Anyone get their raise yet? If so, what percent did you get? Was promotion included?

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Allegedly high performer, 4% raise, no promo. Like a lot of local market people, reasoning was being towards the top of the pay band and whatnot.

Sounds like we need to adjust the pay bands

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Up for a promotion to Producer / Editor. What is the average salary and what title makes sense to cover both jobs?

For promotion is it normal to see only 5% raise? Standard is typically 3-5% at my firm.


Interviewer asked what my current salary / bonus is and I told them.

I got the offer and it’s exactly the same base/bonus as my current role. (Though they’ll also give me so stock options in the private company).

Can you share what is reasonable % increase to get for salary / bonus when switching jobs? I know the team really likes me.


What's average salary for a Manager level position in Warsaw, Poland?


Salary question: Starting to think I’m getting underpaid as I am seeing some high salaries out there and curious to know what others in recruitment are making. Currently, recruiting manager (team of 5) 100% remote for a RPO, 8+ years experience in staffing in multiple areas (MSP, HRG, Branch Manager - agency) with international experience. Education: BA & CIPD HR Management Diploma (SHRM equivalent in the UK). Living in Chicago. Salary $70k 10% bonus, been told being bumped to $80k 12% bonus.


Any insight on senior account executives or account sups salary in NYC?


Considering a VP Digital Strategy role in LA. Any thoughts from locals on expected salary band for someone in that role with 20 years experience?

Hello, I'm hearing product management is the space to be if you want to see a considerable bump in pay. What is the path forward to reach that role? I have experience as a project manager, scrum master, and BA and I was hoping these combined could land me a product manager role, but it seems like companies require extensive prior experience as a product manager already - so, what is the best way to get my foot into that role?


How do you handle a rude recruiter? I had a recruiter ask my salary expectations, and when given I was told I was asking too much (I was in line with my current role and competitive salary in NYC,) and I shouldn’t ask for that because “I just don’t have that much to offer.”


Hcl is offering me 19lpa. Yoe - 5 years.
Please help me with insights of yearly hike, hike cycle, bonus payout etc.

Also is this salary good as far as industry is concerned?

Hi Fishes,

Could someone please tell me the In hand salary (after tax deductions) for the below salary break up ?

Thanks in Advance.

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Hi Fishes, Can someone help me with my in-hand salary?

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What's the salary range for band 30 software developers?


What is the typical starting salary for a Solution Consultant at Salesforce/Tableau Software with 2 YOE? Are RSU’s typically offered in compensation package?


Please help me calculate the in hand salary.

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How essential is pre-MBA internship for career shifter (consulting->tech strat/prod management) without engineering background? Going to Tuck, not sure if 4-6 wks of “exp” is worth giving up R&R contd


Hi guys,
Compensation plan is not available in allsec and we have to submit the compensation before 17th right
What could be the reason ?


RN salary after Tulane comes over

What if you are promoted and now got to know that you are selected in one of the job opportunities you were trying earlier. Its a perfect opportunity to come out of consulting and you have been waiting for a long time to get it..very challenging profile although compensation could be marginally lower. Wouldn't it be ethically wrong to leave the Company just after promotion and payhike. But it's like missing such a huge opportunity!


Any insights on bonus & hike ? By considering recession/inflation.


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Any UK Veterans here?


Suggestions for a good book about pharma commercialization to learn about it and also something that would help on projects?


Fwd msg
Saksoft required scrum master over all 6 to 8 years of experience must be certified.
Budget - max 18 LPA.
Location - Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Noida.
Notice period


I am convinced my admin reads my emails. Does anyone else feel the same?


Deloitte people. I confirm layoffs of 4 ranked individuals and this year it's been hard rankings. Many 3s forced into 4. I was on the calls. Beware. Not trying to scare. Sharing facts.


How’s the in house scene in NYC for creatives? Is Spotify still the prime spot?


Hello everyone!

I have a referral @Samsung if anyone interested please ping me.
Role: Machine Learning Engineer
Experience: 2 - 5 years of experience in ML
Should be strong
1. Data structures and algorithms + python
2. Business Understanding and applying machine learning to solve real world problems
3. Agile process development
4. Good to have knowledge on deep learning and any neural network frameworks
5. Knowledge on handling large volume of data.
6. Added advantage if MLops! Please pinge!


I have an offer from Principal Global Services. How is the company culture? Is it better than most other companies? How about growth opportunities?

Best approach for a reg retake? Failed last quarter with s 65. My exam is scheduled feb 11.


I currently live in Tampa, FL and have been offered a position in Miami, FL. It's an HRBP role at 95k with 15k relocation. Thoughts?!


Would you take a salary increase for a title that sounds less glamorous?


OTF vs Peloton? Which do you prefer and why?


What should I get my bride as her wedding gift?


Anyone looking to go into Human Capital consulting at EY? Reach out and we can chat about getting you a referral. We have roles open for HR transformation, Change management, Org design, and M&A….


Know or a good executive recruiter for industry role?


Additional Posts in Slalom _Build

What a joke was the town hall in Chicago. Great job dodging the questions.


Does anyone have any secret insight about the changes with AIML and DE?

Considering joining Slalom Canada but I don't live close by to a city with a slalom office (it's about 2 hrs drive for me). Is it possible to work remotely at leat 80% of time for the foreseable future?


Entry level employees: How much did you get paid upon joining Slalom?


Is the Career Framework going to be implemented in build as well?


_build is > 1000 employees as of now. It needs it's own bowl.


I am planning to move to slalom in the Bay Area office as a product owner and wanted to know what if the average salary range expectation there. I have also heard that work life balance is good but low pay hence confused? Could someone help give perspective

How is slaloms interview process for a solution owner?

Wanting to join Cloud consulting. I’m fresh of the lot you could say. 1 YOE in Dev Ops, cloud prat certified, and masters in information systems. What are my chances? Can anyone connect with me? Referral maybe?

Anyone have insight on comp for contract manager role?

For those switched from Accenture did you have to sell all your Accenture ESPP shares?

Reaching out to the forum to check the compensation for Solution Owner role in Seattle area


Any Accenture folks working at Slalom? Curious on peoples thoughts on the two companies and the transition

What would the salary range be at Slalom for a program manager in the Chicago area?


How big usually is y’all’s bonuses?

Looking at roles at Build (UK) - what are the interviews like? This is for a principal software engineering role. Pretty confident on the experience, but keen to know what the interviewers will be looking for.

Did Slalom ever have a covid vaccination policy in place, like a condition of employment? Thank you.

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