Is 20 CTC Fixed good for Senior Consultant in Deloitte India with 6 yrs YOE ? Please elaborate what other benefits can we expect like wfh allowance, phone reimbursement etc

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This is excellent

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Hi Sharks, I urgently need your help with reviews on 'Deloitte Shared Services LLP'. Please tell me about career growth, benefits? Would really appreciate your help!


Hi, was just just seeing if anyone had any insights(comp, wlb,growth) into an AM role at Taboola. Thanks in advance!


Hi guys, I’ve recently joined TCS a couple of weeks back. I have 2 years of work experience in previous company (SAP consultant), but I couldn’t learn anything as my project team just used me for some data entry of project & I lost my skills. The TCS interview also didn’t ask any difficulty questions in interview and they hired me. Now they have directly allocated me for a project and my TL is giving me work based on my experience, but I’m not able to fix the issues on time🙆🏻‍♂️. Any suggestions?


I'm currently a EY tax advisory senior (CA exam qualified) for 2.5yrs in the UK (will be on £38k in regional office from October) and have been offered a role at Pwc Dubai at senior level in ITS for £40k but the salary already incorporates the housing allowance. Any idea whether this is a good offer?


I am in need of some advice I have a bachelors in healthcare administration. My long term goal would be a CEO of a hospital. I am looking at masters programs and need some advice as what to get my masters in. I could get my masters in healthcare administration but would like to look at something a little different maybe healthcare leadership or something. Anyone have some advice?


Joining YouGov India (Mumbai) soon. Workplace benefits and culture info welcome.

I am looking for React engineers at an established Series C funded startup. The roles are fully remote/hybrid/nyc depending on preference. The company is genuinely an amazing place to work and disrupting established markets.


Does anyone have leads for a recent MPH Epidemiology grad with 0-2 YOE to get into consultant roles in Healthcare/life sciences?

Second question: what sort of work experiences are companies like flatiron and komodo health looking for to work in RWE/heor? I'm not sure how to leverage Epidemiology to get into that space :(

Hi there looking for a referral for Amazon specifically PM for DEI opening remote that is posted.Amazon


I'm a new, working and commuting mama ISO your opinion. Would you rather: commute 3-4 hours a day x 3 days/week but get to wfh 2x/week OR take a job 25 mins away but is less likely to allow wfh?


How do you keep your team connected in this remote-first world we live in? Looking for some new, fresh ideas. Thanks!


Would any bay area (preference for Oakland, CA - but open to other locations too) consultants be willing to message about roles? I am actively looking for a new role. I have Professional Cloud Architect and Professional Data Engineer certifications from Google. Working towards the Professional Cloud Developer cert right now. My job application to recruiter response rate has been super low. I'd appreciate any pointers or leads. TIA!


How would a lean six sigma green belt benefit me in healthcare? I have 8 years management, 20+ customer service, 7 years healthcare experience and BA IN Healthcare Management. I'm looking to obtain the certification in January. Would love some insights. Thanks you in advance!


Is McKinsey’s partnership structure & requirement different to other big 4? If people at 29 become partners, aren’t there too many partners by now? How’s it sustainable ?

👋🏾 Hello,
Help Please:
HR Profesaional looking for a new role remote or hybrid Arlington (DFW), TX
Interest: Employee Relations, Recruiting, HR Manager etc.

Masters in HRM, SHRM-CP
7+ years HR
5+ years Management
5+ years Sales
5+ years Logistics/Transportation


Nike Director salary range and bonus structure can anyone help?


Hi Fishes I attended interview with Tech Mahindra on this Wednesday for L2 technical round. Interview went well, but I did not get any update after that. How long will it take to know whether we passed technical round in TechM? Tech Mahindra


Anyone interested in an internal payer strategy role in NYC area? WFH 3 days a week, good WLB, various project opportunities and lots of visibility. Recruiting for different levels, but especially 0-4 YOE. DM if interested!


Hi Fishes,

Looking for advice please!!
Have three offers from Shell, BP and Airbus for IT service delivery role.

