )
Or should I suggest solution based on my understanding of the problem.

For asking more questions can anyone help with frame works/ pointers ..

For a Business analyst role
Experience -10 years


Which laptop thoughtworks is providing to new joiners with 2 yoe?


Which company to join in terms of growth and job security:
Societe generale
Wissen technology
Algonomy (Manthan)
MYn super app


Is all the development work in Thoughtworks done in pairs.Is code pairing just for interviews or its followed in all the projects too?