Got laid off from Byjus.

Looking for opportunities as Physics faculty, Video presenter, Content developer.

Please let me know if there is any vacancy or any referals Vedantu Extramarks Byjus

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Check out Physicswallah and any online tutoring platforms. Also consider branching out of edtech and getting into L&D/professional training


L&D/Professional training includes things like instructional design. You'll have to figure out what an employee needs to learn to do better on a project and create a course for them to achieve that objective. If you're more suited to presenting and teaching, professional training is also an option. You would conduct sessions on how to present yourself in client meetings, how to improve conversational English etc.

Your name ?


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Hi! I want to become a Credit Analyst. Can someone refer me to Pacific Premier Bank or Deutsche Bank? Thanks a ton

Looking for 2 positions in NJ: 1) Commercial litigator with 1-3 years experience - pay $185,000-$200,000; 2) Labor and Employment Attorney 4-6 years of experience pay $220,000-$250,000. Please contact me if your or anyone you know is interested.


Hi fishers,

I'm a Programmer Analyst with over 2.8 years of experience in SAS and SQL.
My preferred location is Chennai/Bangalore.
Currently I'm looking for a job switch and it's kind of urgent.
Can someone please refer me in HSBC if there are any openings for SAS and SQL.

Thanks in advance..

Have a big interview tomorrow. The question I dread the most is about why you’re looking for a new job. The honest answer is that there isn’t enough work to go around at my agency and I want to get ahead of the inevitable layoffs. What’s the best way to tell them this? Do I just make something else up entirely?


Hey ZSers,
Can you tell me about the job security at ZS specifically for ACs? How often have you guys heard of ACs being fired?


Are there any more established companies looking for a product lead? I’ve done sales and product work for startups in the last 8 years and want to go somewhere more stable.

For any of you who were in-house 08-09. Seems like layoffs at my company are inevitable. How bad was legal hit at your companies then?



can someone please refer me in wipro for Testing role.

I have the Job Id.

Total exp. is 3.5+ years


Can someone refer me for Work From Home opportunities, currently working in R2R and have 4+ years of experience in it.


Hill Holliday peeps. You guys okay? Heard there was another round of layoffs


I am looking to get into consulting firms in the Netherlands preferably in M&A space.
Does anyone have a recommendation for a recruiter or recruitment firm who could help me?
I have close to 3 years of experience in Financial due diligence and valuation. I am also a newly qualified ACCA accountant.
Open to share more details


Any openings for BA with 6+ Yoe?


Good evening any leads on work at home jobs for LPN's


Hi, after doing project and program mangement for 6 years I joined EY GDS last year with high hopes, but soon I realised that nothing is done at EY GDS on the name of project management. It's just about charging as many hours as we can simply as any other resource. Not even basic project management in followed. Projects are undertaken and wrapped up somehow. So I am planning to move out, any guidance and need help for referrals.

YOE -11+


Hi Fishes!!!
How is Coforge(previously known as NIIT Technologies) is for the Scrum master role on the basis of :
1. Work life balance.
2. Work nature.
3. No. Of teams handled by one Scrum Master.
4. Being Agile forum.
5. No. of reports and meetings for the agile forums not just teams.
6. Layoffs.

Please help me by answering as many pointers as you can.

Location is Noida.

Thank you.


Looking for a referral from someone at Lyft. I have approx. 2 years in management consulting and have identified some roles I think I’d be a great fit for. Located in NYC


After a layoff -- Keep your job / agency title on LinkedIn for a few months? Or go full-on 'Works At Freelance'


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Picnic at diversey harbor or fullerton harbor or belmont harbor grass area. can we have alcohol? Whiteclaws in cans?


How common are career pivots and changes? I’ve been in asset management for the last 3 years and been considering a change into marketing or consulting. I’m feeling discouraged because everything I apply for requires experience. How do you go about this?


Fourth year associate and joined my firm this year. Is it acceptable to negotiate a potential raise or indicate that I feel like I deserved more, if I feel that way during my review?


I hve Cybersecurity IAM Senior Con interview with EY. Their are 3 interviews of 0.5hr each. Has anyone given a IAM senior con interview recently? What is the nature of this interviews? How to prepare?

I am considering accepting a PwC offer in HR consulting soon. Can anyone through light on how is the practice, work life balance and sorts?

