Is 110 k $ good salary in south carolina?

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I have had a tough relationship with my in laws thus far and have had numerous arguments with my spouse over the various issues. I RE directed my energy focusing on myself and my work during the tough times. I think I did well. I sit on a board of a tech company and tripled my salary by switching jobs … making over $300K. Suddenly my in laws are nice to me … call me to see how I am doing and my spouse is trying to work things out. Do you think they genuinely understand me?


Hi! I currently work at a hospital as a per diem pharmacist and have been there for over 12 years. We haven’t had a raise in over 6 years. I am going to talk to my boss soon to ask for a raise. I was wondering what other pharmacists make in the Philadelphia area so I know how much I should ask for. Thank you!


I'm interviewing with 4 companies and find it odd that only two of them brought up comp early in the process while the other two haven't asked once about my salary expectations even after multiple interviews. Is this pretty typical? I have been recruited to my last several roles and this is my first time ever interviewing with multiple companies at once.

I was checking for groups of Autism Therapists ( ABA Therapist) and this was one that I found close to what I was looking for.
I would like to hear if any of you guys know how much an Instructor Therapist with 3-4 years of experience in the field could ask for a position in the Toronto area, Canada.
I would really appreciate it if any of you could provide me with some insight into it!


What is an appropriate rate for a non union production coordinator for a low budget commercial (150k) for the duration of 2 months? I was offered 5k is that low?


Can anyone please tell me what will be the yearly salary hike in Eli Lilly?


Been in FDD for about 15 years and was promoted to partner 5 years ago. Utilization is like 28%, should I be worried?


Does anybody has any idea what compensation is like in Switzerland for Strategy Consulting?


Visited a bartender friend at work, as I was watching him count his money at the end of the night, I realized several things.

I am underpaid.
I need to find bartending lessons ASAP.
He makes more than me in 4 hours than I do in 12-14😂

I will now become a PT bartender😂


Hello 👋

According to your experience, what is the average salary for content positions in tech companies is Toronto or Canada in general? I've checked on Glassdoor, but the range seems to be weird. It's like 45-80K CAD, but the difference is huge, right? Also, I guess they have statistics across different industries and it can also influence the numbers greatly 🤔


So I had a call with a with a recruiter two weeks ago and she asked for my salary range and I told her $120k-$150k she said she would submit me me at $140-$150 well the role was put on hold due to an acquisition. She has referred me for another role and we had the preliminary discussion but salary wasn’t mentioned should I assume that it’s the same salary range or should I inquire and is so how should I frame my inquiry?


Let's get some Info everyone wants to see! How much is your salary? please include location and YOE.

Does anyone have an idea on what salary should be expected when applying to a major biotech company (GSK, Novartis, J&J, AbbVie etc...) as an entry level (3 years experience) Pharmacology & Toxicology master degree with an emphasis in Drug Discovery and Development with technical expertise in electrophysiology/neuroscience domain (several published papers on sodium channels) ?


How long is the lock in period in Tata Consultancy once I attand the interview and didn't get an offer due to salary negotiation. How long i should wait to apply again in Tata Consultancy Tata Consultancy


How much do public sector MDs make at Big 4 and other firms?

What should be the average salary for YOE 12 , techstack SAP ABAP / ABAP on Hana???


Hi, I am a solo attorney and want to do per diem work for another office (PI). What’s the fair hourly rate to charge? NY metro area


Hi TCSers,

I got 3.71 overall IPF for my Final Aniversary Scheduled for 1st March. I got DCA cleared and my DOJ is 18th March 2021.

Since DCA incentives will discontinue with less than B band.

I'm not even sure that I'm getting band this year or not as I didn't initiated Project End Anniversary. Tried to check with Lead/Manager/HR/TD. Everyone has different views.


Do Marriott strategy managers really make 120k? Wtf?


Hi folks,

I have newly joined Thoughtworks. Was hoping to get some help from fellow thoughtworkers.
Other allowances from ctc is not included in compensation plan. How will it be paid then? Directly at the end of the year?


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Hi, I got an offer letter from oracle as software engineer. Offered package was 17.91LPA including pf (17 fixed )

My YOE: 3.6.

CCTC: 10.5

Tech Stack: Java, Spring Boot, Microservices.

I already have an offer of 19LPA(16 fixed + pf + 2.4 variable + 2 JB).

Can i show this to oracle to revise my compensation?? will they consider it??


Junior copywriter negotiating salary in NYC . I spent 8 months at my first gig. What kind of range should I expect? 60K?

Especially on weekends 😅

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Hi everyone, was anyone able to sell their Accenture Shares and withdraw the funds from UBS? I have received the money from sale in my UBS account but unable to find an option to withdraw them… If you have managed to wire them to your bank account could you please share how? Thanks


Hi! I started at a new company 2 months ago and while I’m really enjoying my job so far, I’m having a hard time gauging whether or not I’m doing a “good job.” My role seems to be always evolving, which is fine and I actually enjoy being a support to the greater marketing team, but I feel like I need better defined targets to make sure I’m meeting expectations. Also, when I ask my boss what they’d like to see, I don’t ever get a clear answer. (Cont’d in comments)


Can anyone make me clear on the retention pay policy at Citius Tech.
In my offer it was 2 years and 59k as retention pay.
What are the advantages we will be having with this policy ?
Can we get proper training for ETL Testing domain, if we like to have ?


