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I hope you’re doing well! I’m interested in the role you posted: Engineer - C# / .NET. Based on my experience as Azure Certified Developer | .net | .net core | MSSQL | Azure Data Integration | Microservice, I believe I could be a good fit with PWH or Ahmedabad Gujarat location

Are you open to a quick chat to discuss the position? I’d love to learn more about it, and share more about my own qualifications. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Mayur Panchal

Anyone have insights into Skadden banking/finance? Hours, culture, etc. Curious if there is any difference from the general M&A lore.


Screening interview for Product work at Cap One, would be senior associate level - doing my own research now but would appreciate any insights to the overall process and how I might best prepare


Uscis office re-opening starting today. Lets get those interviews!!!


My agency (like others) is very short staffed. Someone decided the best thing to do was hire freelance account and project manager because “warm bodies.” These freelancers aren’t really helpful and because they keep ignoring client or team requests are creating more work (and stress) for the permanent staff. Helpful suggestions please.


Hi fishes! Thinking of making a switch from EY India to Gartner as a Product Manager.

What's the WLB and pay like? Does Gartner follow a company wide WFH/WFO model or is it hybrid? Any major red flags one should know of?


Does anyone know how long you need to work with Salesforce to be eligible for maternity?


I've been at my current company for 15 years and 17 in the insurance industry. I'm struggling to even get a callback to interview. In a year, I've had one callback. I've sought out input on my resume from folks at the Executive level and there aren't any red flags. Am I just too entrenched and the long tenure scares employers or what?


Hi fishes,

This annual appraisal I have got a good % of appraisal increment on my salary but I was not promoted to a senior developer (although I have been mentoring a junior dev in my team and been part of building the project by implementing new technologies and tweaks) and my total YoE is 3.5+ years. What could be the reasons? What should I do now?

Thanks in advance!!


Hi EY folks I was said to take WFH initially during the screening but after joining they are asking me to work from client office atleast from Jan 2023 how do I handle this ? I can’t really work from office due to my family constraints rather I would resign 😨

Please suggest


When the client stakeholder uses the phrase "riding the struggle bus" in reference to a project deliverable you're working on. Don't know whether to cry... or laugh.


Mid-level here. Has anyone gotten their firm to approve their doing work at a deep discount and, if so, what strategies did you use? A potential client approached me directly about a small matter (~20 to 30 hr amicus brief). The potential client (gov’t) pays a standard rate ~40% lower than mine, but I want to take on the project because it would be a good professional opportunity (e.g., high profile case & client) and of course the lower rate won’t affect my comp directly. 🤷‍♀️ All advice welcome!


Has anyone here interviewed for PwC Deal Analytics? Any info on the technical screen?


I have been offered 17 lpa fixed+ 75k joining bonus from PwC kolkata with current ctc 13.08 lpa in tcs. Recently I got a promotion and ctc increased to 15.03 lpa and I shared the promotion letter with pwc. They said I will get a call for offer discussion again. Could anyone tell if pwc will really revise the offer and how long will it take? How much ctc should I ask for?
Yoe - 8.3 years, sap fico
Designation offered - Senior associate

Am applying for IB M&A analyst roles with circa 2 YOE in FDD. Some of these roles have the most generic job and responsibilities (i.e. "contribute to buy sell side deals") but require Python and direct investment experience. I dont think I meet most of these requirements and am feeling quite down.

How does one go about lateral-ing from FDD to IB M&A front office gigs? Is it likely most of those people just ended up going for middle office roles and call themselves IBankers?


Client is asking the million dollar question on what would be their ROI on running a super bowl spot. Any models or partners that anyone has used on how to project outcomes?


Hey guys can some1 tell me how many rounds of interview do they take and how many months to release the offer if one can clear?

What is the salary range one can expect at Google Operations Centre (GOC) for L5 non technical role? @google


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At my old firms when I would be using excel and modeling using the font schemes (blue, green, black for hardcode, link, and formula) I could use the “control shift ;” to shift through the schemes. My new firm doesn’t do this. Does anyone know why the shortcut would be different and how I can add it back?


Any recommendations for part time masters program in analytics or data science in Chicago?
I have 9 years of experience.

Where’s the cut off with regional schools? Are t12ish schools like Ross and Stern mainly recongnized in Midwest and northeast, respectively? I heard Emory is recognized in the south only but that is also more like t20-t25 i want to say.


Hi Fishers, I have accepted Walmart offer and my BGV has started 3 weeks ago. How do I check my BGV status? I will be joining in mid May. Also, I have been hiding one of the company where I had worked for 45 days and then absconded due to personal issues. Would it create any trouble? They had created my PF account though. Any help would be highly appreciated


Imposter Syndrome is a real disease within the legal profession


Hi team,

Can i use EY laptop for my own portfolio design. I am belong to design team.


