I’ve got 8 years experience, work at a small, hot creative agency in NYC and will be promoted to CD soon. I’m not irreplaceable since no one truly is, but I’m a high value employee responsible for a good proportion of the agency’s marquee creative work and some important new business wins. I’m at $165k now, what should I ask for with my promotion?

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I’m in a really similar position. CD right now runs from like 200 to 270 before you start hitting GCD money.

If you were jumping to a new agency you could fetch 220 give or take. Not sure if your current agency will give you that much, but I wouldnt take less than 200.


The high end of an incoming CD range would be… 230?


I feel they’ll try to offer 200k, try to negotiate up to 220k, which feels fair for a first time CD job.

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I have total 8 YOE (3 years in salesforce) current package is 8.5LPA. I have hike this month. How much I can expect?

MTS 1 & 2 salary range
Stack: Salesforce

If anyone can help


There’s a job opening for a physical therapy position at Parkland Hospital in Dallas. There is a section that I am required to fill out in the application that feels like a trick haha. What number do I put for “ Salary Expectations”. In my last employment at a hospital in NYC I was making a little over 100k. I understand that this may not be realistic in Dallas?Im afraid if I match my prior salary HR won’t take me seriously and overlook my application. Thoughts?


Hi, I got an offer letter from oracle as software engineer. Offered package was 17.91LPA including pf (17 fixed )

My YOE: 3.6.

CCTC: 10.5

Tech Stack: Java, Spring Boot, Microservices.

I already have an offer of 19LPA(16 fixed + pf + 2.4 variable + 2 JB).

Can i show this to oracle to revise my compensation?? will they consider it??


How to politely inform your manager that their meetings are complete time-wasters? I end up working late hours because the work still has to get done. Promotion year so not trying to drop the ball lol


Can anyone at Amazon give me some insight into a Sr. Product Manager (tech) salary works as well as other perks and bonuses. I know TC is salary+ bonus spread over 2 years and stocks that vest after 4. What happens year 3? Is there an annual bonus from year 3 on? Is stock granted after the initial bonus? The salaries seem generous for the first few years but then what? Thanks!

Just got Offer letter and joining on 16th Aug.
What are the next steps i am from Delhi and have to come Hyderabad.
Does Deloitte will send the tickets and stuff?
And what about relocation bonus.
Please guide.


Hi Everyone,

I having below offers in hand. Please guide me for a wise decision in selecting a company

L&T - 10.5 LPA

CTC is not a matter. I need good learning, WLB and good culture.


I currently make 78k at Lockheed but I’m not doing what I’d like to be doing and i felt stuck and after many conversations with my manager and no solution in sight, I started applying elsewhere. I just recently got an offer from a smaller AI company for 95k that I plan to accept. I’m happy to make the jump, I just don’t know how my manager/coworkers will react when I tell them I’m leaving.


Hello 🐋🦈
Company: Games24x7
I have 6.5-7 yrs of work experience in product design, what should I expect as CTC?

How’s wlb, promotion cycle and performance bonus policy?
Please help 🙏🏽


Looks like I’ll receive an offer from Deloitte soon. Will be between $150k-$170k at SC level. I’m currently at $125k at Senior-3 up for Manager promo. I don’t want to leave EY because I would be boomeranging back to Deloitte and enjoy my WLB/team at EY. How do I ask for more pay and stay at EY?


Hi all I have created a separate page to talk more about money! Its called occupational therapy pay! Join in! :)


What do you think is a realistic salary for a HR Manager with 12 years experience in small companies (80-200 employees), MBA, SHRM-SCP in Hampton Roads VA area?


What are your FIRE numbers? I used to think mine was 1M, but now that I have consulting salary I’m thinking more like 2M or 3M.


Hello Fishes,
Can someone kindly advise what would be the in-hand salary for the below break up?

Thanks in advance.

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When does the bonus payout happen for India and do all employees get it?


Salary check. Working at am 100, this is my 10th yr. Salary is $180k. Billing about 1650/yr. Good? Bad? Crazy?


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Is sinch, noida a good company??
How's the work culture, job security?

For QA , 6year exp


Highest paying job I can get in accounting? I have been at PwC for 1 year and I will be a CPA in the fall.


Hi Fishes, Looking for Job Change ? This is for you,

Thoughtworks is hiring for below roles.

Fill in this Google form

Note: You may be asked to signin into google for fill the form to avoid duplicate entries.