BP: 23 Lpa + 1L joining bonus with 1 year lock in ( location : pune)
Airbus: 26lpa + 5 L joining bonus with 3 year lock in( location : bangalore)
Shell: 26 lpa ( final offer being rolled out)location : bangalore

Please advice which company would have a good growth story and work life balance....

Airbus looks attractive but have heard some very harsh reviews on work life balance..


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Are coding bootcamps worth it anymore?


Anyone have issues with only 1 airpod pro connecting when taking it out of the case? I’m constantly having to resync by holding the case open with the buds inside. Never had this issue on my last pair but sadly lost those. These are brand new and more times than not give me this issue. Any fix?


CFP, asking advisors out more than five years... has it really made a difference in your career growth/AUM and how clients perceive you? I guess I’m asking, was it really worth it?


My key skills are LARAVEL(PHP), REACT.JS, NODE.JS and so on for web development


Deloitte folks, do you know anyone on H1B at Director level? Especially in GPS practice. It’s very difficult to pursue contracts on federal side without citizenship.

Which offer to choose-

Accenture (7.2 Fixed + 60K Variable)
2. Apisero (9 LPA fixed only)

Accenture Apisero


Hi! After 25 years of full time employment in Ophthalmology I am done with 40 hours a week bit. Does anyone know of a part-time gig in this field? Any names of headhunters?


What are some effective ways to negotiate a higher salary without seeming greedy?


I started my consulting career 4 years ago after working for a few NGOs in the DC metropolitan area. I noticed that within consulting, colleagues don’t share personal matter and the relationship is very superficial. I am not expecting to know everything about my teammates but I find it bizarre that when I ask “how was your weekend?”, I always get the same generic response “great, how was yours?”

Is this normal? I am used to having a workplace culture where folks are able to share (cont.)


Today we had a preview day for the first book fair our school has had since 13. Most of these kids have never experienced one or don’t remember it. Watching the big kids drop the cool kid act [...]


Hey everyone, I’m wanting to transition to tech from healthcare. I have 5 years experience, working front office (clinic scheduling, admin etc), currently back office (referrals, prior authorizations) , I have basic medical billing/coding knowledge & also provider credentialing experience. Any recommendations for tech roles that could be a fit with my background? I do NOT want to be in customer service or call center type role if at all possible though.


Gift ideas for men in early 50s who pretty much can afford anything? My SO isn’t crazy into fashion but likes to dress smart and loves sneakers.


Is it not okay to message people in this bowl? Sent a wave to someone a couple of days ago and the interaction was a bit cold 😬


In need of help or advice. GF barely wants to have sex any more. Both near 30s, dating for almost 4Y. First 2 years we avgd 2/week, but now down to 2-3/Month. She seems happy in the relationship but admits she has changed. I’m first/only guy she’s been with and says at first she was more adventurous that now. I’m willing to try new things and try romantic gestures but she is just not interested. Otherwise relationship is great and I would propose, but I don’t want a marriage like this


New to this and need some help. Next week I plan to start cold walking. I know I can be successful doing this, but I have no clue on what to say when I start.


Hi Job seekers, there are various opportunities available in EY GDS. If interested send your CV at -
Roles are in Cloud Computing/Cloud Security, Cybersecurity, SaaS, SAP, Dev Ops, Machine Learning, Hybrid Cloud, Data Centre, Data Science, Data Analytics & Virtualization in EY GDS [Education: B.Sc. / M.Sc. / B.E / B. Tech. / M. Tech./MCA, Experience: 1 to 15 years of experience]


Silly question to start the day - Why do we refer to an email as a “note”? I know it’s minor, but some corporate jargon just rubs me the wrong way


New to the bowl! Is this what y’all mean?

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I know this sounds weird, but I think my fiancé has my tech tapped… I journal and write short stories that I’ve used as an outlet for years. Way before I met him. Lately, it feels like he repeats things that I’ve written or said over the phone. For example, I’ll tell a friend that I want to visit her in San Diego. Then, he’ll come home and say I should visit my friend in San Diego soon. Am I paranoid or is he really listening? I feel violated and exposed. He doesn’t have a tech background.


