Hi, currently I am working as technical support specialist and have 3 years of experience, i have done my devops course and looking to switch in devops, what can I expect to be my salary / package if I switch in devops ?
Current CTC : 5.75 LPA

Can anyone help on this ?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

You can expect 12 +


So as in devops fresher I could expect 12+ ?

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What were Tell Day outcomes? SM, +20% rise to £115k base salary + £6.5k car allowance, +15% bonus


My current CTC is 9lpa in which 64000 is inhand monthly and 75000 is yearly bonus, my year of experience is 3.5 as frontend developer. Is this salary as per market standards?.


Hi fishers,
What does flexible allowence package consists of?


I got cal from Deloitte for senior tax consultant. How much can i ask ctc? I have 6.5 yrs experience. Currently working in ey with ctc 554000.


Need suggestion.

I am having total 6.9 years experience in Java. Currently working as Senior Software Engineer. I am switching company. I am having offer as below.

Cognizant for Associate Architect role with 26 LPA

Bahwan CyberTeck (client - Morgan Stanley) for Technical Lead role with 28 LPA

L&T infotech for Specialized Software Engineer role with 29.5 LPA

I want to grow my career with good position and good quality of work with job security.


Hi fishes
Please help me in clearing my below queries
1. What is probation period for lateral joinees in lti
2. How much performance bonus is generally provided and which time of year
3. How many types of leaves available and how much.
4. Hidden malpractice or wrongdoing practice in lti by hr and management
5. Benefits and drawbacks of joining lti
6. When will office probably open and what r plan
7. Variable pay amount usually added if 13.5lpa is ctc
Appreciate if someone answer above queries


Trying to leave audit after 1 year as a manager. Does $125k base sound about right? Austin TX market.


Best way to answer salary range question from third party recruiter when you don't have a ton of info? Was going to go with "since I am being promoted to senior consultant effective Oct 1st, I would expect something competitive with my new role and the experience I'd be bringing"


What is typical take home salary offered in Evosys after 3 years of completion?


I have offer from 11.23 LPA fixed and 21% VP for Senior application developer in SAP Plant maintenance. I have 5.5years of exp. in SAP PM. Is it good offer ?

What's the payscale range for Learning managers in India?


What is the average yearly hike at Informatica ? And do they retain you if you're demanding 27 LPA (current CTC is 17 LPA) because you've got a comparable offer? I really like the culture and flexibility over here, and don't wanna leave, but I wanna earn more.



Is 42,000 average salary for a Royalty Analyst?


Trying to get a better understanding of the difference in hour requirements between Big 4 tax and a law firm. I’ll be joining a firm that has a 1850 billable requirement with bonus eligibility starting at 1900. In Big 4 tax I regularly worked 50 hour weeks but had low billables (~30hr per week) b/c there wasnt always work to do and quite a bit of admin. Can you hit 1900 working 50 hour weeks, or are most people putting in closer to 60 hour weeks?


Looking for warehouse work with over 10 yrs experience. Mostly in order selecting, shipping, and receiving department. Willing to start entry-level for descent pay rate in western Mass


If job posting pay was $36.66 hourly (no
range) what would be an acceptable offer
and counter offer?


Anyone do graduate school full time while working full time? I've got about 4 semesters of GI Bill left and want to use it up but working plus school seems like an endurance test and a recipe for burnout, and if I took a break from work, I'd be taking a 50% pay cut if I was only going to school. Anyone have any opinions or feedback they want to share about this?

I don't have an SO or kids so I don't really have many obligations outside of work, if that makes any difference to your answers


I did my research on glassdoor and pay scale. Out of curiosity what is the salary range for Channel Customer Success Manager at Qlik?


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I’m miserable living alone (unmotivated etc). Just waiting for my boyfriiend to get a house so we can move in together


I find it ironic that the people who most express the freedoms given to them are the same ones who shit on it...


What will be hike for level 10 in Accenture this year..? Any what is the general annual hike in Accenture.?

Need to get some work done and would rather go to a cafe then go into the office... any suggestions near midtown??


Currently working as a software engineer in NYC at a big tech company. Got an offer at Disney Streaming Services which I’m super excited about. I was wondering if anyone can speak to the work/life balance, culture, and general experience working there. Thanks :)


Hi, I am getting errors while uploading the govt. ids in CBA workday. Can anyone help me out here? The upload happens but I get this error even after uploading all docs.

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Hello, any insight on Change Healthcare? In particular for a full time PAR remote position. What is the company like? Are you happy there? What challenges have you encountered? Do you feel the compensation is adequate? Any information would be nice, thank you!


Any PA’s in the Union County, NJ area looking for a new job? I work with 3 Neurosurgeons and we are looking to hire an additional PA. Currently have 2 staffed.


Hi guys,
I have extra two tickets for B Praak's concert tomorrow in Gurgaon.
2x Platinum Tickets - ₹2800
Happy to give at ₹2700.
Pls DM if you're interested.


I’ll share a few charts this evening on the major indexes and sectors. Today could prove to be a fairly significant day as the we saw a number of tends from late October break down and the technicals don’t necessarily point to a quick snap back.


