Hi Sharks

How is work culture and work life balance, projects with BDO India under digital transformations team?

Please provide your inputs. I been victim of false comments and wrong info for my current organisation and suffering

Your inputs are valuable thanks in advance

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Deloitte just had their PPMD meeting in San Diego and hired Sting to entertain their Leaders. We, at Accenture only host an event for SMDs and DCALs, showing all the CL2s, 3s and 4s how appreciated they are. Spot the difference (and, no, I don’t care about Sting, and if I wanna go see him I just buy tickets. Sting isn’t the point).


You CAN be that leader that people want to work with. 1st, self assessment is required. Be honest: As a leader,have you engaged in/accepted Attribution Bias with a dash of gender &/or race bias? (See the pic) This is something we all need to be aware of as we lead our teams, provide performance feedback, & model the behaviors we'd like to see more of on our teams. Be on the lookout for Attribution Bias in yourself & on your team. It's a hindrance to creating a high-performing, inclusive culture.

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Any Clarion fish willing to chat? Would love to learn more about types of projects, WLB, culture, staffing model, etc. Thank you in advance!


Hi Fishes, Can someone please tell me about NCS . I want to know about the company in terms of WLB, company culture, performance bonus, hikes, appraisal, employee perks, leaves police, notice period, probation, etc. Can anyone help me out here ? Thanks in advance


Got an offer from Cybage as Sr Software engineer in salesforce domain for 2yr experience.
1.How is the work culture,
2. technical work and
3. over all organisation to join.
4. And is there any policy of 1 year agreement ?

Thanks in advance


Everyone have experience working with or for Nokia CNS group? Culture, pay, product, etc. Considering a role in sales there


Can anyone tell me about the work culture l work life balance| nd salary structure in Honeywell???
I need a good work life balance.
Please suggest.
Thanks in advance


Would love to hear any opinions on junior level positions with BCW Global. What does the company culture look like, etc.? BCW Global


Hello everyone!! I am trying to pass my interviews for a position at Scholastic and just wanted to know if anyone has an idea of the work culture, work life balance, benefits, etc. I appreciate all the help I can get.


What is the work culture like in Pfizer India? What are the typical areas of work for a Commerical Excellence Manager and what would be the interview focus around? I have 7yrs exp in LS consulting focusing on GTM and commerical strategy.

Thank you


Hi fishes
Do Global logic has openings for reactjs dev? And how is work culture benefits and do they have wfh positions right now?

I’m being recruited for a Marketing Specialist role at Walgreen’s. Does anyone have any information on the culture in the corporate office? Also, the salary range is 30k wide from starting to end range. Are they low with salaries? Is there a bonus structure? Any input would be great!

Anyone familiar with Sedgwick just wondering how the culture is the pay and benefits.


How do I get taken off a matter I really hate? I’ve been on it for a year and I absolutely hate the team. The culture is toxic and the partners are horrible bullies. My work product has been suffering as a result and I worry about this affecting my reputation/reviews. This is my busiest matter and I’ve tried saying I’m busy on something else but no one is listening. What are the pros and cons of telling the assigning team or the managing partner that I need off for my mental health?


I have been approached for a Business Operations Manager role - I work at Accenture at the Assoc Mgr role want to get more insight into the org and culture.

Hi anyone working in BDO RISE LLP FS AWM sector- if yes, please let me know how is the work pressure and culture

Hi ladies! Looking for insights on what’s it’s like working as an associate of some firms. Anyone here has worked/works at Fox Rothschild or McDermott and can give me some insights as to firm culture? Partners? Work life balance ? Billable requirements etc?


Looking to apply for a marketing manager position at Pinterest? Anyone from Pinterest willing to chat about the culture there or provide a referral? Thanks! Any help is appreciated.


What’s the M6 grade in LTI ? How’s the work culture ?

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Anyone joined cognizant recently? Is it virtual onboarding or we need to go to office ? For pune location specifically?


can anyone please share @CitiusTech MR round general questions? today i hvae MR round.


If there are more group than personal pics on her dating profile 🚩🚩🚩


are the rumours about layoffs true ?
any insider information ?

Anyone know the TC for Amazon ProServ Sr Practice Manager (L7)? GlassDoor has it at $154k, which seems really low.