Additional Posts in Deloitte India (Not USI)

Anyone working in Deloitte India for gurgaon location here? Have certain queries.

Hello Fishes,
What kind of role does a Deputy Manager in the risk consulting service line perform. I am currently a senior consultant at EY India is it a similar kind of role?

Does Deloitte India renegotiate offer based on counter offer? Will it have any consequences if I ask HR to revise offer?

Hey guys,
I recently cleared 1st round of interview for data scientist role in Deloitte. 2nd round is with the director and most probably it will be a case study based interview. Anyone have idea, what kind of questions should I expect?

Hello DI folks,

I am looking for opinions on work at Deloitte India, especially in a client facing role ?

Is it comparable to Deloitte USI in terms of quality of work and culture ?

FYI - I would be joining Deloitte India in June


Below is the summary of the performance bonus's at different levels & ratings @EYGDS.
Has @Deloitte India disbursed the bonus?? What are the average percentages for Manager level at Rating 1,2,3 and 4 (1 being the best rating)

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Hi folks, I've accepted an offer from Monitor Deloitte as a Strategy Consultant. Although in the offer letter, the name of the company is Deloitte India LLP. Just wondering if anyone else has gone through the process and is currently working at Monitor. I wanted to understand about the projects, hierarchy and overall culture at Monitor. My base location is Gurgaon. Deloitte India Deloitte Monitor Deloitte Deloitte USI

Hi All 🐠🐟 Hope everyone is doing great Has someone recently joined Deloitte India bangalore recently? I ll be joining monday What happens on day 1? I'm completely new to offline onboarding Was just curious Deloitte Deloitte USI I know that induction is done but could u give me some details

Accenture or Deloitte? Work at Accenture but have an offer at Deloitte India. Except for a disappointing client role that I have at Accenture don’t have any grouse. Is it worth the switch? Accenture @ Deloitte India

What is the max sal for a deputy manager at Deloitte in the risk assurance SL?

Hi Fishes,

l interviewed for Deloitte (India not USI) in January, and accepted an offer letter with DOJ of 25th April, later HR asked me to join on 11th April for which I agreed. Now I haven't received the revised offer letter or any links other than BGV and Pre-Hire form from Deloitte and now the HR is not even picking my calls or responding to emails.
Any advice on what to do?

Hi Fishes,
I accepted an offer from DI recently, and all I have received post offer letter is Background verification and pre-joining from. Am I missing anything here?

Hi Sharks, I urgently need your help with reviews on 'Deloitte Shared Services LLP'. Please tell me about career growth, benefits? Would really appreciate your help!

What is the role of Senior Consultant in DI(not usi) and benefits/ perks? onsite opportunities is there?
Level: DM
Service line: Consulting
Skill: ServiceNow

Hi Fishes,

I am looking for a job change, I have 4 Year 6 Months experience as PMO(Project Management Officer), please refer to me.


Hello Folks,

I had my first round of technical discussion with
Deloitte India on 31st March.
How long it takes to hear back from them for the second round interview ?
Will they inform if I’m not selected?

Deloitte India Deloitte USI

Can anyone please share any information related to the insurance and benifits provided in Deloitte India?


I have 3 years of experience in RPA blue prims and also in power tools like power apps,power automate and power bi. Currently planning to switch to see more challenges and break them through RPA .
Could any one do a referral please .

Hello all, I am currently working at EY India as a SCon in the risk advisory service line post my MBA. I have 2 offers in hand please suggest.
YOE - 2 years 9 months

PwC SDC - Senior Associate 1 - 17 LPA fixed plus 2.5L joining bonus woth 18 months lock in. Permanent wfh.

Deloitte India - Deputy Manager - 17LPA foxed no joining bonus. Chennai location.

Any suggestion would help. My joining dates are approaching faster.