Hello all, I have an offer from Quantiphi and another famous travel company which is building a technical arm for themselves. Both the companies are offering same compensation. HRs are calling for offer acceptance. I am leaning towards Quantiphi as the culture is well known to me.
But I have to decide soon. Should I accept both the offers and then decline one at the time of joining. I am new to this and find this a little unethical. Can someone help?

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Tech stack. YOE and offered ctc?


MERN stack, YOE : 1 year 7 months
Offered CTC : 14 LPA

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Deloitte India is giving me analyst position with 2.1 years of experience. Is it correct?
Offered fixed is around 10.5-11 LPA
is it right, will I be getting more fixed or consultant position.
Please help
@deloitte India


Does IBM blacklist a candidate, if he accepts the offer & doesn't join?


Hi Fishes, I've an offer letter for Accenture Strategy (M&A) for Senior Manager, India and my joining is in 3 days. Package is very good, but no immediate relocation opportunities. May happen in future.

Now at the very last moment, I've got an M&A leader role from Wipro. Reporting to a board member. This is a global role and will be based in US. L1 visa to be initiated.

Any suggestions on which is a better offer? And, how best I can negotiate here to get myself a better deal. Gracias!


Has anyone worked with the company Jobot to fill an open position? They reached out to me that they have a candidate, but it seems a little fishy... and I have worked in the Staffing and Direct Placement industry before.


How is ServiceBerry Company ? has anyone worked in this company and can share the experience?


Hi folks,
Is there anyone in Capgemini who is an iOS developer and working from home?


Hi Fishes,

On July 2nd attended interview in Cognizant, on July 5th received call from HR regarding HR / salary discussion, we both agreed on expected she asked pan card number ,DOB and current company details and said will get back to you if required more details, HR didn't asked for any documents any idea when can I expect offer letter?, Some people said HR asked documents after salary discussion in there case.


What are the 4 different ratings and lead categories in EY GDS. What difference does it bring to the hike and bonus percentage ?


Hi Fishes . I have joined In the month on June and been a top performer/Rolemodel . How hike should I expect ?

Can we take or avail leaves in Notice Period in FIS Global while we are leaving in probation period???

Kindly share your inputs.


Anyone work in the Prophix/Adaptive Insight Group? Is this something that I could transition into from IT Audit/ IT SOX compliance? What is the job like, travel, day to day, educational opportunities?

How much is CTS offering now for consultant role,??


Hey Deloitte 🐠 is it typical to not hear back from your recruiter a week after you complete your second round? I felt good about how the interviews went but have not heard back from the recruiter even after sending her 2 notes.


Is UBS better than Wells Fargo for Risk and Controls role (Lead control management officer - AVP)? YOE - 11.5, CCTC - 17, Wells Fargo offer - 25 fixed, 4.2 variable. Yet to attend UBS interview.

Hi Guys , Currently i am having an offer of 14.5 from a product based firm , I have an HR discussion in Deloitte for the role of consultant.
How much I can ask for ?

Stack - Informatica
Thanks in advance

Does anyone have any experience being a remote contractor for any firms? Was considering opening an LLC to do gig type work so looking to see if anyone has any experience with this. Do the firms pay well? Is the work consistent? Any insight would be appreciated.


I have the final interview with Deloitte for their EFA analyst position. Anyone know what to expect for that?


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Is it worth it to pursue infrastructure/network administration esque jobs while in college? I am getting stressed seeing not many job openings in my area and the pay is very low compared to programming jobs. As much as I enjoy this side, I’m not sure if it’ll be worth it in the long run. Thanks a lot in advance

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Anyone know how Siegfried works? Staffing for different positions in accounting?


Any openings in third party due diligence/ background screening? I am also pursuing CFE. Thanks!!

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Does paypal provides permanent work from home?


Nice job, Nick

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What is the least spoken language?


I’m super interest in pursuing MBA, but the firm I currently work at does not sponsor. What scholarships are available that you all recommend? I graduated undergrad top of my class (valedictorian) with a MIS degree — target schools are Darden, Fuqua, Kenan-Flagler, etc.


