Hey fishes,

What salary can i expect in tcs for system engineer role with 4 years of exp

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Should I renege offer from MBB?

An MBA recent grad. I signed with MBB last year. However, I have always wanted to do tech PM. I couldn’t find PM job in Fall and just signed MBB offer I have. I recently got an FAANG offer. It’s PM function, hard to break in with consulting experience. I declined the new offer during interview stage and again after they gave me initial offer, but it is coming back with 80k more in annual compensation. It made me so torn!! Should I renege MBB offer?


Can anyone provide a referral for StoneX please? I’m looking to apply for one of their positions.


Brillio is Hiring !!!

Architect - Amazon Connect
Exp : 10-14 yrs

Architect - GCP
Exp : 10-14 yrs

Technical Specialist - GCP
Exp : 5-6 yrs

Technical Specialist - Jboss/Tomcat
Exp : 6-10 yrs

Production Support - BPUAA
Exp : 6-10 yrs

Database Admin
Exp : 4-6 yrs

Calypso Admin
Exp : 4-7 yrs

Architect - Azure
Exp : 10-14 yrs

Location will be Bangalore for all the above positions.

Interested people can DM me.

Thanks !

In My first job as UX designer, due to $$ I was denied access to user research about 2 months in and my role was reduced to “just design this feature”. As I just switched careers I feared I would not find a new opportunity and stuck around. It’s been 8 months now and I’ve been desperate for a new job. I know I need to showcase my recent work on my portfolio but I’m severely struggling to write a case study for the mvp I designed. The lack of involvement of any users leaves me embarrassed…


Hello Fishes,

I am getting interviewed for JPMC technical recruiter role. Mostly I will have comp discussion for Senior Analyst. Suggestions on max salary bracket?. Also how is the work life balance?


I see a lot of happy posts in this bowl where people are genuinely happy about their industry roles with good salary and great work life balance. Is anyone here willing to dm me and share about their company or refer me? I am searching for completely remote accounting/finance roles. I am also interested in Talent. I have over 2 years of audit experience and CPA. I have been trying LinkedIn and other Job sites but having not much luck. I am getting depressed with my work at this point.


This company I am interviewing with is not proposing a base salary and an OTE. They are asking me to create it and I really need guidance here. It’s an AE role in medical SaaS sales for orthopedics surgery. What do I need to ask? So far I know that they cover medical insurance, there is no 401k, and there are private company stock options. It’s mainly inside sales with maybe 10% travel.

My thought was 75k base and 110k OTE. But they are saying to lower the base and increase OTE.

Just found out that end of the year I will be promoted from analyst directly to VP and since it’s such a large jump I’ll be the lowest paid VP in asset management at only $135k TC. Should I stay it out and wait for TC to align or take the promotion and jump ship bc I will likely get paid more elsewhere given how recruiters/other companies eat up hiring recently promoted ppl from other firms?


I am currently a manager. Accepted a position back in patient care for more money and a better schedule. Spoke to my RVP today who raved about my performance and was looking for feedback for the next manager. I do not treat patients and he was interested in how to best prep the next “non-clinical” manager as others in the region were fired or underperformed. I am wrong to be insulted that he did not offer a wage increase? Should I negotiate or run as I have been feeling undervalued?


Hello Folks,
This is my requirement 👇🏼, can anyone from
KPMG has openings on ServiceNow please ping me

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Hi Amazonians,
I am looking for guidance.

I am going to start interview process with Amazon next week. Probably all rounds will be done in 1-2 day time frame.

How/what should I prepare for interview?
Am clueless on what kind of ds & algo questions, system design questions are asked in Amazon interviews.

My techstack: javascript developer- react+Angular.

1. Pls guide me on what/how to prepare?
2. Also, will the interview be solely on da & algo and javascript; or on Js frameworks?



Opportunity- contractor needed for a Change Mgmt analyst role with Fortune 500 company. Contract through 2020, likely extension into mid 2021. DM me if interested or can refer.


Has anyone interviewed at FUELED based in NY for a remote location, if yes kindly guide me regarding salary expectations.
I am a QA engineer with 4 years of experience in manual.


Seeking new position in Admissions/Business development in Behavioral Health/SUD. Either remote or SoCal.


What will be my in-hand Salary?

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I’ve been referred for a job at Google for a Snr Exc Recruiter on their design and UX team based in New York. This is a top ideal role for me and would love. Curious to what it’s like there coming from an agency, and salary? Would love insight into what it’s like - anyone can help?


Question for consultants- Why don’t more of you go independent and work for yourself?
Given the discrepancy between what you get paid and what the company bills the client, you could meet in the middle and both make out great. If you have one or two clients that have work long term, you will make far more money, have less stress because you don’t have to deal with the logistics of 2 companies and have far more control over what work you do. ESPECIALLY if you are a consultant who is actually good


Anyone know Senior Manager comp at Bearingpoint US? Thanks!


If anyone would like a referral to Guidehouse I’d be happy to help!


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My DOJ was tomorrow 25/07/22 and I received this mail today. Anyone received the same??

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How do I report bugs in this app? I subscribed to a few post but didn't get notifications when there are new replies.

Or is this a new feature? 😭


Hi fishes,
Has Any one attended TCS Interview on 24th June ?


Thinking about moving to LA from NY. Is influencer culture as big in LA as it seems? I love the culture and the diversity of thought in the people and culture in NY (of course I’m probably biased). LA has the space and weather I’m looking for but the thing that holds me back is that I’m slightly afraid of LA being consumed by influencer culture. I love the diversity of thought in NY. Is it really like that there or is it just an outside view?


