What is the grade hierarchy for natwest?
I have been given B6 at 3.5YOE, is that correct?

Also, what would be the salary range at this grade.

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works at
You are currently posting as works at

How much they offered & your tech stack?

My tech stack is pyspark, python and data engineering.
I received a mail from hr via naukri com, then received a test link followed by interviews.

They offered me with 13.. my cctc is 4.6. i had another offer for 11.5


Wanted to know the grades at Natwest in Tech

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After college I was making 50K in the US… 2 years later I moved to Netherlands and my salary is 43K now. I know Europe pays lower than US but this still hurts.
Different companies, similar industries. How do you negotiate a higher salary in Europe? Is it wishful thinking to want a bigger salary with 2 years of experience in Europe?


As part of relocation,LTI is giving Rs. 4350 per person from base location (my previous company ofc location let’s say it location A) to ofc location (LTI Ofc let’s say it location B).
Since I’m in my hometown(let’s say it location C).
So can I book train from A to B & cancel it later and submit the booked bill to get it reimbursed as I have to anyway travel from C to B but LTI only reimburse if I travel from A to B?
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Is it safe to join CISCO? I have heard the layoffs happens there yearly.


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Hello everyone, I wanted to ask about pay ranges for Cloud Infrastructure engineers or Devops in Toronto/Vancouver for a mid-senior position, especially if anyone has an idea about Telus pay ranges.

Also, if they have a good culture or not.


Guys, I have an interview with Google any tips for RRK interview preparation!


What is the average salary of J grade in BNY Mellon


Hi folks,

I have newly joined Thoughtworks. Was hoping to get some help from fellow thoughtworkers.
Other allowances from ctc is not included in compensation plan. How will it be paid then? Directly at the end of the year?


How is TCS consulting? I gave my interview couple of days back and looks positive. Only people who are working in TCS consulting OR know someone who works there answer, please.


Hi Friends, Can anyone help me here. I was done with my technical round in TCS last week it was around 40 minutes At last they asked for the expected salary.
After 2 days i called from TCS recruitment team your MR round is scheduled
today.As scheduled i joined , the same manager and one more guy was there who took my interview in Technical round they didn't asked anything except taking the sanp shot of adharcard with me. Is this a positive sign and normal ??


Hi Fishes,
Got an opportunity from dubai but it is contract role and also wfh. With a salary of 1.35lakh per month INR

Experience 3.6 year
Tech stack .Net Core + Angular

Is it okay to accept this role.
Need suggestion


Let’s talk about carry. When are folks at your firm granted carry? How much and what are the vesting terms? How do you consider carry in terms of your total comp?
I’ll start. At my MM firm, carry is granted based on fundraising and can be granted as early as associate for the right person, though usually senior associate and up. Vesting is immediate and paid out as fund investments are exited.


Does ey have a promotion day like pwc?


2018 i was laid off, took a salary and title cut, only got a 1% bonus from Accenture, final round and rejected by BCG, and today McKinsey Digital. Any words of hope? Thinking of leaving consulting.


Hi! I have worked in management roles in tech, mainly in analytics, for approximately 10 years. My TC has fluctuated (currently around 135K CAD), but it seems like it's relatively easy to breach the 100K bar, but hard to breach the 150K bar. I now work at the CBC, but I have worked in the private sector too. What is the most realistic way to move to 200K? 1) Continue moving the ladder to a VP position, 2) Switch to Pre-Sale, 3) Switch to Consulting, 4) Work from a U.S. company from Canada.


Hello All,

Could you please suggest which company is good to join?
I have following offers
Nokia : 20L fixed + 2L variable
American Express : 19.8L fixed + 1.33L variable + 1L JB
JPMorgan Chase : 23L fixed + upto 12% incentive pay

Tech stack: Java, Microservices, AWS
YOE: 7


Do we get internet or furniture reimbursement at optum?

Hi all, anybody here working with State Street, I have been offered a position of team lead, there, wanted to know what is the hierarchy there and inputs about the organisation?
State Street


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What are the roles and responsibilities of a Manager at C2 level who is in Automation can expect? Would be great if somebody who has worked or working in Capgemini can throw some light.


Looking for roles on the Customer/Marketing/Sales Consulting side of things. MBA w majority of time in industry looking to make a switch.


Can anyone explain this meme?

