Waiting to see if I get an L7 EM role at Google. Should I move from Amazon to Google in the economy? And to be clear it would be a level and pay increase from L6 SDM at Amazon unless Google downlevels me.Google Amazon

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works at
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Wouldn’t the right level for this transfer be level 5 EM?

Equivalent transfer would be L6 em to Amazon L6 Sdm as far as scope. But scope from L6 sdm (Amazon) to L7 em (Google) would be scope/level/comp increase.

I didn’t know if we would need an L7 EM. Doesn’t make sense.

An L7 is a manager of managers.

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Was scheduled for an interview today for a Director pos. early morning I get a Reschedule request to next Wednesday but I cannot make it due to personal commitment .
Called recuit
mgr.to let him know and he tells me the director is very busy as she’s the IT. Dir for the whole org.politely asked him to send her availability other than next Haven’t received anything since then . Wondering if such co. Is worth pursuing that doesn’t value others time and that too a replacement pos for the same busy role 🥹


What's the word on FCB Health? A good move to make?


Could a position as an Office Coordinator be the same as Administrative assistant or could be considered as a higher role?


KPMG global services is hiring for US Tax in Kolkata location. Anyone need referal for kolata location alone, please DM me.

Tata Consultancy Deloitte PwC EY

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Hi I have cleared the round for Java Engineer role (Ascend Program) Noida and have HR round next. My current ctc is 3.72LPA, how much can i expect from Global logic

I know there are tons of instances when immediate responses are absolutely necessary or just overall help the flow of an engagement. But I wish I could just exit teams and email and focus on the mountain of work I have for a few hours 🙃


EY I've 10 years of experience, what designation and Salary Range shall I expect ? Position- Servicenow Functional role. @Ey GDS


Anyone with SV UVM coding and verification interview experience with Meta Silicon Design Engineering team? If yes, please share your experience.


Working in FP&A now and see that a male colleague hired a couple months after me this year who is less qualified and in the same role is making $17k more. What would you do if you were me?


To what extent does networking impact admissions? (Eg in cases where student ambassadors can give a positive referral)


Hey Fishes,
What’s the default hike % and bonus we get in HSBC if we join in September for GCB Band 5 role?


Should I join Publicis Sapient Or Mobiquity inc ?

I am from Ahmedabad PS giving me permenent WFH also giving 1.5 More then Mobiquity

I heard about PS that lots of stress and WLB is also not good, Is that correct?

Please help me to choose

Accounting/CPA have always had a high turnover rate over the years. In response, these firms have raised salaries (for current and new employees), offered sign on bonuses, and have embraced working from home options. What else can accounting firms do to address high turnover rates to encourage workers to stay since most people start looking to exit these firms at the 2-3 year point while working there?


Can anyone refer me to an SAP position at Accenture? I’d love to chat as well.


Do you know of a strictly remote graphic design position? Preferably not UX/UI
Wanting a positive environment that expresses appreciation towards employees and isn’t too high pressure. (Unicorn 🦄)


What kind of role is CFO Advisory? I'm context to US GAAP. Please suggest. A captive center is offering this role.

Hello! Any summer internship openings for 2023 in the Marketing Field.

Currently pursuing Ms in Marketing Analytics

McKinsey & Company I have applied for the post of Solution Analyst - Decarbonisation Analytics at McKinsey & Company Since I am from Air Pollution Control Business portfolio and can do justice to the job role, I applied the same. Can anybody refer me for the above job role?

Hey! I’m currently in the interview process for AWS/Amazon. I have to complete the online assessment before I can get an interview. Any tips to prepare for the assessment? I’m applying for a Financial Analyst role with 2.5 YOE.


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Hey, what would be average salary for 10+ years experienced SAP SD consultant in London? I have just moved here and have feeling that I got tricked with the salary...


Any switch to PE from a non-MBB firm with no experience in M&A? How have you reframed your experience and/or get the attention of headhunters?


$70k for mid level designer at small NYC shop w/overtime, benefits, and 2 weeks PTO.

I should take the job, right?


What is the best way to quickly learn how to do an LBO model for a job’s case study, if you don’t do those within your current role. Is there a possible way to avoid it and still be considered for the job?


Considering joining Workday. It's a remote position.

How is the work life balance? Anyone else working remotely and how is that experience?


IT Audit Seniors, what are you making? Add cost of living and if you have switched firms is possible.


Not the right bowl probably but here goes. 30 yrs old, and I just noticed that when I don’t shave, my beard grows normally but I now have white hairs. And the white hairs (not that many of them) grow longer than the regular hairs. What’s that about?


What type of case studies are people getting when interviewing for Strategy roles? How about Finance? Are they the same style/depth as consulting case studies? Are the examples from as "Case in Point" or "Hacking the Case" a good representation? Going to start applying in the next month or two and want to brush up on my skills.


I work 12 hour shifts 4 days a week and I've been trying to squeeze workouts in before work at 5am, trying not to do heavy cardio since I'll do 15,000+ steps at work. Need advice or motivation 😵‍💫


My mother keeps telling me the reason I haven’t had a boyfriend in years is because I have sex with them before a relationship. Do you think this is true? I didn’t want to believe it but it’s year 4 of singleness ☹️☹️


How one can prepare for capgemini Java amcat assessment


I have the opportunity to work in Germany EY i am currently in KSA.
How is the salaries , living , etc....?
would you recommend that i move to Germany?


