Hi Fishes
I have two offers, YOE -4.
Qualcomm offer-
Base- 33L
Joining bonus- 5L
Retention bonus - 5L (paid after 1 year of service)
RSU- 30k USD (3 years vesting)
Nvidia offer-
Base- 30L
Joining bonus - 4L
No retention bonus
RSU - 90k USD (4 years vesting)

Which offer is better considering company and future hikes? Intel Corporation Qualcomm

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works at
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obviously Nvdia bro, look at the rsu figures. after 4 years you will be the richest person in your Village at least


It depends on your work profile and reason for switch. If they are enabling you to work in different aspects of your domain..try to choose that. Nvidia work life balance is better than Qualcomm. From what I have heard.


Nvidia sounds good



Nvidia and its not even close, the GPU market will only grow, Qualcomm is inferior to apple in market share.


Nvidia only, just see how GPU shortage & price rocketed..there is huge supply demand mismatch. My friend is working in Qualcomm & his WLB is quite disastrous.


What is tech stack?

ASIC Design


how does rsu's work here btw? will they give you whole or the difference in amount between your joining and leaving?



What role is this offer for ?

RTL Design

Hi, actually i am going to give nvidia interview next week for same Asic rtl design role.
Any suggestions/tips for interview would be helpful
Current grade is 6, YOE 4.

How did your interview go. What questions they are asking?

I guess you are into HW side. Anytime Nvivia!!

Can you please share your interview questions for Nvidia? It will be really helpful

Is Intel doing layoff in India ?

Nvidia bro

what is the position btw?? is it senior level or staff??

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Hey All,

Will be joining EY GDS soon. There's a component "Advanced Statutory Bonus" in my CTC. Any idea what this is?



Will we get salary credited tomorrow? 30th and 31st and weekends


I have an internal transfer offer to FDD but am also interviewing with PWC. Does it make sense to leverage the fact that I already have an offer in my PWC interviews? My thinking is it could be a pro to show one firm already thinks I am a good candidate for FDD coming from audit, but I know my internal transfer salary is way lower than what I would be offered by PWC so don’t want to unintentionally open that can of worms and lowball myself.


Why isn't utilization part of your bonus? I get why it doesn't go towards performance...but if I'm charging 100% for the year that means I making the company a lot of money! Hook it up!!


Anyone a Cerner learning facilitator and can share their salary?


Google associate product counsel (L6) or product counsel (L7)? Was asked by recruiter to provide comp expectations. I have a sense of the base, so really wondering about initial stock grant. 5-7 YOE.


I recently received my first offer for a backend engineer position. Is $70k base reasonable for salary? Excited to get an offer, but does that seem low to anyone else?


If you leave the firm within a year of receiving your bonus from the CPA or CISA, do you get to keep the bonus?


Salary bands in Publicis Sapient for SA1 and above grades?


Anyone has any experience of working in Citi pune. What is annual hike and bonus there for a Full Stack Developer (C10 band)?


PI Advisory SAP Supply Chain practice TX non MBA got promoted to Mgr this year. New salary is 124k. Please comment if I am underpaid or fairly paid? Need this info so I can make an informed decision.


JPMC is looking forward to retain me by matching the salary...
what should I keep in mind before accepting the retention


I’m in final discussions with PwC for an SM2 role in tech consulting. What is a good TC to expect (base, bonus, sign in)


Can any please let me know if there was any joining bonus ?

I am expecting a grade 10 position..

Hi Sharks,

I have got an offer with Capgemini.

They are postponing my joining stating a strange BGV pending issue.

I have lost a months salary already. Still there is no confirmation on joining date

Can I put my papers within a month of joining Capgemini? Will there be any problem if I do so? And how many months of notice will be applicable if I put my papers within a month of joining Capgemini?


When talking about an offer as a Tech PM what should I expect for pay range, sign on bonus and stock? Can you negotiate for more or is this a flat offer? Also I hear if you 100% remote they also consider region in pay as well?


Hi All
Immediate joiners please send your resume for the below positions:
Note: Best Compensation will be offered and immediate interview will be scheduled.

1) Big Data Lead (6 years)
2) Java Developer
3) Data Modeler (7 years)
4) React Native Developers (4 years)
5) Data Engineer (3 years)
6) Sr Data Engineer (5 years)
7) Database Engineer
8) ROR Developer
9) GCP Data Enginner
10) Sr GCP Data Engineer
10) GCP Data Scientist


Do Cisco Systems renegotiates salary in case of a better competitive offer from British Telecom? Cisco's fixed salary is around 20 LPA with 15% bonus and BT is ready to give 27 as fixed.


What is your current salary vs the salary you think you deserve?


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Are we able to keep hybrid allowance items?


What do you wear in the summer?

I’m at a more casual firm (we don’t wear suits) that will likely be switching from full WFH to partially in office for the summer, mostly to entertain the summer associates. I’m a first year, so I’ve never seen what women wear in my office over the summer. I can’t imagine putting on pants/a blazer when it’s going to be 90+ degrees outside.

What’s your typical summer attire, and where should I shop? Thanks!


