What is the role of Senior Consultant in DI(not usi) and benefits/ perks? onsite opportunities is there?
Level: DM
Service line: Consulting
Skill: ServiceNow

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

No onsite. Perks as standard (internet bill is reimbursed) and WFH allowance is given in the salary. Lots of appreciation if you do well


verbal or monetory appreciations also? 😀

Monetary as well. Also, S con are deputy managers here

Thanks! what exactly is the responsibility of scon/DM

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Hi folks,

What is the pay range for Senior Associate 1 in PwC AC Kolkata - Assurance LoS.

I have recently joined but after knowing salary of an Associate 2, I understood that I'm being paid lesser than him. So I am interested to know the pay range and average pay of Senior Associate 1 in Assurance Los.

Standard of TCS Project interview after joining for laterals (*5+ YOE)? Is there any timeline that in between need to tag in any project?


Healthcare consultants, what industry publications do you follow? I’m trying to keep ahead of industry trends and have found that I’m behind the times on what to follow.


Has anyone used exit opportunities to get early promotions within consulting? For example if I’m 1 year away from promotion at D, could I apply for a role that’s a level up at another firm? Is this something that’s doable and happens often? How does one pull this off? Will you be forced to stay in that next level for longer at your new firm?


YOE: 11.5 Tech: QA Automation with Selenium-Java, BDD, API automation, Mobile Automation - Perfecto cloud, Appium All the 11 years I am with automation only. Is it possible for me to learn new technology and switch. Recently acquired AWS cloud practitioner certification which is of no use to me now as they are asking for exp. I wanted to move to devops role. But without experience no one is giving opportunity and they are considering my profile as QA only 😒


Hi All, Kindly suggest which is better to join for 7 yrs exp, in terms of ETL (Abinitio) projects, stability and work culture

FRS Mumbai - SA bank
Atos Pune- Fedex
IRIS - Citi
Luxoft - CBA

I need to join this month


Hello Fishes,

Can anyone help me with "Other Allowance & Reimbursement - 1&2"

What do we need to select from these?

Am i going to get these amounts only if i claim for reimbursement or it's fixed?


Hello fishes,
I’m looking for job referral (PLSQL developer) in below skill set. Currently I’m serving notice period [LWD 2nd Dec 2022]. If any openings, Please refer me.

Skills: Oracle SQL and PLSQL, Unix, Shell scripting
YOE : 5.1 yrs
Preferred Location: Chennai

If anyone is hiring in Canada please kindly give my partner a chance. The wait, dilemma and uncertainty is taking a very big toll from us.
-He got almost 5 years of project management, bid management and proposal management experience for a construction consultant company.
-He got experience in Primavera, got excellent statistical analysis skill, can use python for constructing ML models,
- He is proficient in RFP,RFI,RFQ for construction projects as he got BSc in Civil Engineering and MBA. 🙏🙏


Does the hiring company typically call you to inform of rejection? Or did they usually ghost you? The hiring manager said to hear back next week so I wanted to be prepared.


Hello fishes,

Need your reviews about Infogain. How's the work culture?


Are Google , IBM , Meta learning certificates, worth it? Do they really impress employers? If had an IBM data science certificate without any experience for example what type of role can expect or should I expect any?


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I know this industry is unstable, so just wondering about emergency funds. How long could you last if you got laid off for awhile ?


When writing your resume for PE associate positions, how far back do you go in terms of internships / how much detail do you mention on each?


Larsen & Toubro Infotech Lti or HCL which is good to join if they provide same ctc yoe 4 ctc 15 HCL Technologies Larsen & Toubro Infotech


Thoughts on Zuya, re: cookieless targeting/cookieless future?

Or just ... cookieless future in general?


My gf, who’s not into cars at all, saw a M3 in the Isle of Man green color was like “what car is that? It looks expensive but why does the front look like that?”

I couldn’t help but laugh that even she thinks it’s hideous. She was surprised that the new BMWs look like that


What are the top 2 things you love about AWs? 2 “even better ifs”?


Hi guys, I have applied for Data engineer 1 job at Amazon India, i have almost 2 years of experience, how much CTC can I expect from Amazon my current CTC is 5.6lpa. Amazon India


I’m looking to create a course on how to market yourself as an entertainer. I have experience booking gigs as a poet, but I’m interested in seeing how I can partner with other successful artists


Is ZS, India free from Harassment environment?


