How does getting salary info on Fishbowl actually work? The reason I joined was because the video showed people looking at their salaries… But it looks like a lot of people are posting asking for salaries, and nobody is responding to them.

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Having the same issue


I think the video was a scam. This more like Reddit for corporate ppl.


I was thinking the same thing!! I think glassdoor would be your best bet for salary information.

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Currently having a package of 2.8 Laks/p.a so how many compensation should I expect from the new company with a total of 1 Yr experience in manual testing with a basic knowledge of cypress (Automation tool for testing)?


Zurich, Switzerland.

So I recently asked for an higher salary, which I have been given. My role and responsibilities are the same. I effectively received the agreed amount of money on my latest salary slip but I didn't sign any "new" contract. Is this normal? How does this work? This is my first salary bump and I don't really know how is it supposed to happen.

Thanks in advance


Referal required for Amazon - London - Data and Analytics jobs
Could someone please help me?

Also please share the expected salary range and band in Amazon for YOE - 11 YEARS 5 MONTHS
Thanks in advance.


2022 Salary Reflections...Did you:
jump a bracket? get a raise? learn it's time to negotiate?
Please Share :-) it could help one of us!

Assistant director salary ranges for an analytic department in Chicago?


Hi fishes,

Need your opinion.

Working for
Wipro as azure data engineer in Spark, Hive, Azure ADF, ADB etc.

Current CTC: 17.5 LPA

Total YOE: 11 years

Relevant exp in big data: 6 yrs

Relevant exp in Azure: 2+ yrs

Got offer from Atos of 26.4 LPA. Is this a good offer? or Shall I search other job at 30+ LPA?

Getting calls from some product companies like JPMorgan Chase Chubb. How much can I expect from these product companies?

Wipro Infosys Tata Consultancy IBM Capgemini Cognizant Accenture India


Can anyone tell what is the general year end bonus for PWC India advisory?

I’m transferring from another country to EY US in Chicago as a Tech Risk Senior with 3 YOE and no certifications yet. How much should i expect in terms of salary?


I really frustrated....I joined D*C on 2019 with around 2.3 LPA after that pandamic with no hike spend 2.4 yrs then got offer in Acc with 3.3 fixed and varaible pay 40 k... I satisfied when joined and spend here now almost 1 yr without any single appreaciation and with very less take home like around 24 k ..But here with satisfied job and next to TL level worked on transtion project but i feel even if they gave 20 % hike also my take home salary will never cross 30 k..Need suggestion


Anyone know Deloitte core business group in Deloitte consulting LLP?

Salary range, business outlook of this group amid layoffs and green card initiation timeline?

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Currently in my 3rd Year finance major. Been wondering about the prospect of joining Investment banking and Wealth management. Do bigger banks offer better comp than funds? What are the best ways to boost my chances to join either?

When are bonuses typically paid out at associate levels? And what is the typical compensation level?


How much will be the in hand salary ?

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Are there any Workers Compensation MO Claims Adjuster here? I handle complex MO claims, which include review and authorization of surgeries. Basically, if the EE is not LT, the MO Adjuster manages the claims to closure. As an MO Adjuster, is that what you do? At what point do you transfer claims to LT Adjuster? What's your average monthly claim count? I'm trying to find out if my job duties and 10-hour shifts are in line with my salary. Or should I move on


What's enticing about becoming a partner these days? Doesn't seem worth the years of a lower salary to maybe get there.


Sounds like a good time to ask for a raise

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What should I expect in the nonprofit world for Manager of Website Systems Administrator?
They didn’t put a salary range but said it’s a new role salary is based off of their recent“HR Compensation Survey”


Hi Techies,

I have received an offer from Latoken. Everything is good, just have 2 concern points :

a) The salary will be paid in USDT which when converted will have 30% tax in India per the recent budget guideline.

b) Not coming from the tech background, so I am not sure about the underlying technology Latoken uses and its use case.

Can any tech guy, help me.understand and guide as to how should be my thought process and approach towards this offer ??

Common salary ranges for NYC area managers/senior managers? And please include typical sign on bonus estimates as well

Paid search salary’s in Canada?


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Any pretty ladies in Europe? 🙋🏻‍♂️ Preferably 30+


Is IBM have fixed band of salary. Because HR is saying they can not pay beyond their 'pay band' though you have higher amount offer from other company (NTT data)
What should be done in this case?
(Expecting honest help)

Helloooooo PwC BS


Buying a watch for my dad’s 65th bday. Was thinking the Rolex oyster Perpetual 39. White face stainless steel bracelet. Anyone have a recommendation on where to buy? Any help would be appreciated!


I have highest offer of 18 from quest global.However i would like to join KPMG india (14.56).Shall i proceed to counter then and ask to match quest 'offer.
Yoe:5,relevant in ReactJS:3
Pls suggest.

Filed a complaint in early May, they filed a motion to dismiss timely, and I responded in a timely fashion as well. During my research on the motion to dismiss I realize that I had cited a section of the statute that I now feel applies less than a different section.

What is my duty to the court? I do feel that both sections of the statute can likely apply, and admittedly the section that applies better I feel has a lower burden of proof.