Googlers how long does it take to hear back after you present a counter offer ?


Got a job offer for Wells Fargo, anyone knows what the Quarterly Bonus for a personal banker looks like?

Recommendations for portable ergonomic keyboards? I have tennis elbow from typing :/

Has anyone heard of Big 4 TAS layoffs?

Hi , what is the approximate ideal salary for an AVP Citibank with 7YOE ? London office Citi . The department is secondary loan market


Anyone work at Veeva Crossix?


Rakuten symphony any one working here as Product Manager for more than a year share your experience please About culture wlb l&d etc Tata Communications Zeta suite Ericsson Airtel BT eServe India Private Limited


Riyadh fish, what are some good compounds/complexs that you would recommend for solo male? Preferably not too far from centre & with a decent international crowd.



Any other first year associates thinking about leaving their firms/Big Law after bonus payouts? I’ve been really unhappy with work-life balance and already want to pivot to a smaller firm/policy/JD-preferred type of work. How do you know if the problem is your firm or Big Law?


Hey fellow fish, I’m likely making a move to either EY or A&M, but I’m an avid (to the extend uncle d will allow me) stock trader. I heard EY is WAY less chill than uncle d. Anyone know what A&M rules are?



I have a current CTC of 6.6 and Mastercard is offering 8.9 (including variable ) . I also have an offer from infosys of 10 ( including variable). Which one should I pick considering work life balance and
appraisal.My entire doubt is that will they bring me on market rate after appraisals as currently they are not offering very good hike.

I will be joining HR team

I’ll just shoot this: how much does a Partner make?


Anyone here working at Salesforce?
Can someone please tell do all the employees of Salesforce get rsu option?
Specially support engineers, do they get rsu?

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How is 99k salary in New Jersey area ? I have to settle with family (wife and kid 4yo). How much i will get post tax deduction ? Can any1 help with approx expenses (avg middle class living) per month


Any referrals/openings for automation engineer with 5 years of experience? Any help?


Hello all, what wud you prefer LA or New York keeping in mind next 5 years as peak career phase?


Hi , I am 48 and from India, recently after covid i had to switch my career from manufacturing to IT. i underwent training in Salesforce for an year and then fortunately got recruited and its been now more than a year in Salesforce plus my 17+ year experirence in manufacturing. Recently due to some personal reason i am thinking of moving to USA, as a 48 year old is it possible to apply for jobs in USA from India and what are the chances i have getting a job, not particular abt the package.


I am beginning to find a job in the USA. I have a masters degree from India and about 1.5 years experience in tech sales. Is there anyone who has done this and can give me a first hand experience of what it entails?

Experienced Renewable Energy Professional, currently responsible for Business Development | Strategy | Market Intelligence of Utility Scale Solar | BTech | PGEMP (SPJIMR)


Hey guys,
Seeking referrals for an entry level IT position...
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Fishes,
Can someone please help me in getting a new opportunity or new role.
Work Experience: Broker vote, Reference Data, Team Management.
Total experience 11.5 months


My friend is looking for software engineer intern roles in USA/Canada. He is currently a second year computer science student in University of Victoria.

Please let me know if someone can refer him:) Happy to answer any other questions

I have a experience of 1.5 years as site engineer. I would like to go into designing and learn softwares according to it. I would like someone to tell me what is the experience needed, softwares to be learnt and where shall i learn them to be placed in US or UK companies?

I don't know why this bowl was created. I don't see any replies or comments on the posts. Engagement on the posts will be helpful and motivated.

Any project management roles being hired in the US?


Looking to move to usa with visa sponsorship any opportunity's.


I bring to the table over 20 plus years of extensive experience in steering Customer Relationship Management and Operations, Process Initiatives, Business Process Transformation & Controls, Process Improvements, Business Continuity Planning & Strategic Business Operations. I have innate sense of task prioritization, managerial aptitude and result oriented attitude towards accelerating organizational growth and that too in a high pressured, time bound and competitive environment.
Pls guide

Can someone suggest good sales recruit agency in United States which hires Mid Senior Sales professional from India .Thanks


Hi all,
Need an advice. I am confused between doing masters or learn tech stack and increase experience and salary.
*My primary goal is to earn more.*
If masters I have to do in US or UK, so GRE, GMAT.
If for learning and tech experience I can learn tech stacks.
But I am confused between this.
Could you please tell or suggest what would be a better choice? Is doing masters in US or UK is a better ROI or be in India and gain exp and earn more by switching?
Currently I am a Java developer.


LTI (L&T Infotech) is hiring Abinitio Developer for US (Irving, Texas / Tampa & Florida)

•Abinitio Developer
Certification: Abinitio Exercises
Primary Skills: Abinitio ETL , Unix & Oracle is secondary skill

•Senior Abinitio Developer
ETL Tool - Abinitio with 5+ YOE
Strong knowledge in UNIX, Shell script & SQL

•Abinitio Architect
6 - 10 YOE as Abinitio Developer with strong analytical & technical ability.
Mandatory certificate - Abinitio exercise

Dm to apply

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