Looking for advice on types of roles I should be searching in financial services. I am an expert communicator, both written and verbal (many publications, and pre-consulting/fs career in public speaking), and a great salesperson. Want to be able to keep writing and attending conferences, as well as have a sales component. I don't enjoy working with back office banking robots. I can play the part short term, but have bristled on longer term engagements with human potatoes. 8YOE, Series, & CAIA


Please help me out in getting 11 love so that I can participate in referrals. TIA 🙂


Accenture Strategy India salary expectation
YOE -8
Level - 9 consultant

How much would be the right estimate ?


Dear Friends - any news for ITA promotion?

Have you ever changed your mind a week after turning down the job offer? It’s so hard when you’ve got small children getting sick all the time and you want to start fresh with no PTO.

But I just called their HR Dept to ask if the job is still available. They just signed a contract with a temp agency. However, they’re looking into reversing it and will let me know.
Where would I go from here??? I’d essentially be giving my boss less than a week’s notice. And I look flippant. :(


KPMG do you all miss your pension benefit? Was that a big deal to lose or not really?KPMG


Do you use Working Not Working? Do you use another freelancing site? What do you like about it? What else do you wish it afforded you?

What if a guild operated a network like that, of talent & gigs?

Received a consulting offer for Denver! So excited to join all you Denver 🐟


When an urgent job listing specifies “Background check needed? No” what does that actually mean? Are they not checking your previous employers?


I’m an attorney in small firm in downstate IL —anyone in general practice willing to share their salaries and/or how your firm structures compensation? Salaries are suuuper “hush hush” in the small legal community, and literally all across the board. Our local bar complains about not being able to attract or keep new lawyers, but it’s not really that much of a head scratcher IMO (several reasons, not just pay. But if we can’t offer big city perks, there’s got to be another incentive).


Additional Posts in DevOps Engineers

Hi people,
I am trying to convert Sfdx form to Mdapi form using github actions workflow such that whenever Sfdx form is being committed into the repository it should be converted automatically to Mdapi form.

Any help would be high appreciated !


Hi Guys,

I have 11 years if IT expe

I'm currently serving notice period. Last working fate is September 2nd week. Hardly one and half months left. Worse thing is I do not hold any offer yet.

Thinking of transforming my career to Devops line , I dropped my paper. I started learning and doing hands ons on devops

But I'm little afraid how to get placed in devops role. Will they recruit me ? Or will they expect genuine experience in devops line.

Kindly provide your suggestions and help.on this.


Hi Fishes,
I have currently two offers.
1. SRE (level 6) at Cisco with CTC 20lpa.
2. Early startup with role of senior devops Engineer referred by my previous manager will be under him and he is joining as CTO there. CTC 25lpa.
YOE: 4 years.
Totally confused to which join as I have joining date in Cisco in next two days Can you please help me to choose an offer.

Can anyone suggest to me any good sites to find remote jobs in the US which pays around $60k to $120k annually.

YOE - 3.2
Tech stack- git jenkins docker Kubernetes AWS ansible.


Hi Fishers,
I am having 3.6 years of experience and looking for change.Any opening in your project for DevOps role please let me know.
Thanks in advance.

Hello Fishes,
Interested in freelance work on Devops?

Requirement - aws , terraform, kubernates

Minimum 2 years of experience
2 hours/day work
23k monthly pay

Please let me know if interested


How is the work culture for a DevOps in QuestionPro Pvt. Ltd. Pune?

Hello All, i am a SQL DBA working with TCS
total experience 8.6 yrs
i am planning to switch my profile from
SQL DBA to A devops engineer

My queries are
a) Azure/GCP/AWS Which devops profile should i choose

b) after learning on my own, how will i justify my knowledge/ experience in Devops

c) do companies consider someone form job if they hav knowledge but no experience

Thankyou all for you time and effort to read my queries 😊


Hi Guys, INDMoney or GlobalSign.in, which is a better place to work as a DevOps engineer in terms of learning curve for an entry level experience candidate? Any ideas?


Can you help me with where to kick start from for Ansible??


Hello Sharks,

I am having 1.3 YOE as DevOps engineer with GitHub,Git, Jenkins, Linux, Shell Scripting and SQL technologies. Want to switch, how much can I expect my new package. CTC 2.7 LPA. Degree background so less CTC.


Hi Sharks,
Can anyone tell me is there support role in devops ? And what does the support team actually do and what are their roles ?


Hi All,
I have two offers, please help in deciding which should I go for.

Amazon web services- 20.5Lpa+ 5lpa (singning bonus)
Cisco- 27LPA+ 4.8lpa joining bonus

Profile- Cloud engineer



What is the interview process for Swiggy SDE II DevOps? Did anyone attend it recently? What is the difficulty level? Please dm


Hello guys
I'm a software eng with 4 yrs of exp.
I got 2 offer, one is for sen software eng for 23 lpa and another is for sen devops eng 21 lpa.
Since I have interest in devops, I thought of moving into devops and also ppl says that devops have good future.
I agreed but I have a doubt here, whatever the scope u have in devops, in future if I want to change job, the organisation is going to fix the salary based my current package at that time right? Then what is mean scope is good in future??

Hi Fishes,

If anyone has given an interview in D.E Shaw, please let me know about technical rounds ?



Experience= 3 to 5.5 yrs
Location= gurgaon/noida

Skills required
experience in STL
Good in data structure