How is the CoRE research services team?


Has anyone made the jump from (digital) strategy to account? What are some things I should be mindful about?

Do those above CD, let’s say a CCO or Global CCO, look at portfolios to hire mid-senior creatives, or are they focused on running the agency?

Is it weird to email those that high up with books? Better luck w/recruiter or CDs?


Gay couples: do you sometimes feel tired of your long-term relationship? What do you do to address that? Like occasionally flirting with some other guys for dessert?


Hi partners - what would your advise be to a newly promoted senior manager? What are the things that have helped you get to the next level? Thanks much!


Job Offers for Art Directors;
- MW AD - award-winning Advertising Agency - £35K-£40K
- Senior Art Director - Internal Creative Agency - £65K
Both working on global campaigns. DM if interested.


Hi Fishes,

I have 1.7 years of experience as a azure admin. But I was interested in Devops and Iearned Azure Devops from udemy and cleared the Azure Devops Engineer Exam(Az-400)
I have good knowledge of CI/CD and various concept like Infrastructure as a code (Iac)
proficient with tools like dockor, kubernetes, jenkins, terraform, etc
Now I am looking for Devops opportunity. kindly help


I‘m not from the US. But I was told to ask if someone could refer me for a job at Microsoft?
(I have a J-1 VISA which allows me to work here).


Is it that hard to give a “👍🏻” or a “thx” on this app when someone responds/answers a question you posed in a message?

Y’all may be busy, but you sure had time to ask me for help here on this app. 🧐

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How do you balance wanting to sell higher-priced properties with the thought of them not selling because of how much they’re worth?


I would like to post here without my name. How do I do that?


Hi family!

Is there any job security in this company? Is the re-structuring done or is still happening

Await response

Hi Guys, I got mail from IBM that I have been shortlisted for HR round on Dec 2nd and HR asked to mail set of documents. After that no response from HR after multiple calls/mails. Will I get call for HR discussion or the position would have been closed?My LWD on Dec 28, even though having counter offers, wanted to work in IBM. Can I wait or should I move on with other offers?


Anybody here working at BCIT?

I think my friends occasionally tell me that random guys in their life think I’m hot so I don’t feel so bad about myself

Additional Posts in TCS 1

What does the Associate Consultant do in TCS??


Is it worth to join tcs for 8.5 years QA guy for 14.5L package?


Where to fill 10+2 education detail in TCS iBegin portal. It has High school tab where it is taking 10th class detail. And other tab is Higher Secondary where i tried to fill detail like start and end year but it is giving error "Maximum difference between start and end date can be 14 month". Any idea.


Is there any chance to get rehired in TCS?

Hi Friends,

I might get call from HR for salary negotiation next week. I want to know how much fixed pay is offered in TCS at 11 yoe and tech stack AWS + Java.


Guys YOE 6 Current 20
1.IBM with 26.7 fixed and good JB…
2. Eclerx 30 L with good JB
3. Thomson Reuters 27L fixed

Got selected in TCS, how much should I ask for package and will they match my offers?

I have received an offer in TCS accepted it and submitted the documents for BGC . The CTC i mentioned is 13L in iBegin portal and uploaded the same recent hike letter. But my current company held my offer of 13L and salary/payslip is with old offer and i have submitted documents with new offer letter which is 13L.
I am little concerned it might impact negative on my BGC..

Does they verify hike letter too ?


Does anyone knows how is telefonica germany project in tech mahindra??


Hi, Got offer from TCS with 8 YOE with location as Bangalore. The job location mentioned in the email is one of the offices (there are multiple offices) in Bangalore far away from my residence. Is there any option to opt for nearby location? Does TCS Hr or manager consider such requests? I know its WFH for time being but looks like offices gonna open soon.

Hello guys,

Any information on below would really help!!
I had package discussion with TCS HR this month 4th but I have not heard back yet. Tried to reach out to hr but no response.

Does anyone know how long they take to release offer letter?

If they put on hold or reject..will they notify us..
Please respond!?

Did anyone receive offer from TCS this month??

Do TCS terminates experience professional in probation period if you are not performing well?Tata Consultancy Wipro Cognizant


What would be the in-hand salary for the below salary break up??
Any idea fishes??

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What associate consultant roles and responsibilities in tcs


I have 2 offers. Impetus : IDW SQL EXPERT ROLE IN LEAPLOGIC. TIGER : Pypsark, Aws developer. Please help to choose between two based kn career growth.

Infosys Impetus technologies inc Tiger Analytics

I need gugaon location in the offer letter they mentioned as new delhi..how will i make sure that i will get gurgaon office

Folks, What is the chance of getting Gandhinagar location for Gujarat candidates?

Does TCS AWS service line and Data Analytics unit has good python projects.They asked Core Python, Pandas and asked if you have experience in Azure.Will they give project in same or python data engineer project?


I was recently selected in tcs and offered 7 LPA.
Now I have another offer for 10 LPA. Can I renegotiate my compensation with TCS and ask them to match the offer.

I recently cleared interview in TCS for Salesforce domain role and had my HR round few days back, In HR round HR said they can give me the same CTC I am currently getting in my current company as I am switching the job in 6 months so they can't provide any hike, Is this a valid reason? also during interview scheduling process I had told them on hike % of bare minimum which they had agreed and then proceeded with interview but now HR is not providing any hike, what should so do in such situation,


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