Also they are offering 25LPA for Manager position. I know they have low balled it but how much should Managers expect their compensation range to be

What do you all want to be when you grow up?

Anyone crushing over their boss??


Anyone try the Finimize app? Is it worth it?


Hey folks

I have been interviewed for cloud consulting role in capability networks. I see lot of reviews as it’s a bad place to work for.. need some genuine inputs to consider. It’s for India location..


Is severance negotiable or is there some type of policy that dictates how much a company can pay out (eg maxes out at two months salary). A friend was just a casualty of a RIF.


10 years sales experience selling eyewear to eye doctors. If I were to transition to tech would I have to start as a BDM? I think that would be a pay cut for me. Thanks


Any big law paralegals/atttnys feel overwhelmed by their work to the point that they feel sick when they login? I have been a corp paralegal for 3 yrs; it’s always been challenging, especially as someone with ptsd and adhd but it’s getting worse. Support staff are unappreciated, and we are understaffed. I am the most senior and relied on heavily for training, in addition to client work. I billed 140% over the requirement in 2020. Does anyone relate? Did you survive there or quit to survive?


Has anyone a online masters of data science, can recommendations?

Anyone else getting really worried by Trumpers embracing antisemitic, Nazi-style conspiracy theories like QAnon?

This isn't conservatism. You aren't a conservative if you believe in this antisemitic crap 👎


If i join wipro in MArch month for band 3, would i still receive full VP during the end of quarter? Or it would be partial?

I read somewhere min 45 days to be billable to client to get Vp.pls


Happy Friday, your weekend will probably be spent working 🥹😂

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For anyone looking to talk to an expert about their relationship with work, my wife and colleague just launched a new professional coaching service called Motif (

They’re both corporate veterans and seasoned executive coaches who have extensive experience with burnout and job fit. They have a few final spots in their beta program launching soon. Sharing in case anyone would find it helpful.


What countries do accountants earn more than in the US? Possibly Australia, Switzerland, or Cayman Islands?


I am starting my first civil trial in the beginning of December. It will be by Zoom. I've never done a zoom trial and I've only co-chaired a couple jury trials when I was interning at the prosecutors office years ago. I am getting nervous and I'm wondering if there is a checklist or things to know before starting a jury trial. When should I make my artificial deadlines? Am I late in this process with it being a month out? Any tips for civil trial or zoom trial? Thanks for any input!


Additional Posts in Job Referrals and Openings

Hello Fishes,

Can anyone give a reference for Operations in Logistics and supply chain.

I am looking for a job change and have an ROE 2.6+ years.

Located in Bangalore.
Preferred location - Bangalore & Gurgaon


Hello All, I got an on-site offer from mphatek for dubai, 25k AED and I have another offer of around 25LPA fixed in india, what to choose?


Hello Friends, I am looking for an opportunity in the field of Environmental Regulatory Compliance
Please help.


Need 11 likes for dm, please.



Hii fishes ....

Any Legal openings for law graduate !!! Please DM.

Would really appreciate any help i could get via refferal or for information on job openings.

Law graduate with progressive knowledge in the field of corporate law, compliance, taxation and arbitration.

I have prior experience in corporate and litigation side


Cvent, Gurgaon - Opening Associate/ Senior Associate. Looking for candidates with SQL + Tableau 2-6 yrs experience. Interested ? Please share your resume


Hi anyone working at Uplers here? I need a referral. Saw an opening at Uplers for Frontend Development role. I have 7 yrs of experience in Frontend. It would be great if someone could refer me for the same.



Looking for referrals for Support Manager role. I have total of 11 years out which 4 years of experience in managing a team of 10 engineers.


Hello All I am looking for new rile as Project Manager and have similar experience and certifications of PMP, SIX SIGMA AND ISO27001.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks!


Hello folks, I'm having 4 years of experience in Quality Assurance (Manual+Automation testing) and currently looking for a switch. I would really appreciate if anyone here could help me out with referrals. Any leads about openings will also be a great help. Thanks 😊!!!! Nagarro Accenture HCL Technologies ArisGlobal Aristocrat Technologies American Express Telus International EY Adobe IBM Tech Mahindra Qualitest R1 RCM Xceedance aricent Deloitte India Barclays Larsen & Toubro Infotech Larsen & T


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Thank you...Have a Great Day ..!