What is the average salary range for a Senior 1 technology consultant role at EY in NYC? Next levels are Senior 2, Senior 3, Manager , senior manager.

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Consulting 🐠: Need some exit opp advice- have close to 20 YOE in consulting most of it B4. Have done some project management but mostly ERP functional work. Career progression has been slow due to few personal challenges. Based in one of the big cities in Texas and don’t want to relocate. What types of companies and roles can I target for an exit out of consulting?


$143k base, $205 OTE. 4 YOE and have been with this company since the start of my career in pre-sales. I specialize in enterprise storage sales.


Can anyone know how is Cisco projects

Hi, does anyone know about kyndryl GTS development lab? Is it good to join as a data scientist?


I've been interviewed by @Amazon on 8th July and even after multiple follow up emails, there's no update. Any suggestions?


9.3 YOE

Both are offering similar range of package.

Looking for WLB, Job security with decent learning opportunities.

I Know that on-site opportunities are very few In fact Zero in IBM. What are the on-site opportunities for resources at Manager leveling HCL.


I got offered a closer commission only role at Outbound Consulting. I’m not seeing them on trustpilot but I do see them on LinkedIn. Just want to make sure they’re legit before signing anything. Has anyone had experience with that company? Thanks!

I am due to take 2 weeks parental leave sometime in the next month and have an offer lined up. Is it better to tell the new place I would prefer to push my start date to take my leave and join two weeks after (accounting for 2 weeks of notice when I get back)? Would that be burning a bridge with current firm (taking leave and giving notice as soon as I am back)? I want to avoid losing 2 weeks of salary during that time if I can.


Didn't have top grades, wasn't on law review. Worked at a midsize firm and was laid off in march-- have about 3 years experience in a hot practice area. Have been applying and had some interviews at larger shops but nothing has come of it. I'm still applying to roles (not many out there) in my area but coming to the realization based on number of larger firm rejection letter that I may not find a role. Where would you go from here if you were me? Was making good money at the midsize...


Hello Fishes,

I recently had a interview call with TCS technical team and the interview went well. HR asked to upload my documents in ibegin portal. But they are yet to contact me for my salary negotiation it's been three weeks since, can i know how much can I expect as compensation?

YoE :8.5 years
Current CTC: 14 LPA
Skills : information security
New salary ask :30 LPA
No other offer in hand

I feel like every company lies about “working your way up.” You’re never allowed to blatantly say that you don’t like your position and you’d like to transition to HR or Finance. It’s almost as if once you get in claims, you’re stuck.

If you’re a manager and you see an employee that wants to branch out into a different department, why would you keep them boxed in for 2+ years?

Are there some background mechanics that I’m missing?


How is Virtusa Lloyd Bank Project?

How is work life Balance?

Tech stack Java?

Hey fishes! What is work ise here in capge? Can we WFH? Pls share about job security and work culture also.


Hi all,

How much should i ask for QA/consultant with 6 yers of exp . Exp is mostly on finance , investment banking . Need urgent advise. @deloitteindia


Background I graduated a semester early and decided to work full timein a different role while waiting for my start date (August ). I’m realizing I like my job way more now than I did in audit. Any thoughts on reneging?


How much does KPMGs deal advisory & strategy team make?


Hey fishes,
Can anyone tell me how is life at Qualcomm Hyderabad. @
Any information would be appreciated


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Is it possible to improve the GRE score by 5 points in each Q and V in 45 days? Currently in mid-150’s for both.


Can anyone say me what could be on hand salary with no tax savings measure taken

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Looking to hire somebody with consulting experience for a strategy+business insights role at a public FinTech. Fully remote with option to go into office in Brighton, if desired.

Should be comfortable with basic SQL and have experience writing and presenting "strategy style" reports.*

*In quotes because it doesn't need to be "strategic" but should be the quality and structure of MBB / T2 report.

Feel free to ask questions or DM me.


Chennai USI will be in OMR zone 1 Area.


My wife has been told by her boss to come up with 28 hours of PD for her district's paraprofessionals-does anyone know of any free online courses that would be appropriate?


How do I stop my ESPP contributions? When I go in to change it, it lets me go down to 1% but not cancel it completely. Sorry if this is a silly question...

Anyone have a crash course way to increase pushups in the next 2 weeks?


I’m an “acting senior” for the first time and am coaching a first year who simply doesn’t care. Anyone have tips on how I can become a better/more effective coach?


Anyone looking for a roommate? I’m moving to DC in March but flexible on the date!


