Hi Folks,

Looking for a role in AWS DevOps, I have upskilled myself in DevOps from Application Support role.
Whenever I am applying to any DevOps positions recruiters are asking for minimum 3+ years of experience. What to do to get things done
Total YOE: 5.9
Anyone here have working knowledge on AWS Cloud/ DevOps please guide me how to make transition from Support to AWS DevOps

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Hello Mr TCS. First I would like to congratulate you because you have chosen your specialization ie DevOps. How exactly did you upskill? Please elaborate on this.
Let's answer your question now. And the frank answer is Lie. You already have over 5.9 YOE now. Apply for multiple vacancies and say you have 3.5 YOE in DevOps and cloud. You will fail in a few interviews but what you will get from them is experience and an extensive interview question bank.
That way you will learn from your mistakes and crack an interview somehow. All the best!! Do let us know what happens.


Learn terraform

If you're skilled in terraform and gitlab let me know I've openings in my project

No have experience with AWS

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Can anyone refer me for front end developer role with KPMG? I'm having 6.11yrs of exp as a front end developer with 3+ yrs of Angular exp.


Hi I am a recent Master's graduate in Business Analytics and Big Data and am looking for an entry level full-time job in Analytics role in Italy. I have the essential job permit and would be glad if anyone could help me with a referral to any company for the role. I have a summer internship as an Software Analyst/ Data Analyst from a startup company in Milan for 6 months. Any leads/ help highly appreciated. Thank you for your time😊


VC interview tomorrow, with maybe more rounds to follow. What key questions should I ask as I'm getting to know the firm?


Hi Fishes,

If anyone interested in Capgemini Referral for below opportunities please let me know.

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I realized I have an issue with declining job offers because I get scared nothing better will come up. This puts me in a position where I can’t stop overthinking. Any job hunting advice or books on negotiation I should read to increase my confidence throughout my career?


Hi fishes,
I checked a role at DBS Singapore and found my profile to be suitable for it.
Could anyone be helpful for a referral? I'll share the deets on DM.

Hello folks,
Need some advice.

I am an Associate Project Manager with 1 yr of experience in Geospatial Industry. I'm looking for a switch and I am currently on my notice period.

I am finding it hard get interview calls as I have observed the experience needed for this role is more.

How should I proceed with such less experience as I'm not willing to continue in current company??

I am not actively applying to IT sector as I come from a non-technical background.

Appreciate your response!


Hi folks, I have tried over linkedin and through referral also.
Not getting enough call for interviews
Can you guys refer or suggest what should I do
Exp - 2.3yrs
Tech - java angular javascript spring boot docker
Any referral ?


Hi fishes, I'm looking for a referral for data analyst position at Innovaccer Inc. . If you could provide a referral please let me know. Thanks


Hi all,

can anyone explain me about the business and integration senior system analyst role. does it involve any coding?

Also let me know if they will give training on dynamics 365 as it's new for me and I had mentioned the same during recruitment. how will be KT in accenture ?

thanks in advance


Hi. I would appreciate any advice on this. I have been working in TCS for 3 years in Support domain. I have completed my PGP in Data Science and Business Analytics. I have been trying to get placed in Accenture. I applied last November as a referral to Accenture. However, my resume was rejected. I thought it was because I was not serving notice period and still studying my PGP. However, I have completed my degree now and am looking to switch over. (In comments) Accenture Accenture India


Looking for an Agile Coach role in DBS


My company Nomad Health is looking for the following positions to be filled:
1. Manager, Strategic Finance
2. Senior Product Manager, Post & Eval
3. Product Marketing Manager
4. Revenue Accountant
5. Senior Accountant
6. Senior Director of Product, Facility Experience
7. Director, Corporate Development
8. Director, Talent Acquisition Branding & Marketing

Please feel free to DM me for more information on the jobs posted above and for a referral to them!


How long does EY take to release technical interview results?


I'm currently a medical scribe with background in risk analytics and business development(switched from finance to medicine) and currently trying to get into a clinical trial assistant role. Last year, I had spoke to professionals who say I have the skills and experience to join, but due to my lack of clinical experience, I was unable to join. Now after a year, I have 8 months scribing experience in a hospital.

How do I leverage this experience to break in now?


I am less than a year (11months) in my current role and I am planning to switch - I have a good offer in my hand. But not sure how to initiate the conversation with my manager.
Some points:
- The opportunity is really good
- I am not liking my current role - far too many limitations and micro management
- Our team/function doesn't have a seat in the leadership table - most of our budget is not approved, our projects don't have enough sponsorship

Continued in comment.


Should I be worried I didn’t wear a tie to HBS interview?


Have you ever gone for an informational interview outside of first starting out? How’d it go? Curious if that’s a thing copywriters do.


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I’m starting to think there is a very dark side to marketing. My whole job is basically manipulating people into spending money, often money they can’t afford. I’m really starting to question my career.


