Hi Sharks,

I am looking for a change, currently working BA in financial services domain having 6+ yoe. Let me know if any opportunities are there in tiaa

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Location Pune

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Brillio is hiring for AWS Developers (3+ Years) and AWS Architects (10+ Years). Message me and share your resume for direct referral to the hiring manager.

Looking for an Job opportunity in operations - O2C domain, preferably cash application.
Experience in years - 3.8 years
Current company - Accenture Solutions
Current designation - Senior executive (management level 12)
Current CTC - 4,58,000
Variable+incentives - 73,280
Expected CTC - Around 7 LPA (Negotiable)

Can someone suggest if any vacancies are available or refer me the best opportunity


Hey, fishies. My NYC-based team is going to be looking for a mid/senior writer for a project in the new year. If you’re interested, slide into my DMs.

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Hi Everyone,
My Brother, having 11 years of experience in Chartered Accountancy is seeking suitable opportunities to showcase his talent.
He has hands on experience & expertise in following finance related platforms- O2C,P2P,R2R,Revenue assurance,Consolidation,RPA,Pricing,Auditing,FP&A & ensuring Financials intact as per 606/IFRS

If anyone knows any opportunities or any lead or if can refer to any organisation, please do let me know.

Hi.. This is Shiva Vutukuri. I am working as an Operations & Project coordinator. It is a Non-IT sector. I am in search of a better opportunity. Can someone help me with this?
Referrals or job offers would be helpful

Any open roles in Resource Management (Staffing/Deployment)?


Hi Fishes,

I'm on the look out for BMC Remedy Developers as well as Application Support Candidates. let me know if you are interested.


Can anyone provide me a reference in JPMC, Citi, BofA and DB for FP&A role?


Referral needed in Amazon, Any helping hand available?


Need referal for my profile -
Exp - 8+ years
Tech stack - Java based technologies, AWS cloud, Microservice architecture, Rest & Soap, Redis cache, architecture, design, consultant
Role - Senior development engineer
NP- 60 days
Seeking for a remote job !!!!


Is there any openings in Siemens for Pega developer?

Any job openings in amazon for non tech roles

Hi fishes,

I'm looking for job change.

C++ Developer with lInux multithreading
YoE: 8.5+


EY-Parthenon has some open roles. If you are interested in applying I am happy to refer you. Please PM me with your company and current job title. Actively hiring for Sr. Director, Director, and Consultant levels


Hello Guyzz,

I am looking for a job oppertunity in storage domain.
Having 5+ years of experience in NetApp products and troubleshooting
Desired job profile: storage administrator

If any oppertunities under view, please let me know. I can forward my resume for more detailed information


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I have a meeting tomorrow to sit down and network with an MD mentor. Anyone have any good conversation topics/ questions? Trying not to appear green and naive...


MIT Sloan only gives you one recommender. Does this suggest they want your current supervisor, or is it truly open to anyone who knows your work well from a managerial perspective?


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Hi everyone

Yoe: 3

Skills: Manual, API, Performance testing

How much can I expect in my next package jump?


Anyone know who the recruiter is at Preacher?


Given the economy, it a bad time to start a career in tech sales? Moving over from consulting and would focus on analytics products


It just feels so good to enjoy a quiet moment with your friends after a day in the field, the feeling of companionship can be felt even through the silence. I'll never forget those moments.


Do you feel that the creative process is harder or easier by working from home?


How's paternity/maternity leave in private equity?
I'm in the middle of recruiting process, but considering having a kid in the next 2-3 years and was wondering if timing might be a problem


I have 6 years of claims experience and I currently work for a non standard company as a total loss adjuster and a fire and theft adjuster and I’m getting paid $58k and I’ve been with my company for a year and a half and I’m just checking in to see if I’m getting paid on par with the industry.


I was recently (in April) fired from a good nursing position that I was at for 5 years. I reached out to my old ADON to get some information on where we had our vaccinations from and she told me that I should come back and the administrator that I had issues with is gone. Is this something I should even consider? I miss my patients and some of my coworkers and the pay is better, but I don't feel like I would really be welcome to come back.


I set up an interview last week with a company for tomorrow morning, two 45 minute interviews back to back. Of course, today I heard back from my current company I would be getting a raise after having pay frozen since May. Unless it was a very very very good offer, I’m not sure I see myself leaving anymore. The interview is at 8:30 tomorrow morning - what would you in my position? I don’t want to break the connection with this company as I don’t want to have to rule them out in the future


Job openings Cognizant

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How does everyone network/find clients? I’m a third year associate in Fort Lauderdale working at a small firm doing M&A and general corporate work. I’m a people person and have no issue networking, but feel as though this never turns into any useful leads/clients. And tips or advice beyond the usual “join a networking group”? Thanks!


Thoughts on Berkeley research group for TAS


What are all the learning platform available for Indian employees like udemy ?

What benefits do indian employees get in terms of parental insurance cover, gym etc for India location?


Additional Posts in TIAA

Is any specific working hours followed at TIAA like 12-9 or its flexible? How is work life balance? Any disadvantages?

How much can I ask from TIAA ?
Role - Analyst, Software Developer
Java Fullstack developer
yoe - 2.7 yrs
Cctc - 7lpa

Hi everyone, howz is the work life balance in TIAA?
Do they have onsite opportunities?


What is the salary range for TIAA
Associate Business Analyst

8.5 Yoe


Can someone please help me for my next week interview for below role.what topics i need to prepare well.
Role: Associate – Securities Valuation

Job Code:


8.5 years of experience... Associate level @TIAA

How much should be ideal package to ask for?

What kind of interview questions i can expect for L2 2nd Round at TIAA for role of JAVA Developer.
I have 3 years of Exp


Hi can you suggest , JP Morgan or TIAA ( both mumbai) which is better? In terms work culture/ work life balance and employee growth.

I will be getting their offers next week. Not sure which to choose. Jp is giving ,21 lpa, yet to negotiate with TIAA. Yoe- 5.9.
Also how much i can expect fix from TIAA?

Please suggest .


How much time does it takes for the results after final US interviews?

How is Finance/tax side of TIAA? And what should be an ideal salary for Associate at Tiaa?

Hi Fishes,
Many peoples saying product based company will pay more than service based company.
But I think nowadays service based companies are paying more than services based.
Tiaa global business services is product based company but not even ready to match the offer. Before interview they are ready to give package but once interview get cleared they will not ready to pay package based on your expectation.

Urgently need referral for TIAA
YOE- 3.4
Tech Java Spring microservices backend
Fintech domain
LWD 1st Sep
Location Pune

TIAA Tiaa global business services TIAA Bank folks share your YOE, Technical Skills, and Salary here so that others get an idea while joining /negotiating. Thanks 😊



I have received Compensation breakout. However, Variable component has missed out in the Breakout. Can anyone please clarify whether variable component is part of CTC.


Is “associate”, a good level to join in TIAA ?


Is cab facility available at tiaa? And is that on charge basis?