Hi Fishes I attended interview with Tech Mahindra on this Wednesday for L2 technical round. Interview went well, but I did not get any update after that. How long will it take to know whether we passed technical round in TechM? Tech Mahindra


If anyone is hiring in the DMV area or remote for a Mechanical Engineer, please feel free to DM me!


Anyone chase money and regret it? Really enjoy my agency and think after a few awards it’s time to look...but like I said, I enjoy my agency and the people I work with


Any courses for nonprofit marketing that someone can suggest?also any courses or books for copywriting.. writing for nonprofit marketing please.


Any recos for learning marketing strategy? I have a liberal arts background & while I learned the craft of planning on the job, I feel I’m lacking the marketing /business fundamentals


Hi fishes,

I have applied for BA position in multiple companies but most of the calls I get say that they are looking for immediate joining (or 1 month). My company has 3mo notice period. Should i resign first and then give interviews or wait for offer letter before resigning? This 3mo notice period is really a problem.

Thanks in advance


Does anyone have advice on how to keep track of cases? I am 6 months in at a small med/insurance firm. When we are assigned cases by clients, it's my job to request and organize the medical records. We're starting to get dozens of COVID cases, in addition to regular litigation cases, and I am SO OVERWHELMED. I'm currently in a "paralysis-over analysis" stage and don't know how to get myself out of it. I feel like I'm drowning, help.


Anyone have contamination (or other types) of OCD? Would love to get a group going!


Additional Posts in Salary info

Last year I moved internally from a
Paralegal level 11 w/ 14 yrs exp at
$100k base + up to 8% bonus to my
current role as compliance manager
level 9 at $123k base + up to 35%
bonus. I was above cap in my prior
role and now my range is up to $138k
base. I'm being recruited to my old
team as a level 10
Manager with
same base/bonus as now but since it's
a lower level I will cap out within a
year. I always found the legal work
more interesting but limited in career
growth. Not sure what to do.

Is somebody here working in Poland. I work as model validator and I have 2 year's experience and I would like to know if I get paid fair. What is the salary for a position like that?

Hello Shark, I have 24.5LPA offer in hand(Erricssion-Program manager job level-6) and one more offer as a project manager from Toll in process. Pls guide me how much package I can ask to Toll logistic IT Project Manager Job role.

What is the salary and bonus range for AVP at Citi London?

Service specialist II Edward Jones Salary range does any body know


What is an acceptable bonus range for a PE sales associate in the NYC metro area?

What do you think is an appropriate base salary for someone with 12 years various marketing and IR experience across the alternatives industry and 2 years PE/VC fundraising experience? Looking in the broader NYC metro area.


Anyone here work with Salesforce Salesforce Canada and know the pay range for Manager, Finance Program Management & Delivery... im in the middle of interviewing and will like to assess if its worth my time. Thanks


Hi , Got a job offer from EY for Senior Role - 106k New York Location . My background - 3 years of Work experience(Fintech) and MS CS from Top tier university . Is that a good offer? I provided my expected range as 100-110 . Did I keep it low and is 110-120 an ideal range?

Anyone aware of the base salary for a Business Ops Manager II - Chase Auto - Lease to Loan ??? (chase bank)


JPMorgan Chase
What should be the average salary for a product owner at JP Morgan Chase in US with 5 years of experience in IT and Finance.

I went through two rounds of interviews for
a job that the posting stated $36.66 per
hour (FP&A Analyst)…the company
recruiter had told me in the initial call the
pay could be 32-36 because of the other
benefits. If I do get a job offer what range
should I try for? I was really hoping to get
around the 36-40 but now I feel like they
may try to offer lower than what was
posted. Also there was no range but the
average for this position is upper 70s-90k.
Thanks for any help!


Looking to find out realistic salary of VP's in technical roles at Barcalys in London area. I've been working at Barcalys for 7 years in Infrastructure engineering roles , I feel like I am getting underpaid, I have no realistic reference since this is my first fulltime job.

How does getting salary info on Fishbowl actually work? The reason I joined was because the video showed people looking at their salaries… But it looks like a lot of people are posting asking for salaries, and nobody is responding to them.


What is the salary range in Technology consulting with 3 years experience in a small company moving into one of the Big 4s with work location in NYC ? The position is Senior 1 , there are 3 positions within senior level Senior 1,2&3.


Hi, I’m looking for advice of what sort of salary range to expect for an AVP role within Corporate Trust (specifically Structured Finance) in Dublin?


What are fund accountant at admin currently making (i.e CITCO, MORGAN STANLEY,SS&C, NT? )

Please provide the below information:
Years at company


What is an acceptable salary range for a director role in KPMG?

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