Interested in a AWS Security position. Let me know if anyone would be willing to connect!

I recently started a new job as HR Generalist at a small government contracting company. I only make about $66k/ year when previous i started closer to $45k but as a single parent of a kid in daycare, im struggling. I want advice on the best way to build my career as fast as possible to reach by goal of making $100k within the next 3 years in HR. What should I do to further myself professionally as fast as I can? SHRM classes? certs? PHR? all resources welcome!


How do i Resign from fractal? Is there a portal for it, I don't see any option in converge?


Recently interviewed for a senior UI design job and was tasked to do a skills test - to look into their product and find areas of improvement.

The more I do the task, the more I feel that I’m doing a free design audit. Furthermore, they reposted the ad.

In my task, must I proposed a new design or would it be just a list of areas of improvements? How many is a good number of finds? Currently, each area is coupled with a write up and what competitors are doing.


What are other Sr Solution Consultants making in total compensation? Salary + Commission?


Regarding extended rounds for schools, when will do you think people can expect to get formal decisions after interviews? Admissions didn’t give a clear answer.


Guys need small suggestion

I have 4.2 YOE in Salesforce development and 1 year in both aura and lwc..my current package is 9.55lpa..i have a offer of 14lpa..can i negotiate and demand 18lpa?? Is that a reasonable demand...plz suggest


I’m considering switching my focus to real estate but want to refresh myself on the subject. Any books or other publications you would recommend?


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What does it mean when you apply to a bunch of jobs for which I am a good fit and you hear nothing back for these jobs? For some applications, I'm approaching two weeks since submission. I did get a call back to the first position I applied to; however, after the lab manager saw how much experience I had he said to release me, far too overqualified, tell him he should be applying to Senior Research Associate positions. I have ten years lab experience.


Is this a terrible time to be searching for a new job? I've been applying since Thanksgiving and haven't had a single interview. Wondering if it's just the wrong time of year to make a move.


Hi there,

I'd like to apply for a SAP Consulting role in Deloitte Germany. I have 5 years of SAP experience. Would someone be able to refer me ?


If you are a experienced CAD drafter with experience in environmental remediation, we’re hiring. I’d be happy to discuss the opportunity

Hey all! I am currently a student in my final year of complete a Computer Science undergrad degree and am currently looking applying to remote college graduate positions in software engineering/development. Does anyone have any advice for landing a position (or a position they could help me land <3)?

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Hi! I have a quick question and could use some advice:

I have 1 job offer that is an hour away and pays 45k, after negotiations (Research Associate Position at a University) .

I have just interviewed for a position closer to home and a base salary of 65k, but haven’t heard back from them in about 2 days (He said he would make a decision by yesterday and I’ve reached out).
I have to decide on the first offer by Thursday but I haven’t heard back from the second yet. Thoughts on next move?


I’m a biomedical equipment technician how much do Michigan pays

I applied for and was screened by HR for a Director position. It wasn't a good fit but I was passed over to another VP. I had a phone interview with that VP which went very well. He expressed interest in creating a Director level role for me based on my experience and interests. I received feedback via a 3rd-party recruiter that the company is in the process of creating a req. and will bring me on-site for another interview. Problem: They changed the level to Principal Eng. What should I do?

Has anyone left a perm opportunity to join Meta in a contract role?

How was the experience? Did you regret it?


Anyone on here working/worked at Moderna Norwood location? What are your experiences and do you recommend? Are there any “buts” or red flags?


I am seeking new employment, I was recently laid off due to lack of work. I would very much appreciate any leads. I have a Bs in Construction Management and over 15 years experience with Revit and AutoCAD and 7 years of plumbing design. I have solid references and impeccable work ethic. I truly enjoy what I do. Working remotely the last three years has become a way of my life and supports our current situation well, therefore I am seeking a similar role but will consider other opportunities.


Hi all! Would anyone be willing to give me a PayPal referral? The position is Global Account Specialist. Happy to chat, feel free to PM me!


About me: Clinical engineering degree 4 years of bioprocess engineering working with stem cells on bleeding edge research and development. Launching products, patents, collaborations etc. $75k/ year. Health and dental. No profit sharing. No equity.

Is anyone on here in life sciences / biotechnology industry with insight on which direction to pursue within this space for a large salary. Can anyone give insight on the potentials of a career in this space financially?

Thank you for your help


Hello! I am a Technical Sourcer/Recruiter at a reputable FinTech company. I would like to transition into Project Coordination/Management within the tech space. Any tips for the transition? Recruiters: I am open to entry level & contract roles to gain experience! Thanks in advance for the assist!

How many people here wants to switch job, but can’t due to current market scenario or GC process ?

Comment 1 for current market scenario.
Comment 2 for GC process.


Hey does anyone know how to best prep for the Accenture Industry X Anaylsty

and Strenght Based Interviews.

Thank you


Hi everyone, I am a life science recruiter and often have opportunities for Research Associates, CRA's, Quality Assurance and Manufacturing available across the US, if any one is ever interested in a career opportunity feel free to reach out.

Please feel free let me know if you or someone may be interested, we also offer up to a $500 referral bonus!