Can we have a thread to get a view on bonus amounts this year?

Bonus amount
Role level
Company name
% of gross

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Any of y’all single? 🌚



Big 5 Bank




Sr manager



Customer Experience Supervisor
Customer Care (call centre supervisor)
9.5% of base 53k


Sr Manager
Company name : can’t share
$52.5k: 15%

Pretty sure COM1 Means 350K base and 52k bonus



295k salary. 75k bonus.

It’s a tight market (as you know) but DM and I’ll see what I can do.

10% : 9k


20% of 130k

Bonus amount: $2.5K + 4% base hike
Role level: Consultant
Company: CGI Canada
% of gross: 3%

Analyst at the big 5, 6% hike and $6.5K bonus (9% of my gross)

Haven’t received it yet, but:

Real Estate
~1.125*15% of base

Revenue service manager
Real Estate
20% for 100k

sr manager at big 5 bank. 4 yoe. 29k bonus.. ~24% of base

strategy within p&cb

Associate director
Big 5 bank
125k base, 32k bonus

50k bonus
100k base
Second year analyst
Investment banking

$12,000 (all in including project bonuses)
Senior Consultant
Deal Advisory
big 4

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Is anyone hiring post-fed clerkship litigation associates in NY or DC right now? Seems like the headcount at every biglaw and boutique firm is being siphoned off to corporate positions...


Wondering about comp. currently working in vancouver, Canada earning 120k with 3+ years experience. Any takes on how this stands in the market?


What are the companies willing to sponsor visas into Singapore? Any referral will be helpful thanks.

Hi ladies 🫶🏾 Anyone here work at Amazon and willing to give me a referral? I would greatly appreciate it!

Comment below and I will shoot you a DM! Thank you!


We just opened our UK graduate programme recruitment cycle. We offer rotations, flexible working and fab colleagues. DM to discuss a potential referral to a specific programme 🚀

I have got an offer from Tata Motors ( Connect Cars Division) for the role of Sr.PM.
6 Days working, hybrid (Alt. Sat off)

Offered CTC - 20LPA (incl. 10% variable)

Would it be a good switch considering I am into IT projects and I have solid understanding into cloud devops and data analytics tech stacks.


Hi Fishes,

What will be the highest package for P2 role in LTI, how much we can expect for 3.7years of experience in LTI?


Hello Fishes,

I am an Infra Architect at Cognizant and I have been selected for Wipro and band they are offering is C1.

YOE: 15
Role: Architect- Data Centre technologies
CCTC: 29 lpa

Do you think this is a band should I be placed at?
What should be my ask for expected CTC?


Hey everyone,

I am currently based in Japan. Looking for switch to india. Anyone in india can who can refer me for position related to ML, AI,Data Science would be of great help. Please let me know if you can help. Experience 1.7 yrs


What are the potential exit opportunities after 2 years experience in AWS ProServe L6 role? Considering not just FAANG options.


Im an accountant with five years of experience in audit, consulting, and industry. However, I hope to change into marketing/social media. Any advice? Is anyone interested hiring a Forman Big 4 auditor in this field? A lot of the skills are transferrable!


Would anyone refer me to any entry level analyst position.


I have been approached with an opportunity at JP Morgan Chase for their private client advisor role. The book is about 30M all in. I am currently an experienced hybrid asset manager wholesaler and have experience in advising as well. Curious about the opportunity with JPM and if it’s worth it. I currently make about 160k and if JPM would give me a high draw for the first 3 years to build, and if it’s feasible to sustain that 160+ there.


Hey. I going to be completing two things in 6 months:
1. A 3 year law degree
2. 1 year at
EY in internal audit FS risk consulting.

I was looking for some advice. Is there any way I can leverage my audit experience and transition into a corporate legal role ?

Any advice would be appreciated

What is the salary range for Shipbob Analyst Fresher?


Hello Everyone,

Greetings of the day !! I am looking for job change.

l am an Hadoop Administrator , having 5 years of experience and looking for openings in Hadoop admin or Bigdata admin field.

Please Help , if you have any opening DM me.


Any thoughts on salary range for Senior level (15+ years of experience) P&C E&S underwriting in Arizona? I’ve put some feelers out, but the salary ranges I am seeing seem low.