Wanted to see if anyone had any luck with Upwork. I have tried couple of time but not have hear back on any of the jobs I submitted my request for. Would need tips on how to get proposals


Considering moving to a HCOL area to be closer to the office and more networking opportunities and things to do in the city. Remote work is getting to me. I'd be paying 70-80%% more in rent than I am paying now (1k to ~1.8k all in). That is a tough pill to swallow. Have you guys tried co-working spots? How has that fared?

I feel like long term - WFH is not ideal for career development considering I'm only 3.5 years into my career. How have you guys navigated this?

Hi all I’m looking for referral in Goldman Sachs for business analyst role or product manager role could you please help me with a referral Goldman Sachs

Found myself in Ivy City tonight. The Target and Moms grocery store were almost completely empty- hardly any shoppers in either store and this was at 7pm. Is it always like that?


When will the annual appraisal outcomes be announced for Accenture Capability Network?


Those of you in therapy.. how do you fit in your sessions? It’s extremely difficult to find availability right now and I finally found a therapist who has Mondays at noon. I blocked it off on my calendar and then my boss scheduled a meeting for that time 🙄 I don’t really feel comfortable telling her why I have to go to an appointment every other week but I also don’t want her to keep ignoring my blocked off hour!


Is @Citiustech a good company to join in data science domain ? Asking interms of latest tech use , career growth and availability of ML or data science projects ?

Anyone who worked at Saiontz and Kirk have any insights or tips if they worked there as an associate?


Hello Fishes, is it good to get permanent WFH from Infosys? and is Infosys started firing their employees who are on bench?

Please help me to get out of it.

Thanks in advance :)


Additional Posts in Accenture details

Hi when can Accenture CN employees expect their yearly increment/ hike?

November/ December?

How much variable can we expect? I have got 27% in paper for level 8.


Hi All,
Can any one share the leave policies of Accenture

Hi, can anyone confirm if its not possible to apply to multiple positions for multiple locations at Accenture. I applied long time back, no response on that application and also not letting me apply to other positions.

Please share the designation hierarchy in Accenture. What role will be given to 4 yoe candidate in test automation?

Can i leave accenture within 4 days of joining?

As getting 50% more hike than current salary that accenture offering.

I have 3.1 years of intermediate level experience in selenium testing with current CTC as 5.12L. So How much CTC i can expect from accenture?

Anyone recently joined Accenture and just hardlock to a project with no work? How long does it takes to get allocated to project ?

Hi all anyone working in Accenture operations analytics is the projects it bpo job?Accenture

Hello Fishes,

Need your help in deciding which one to choose. Below are the offer.

1. Accenture - Level 8 - Associate Manager - JB 2.5L
2. EY - Level 32 - Manager 1 - JB 1L

Fixed is almost same however Accenture is giving more variable.

Profile - Tech Risk, GRC . YOE - 9.2.

Also help with the bracket salary if anyone knows of the levels.

So, I have made it to the offer stage of Accenture Strategy CN. Can someone help me with the approx salary band for this role: (CN-Strategy-MC-Business strategy - 07)

Fishes, how are oniste opportunities in Accenture??

Hello, pls advise,hike percentage will be calculated based on our fixed pay or based on whole pay??
And what percentage we can expect for level10


Hi fishes, has anyone attended Accenture Test Automation interview? Do they ask to write code or tell code lines???

Any one can help to get to know niche technologies and list them here in Accenture?

What arr the benefits given to whom is working on this niche technologies?

This is the compensation details I received in Accenture offer letter. Won't they provide the actual salary break up that contains basic pay, other deductions etc?

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Hello Folks,

Need your insights,

Should i opt for sodexo in my compensation plan. I dont eat junk from swiggy, Zomato etc. So is it worth it...?
People are saying sodexo is good for tax saving but for me if i don't use that often how worth it is. Please help.
My ctc is 12.10 lpa. (10 fixed)


Hi, just after first technical round.
my status is showing onhold.
Can you please let me know is that means rejected


Iam 5 month pregnant , thinking to get release from project due to health issue and taking maternity leave from april 1st, at this situation can I be in bench for 3 months and go in maternity leave ? Will this affect my job in Accenture? Will the organization allow to be in bench for 3 months? If iam in bench during maternity leave will i get variable pay


Capegemini Or accenture

I have offer from 2 organization for devops manager role with same CTC which one is better organization from the work life balance, job security and from long term perspective pls guide


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