Hello Fishes,
I got an opportunity from NTT Data BPO.
I am currently being hired for nightshift. Are there any chances for getting day shift or mid shift?
Or are there any chances to get a change in shift after getting on boarded?
Will it be okay to discuss this with HR?
Because during interview I said yes to Night Shifts.

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When interviewing for my position as an art director, I was told I would be assigned to a project that felt like it was made for me. I've been hired and the project has been assigned to someone else. I am upset because I only took this job because of that opportunity.


YOE: 7
Current CTC: 20L (19 Fixed + 1 variable)
I'm a Java developer building products in networking domain. I'm strong in converting requirements into design and building products from scratch. I'm spending 12 hours everyday at work, unable to spend any time on brushing up algorithms.
I'm not happy with the money that I make for the efforts that I'm putting in, want to switch to good product company. I wish I get more time to learn and prepare for interview. Just putting my thoughts here.


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We have a team calendar in outlook, but you can’t tell who puts what on it. I put “interview” on it for tomorrow during lunch and everyone is Skyping each other trying to figure out who it is. :)


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Hi Fishes,
Need help on my career. Looking out for suggestions
I am currently working in tcs for 4.5 lakhs salary with NSA of 96000, I am currently taking interviews for SRE role for Infosys, Wipro and Deloitte.
Deloitte-Managerial round is completed and Infosys- they are asking for documents after 1st round.
My main point here is, TCS has raised H1b visa but my name was not picked this time. My goal is to go to onsite, but also worried about salary.
Need suggestions. #TCS #Offer #Future


Hi I have a question. I have been in media for television and radio for 20 years. I am looking to pivot to tech and I have an interview next Friday with a recruiter. It is for an executive broadcast booker position at Meta. There is no salary listed for this position or no previous salary history on glassdoor. I did find a salary listing but for Colorado and the minimum is 217,000. If I am questioned about what am my salary expectations; if i said 28000 is that too much & will that scare them.


What sorts of SQL questions are typically asked in interview questions for senior data analysis jobs? Like is knowing SQL from freecodecamp enough or should I look into taking a course online?

I’ve unfortunately not gotten the chance to use SQL in my current position so I don’t feel like I have enough experience in it, but have experience in everything else (Python, tableau, storytelling, etc)

Okay ladies, advice very much appreciated.. I just had an interview where I was basically told (yes I was told) I’ve done “too many different things, and I have no focus” well after 13 years in Marketing I’d say doing “too many different things” I always thought was an asset. I’ve been an entire marketing Dept, I’ve been in digital marketing, I’ve run social media, I’ve done UX & web design. I’ve been in-house and agency. But to say I “lack focus” because I’ve been in the industry for awhile??!


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It’s only Monday and I’m already burnt out for the week!!! Woohoo!!


Hi All, I've been offered a 10.7LPA by TCS. What will be my take home monthly and the take home on a variable payout month? Approx value is good.


Having to write an essay assessment is a pain I don’t get.


Hi NYC! I’m selling 1 ticket to Disclosure at Brooklyn Mirage (Saturday May 19) at cost. Please DM if interested!

Can someone give me some insight on the CAMS prep process and exam? Time frame, rigor etc?


Is it good to join Capgemini engineering. With CTC of 7.5 for 2.4 years of experience.
Tech: c,c++
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HCL Technologies

My neighbor has just moved in and I can hear noises of then putting boxes. Is it rude to ask them not to make noises?


Many of us are blessed to be off today. How will you care for yourself today?

Make a plan to do at least 1 thing for you! What will it be?

I am finishing up a great book. It has been a wonderful read, and I am thankful to have this free morning to tackle the last few chapters.

What about you?

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Try again tomorrow

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Early 30’s Asian female thinking of moving to Seattle. How would you rate it compared to Bay Area in terms of dating, rent, career opportunities, buying real estate and overall happiness quotient? Understand real estate is higher in Bay Area. Also, I find proximity to nature to be comparable in both areas.


Any medical writer/ scientific writer here?


I have a total 5 years of experience.
2.5 at Accenture only. How much my current CTC should be? I think the yearly appraisal at Accenture is extremely low.


Does having Docker on resume set cloud dev skills expectation? Wrote dockerfile, setup script to manage local environments. Big achievement for statisticians with no devops, but don't want to mislead


I just received an offer for $75k per year in Missouri. I have 2 YOE as an agency recruiter - is this a good offer?


Hi there! I have a small business selling colorful wine glasses (glasshauseco.com) - they make for great gifts, party tablescapes, and for winding down from work with a glass of wine or cocktail! We also do wine glass rentals for events! 🤍❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍 Happy Wine Wednesday everyone!


What do paid search directors make? Are you focused on one division of paid search like PLA vs Display or are you managing all tactics?

Charlotte Laws is a trailblazing QUEEN 👑


How much hike can you expect when getting promoted to consultant from analyst in big 4s?


Additional Posts in NTT Data

What will be the appraisal cycle for new joiners.

I will be joining in sep


Hi Team
I've declared the tax under my profile payroll and what is the use of FCP?

Currently NTT having WFH or Not ??


Hey folks need your advice ,
How is the NTT Data interms of WLB , Job Security and Salary Part .
Please give your valuable time to express your honest review.
Thanx 😊

How is yearly hike in Ntt data?


I have selected for NTT Data. Submitted all documents one week ago. I did not get the offer letter yet.
When can i expect?

Why NTT DATA is taking so long for salary discussion after selection in the interview ? Any idea ?NTT DATA


I have a offer from hashmap for cloud engineer, they are saying that company is going to merge with NTT data? Is it true? I am not sure about hashmap as a company for job safety perspective

Going to join NTT Data in December. I have few questions, pls help:
- if I join in Dec, will I be eligible for the variable and increment (if any) for the current cycle in June/July?
- What is the general variable payout %. Last year was exceptional, want ro know the general trend.
- In offer letter it shows "children education allowance". Does this mean the school fees become tax-free if bills are submitted?


How is NTT data in terms of internal hikes , wlb, job security

I have offer with NTT data and technical consultant role in adobe

Confused which one to choose

Please help


Can some one please help me variable allowance at NTT, in offer letter it’s mentioned as 1 lac, what percentage normally we will get ? And is it monthly,quarterly or yearly?
What is yearly hike percentage at NTT DATA?
Kindly help

What is the Sum insured for Health insurance for self and spouse ? Are the parents also covered under the medical insurance ?


Can we login any ntt location in Bangalore or any specific work space

Hey folks,
I got a mail from my manager to join
NTT DATA office. Can I ask for 3 months extension? Reason: my mother had a surgery and will need someone to take care.


Hi Fishes,

Can someone give an idea of annual package NTT offers at an Advisor position (Grade - 10)?

What's the notice period in NTT global?


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