How is Intel project in infosys?

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I also wanted to ask


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What is the salary for an entry level digital transformation consultant from Capgemini and Deloitte?


CGI folks. Please help! What's the salary bracket for 5 years experience. Tech stack Java +ReactJS Full Stack.
Current company Deloitte. Current CTC: 14.38 fix + 10% variable.
Let me know what hike shud I ask !!

Anyone have any idea on comp at Bank of America in markets roles? Analyst levels upwards. TIA


Hi all , I have an offer from TCS , Mindtree , Bajaj Finace and Impetus Technologies for the role of Postgresql Developer.
Can anyone suggest which one should I choose ??
EOY -- 4+
Role -- Pl/SQL Developer


What are your tips, tricks or best practices for creating project estimates? We’re often asked to provide costs when we know very little, so how do you estimate?


How difficult is it to switch projects internally in TW? Is there any said amount of time you should be in a project before you can switch?


Hi Everyone I'm starting to build a SaaS product and as a non-technical founder, I'm having issues with how to get started so I wanted to see if you have any advice when it comes to managing the project and how to get started. I'm going to be recruiting a couple of programmers and a technical founder really soon so if you guys have advice with that as well I would really appreciate it. Thanks to everyone

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Hello folks!

What is the salary range for manager position in PwC India.
Thank you


Does anybody here work at HCE, would you please share your experience, especially if they moved from a B4?

Deloitte (Sr Manager in AI Cognitive Practice).
VS..PWC (Director in Cloud practice)
What do you suggest in terms of $$ , and career growth, culture /work life balance….


Need some help regarding this job profile

Check out this job at

I am confused about the Job description. Please Help

How much salary shall i expect?

Hello guys,
Need some help.. How many sick leaves can a resource avail during the notice period. Client is forcing me to take up new and critical tasks saying its business critical and needs to be done asap.. Even i have not got my backup assigned till now . How to delay it and most importantly how to avail sick leaves and how many.. TIA

I am on bench from more than 2 months now
I had discussions with 2 separate project teams but they have not gotten back.
Is this normal in TW?


Hi fishes!

Looking for switch, I have overall experience of more than 4 years in IT, FinTech industry combined.
I am Engineering grad in ECE, Post that I have worked in TCS for around 3 years in SAP ERP as implementation Team member.

Post my PGDM- Financial services from reputed institute and got placed in Arcesium a FinTech company providing hedge fund accounting solutions to Hedge fund managers. I am working as part of Client onboarding Team.

Have exposure to data migration, recons.


What is it like working at ICF ? Our company has recently been acquired by them and I am curious about the culture there. Would anyone working there have any advice on how to be successful at ICF?


Hello, I got an offer of 32 LPA from CBA but the variable is 5 L. I want to know the % of variable payout per year? Also, how is the work culture and what are the perks and benefits of working over there?


Hi fishes, in urgent need of your suggestions.

One of my friend is having offer from
Oracle Pune for software developer role in Oracle store team. but he does not have clear idea of the role whether it will be operations, support or development work.

Does anyone know what kind of work is there in store team. Also, is it possible to change the project once we get inside?

Urgent suggestions required...


Hi Folks,

Did anybody in CTS land in Canada with a work permit raised from the project ?

Does anyone use a calculator while in client meetings? All the PE guys seem to do this and I can see the benefits over an iphone. Any suggestions on which one to get?


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What are are the weird things that you do to introduce your culture to your non-South Asian partners? For example, I test my bf with a list of Indian mango 🥭 varieties such as Neelam, Banganapalli, Dasheri etc. and will call a pop quiz randomly 😂 🥭


I am on notice period. Can someone refer in Natwest? 7.5 years of exp in Java


soda machine with ice maker outside my room, sounds like it's inside my room with the ice falling randomly, hmp?

Any DevOps Engineer who recently joined LTIMINDTREE?


Is Harman Connected Services a good company to work for?
Can anyone please help me out with which company would be better among Wipro/Cognizant/Harman?


