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I’m gearing up to transition across the country to Arlington, Va. Any recommendations on elementary schools, jobs, and residential areas for a single AA mom? Also, I’m extremely nervous to be stepping… more

Is everyday with parenting constantly one steps forward two steps back? As soon as one thing’s going well something else is a disaster? Does this ever end?


I am thinking about getting a mini fridge for my office at work. I hate using the break room refrigerator. What do you keep in your mini fridge at work? Any pros and cons of having a mini fridge? I ha… more

For the moms that work full time, I have nothing but respect for you!! I am at a point in my career where my husband and I are expecting our first and I want to start taking a back seat to my career a… more


Question - if one of your child is invited to a indoor playground for a party, can you ask to bring the sibling and offer to pay the extra fee? Or is the proper etiquette to just bring one child and n… more


I quit my job last year after finding out I
was pregnant and covid was at an all
time high, (especially at work). While not
working I completed grad school, and I
am now job seekin… more


I need a little motivation and if you have a success story about switching industries, I’d love to hear it! Even more so if you felt you initially had to take a step back role wise but eventually move… more


Does anyone have any recs for good baby teaching videos that aren't super overstimulating? All I've seen are things like Ms Rachel that use lots of quick cuts


I have a 5 months old baby. My husband and I have being able to manage working from home and taking care of him. My husband is self employed so his working hrs are super flexible. We would like to go … more

Am I out of my mind? My five year old hasn't had a birthday party with friends since 2019. He's so excited. I want this to be super special. He designed the invites. He picked the theme. Picke… more


Any of you have partners that lack…polish? My husband wears the same outfit every where, his shirts are usually wrinkled. He never hangs or folds his clothes…just crumples them or on floor (con’t)


I will be traveling with my newborn for four weeks when she is about 3-4?months old. We will probably plan to rent a few Airbnbs for a week each and then hop around different cities. How should we th… more


Ladies need a affordable travel stroller recommendation that can fit in car trunk and easy to maneuver for tall people. I am looking at some city mini baby jogger at marketplace . Any other options? T… more

Just have to vent. My husband forgot to take off work for one of my best friend's wedding. I gave him the date when he asked for it back in June. And now a week before the wedding, he tells me he … more


Hi moms! Need some advice or recommendations. My 5yr old sweats profusely, I researched some natural deodorants free of any harsh chemicals and safe for his age. We tried it but noticed he broke out i… more

I have a 1 year old and I feel like my brain at work doesn’t fire like it used to. I’m slower to piece things together and forget things easily… I don’t feel like I’m as mentally quick as I used to be… more


My daughter is starting to act like a toddler! What are the best parenting/discipline books or sources? Ive been following big little feelings on IG for a long time but I’m not 100% sold on their meth… more

Ruggable - moms, yay or nay?


Mom. Honestly. Be real with me. Will I survive colic?


Kids lunch box you like? Non Plastic, please! Kids are last minute starting daycare/preschool in two weeks!


Hi fellow fishbowl moms! I have a situation and dont know what to do, any advice or recommendations is helpful. I have an 18 month old, financially we cant afford daycare so my mom watches here. She’l… more


My kid is about to turn 4 and driving me absolutely nuts with his lack of ability to make decisions. I understand this is a learned process and I am doing my best to be patient. But nearly every decis… more


Been awake since 3am setting up a signup genius for soccer snacks, researching gymnastics classes, and drafting an introduction text to parents for my husband who is coaching soccer this season. Let t… more


As a new mom is it normal to not seek “highly visible” roles? Idk if it makes me seem not motivated, but at the moment, I just want to keep my head down and work… not sure if I’ll ever want to go back… more


Anyone received paid maternity leave at the start of your new job? Just got an offer to start 8/29 & my baby is 2 weeks old. Company policy is 4 weeks paid parental leave (usually supplemented by … more

We are doing Disney in February. Do you have any tips / tricks? Any travel agents you have used that specialize in Disney? Thanks in advance!


I have major impostor syndrome, i dont feel like I have the credentials I need for my role. I get great reviews and people compliment me frequently but I havent been in the industry as long as my coll… more


My 15 mo projectile vomited yesterday right before going to bed after eating a ton of food and formula. Today she had a 102• fever, vomited whenever I fed her anything more than 3 oz —she had total of… more

My son asked me, "When you close your eyes in a dark room, do you see black or do you see nothing?"

I think you see nothing but he says you see black.


Safe sleeping/swaddling: I read that at 8 weeks you need to transition a newborn out of their swaddle. What should babies wear then?


I want to get a lovevery subscription for my baby due next week. Looking for the cheapest option. I have a $20 referral code and I know the subscription will get me 10% off. Is there scope for any mor… more


Please help me reason about keeping a clean house. Googling "cleaning schedules for working moms" produce results like " don't spend more than 1,5 hrs PER DAY cleaning. 25 mins befo… more


My company announced it's going through a restructure and new roles are being identified and possible layoffs. I'm due in January and haven't shared my news with anyone at work yet and not… more


Question: I have a child with special needs that requires me to take her to a school 1 hr. away. I WFH and have unlimited PTO, but I have an MBA in Marketing and still get paid $51K. I’m scared to swi… more


Hi Moms,

I applied for a pharma position back in April and the offer is finally coming next week. However I’m 27 weeks pregnant and wasn’t anticipating to take this long for an offer. I ha… more

Happy Friday Mommy Fishes. My son is getting to the age where we want to start putting him in sports. What are some activities that you put your toddlers in right now? He takes swimming lessons and … more


Has anyone every come back from maternity leave, realized it's not working out, and either left or taken an additional leave of absence? How long after coming back did you realize you need to do … more


Help! What are the best, most creative gender reveal ideas?


I was worked to the ground and so burned out while watching my two year old. I decided to go to another state and visit my mom to help me out. I’ve been here for a few weeks and planning to return sev… more


Hi! Can anyone here help with a referral to Liberty Mutual?

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