Hi... looking for good opportunity in pre sales, Bid Management


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So it's 4:00pm on a Friday and the client is obviously not getting you those PBCs. Do you A: ask for more work to hit your billables? or B: enjoy the weekend off?


Looking to move to Sunnyvale / Mountain View / Palo Alto in mid January, when do i need to start the apartment search process? Looks like its still too early from the listings ive been browsing


My current utilization is 106% .. If next week full is pto + 1 week of disconnect, will it impact much on utilization? Will it still be above required % for milestone candidate.
Pls let me know..


I am a new consultant, but I hope to one day develop a strong network of potential clients. I hope to start my own firm one day with focus on niche topics. Where can I start networking for building relationships and potential project leads 3-5 years down the road?


Thoughts on whether the government has a plan in place on a timeframe in which people can slowly get back to work? I don’t think shutting down the country for months is sustainable


I just made a LinkedIn. What’s the best way to get more connections? I feel like everyone I know is at my current company and I never did much networking in college.


Anyone here from Deloitte? I heard they give $20K bonuses for TS/SCI.... sounds false

Does anyone here hold a non-CFA designation (CFP, CAIA, FRM etc.) and what kind of role/position do you have?


Hi folks ,Wanted to know how is CBO domain in Deloitte. Got a java back-end role. Thanks in advance.


What is the possibility of getting fired at PwC AC Bangalore? I always have this fear that I am not technically sound and someday they would find it and fire me. Sometimes I don't know many things and I'm not a quick learner as well. I try a lot but not able to grasp things faster and sometimes struggle a lot which leads to anxiety and shivering. I have 3yrs of experience.

How to deal with this or shall I think about other career options? I'm having difficult time now a days thinking about it.


Has anyone ever been able to negotiate office perks/changes for the whole office? Would be nice if my company offered snacks or at least fruit...

Just started a new job two weeks and I’m pretty sure I’ve accidentally pissed off a VP. Basically it was a miscommunication on who was doing what after a meeting we had. My boss (also a VP), myself, and two others felt we would do it one way - with me being the main contributor, and apparently the other VP took it differently and had her team doing the same task. Now it seems she’s annoyed at me/us. How do I salvage this?!


Anyone else that is licensed in one state, works remotely in another state for a company that has its headquarters in a third state? I’m trying to figure out where/if I need to register as in house counsel.


Hi folks, have anyone tried jobs in Canada by applying from India for any of Finance profiles?

Hi All,
Can any one share the leave policies of Accenture

I’m remote till at least June. Been in the burbs with my parents but want to move out soon. If not NYC, where are most folks looking to work remote?


Any healthcare workers currently working in the cath lab?


Additional Posts in Cloud engineer ( Aws , Azure )


Hello folks

I have 4.3 years of experience in It windows domain

Looking for a switch in cloud
I am a certified azure admin, aws solution architect

Would be a beginner in aws and azure


Looking for fresher jobs for my sister preferably in cloud domain. If any leads there please share .Amazon

am looking job openings in azure
I have 1.5 years of experience and currently on notice period
I can join within 15 days.
Please DM me if you know any vacancies


LTI is Hiring for below Cloud/DevOps BU Positions
Interested plz DM with job codes to apply
Immediate to 30 days joiners will be preferred

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Can someone refer for *cloud support associate * at AWS Amazon Web Services . need it for my sister.Amazon

Anyone from Azure cloud DevOps?
Need some career guidance.


Any openings for Cloud Network Engineers
5.5 YOE
Skills : AWS, Palo Alto, Cisco, Routing Switching & Firewall


Hi ,

Does anyone have experience with interview in Bosch for Azure Migration role..

I have 10 years of experience. Mostly in Unix, C++ and Visual C++ and MS SQL. I developed interest in cloud computing as like many others and was able to clear AWS Cloud Practitioner, AWS Solution Architect Associate and Professional, AWS Security. Along with these I was able to clear 8 Azure certifications as well: 3 fundamentals, Azure Security, Azure Developer, Azure DevOps and Azure Architect.
Now my main question, can I try to switch on Cloud Architect or some other similar cloud roles?

How to grow in azure, have started with az900, what next ? As my job profile is different


Hello Sharks!!!

*Need your guidance*

I am working in a Azure support project from last 2 yrs and would like to make transition to the next level for better opportunities, growth and package.

I am not interested in hard-core development and have little coding experience.

Which track would you recommend in this case and why?

It would be great if you can also share some recommendations of the resources that helped you


Off topic, Can anyone please suggest me how to prepare for AWS cloud job, my current project is not related to cloud, i have +2 years of production support in linux and currently holding aws practitioner certificate.

Deloitte USI hiring for below skills:-
1) AWS Architect
2) Azure Architect
3) GCP Architect
4) Multicloud Architect

Role: Manager - 9 to 12 yrs of experience. Dm me.