What is the salary range for an associate at KPMG (financial services consulting)? (2 years of experience)


Hello everyone,

I am currently a HR Generalist for a small aerospace company, located in CA. I have been in a generalist role for a little over 4 years now and before that, I did recruiting/safety for about 3 years. I am now looking into getting my HR Certification, but am stuck in between the PHR-CA or the SHRM-CP. Does anyone have any recommendations they can give me?


What's the salary range in Mindtree for Senior Tech Architect. How much should I expect?

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Does anyone have any recent insights on CAN SPAM risk? This comes up all the time in deal diligence (especially on RWI deals) and I just can’t see the potential for any practical risk in most cases. Am I wrong? (FYI—I know the current threshold for what “could” be imposed for violations).


Hey Fishes!
Can I please get the required number of likes to DM people?
Thank you so much


recommendations for firm with good real WLB and open to remote work in Dallas or Atlanta? Doesn’t have to be true big law. Terrified to get it wrong…again… for the 4th time. 6th year Real Estate.


How do referrals work?
If I get a referral from someone and I apply, then can I still reach out to a recruiter on LinkedIn expressing interest in the role? And do I let them know that I already applied? I’m sure they get tons of messages so what should I say so that it won’t be overlooked?Im currently unemployed and very eager to get an entry level position in either HR, Marketing, or Project/Program Coordinator in the tech field, so any advice is greatly appreciated.


I just want to s*xt with someone on Snapchat instead of working. I’m a gay black male if that matters 😂


The Ritz couldn’t upgrade me to a suite, they apologized and asked if there was anything they could do to let them know, I said “How about a bottle of champagne?”
Ask and you shall receive

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first year in lit and keep getting assigned to IP cases that I have zero interest in, mostly because I guess I have a pseudo stem background? How do I get out of this, would a reasonable response be "if the glove don't fit you're full of shit" ?


Do Mphasis provide transport during general shift.
How is there Noida location.
Any idea about morgan Stanley account

I have always had a not so great, maybe even poor, attention to detail. Honestly, I can’t even tell where it comes from, but I have tried to correct it and have never found enduring success. I’m much better at business development, PM, etc. but god save the queen if I ever need to write a legal memo or do a forensic audit.
Anyone else in this boat? What’s the point at which you’ve seen this hold people back?


Anyone looking for a room to rent in willyb? My roommate and I are looking for someone to fill our 3rd bedroom (our other roommate is moving 😭). New building, prime williamsburg, 1400/mo, laundry & gym in building. Two very clean and nice women! DM me if interested :)


Planning a move to Big 4 consulting in London from Singapore for a senior consultant role. Secured a first round interview with Deloitte - any advice, salary guidance or tips?


Can account people just be honest with us producers and title a postmortem meeting as “your funeral”? And be sure to mark the meeting location as “under the bus”? 🤣


Does Amazon have a company who does employee background verification? Or Amazon directly does the background verification?

Has anyone here worked with Digennaro Communications?


Any good agencies in San Diego? Don’t want to move to LA before I’m a senior cw

Any Tiktok Designers out there? What’s the WLB look like for you over there?


In your opinion, which TV show has the most satisfying ending?


Has anyone here transitioned to a software engineer from pre-sales? Verdict?


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Thinking about making the leap to Toronto from NYC. My gf is Canadian and wants to be near family. Relative pros and cons?


Interviewing Loblaw Digital for data analytics roles. Did anyone interview for similar roles before? What case study/ requirements for the last round of interview?


Hey all, any recommendations for online stores for cocktail dresses?


I'm searching for job opportunities in Canada anywhere in pharmaceutical or biotechnology company from last 4 months but did not hear back much. I have used linked in, indeed and tried to find my connections as well.
I have 10 years of experience in Serum institute of India ltd in quality control department. I have studied Master's in pharmacy.What should I do please suggest.
I have applied for so many jobs with new resume everytime as trained by employment agencies.
referral required all job.

Hi creatives! I need your help here. A quick background:

Junior copywriter based in Toronto here. Came to Canada about a year ago and did an internship at Klick Health.

Once it ended in late August, they didn't take on ANY intern full time. Been job searching for the past 3 months. Would really appreciate any leads/insight on some entry level gig or internship that might be available in this city. I know it's year end and it's hard, but I am still hopeful as I have seen people still get hired.


Anyone here work for consumer companies in Toronto and open to sharing their experience?


Hey guys, I have been affected by layoffs. I’m actively looking for a new opportunity related to marketing analytics, consumer insights, and social media. Based in Toronto, and open to remote jobs as well. Thanks


Best restaurants for team dinners?