KM Associates hike thread:
- 13.8%
- 2nd cycle completed

Have you ever left your old job only to regret leaving 5-6 months (or sooner) later? New job isn’t as stimulating and is pretty dull. Some say I should wait it out others tell me to go back to my old place since they said they’d offer me a position back. Not sure what to do


🎇What’s your biggest win from 2021?

Drop it below, let’s celebrate 🥳


I’m a CPA and everyone automatically assumes that I know everything about taxes and always ask me questions. That being said I have a friend who owns multiple investment properties as an LLC but wanted to inquire about potentially forming an S Corp, so I told her the basics but wanted to actually give her more in depth info. If someone could help me out I would appreciate, a DM is ok as well so we could exchange contact info.


Hi, i recently got an offer from Atos for 10lpa (9.5) being fixed, can anyone help me to understand the take home and also how Atos is as an employer & growth opportunities.

Thanks in advance!

Been Interested in working at a FAANG for the past 5 years. I am a Certified Scrum Master, Agile Coach, and Product Owner. I never see many roles in those areas at most FAANG companies ?? Can someone help me out ? Is it a different title at those companies and are referrals needed ??


Poll time, what’s the worst part of your day-to-day jobs? Personally, I’d rather mow Augusta National with a pair of scissors instead of compiling discovery responses.


Please help spread the word for following profiles in your network and bowls. Any location 2 to 12 years experience. DM me for details:

1. DevOps folks with exposure to either Azure or AWS
2. Solution Architects
3. Product Owners
4. Frontend React, HTML, CSS
5. Adobe Experience Manager - Frontend
6. Backend - Java, Springboot, Kotlin
7. UX or VD Designers
8. Fullstack - Frontend + Java/ Kotlin
9. Cyber Architects


I want to buy full length tights for working out. I already own three black ones. Please suggest a color that is as good as a standard black right. I’m thinking dark blue...maybe?


Is it normal to go through moves so stressful with you SO that it’s tearing your relationship apart? Everything was pretty good before moving.


Creatively stuck. In need of some of your favorite videos/spots that are fun and non-linear.

I recently got hired as a new grad in Toronto. I was actually hired to backfill a role that was previously an Employee Experience Specialist, but have a different title because I'm handling employee experience AND some admin duties. The person in my role previously was being paid 70k. I got hired at 60k, which I asked for, but now I know how much they made, I feel like I should've asked for more bc I have more responsibilities. I just got hired, and I'm a new grad, so maybe it's fair? Thoughts?


I’m an Art Director by trade but find myself writing more and more since becoming a Creative Director. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, any tips to being a better writer?


My cousin in Nigeria is a Project Manager with and is trying to look for a US company to work for and will need sponsorship. Anyone with referral or help to get this done? Really would appreciate it. She is currently working with a UK fintech company based in Nigeria. She has 7 YOE.


Advice for apartment hunting in Manhattan please! :)


Additional Posts in Offer Negotiations

Hi ,
Need a referral for Standard chartered bank

Share your Current CTC, Tech Stack & YOE

This will be helpful for everyone for offer negotiations.


Hi fishes,

What is the MARKET RANGE for 3.3 yrs experienced MAINFRAME DEVELOPER . How much can we expect


Is Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited is good company to work for ?


KPMG offered me 18 fixed with 3 years and 11 month experience. Is that good or shall I ask for more. Currently at Deloitte USI


Will Citi retain an employee on resignation?Citi


Larsen & Toubro Infotech Hi All,

I have 2 offers, Larsen & Toubro Infotech and @Dr Reddy's Laboratories, Both are giving same package. Which one should go with?

Hi fishes, I got an offer from EY in financial diligence team for a package of 12.5 Lac fixed. I have 1.5 years of post qualification experience and also a gap of 1 year. My last ctc was 9.5 L. Is this a good offer?

If one Organization HR told me we will blacklist you. So I want to know exactly they can do blacklist or just showing fear of Blacklist ?

Actually I had one offer of 13 lacs my company retained me with 14 lacs, I didn't want to Re negotiate with that Organization because of Loyalty issue with current organization. So That Company HR scold on me and told me we will blacklist you.

Please Guide, is it true, I will be blacklisted?

Organization is World largest petrochemical refinery.


I am looking for opportunities in Forensic audit and related roles at Bangalore location.

I have experience in investigation for around 3 years. Industries served E-Commerce, Banks, Manufacturing.

I am a CA, CFE and CS.


Hi Fishes

Can anyone tell me the pay range for AM1 and AM2 in EY GDS.
Experience - 6.5yrs
Qualification - Chartered Accountant

Please help, I have an offer for 17.5lac and my DOJ is 17th August.

Hi Guys,
Happy Friday everyone!
Had a question. What should be my salary expectation as a Azure Data Engineer with 3.1 YOE. I am interviewing with Mercedes Benz, what can be my range that I can ask for?
CCTC: 10.5 lpa


I have got a assessment link from hr and I have completed the assessment.
HR told me to update once I complete the assessment.
Can anyone help me with the email format!?