St. Regis or W in Mexico City?


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I an currently working as an Analyst in Deloitte USI. I have offers from below organization for Salesforce developer and having total experience as 4.2 years. 1. OPTUM - GRADE 26: SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER ---> TOTAL CTC: 23 LPA 2. PwC INDIA - SENIOR ASSOCIATE --> TOTAL CTC: 23 LPA 3. ZENSAR: --> TOTAL CTC: 22 LPA. Please suggest which company to join in terms of Learning, growth and work life balance. KINDLY SHARE YOUR SUGGESTIONS. THANKS IN ADVANCE. Optum Deloitte Zensar Technologies Ltd PwC In


I have recieved an email from ceo for hybrid model from January. Should i discuss this with my manager?


I'm working as a senior software engineer in Lowe's and getting 20Lpa as fixed salary and 10% of that as yearly bonus.
Is this too low?
YOE: 10


Any tips / prospective questions for BA roles in EY. Asking for a friend


Additional Posts in Offer Negotiations

Hi Fishes,
Currently working on startup with the good team in blockchain Defi tech stack as a Devops Engineer. Got offer from Cisco security business group as SRE . Current employer is ready to retain me. Is it good to retain or choose cisco.


Whats should be the expected ctc for a 10yoe in project management domain? Non-IT product based


Hi All,

I can help with referrals for
Jade Global.

Please find appropriate openings and let me know.

Hi Fishes, can you please suggest me what should be the CTC of Senior Service Engineer in bp(British Petroleum) with ~11 years of experience?


Can someone please provide feedback about Ameriprise financial company for project manager profile?


Walmart how much salary can I expect from Walmart for UI Full stack developer role.
YOE: 4.6
Current: 13 LPA
In the initial call with HR I told my expectation is 24 LPA but now I do have parallel offer of 26 LPA can I negotiate again? If yes what is max that I can ask for?


Hi All,
I am having 5 YOE and working as senior QA now got offers from Global logic - 12( Fixed) , IQVIA - 19( Fixed) confused which one to choose. Please help me out to decide best.

I have 2 offers for cloud engineer role, 6 yoe

Barclays 24 Fix
pwc 22 Fix

Barclays is paying high, which one should i pick considering wlb, projects and learning.


Hi ,

Any suggestions on Zebra Technology (reflexis product ) .
They are offering 10 lacks more than my current offer .
Yoe: 10+ years
Offered salary : 55lpa
Tech : Java +:cloud


Pals, can you please tell me what is the range of salary for E3 band in HCL, thanks in advance.

Any leads please advice...

#hcl #wipro # infosys #tcs


Hi Friends,

Need some suggestion as I am in dilemma to decide which company, I join out of TechM and Oracle.

TechM says Cloud Architect, but I don't have any other information on the work and all.

Oracle is senior programmer/lead on their products.

I currently work with Ericsson.


What is the Salary range of Product Data Manager in Jio?

Cctc- 14 LPA
I have asked for 20+ 2 LPA

The HR is Negotiating to 16 + 1 (JB )+ 2 (RB) LPA only

YOE -3.5 (Analytics)

Should I go with offer?


Hi Sharks,
Looking for a new job opportunity in manual testing.
YOE: 3.6 years
Designation: Senior Test Engineer
Company: Mindtree Ltd
Please let me know if any vacancies are there.
I greatly appreciate your help!


Hi all,
If anyone wants referral in Mindtree, DM me.

Minimum 2 years of experience is required. DM me only if u have not applied/referred for Mindtree recently.

Mindtree Tata Consultancy Infosys Wipro Cognizant IBM Accenture Capgemini HCL Technologies Tech Mahindra


Hello Fishes,

I have my joining at OFSS in September.
Can anyone please confirm about job security there and if any layoffs has happened at OFSS?
I have heard about layoffs happening at Oracle India.
I will be part of product development team at OFSS.
Request your valuable inputs.