Hi fishes,
Can you please tell me the feedback about Yash technology company?


What are some of the best interview questions you have been asked? Why?


Hi All - I've below offers and request a suggestion to pick. YOE: 11

CTS: 23lpa includes 1.5L variable, joining bonus: 1L; Designation: Manager but role would be lead

Wipro: 20lpa includes 2L variable, Designation: Tech Lead

Cts looks to be the option but I'm not clear on the reasons for high attrition at CTS.

Help me out pls.


Has ANYONE seen a different flower besides the ones you can purchase at your shop on a Nook’s mile island? If so pls tell us your story so I can live vicariously :(


Anyone able to access the Countdown to Accenture page?
When I try to open the page, I see “Page Not Found” message.

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Does anyone know of any contract roles in the New Jersey or nyc area?

Any incoming Mckinsey mba hires get your start dates pushed back? If yes, when was your original date and when is it delayed to?


Anyone here watches Limitless? I'm on episode 1. Need. That. Pill.


Anyone know if ATK is interviewer or interviewee led casing?

Anyone see that meltdown from froskurinn on G4? Miss G4 golden years with AOTS and Xplay. Iñ


Any recommendations for a retina doctor in Boston or suburbs ?


Thoughts on Allen Edmonds factory seconds? Tight on budget, and don’t mind small/minor


Avoid at all costs.

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Additional Posts in Infosys Bangalore

Hi Guys,
I attended infosys technical interview for Java developer (7 year experienced) on 17th October. Answered most of the questions. No updates after that. When to expect the next round ?


Is Infosys still looks for percentage in X, XII and Graduation for experienced? What percentage they look for?

Whether there are enough gcp projects available in infy


Hi all,

i got a call today after accepting the offer that there is an automation drive happening in infosys and they want me to enrol to that. should I attend it? it's over the weekend. anyone got such a call. please let me know

What is the min and Max salary for a technology lead level 5 in infosys


Does Infosys have any special package for agile certified professionals?Infosys

Can i know the work culture in infosys. Which is better amazon or infosys.
Is it easy to switch between projects in infosys?
What is the average salary for a test engineer in infosys?


How many rounds of interview are there in infy... I have taken interview for SAP SD yesterday 12th March it was technical round, the interviewer asked from basic to the issue i handle in my current project and curry CTC and expected CTC... No idea of what is the next step.. can any one help me to know if i have any other rounds of interview... Thanks in advance...

What is the company transport policy in Infosys?

If a company travels 25km every day, is there any corporate bus or cab service that they can avail?

Like in TCS we have free buses (throughout day) and free cabs (at early morning or night) for all employees. Anything similar in Infosys?

Is infosys giving pwfh for gurugram location.they mention remote work for 1 year in offer letter Is anyboday joined recently.?


Hi fishes
Anyone got canada oppertunity recently and it's under process/ documentation is completed?


Hi all,
I left infosys 3months back and wanted to join back infosys. Can I apply for infosys now?


I had cleared technical round of interview for Infosys and also submitted all HR docs.
But my application status in portal is review in progress since last 15 days.
Can anyone tell me what does this mean?


Hi guys,
I cleared the technical rounds in june and salary discussion happened in August and after 1 month, in September i received a regret mail from Infosys. Not sure what was the reason. How much is the cool off period in Infosys. Can i apply for any position in Edgeverve. Or Infy and Edgeverve has common cool off period? . Kindly help me.


I have an interview scheduled with infosys. My CCTC is 16 and holding an offer will infosys be able to provide at least my current ctc.... Yoe 3


Hi Fishes, I got an offer from Infosys and my joining date is on March 1st. . Since my current employer didn't accept my resignation as I was in emergency leave, I will need to serve notice period until April 1st. . Will Infosys postpone my Joining date by a month considering this valid reason. Please share your thoughts to take this decision!!! Thank you in Advance!!Infosys


After getting hike letter, if we resign then will we get new incremented salary on month end salary??


Any link to check holidays for Bangalore DC?