Tip: You can click on three dots and select open link in chrome to use the account which you already logged in you chrome browser.

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Anyone know how to get a position as an HRBP without HRPB experience? All positions I've looked at want previous experience. Would over 5 years of HR experience and a PHR suffice, or what skills should be added to that?


42,500 base with 45,000OTE as an SDR. Been here for 8 months

What are some good interview questions you have been asked, or wish you were prepared for?


Not sure if cringe… thoughts? Just seems odd but we also all have our own way of coping…

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What would “fantasy you” do if you were laid off and could afford not going back to work?


Just finished my 2nd round of interviews with Deloitte for the GPS analyst position. I think they went well but I want more options in case I don’t get an offer. I’m a life sciences graduate from UT Austin, any recommendations? Doesn’t have to be life science/healthcare specific, although that’s my preference.


Hi All,

I have given an interview for BI Customer Analyst for 3 years experience @NielsenIQ. How much salary should I expect?

Anyone know what the comp range is for a BizOps Data Analyst at Facebook?


Anyone have use a lawn maintenance person? Is $200 a month for every 2 weeks reasonable? Includes weeding, lawn mowing, hedge trimming

How is the work culture?

Hi fishes,
Hope you all are doing great!

I am from non Tech/IT background and have 7 years of experience. Now I want to switch to Data Scientist (IT) because i am not seeing much growth here after certain point of time and position.

Would it be good for me to switch to Data Scientist.

Please suggest how can i learn it and prepare myself for interviews.


I just got a job with aws and I start Monday. The hiring manager emailed me at 1am and it has me wondering, Does working for Amazon (not warehouse or retail but corporate) really not have a work life balance? Do they really overwork your?


Hi all! I’m a newbie when it comes down to investing and I have a question. When ppl say to invest in the S&P 500 what exactly do they mean? Any examples or clarifications would be greatly appreciated.


Hello FCB - I’ve made attempts to connect with HR for an open position and I get no response. True, I may not be right for the role. If that were the case wouldn’t I get the rejection form letter? I applied through a link an employee set up for me. Can anyone throw me a life line? tia...

anyone joining pwc on 1st September?

I just received a job offer at a company I'm very interested in working for (yay!). Their salary offer, however, is at the bottom end of the range specified in the job ad. In my initial interview, I said that my salary expectations align with the range specified by the ad. So, my question is do I ask for more? Or do I just accept the offer? The company benefits are decent and I would get stock options, and it's fully remote - if that influences your answer.

What do y'all think?


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What percent increase would you leave a fairly steady role for? Ignoring growth or new title stuff. What would you want?


Ok ok, it’s that time of the year again. Another thread of <💸how much money do you make!💰> Use the following format so you don’t break the formation :) Format: 1. Total income from the job 2. Title 3. City 4. Year in the job 5. Gender, age, ethnic (all are optional) 6. Are you satisfied with your pay. See you in the thread. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥and don’t forget: Get the bags!


What are people’s opinions on sharing your salary with your partner? We didn’t come on together but get along great. I think I’m on the low end of my title range, and am wondering if they are too.

What would be the freelance day rate for an ACD in London, Amsterdam, Barcelona and/or Madrid??


VML Sr Art Director position assuming 7-10 years experience. What’s a fair salary expectation for the Midwest? Chicago/Kansas City area.


What is the average salary of a Media Manager (or supervisor) in NYC?

Well known global brand in house. They want to hire me for starting member of opening office in NY as Creative Manager/Director. How much should I ask for?


I feel I’m fairly compensated, but sometimes I feel like everyone else is making more

Salary range for first time ACD gig from a Sr. AD at a small agency in Dallas?


Looking for guidance on what to expect moving into an AD title in social based in Chicago. 5 years experience and managing people. Thanks for your help!


Am I allowed to ask or even demand to receive my salary in cash? I wonder if I can negotiate that. A briefcase of stacks. Effort/compensation…It’d all feel so much more tangible.


Recruiter in Seattle balked when I said my target salary is 95k.

Associate Strategy Director Salary? 7yrs exp


Senior AD salary range in ATL at Agencies and In-house?


What’s the going day and/or hourly rate for an entertainment art director in LA with 10+ years experience?

How much does an EA make in NYC?


Average salary for mid-level AD in Boston?

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AS / F / 32 / 9 years experience / $100K