Need some advice. Work for AT&T corp Store Manager. Been in wireless industry for about 14 years. Base is about 60k and commission and incentives add to 35k extra. Single dad and have worries making less then 80-85k if I change companies. Don’t have degree but considered a top store managing about 20 people. Not getting the opp to progress past this level. What are good areas I should be looking at? Staying in sales or managing sales? Account manager etc. Not a fan of cold call type roles


Do you anyone looking for opening in Infosys. Please do inbox me.
While sending profile share your location preferences and date of birth.


Hey Fishes ,
I want to switch from QA to Dev. I was placed as a QA in my campus placements. What would be your best advice for me.?
Currently Intern


Down as well - also, isn't the whole point of the bowl to not have to coordinate emails and all that? Easier to do it on here no?

How is DXC in terms of job security & onsite opportunity ?


I have a career question. Is it possible to switch careers from copywriting to sales?


Thoughts on taking almost a $30k pay cut to get out of a job/industry you hate and are miserable in? Seems like it’s very hard to find a new job in my current pay range.


Any double sharing PG rooms/ apartments for females nearest to Prestige Trade Tower Deloitte India office, Bangalore? any leads would be highly appreciated.
Will be joining in July end, pls let me know of any one is searching for the same.

@Deloitte India Deloitte USI @Deloitte


Hi, i am looking for relationship management or corporate investment. I come from banking industry with more than 6 years of experience aa a chief manager.


Seeking a referral to apply for an open role Google India. Anyone willing to chat & offer a referral?


Could anyone refer me in Accenture Mumbai if possible. Non Technical please

Chinese AI company, 500 heads, 200m raised most recently. Expanding into the EMEA markets, first BDR on the team, currently interviewing but need thoughts/opinions please.

Team is alright to be honest a nice bunch of lads, but concerned about growth, ability to GTM.


Does anyone have book suggestions for developing leadership skills in the workplace or on navigating corporate/business world in general?


Trying to transition from my full time job now to freelance. Anyone hiring? Good recruiters you know? 8yrs exp, background in tech/strategy/creative, worked in both small and large agencies.


Each time I begin to study for the GRE I start to ask myself if I want to spend two years traveling and networking or just growing at work and working on starting my personal care business. Thoughts?


Additional Posts in BDO Rise

Just wondering that at AHM, we are told to move to base cities. Is it compulsory? Looks like an hybrid model is expected from 3 Jan so moving can happen in block leave. Please let me know your thoughts.


Hey guys can someone help me refer my friend in BDO? Please help me if you can. My friend is urgently looking for Job. TIA.

How is BDO Rise interms of WLB and growth?


Can anyone provide referral for BDO Netherlands ?

Hey fishes, can anyone tell me what is the notice period in BDO Rise ?

Offer evaluation

BDO Rise - Associate director Level

Fixed - 40 lpa

No mention of Variable Performance Bonus on the offer letter.

YOE - 11 years and 2 months

How has the Variable performance been in the past at BDO RISE along with increments in the past?

Happy with appraisals?


Hi Folks

Can anyone suggest me, whether WFH option will be available once the office resumes? I am about to join BDO rise and currently living in Delhi. My office location will be Banglore once office resumes


One Ticket is still open for GOA in the office referral. Anybody interested plz drop the number.


What is the salary in BDO rise for Assistant manager - external offshore audit ?

Hey new members,
If you have joined recently, please be active by posting your views or questions so that we can grow this bowl

What can be the expected salary at a Manager level on BDO RISE AMP Bangalore location?

What is the salary range in audit background for AM and managers?? I am currently working with BDO India and planning to switch to BDO rise? Is it worth ,??

Working culture and learning opportunities in BDO Rise?


Hi Folks

Can anyone suggest me how is the work culture at BDO Rise audit practice?

Can anyone explain rating structure of BDO RISE?

How many how of you think BDO should also rollout Mobile purchase policy like Deloitte and PWC is giving 35k to purchase mobile for office use?


Hi folks, I am planning to join BDO rise and wanted to know the work culture there. Can anyone throw some light regarding the policies and do they give good hikes?
And is it a good move from a Big4 to BDO?

*Input on Salary* I have two opportunities in hand.
1) EY GDS - Assurance Senior
2) BDO Rise - Assurance Senior

I am an ACCA affiliate with 2+ years of experience in Assurance. What can I expect in terms of compensation?

Thank you in advance.

BDO BDO RISE Private Limited EY

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