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How are Incentive design projects in ZS, also can someone tell me about RWE projects?


McKinsey & Company Where do McKinsey employees usually invest their money in India? McKinsey & Company


How is Hexaware in term of Mainframe Technology or Legacy Modernization project ? Good number of projects in Hexaware related to Mainframe Technology?

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Am i able to sell commercial insurance while working in IT? I’m in industry no longer consulting but want to get my property and casualty license. Thoughts?


Tata Consultancy Services made a revenue of $25B last FY. This translates to roughly 194546Crores. As per reports Rajesh Gopinathan, our beloved CEO saw a bump of 26.6% on his remuneration which sums up to 25.77 CPA. TCS saw a record breaking YOY revenue which was from $22B to $25B. Now without complaining or starting a feud, lets start on a healthy discussion about what & how TCS could have done better this year for their front end employees who indeed lead to the revenue every year!


Hi Fishes, generally after how many days of L2 interview , will Coforge get back? Also are the profiles to coforge sourced via only@ inceptica?

Has anyone dealt with an eviction of a grow facility?


I current ctc is 12.5( 11.4 fixed + 1.1 variable) and 2.5L ESOP. Looking for an opportunity and was offered 21LPA from DXC stating (20fixed + 1L variable). Comment your thoughts on the below breakup and inhand calc.

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Wanted to check regarding Deloitte Change Management team -

1. Is the clientele better than that of EY HR consulting?
2. Is it easy to move between teams (Deloitte workforce strategy team) - or does one get stuck with Change team?


How is the work culture in Jaguar Land Rover IT Team. I got an opportunity for a role in UK, Iam residing in India and they are providing sponsorship as well. Jaguar Land Rover any comments will help a lot.



Anyone here from Accenture Song? If yes, do you have any openings at mid senior level for digital marketing in your team? Please help refer. TIA.

Hello fishes, need referral for my wife,
role- SAP BASIS Security
location- Gurgaon


Anyone here aware of or worked on FCA US LLC project. ?


Has anyone been approached by a ‘Talent acquisition specialist’ at a company for a ‘discovery call?’ Is this similar to an initial recruiter screening?

Has anyone successfully gotten an exam waiver for their MBA application? Looking at Carnegie Mellon’s online program and don’t want to spend time studying for the GRE/GMAT


Been through some tough times before, but today’s really breaking me. Have great friends and people around me but I can never see them anymore. Miss my family. Now sitting in the bathroom crying


3-month post-COIVD return to office update: Worst decision ever. Hbu?


Additional Posts in NatWest Group India

I am on notice period. Can someone refer in Natwest? 7.5 years of exp in Java


Hi Fishes
Tomorrow is my techno managerial round in
Natwest group . Can any one help me what kind of questions are asked in techno managerial round.
Thanks in advance.Natwest group RBS

Hi Team
I have offer from NATWEST and EY GDS
Both of them are offering same package
YOE 7 and Techstack- UI, Reactjs,

Also What is it WFH or WFO
Are we getting kit at home


What is the grade structure in NatWest Group ??


Hi fishes,
I was wondering if I put down my resignation now. And in case after a few weeks I decide to stay back, can I withdraw my resignation?

Hi , Can someone please refer me in Natwest group

What is Data & Analytics Analyst - DA B7. in Natwest group And Corporate Title is Associate. What is the CTC band for this role. How much maximum ctc can be expected in this role with 4 years of experience.
Natwest group


Hi fishes, I will be joining NatWest on 1st Dec in Data & Analytics vertical and my base location is in Gurgaon. Can anyone please tell if it mandatory to visit office now a days for all projects? Or how is it?
During my interview process I was informed that I can work remotely majority of times and come to office on need basis. But since all the offices are opening now. Just want to know the situation at NatWest.


What is the expected Salary Range for Senior Analyst in Natwest.
YOE : 2 years


Hi folks - I have heard from one colleague that there are plans to increase the number of days in the office from 2 to 5 days a week gradually.

Does anyone have any updates on this? Or anything they have heard in their team/BU?


After how long we will hear back once online test compelted ?

Can anyone help me understand what c9 grade means in NatWest job grade? what are next two grades after c9?


Hi Guys,
I have an offer from NatWest with Bangalore location. Any insights relating to Cab facility, Wfh option and food and any other benefits they provide