Looking to switch to cybersecurity where should I start?

Hey y’all. I am starting a YouTube video and I am about to shoot a video about bank accounts. If you were an audience what would you like to know about your bank account?


Hi fishes,
I'm looking for referral for
JPMorgan Chase ,
job Id 210328637, my resume is in the comments.

Double dipping Teams access question: if i sign into Teams with agency A's username/password will i also be able to sign out of that account and then sign in under agency B's username/pw?


Can anyone identify the vintage Omega I bought? No markings but seems 50s/60s.

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In how many months variable is paid in Capgemini and how much percentage do we get paid?


Anyone hear anything good/bad working for Capital group?


Anybody got retained in Itelligence (NTT DATA BS) If yes how was your experience? Do they keep their promises after we revoke our papers?


Is 10% salary increase is a common percentage when it comes to promotions in industry ?


Additional Posts in Deloitte India (Not USI)

Hi Fishes,

l interviewed for Deloitte (India not USI) in January, and accepted an offer letter with DOJ of 25th April, later HR asked me to join on 11th April for which I agreed. Now I haven't received the revised offer letter or any links other than BGV and Pre-Hire form from Deloitte and now the HR is not even picking my calls or responding to emails.
Any advice on what to do?

Hi All 🐠🐟 Hope everyone is doing great Has someone recently joined Deloitte India bangalore recently? I ll be joining monday What happens on day 1? I'm completely new to offline onboarding Was just curious Deloitte Deloitte USI I know that induction is done but could u give me some details

Does Deloitte India renegotiate offer based on counter offer? Will it have any consequences if I ask HR to revise offer?

I have 3 years of experience in RPA blue prims and also in power tools like power apps,power automate and power bi. Currently planning to switch to see more challenges and break them through RPA .
Could any one do a referral please .

Anyone working in Deloitte India for gurgaon location here? Have certain queries.

Hello DI folks,

I am looking for opinions on work at Deloitte India, especially in a client facing role ?

Is it comparable to Deloitte USI in terms of quality of work and culture ?

FYI - I would be joining Deloitte India in June


Hi folks, I've accepted an offer from Monitor Deloitte as a Strategy Consultant. Although in the offer letter, the name of the company is Deloitte India LLP. Just wondering if anyone else has gone through the process and is currently working at Monitor. I wanted to understand about the projects, hierarchy and overall culture at Monitor. My base location is Gurgaon. Deloitte India Deloitte Monitor Deloitte Deloitte USI

Hello Folks,

I had my first round of technical discussion with
Deloitte India on 31st March.
How long it takes to hear back from them for the second round interview ?
Will they inform if I’m not selected?

Deloitte India Deloitte USI

Below is the summary of the performance bonus's at different levels & ratings @EYGDS.
Has @Deloitte India disbursed the bonus?? What are the average percentages for Manager level at Rating 1,2,3 and 4 (1 being the best rating)

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Hey guys,
I recently cleared 1st round of interview for data scientist role in Deloitte. 2nd round is with the director and most probably it will be a case study based interview. Anyone have idea, what kind of questions should I expect?

Hi Fishes,
I accepted an offer from DI recently, and all I have received post offer letter is Background verification and pre-joining from. Am I missing anything here?

Accenture or Deloitte? Work at Accenture but have an offer at Deloitte India. Except for a disappointing client role that I have at Accenture don’t have any grouse. Is it worth the switch? Accenture @ Deloitte India

What is the max sal for a deputy manager at Deloitte in the risk assurance SL?

Is 20 CTC Fixed good for Senior Consultant in Deloitte India with 6 yrs YOE ? Please elaborate what other benefits can we expect like wfh allowance, phone reimbursement etc

Can anyone please share any information related to the insurance and benifits provided in Deloitte India?


Hi All,

I am in processs of getting offer from Deloitte India. But even after submitting all documents still dint get offer letter...they are saying pending with business. Does it mean offer is cancelled or something like that

Hi Sharks, I urgently need your help with reviews on 'Deloitte Shared Services LLP'. Please tell me about career growth, benefits? Would really appreciate your help!

Hi Fishes,

I am looking for a job change, I have 4 Year 6 Months experience as PMO(Project Management Officer), please refer to me.