I joined Capgemini one month back but now I got offer from Accenture. In accenture I didn't tell them about my joing in Capgemini.

What will happen if abscond and join Accenture. I am in bench right now.

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

you will be blacklisted and cant come back to mothership ever again.

Hello bro , I am also in same situation.I joined CG 2 weeks back and put down resignation this week,I didn't fill any timesheet,I got offer from a different organization and willing to join there .I am still on bench in CG

In you case what happened after ypur resignation did Hr team called you and what steps they have taken ,did they gave you early release or you are serving 3 months notice??

If you have upsconded ,did you receive any warning mail from CG?

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I am tagged to resources pool in Coforge from last 2 months i.e. I am in bench.
Any idea what's the notice period on bench?

Those in government and public sector or defence, are you noticing a slow down/more bench or is now more busy than ever?


With respect to EPAM Anywhere . With the flexy (bench pay)/ fixed pay structure being optional and upto the candidate to join. What are other differences between EPAM Anywhere and EPAM Systems ?


Hi How long are you on bench after joining brillio?


Hi Fishes,

Few FAQs as they can help all. I am expecting some EPAMer will respond.

1) Does EPAM Anywhere reimburse internet charges additionally?
2) How tough are client interviews?
3) I heard first month you get full salary. How's that possible if a person will be on bench?
4)Do you get laptop from project client?
5)How true is relocation buzz?
6)Can you brief about appraisal/promotion assessment? What's the process? How tough is it?



How much should a laboratory supervisor make? 11 years of bench/lead tech experience.


How long have you been on the bench currently? I’ll start: 2 months

Is this offer worth to join epam for 4.5 year java springboot microservises profile ?
Why the basic and HRA is too less here ? Can I change this flexi bench policy to fix policy.
EPAM Anywhere EPAM Systems

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I’ve been on the bench with J1 for about 3 months. I was worried that because I couldn’t find another project, I would get laid off so I found J2, which pays more, is very meeting heavy, but I really like. I’ve kept J1 because I’m still on the bench doing absolutely nothing and getting paid. Thinking about looking for a role on a project with J1 that’s not along my career path but will allow for me to do work with no calls so that I can manage both jobs. Does anyone have experience or advice?


Guys i was on bench for last 2months at my new company, original techstack: java fullstack, now the company is asking me to get mapped to AEM projects.

please help me as to what's the scope in it as compared to java fullstack in terms of compensation and opportunities?

yoe: 1.3 , techstack: java,springboot,angular,azure


Is it true that LTImindtree asked employees on bench to resign???


It’s been week I joined @deloitte USDC Gilbert(analytic and cognitive ) , as solution specialist I am on bench .. any suggestion you guys can give me in getting projects ?


Do you guys go into the office while on the bench

Hello Guys,

Does Optum has bench concept and what is the criticality if we are on bench


How job security in Persistent system?
What is the bench period? .Are projects generally short term or long term.?


Do Exl fire employees who are on bench since a longer duration?


Hello all! I'm a clinical research professional with up to 5 years' of diverse experience featuring lab/bench side work, data management and information, and clinical administrative work. I am also currently pursuing my CCRP SOCRA certification as I am actively looking to switch jobs. I currently work as a Lead Research Associate& Protocol Coordinator at NIAID as a contractor and I'm looking for clinical research opportunities that are remote amd exciting! Would love a referral please!


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Any Directors, Assistant Director, Executive Director from PwC. I need some information regarding the final round/ED round mentioned in my email.


What is the exit formalities at PwC AC Bangalore?

As my new company wants me to join immediately

Will there be any issue they raise, if we waive the notice period (60 days)?

If so what should I do, to get smoothly exit with waiving notice period?


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California L&E: does anyone know about the salaries at CDF Law?


Hi, everyone! I’m currently looking for a role in either Talent/Org Development, People & Culture, or DE&I based in NY or remote. I recently graduated with my MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and an Advanced Certificate in HR, and would love to connect. Thanks in advance.


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Can anyone refer me in Shell.i have the job id

How much does your family spend on eating out per month?


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Fellow fish need some advice or maybe just validation
I was American platinum last year but dropped to gold end of last year decided to challenge with United which made me gold due to illness missed


Vayner Media...any good? What are the integrated producer roles like? Any thoughts would be good thanks!


One of our clients took our idea and basically sublet it to different brands without our knowledge. Technically speaking, there are no rules against this, but it still feels like an icky thing to do. Thoughts?


How does Strategy& compare to other T2 firms in the UK? brand, sectors, WLB, Comp.


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I work at a large hospital and just put in my resignation. I used to love my job, but so much has changed over the past two years that my day-to-day work is practically unrecognizable. I am frustrated with the growing expectations of my institution and decided that I have nothing left to give & it is hard to imagine things getting better any time soon. I have financial flexibility to take a couple of months off. Any tips for how to reenergize myself to prepare to return to work?


Additional Posts in Capgemini lateral joinees

How much time, Capgemini takes to release the offer letter post HR discussion and documents submission. Submitted the same 7 days before.


Hi Guys...I need one help...do you know how to search any job requisition number in Capgemini Careers portal ? As per my HR, I need to search and apply for job requisition number 910951. This is mandatory to get my offer letter released.


Capgemini Chennai joiners, do you get a laptop or desktop?

Is Capgemini providing joining bonus for pune location??
Did anyone get joining bonus from Capgemini for joining pune location??


Hi fishes
Can anybody reffer me in capgemini for below skillset

Informatica power center, Informatica IDQ, SQL, UNIX

What does cg gives in welcome kit?


I have an experience of 8.3Yrs, current ctc 14lpa and i have an offer of 21.5lpa from tcs. My profile is python, django, docker and kubernetes. My technical rounds have been cleared in Capgemini. How much compensation should I ask for in my HR round?

Hi folks
Please suggest
I am working in service management and ops domain (non tech) with two year of experience.
I have been offered
Epsilon- 8lpa wfh for initial 6 months
Capgemini- 8.7lpa (have to relocate immediately)
Which one should I join

How much time Capgemini takes to revert back after the document is submitted for background verification?

Anyone joining capgemini on Monday

What is D2 salary range in capgemini


Attended client interview in Capgemini last week and it was all about the previous experience related. When will i get feedback from Capgemini.

Can anyone give Capgemini offer for QA Senior Consultant profile ?

Present role is Technical Test Lead at Infosys and ctc is 16.22 lpa.

#referral #capgemini #qaconsultant


What salary can I expect for a support project of infor m3. I have been selected for Capgemini for infor m3 functional consultant.
My year of experience is 7 and relevant experience is 1 year in infor m3

Hi all,

Anyone who appeared the 5th March mainframe walk-in drive of Capgemini? Has anyone got the offer yet after sharing documents and completing AMCAT test ???? Please reply on this post.
I have cleared the technical round .. gave them all the documents and also completed AMCAT and waiting for the next step.
Anyone who is the on the same page with me ???

Does Capgemini match a better offer? I got an initial offer of 30 and now getting 34 from another company.


Anyone has idea about Capgemini gurgaon location ? Banglore or gurgaon which location should i choose ?

And also which is the nearest metro of gurgaon location ?


I have recently joined Capgemini. When can I expect my joining bonus?