Can I file a motion for leave to amend post response?


I’ve been working for this company for 4 years. The raises I got were a few cents on the dollar per year. Over the years I have coworkers put their letter of resignation, and they get offered huge advances to stay. I was looking to do the same but very nervous. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Has anyone actually gotten their tax refund yet? Filed on March 4th. Got my VA and Federal Tax refund on March 16th. Still nothing from NY.


Question for ECDs:
If a mid level creative that you like is making $80k but tells you they got an offer for $135k, do you try to fight to match that offer?


Hi folks … Looking for product owner roles in product based companies/ Healthcare IT domains . Current profile Product owner with 11 yrs work ex . Experienced working at GE, Cerner and looking for a change . CSPO certified


What a long way we all have come. Have a great Monday!

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Can anyone speak to the salary levels of houlihan for advisory? At the analyst an associate level. MCOL


When writing your resume for PE associate positions, how far back do you go in terms of internships / how much detail do you mention on each?


Recently graduated and was offered 76k a year for a Process Engineering Job at a large chemical company along with a signing bonus of 6k. Is this a competitive offer for an entry level engineering job?


I am curious how other inclusion teachers are being utilized when the school is doing remote learning. I find that I am sitting in the zoom class and have very little opportunity to contribute. I am having discussions with my teachers on ways that I can better support them and the students when remote.


How long should I wait after sending a proposed budget to potential freelance client? He told our mutual contact that he was very impressed with the initial strategy, but I haven’t heard back in a wk.

For those who work in public schools - how do you manage maintaining your faith without also promoting too heavily, things which are contrary to it? I am increasingly struggling with this. Thank you


Hey guys, Shearman here. I got to talking with Sterling and we both agreed our invoices were looking a little light. Let's do something about that, 'kay? Good chat, team.


Unusually high number of hot guys on my flight and sitting next one. May accidentally fall asleep on his shoulders and squeeze his biceps. 👬


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Hi all, I moved into a role in marketing about 9 months ago and they let me know they were starting me off at $42k CAD because I was entering with no marketing background. Now that I've had time to learn more and show my abilities I wanted to get a feel for what Junior marketers make so I can ask for proper compensation when the time comes.


Anyone here work with Salesforce Salesforce Canada and know the pay range for Manager, Finance Program Management & Delivery... im in the middle of interviewing and will like to assess if its worth my time. Thanks


What salary should I expect as a tax technology consultant entry level at Deloitte? — CSG group —
I know salaries are based on work location. I need some guidance please. I will add that I have one year experience as a former tax associate at PwC and I completed my Master two months ago. No CPA yet. Deloitte


Hi, I’m looking for advice of what sort of salary range to expect for an AVP role within Corporate Trust (specifically Structured Finance) in Dublin?


What is an acceptable salary range for a director role in KPMG?

Salary for Mechanical Engineering Team Leader in the automotive industry located in the Midwest.


What is an acceptable bonus range for a PE sales associate in the NYC metro area?

I went through two rounds of interviews for
a job that the posting stated $36.66 per
hour (FP&A Analyst)…the company
recruiter had told me in the initial call the
pay could be 32-36 because of the other
benefits. If I do get a job offer what range
should I try for? I was really hoping to get
around the 36-40 but now I feel like they
may try to offer lower than what was
posted. Also there was no range but the
average for this position is upper 70s-90k.
Thanks for any help!


Hi all, what are the ranges a full-stack developer can get working with modern JavaScript stack with 5+ years of experience. Working remote from Florida, USA

Hello Shark, I have 24.5LPA offer in hand(Erricssion-Program manager job level-6) and one more offer as a project manager from Toll in process. Pls guide me how much package I can ask to Toll logistic IT Project Manager Job role.

What level does EY offer in Technology Consulting for Data Analytics FSO for someone with Industry experience of 10 Years?

Also what is the average base pay? EY

What are fund accountant at admin currently making (i.e CITCO, MORGAN STANLEY,SS&C, NT? )

Please provide the below information:
Years at company


Last year I moved internally from a
Paralegal level 11 w/ 14 yrs exp at
$100k base + up to 8% bonus to my
current role as compliance manager
level 9 at $123k base + up to 35%
bonus. I was above cap in my prior
role and now my range is up to $138k
base. I'm being recruited to my old
team as a level 10
Manager with
same base/bonus as now but since it's
a lower level I will cap out within a
year. I always found the legal work
more interesting but limited in career
growth. Not sure what to do.

Service specialist II Edward Jones Salary range does any body know


I would like how much other individuals are taking home as a Cash analyst in North Texas?


How to find more accurate/ up to date salary information.

I am seeing a wide band for my position [sr fpa, 60k-120k in the same area]. How do I know how to find the most accurate comp.

I'm looking to build a case for a raise and want to use what I've worked on in the company as well as outside comps.


What is the salary range in Technology consulting with 3 years experience in a small company moving into one of the Big 4s with work location in NYC ? The position is Senior 1 , there are 3 positions within senior level Senior 1,2&3.


Anyone have insight on the comp for Sr./ Lead FP&A analyst at NASDAQ/NYSE/CBOE