Are there any benefits for new joiners in UST? -Lateral Entry
(Eg. wfh setup)
Or any other benefits eg. Internet Allowances?

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No, internet allowance were there till july however they stopped it now

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My wife has two offer ,already confused and don't want to apply for any other opening now.

TCS- 20LPA ( 15.8 Fixed+ 80k retention bonus after each successful year of completion+ 3.4 L monthly and quarter variable pay)

IBM- 20.35 LPA (Total fixed) and 50 k joining bonus.

Yoe- 7.3 years. Technology- IICS.informatica power center.
Which one to join considering-
1. Career growth
2. WLB
3. Maternity leave benefits
4. Future annual hikes

Please suggest

Hi everyone. I’ve been working in the senior living industry for almost 10 years now and need change. After taking a deep dive into what my passions are, I’ve been focusing on the health and wellness, fitness industry. I am looking for remote opportunities. I’ve spent a ton of time on LinkedIn networking and have not been successful although I have many transferable skills and a ton of experience. Any advice, suggestions, referrals are appreciated.


Hi there! I’m looking for a role as a technical project manager. Preferably at a bank but I’m willing to look into healthcare as well. Please let me know if your company is hiring and you can provide a referral :)


My new employer is gonna pay 100% of the premium for the employee(I am single - no husband/kids) for medical, dental and vision. They are providing 2 options:
1. BCBS TX PPO $750 Ded
2. BCBS TX HDHP HSA $2800 (High deductible plan)
I am interested in opening an HSA account for tax benefits but not sure how much it will be taken from my paycheck as the salary here is pretty low. I also will be contributing to 401k by myself. Can someone please guide me on this?


A friend of mine is holding an offer of 21LPA for Software Engineer role from an HRO company which is offering permanent WFH.

He's already serving his notice period & has about 15 days left.

He's also being approached by other companies from his hometown but he's not sure what should be his ask considering he is holding an offer.

Tech Stack - .NET Framework, SQL, JavaScript, AWS Data Storage, Azure Storage explorer, Batch Scripting, Shell Scripting, developing & integrating API.

YOE - 6


Hiring multiple positions in Tech/Sales at Fintech GRIP.
Having worked at a startup is a plus.

Location - Flexible (WFH or Gurgaon office)
Perks -Permanent WFH

Interested folks DM or share your resume at
The detailed JD can be shared later.

Mention notice period and Job role applied in your subject line

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Looking for remote entry level business analyst positions! If you or anyone you know is hiring, please let me know.

Obtaining clients remote access took 2 months. And they told me that I need 2 more to really have the access! So frustrating.


Any leave salary will be provided in final settlement as I am resigned from Cognizant?


Partner called today to “flag” that I left the office yesterday at 5:40 after he gave me an assignment, and that he would expect me to be there until 8:00pm. I responded that I was told when I was hired that I would have the flexibility to make my own hours, and that seems to be contrary to that policy. If the policy is changing, then I requested my compensation be adjusted to reflect more time working, as the flexibility was part of why I agreed to join the firm. Too ballsy?


What do you think of leaving a federal government job for a start up company? The Fed Gov offers better benefits and stability but the Start Up company offers better compensation, bonus and opportunity for professional growth. I’ll appreciate any advice.


Any one share their experience at Oscar health- overall company ? (Culture, work life balance,Perks & benefits)
Any insights on open position as Product Operations Associate - starting salary , raise structure (%), bonuses, promotion?


Accenture India Employees - (1) How much does job location matter in getting good projects for a fresher(ASE- Lvl 12) ?

I am currently in Entry Level Pool-Bangalore and will be 'Soft Locked' to Bench in a month's time. I wish to change my job location to either Indore in MP(top priority) or to Pune(MH).

(2) Should I wait till I get a project in Bangalore and then change location only if WFH gets over (if that is possible) or change it right now ?
(3) Any idea till when WFH will last? Thanks 🙏

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Are there any agencies in Boston that have pharma/healthcare accounts?


I really want to work at one of the “top places” but don’t want to move to NYC or LA (or Portland). Do any of those companies still have fully remote employees or is that over now? Or are there any underrated places in other cities?



Please advise on how to kindly get an employee to convert to scrubs or changing clothes?

Situation: I work at a small healthcare Staffing agency. One of our employees has been wearing the same clothes since the day she started for over a month now. She is well groomed and clean. The management at our client site felt bad that many people have taken notice to this unusual "self made uniform" if you will. We already emailed the employee asking to wear scrubs to... (see comment for rest)


hey Wish to get into product companies like collins aerospace, bosch, Electronic arts , Pfizer gaming first preference , follpwed by healthcare as a business analyst in analytics space. Could somebody guide how to get into such companies? i have 8.8 YOE as a BA

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Recs on a hostel in Rome ? F🐬traveling solo.
Also flying back from Fiumicino on an early morning but it looks very far from Rome.. any tips on transportation (+other)?

I’m a ServiceNow Developer/Consultant with 2 YOE, but I have not studied.
I have the ITIL and the CSA certification and I’m not coding for my developer role by
Accenture. I live in Germany and earn 45k, I really like the job and I’m good at it but I’m really unhappy with the salary. What do you guys think, is it possible to get more salary at a different company, when yes what do you think how much will the salary increase. I speak fluently German, English and Hindi and I’m 25 years old.


What is ideal package for tech consulting with yoe 8.5.
Or say whats the bracket for salary in ey for this yoe slab


Hotel recommendations in Denver near Downtown/LoDo? Personal travel so nothing too crazy price wise


Is it easy to change projects in KPMG and is there any lock in period for projects am tagged to i just got onboarded today.


OMG! Why do recruiters go dark on you!? I had a great conversation with a hiring manager who said things like I can’t believe she (recruiter) found you, you are so polished, I want you to meet with the girl on my team -like I had it in the bag. The conversation with the girl on the team went well and told me how excited the hiring manager is and called her right away…. I email the recruiter to ask about next steps and nothing……

Any recommended resources to prep for Life in UK test?


My colleague is going on maternity leave for 4 months and I was asked to cover some of her projects which are step up in responsibility than what I’m currently operating at. Some peers have suggested I ask for a raise to accommodate this but I’m not sure I agree as I’m only covering her while she’s out? What are others thoughts about this?


Business Ana


Moving to JPMC.
Any JPMC employee to help me with below questions?
Any plans of work from office anytime soon?
If Virtually on boarded, when will I get a chance to buy my assets?
How is the work life balance?


By when we can expect onboarding invite from IQVIA. My joining date is tomorrow, I am yet to receive invite. Tried contacting HR through call and email, no response.


Has anyone switched from a service based/consultancy company to JPMC? Can you please share your experience. Also, what are the differences you have observed (Good or Bad). Thanks


Anyone looking for a mid / budding senior art director?




Where can we review CDs and ECDs. Feedback shouldn’t be only one way. CDs and ECDs should know how they can get better as creative leaders from the people who work under them.


Interviewing for a VP position at Wells Fargo. How much can I expect to be offered? TC, Bonus, Equity? Corporate Strategy, M&A, and Due Dilligence for reference based in NYC. Was told I would have to be a VP for a year before hitting ED. Wells Fargo


How long should you expect a response after initial job application sent in?

Submitted my job application between 22nd Feb - 5th March to these companies:

Meta, Datadog, Microsoft, PayPal, SAP, Citrix


Why is PWC AC Kolkata trailing behind Deloitte in most of its programs ( be it appraisals, hike %, etc). Is it due to the tone at the top?


Additional Posts in UST Global India

Hi All,

What is the appraisal cycle in UST. Weather Oct joiner is eligible for the upcoming Appraisal.


How can i get the welcome kit? HR showed the process in induction, but i am not able to recall. TIA


Any openings for VMware admin/windows server admin in kochi location?

Hi can someone suggest me how is UST global? For Dell client location Bangalore.


What is the variable component percentage in UST global

Can someone from UST help me with a referral? I can share the job id from careers portal? Thanks!

How is the project for 'Tyson' client?


Hello! I’m a PO contractor with UST in the US. Wanted to know from any others what their compensation packages are and if you’ve been there for long, have you managed to get a raise?


Hi fisher i am looking for referral in UST for Lead business Analysis role csn someone help me as i am in desperate need for job. @UST global India


Hi Fishes,

My current CTC is 16lpa and received an offer of 24.5lpa from
UST Global. But I have one doubt before joining UST Global, how much would be the annual appraisal hike on an average in UST?

YOE: 7
TechStack: Boomi


Hello everyone.. i have been rolled out of a project recently. I need to submit my client laptop via courier. Please help me with the policy of reimbursement related to this. Thanks

I was interviewed by one of the Clients of UST and at the last moment I got an offer from UST Bangalore & would be deployed to client location in Bangalore.

How is the experience with such setup at ust

Got update from UST like cleared 1st round. Is there any other round or HR round is L2 ?.


Hi Fishes,
I need your help for a referral. I have the job id. Can anyone please refer. I am serving notice period.


Hi Team

I got offer from UST global, how about WLB and job security in the company? I guess the client Walmart how the project and work type?


Hello Folks,
UST provides variable every 6 months. On offer it’s mentioned as annual component, but HR is saying it will come every 6 months.
Also for PF deduction, do they deduct only minimum value of 2100 and we can’t get it altered to 12% of basic pay. UST UST Global


Hello UST folks,

Those who don't know we have got the access to "Udemy Business". Earlier it was not allowed, now we can use the Udemy for all learning. I am happy and wanted to share with you all.