Hi Fishes and Sharks,

Anyone looking out for referral in Maersk for Data Engineer, Engineering Manager roles, Please DM me. Lots of opportunities with good WLB and competitive package.

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Remote or work from office?

It's flexible here

How to share a profile ?

I am interested

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My job might be doing layoffs? Does anyone have any leads or referrals for product management?
Thank you!


Hi recruiters!
I recently quit my job at a big tech company with good name for a better job at a younger but still famous tech company. Now, 3 months later I’m not sure that the new role is as interesting as they sold it to me. I know I have to give it sometime and talk to my manager (I have shared my concerns with him), but precisely because of his answers, now I’m considering looking for another job. I truly want to be in a role with lots of impact. How should I apply to jobs? Cont in comment


Thoughts about Anthem analytics? Interviewing for a role currently with them.

How is Salesforce project in Coforge? WLB etc..


Can I get a referral from Morgan Stanley for etl job post : Job Number: 3212039


Hello fishes,

In new to EY GDS,
I have 3 years and 2 months of experience
I joined couple of weeks ago as staff-3,
Is staff-3 the correct position they gave?
Am I on the right track?

Hello Fishes
I am having 13+ YOE and have offer of 27 LPA as project manager.
I am having extensive Experience in ecommerce project using Magento cloud commerce + enterprise level projects using custom tech stack like Reactjs, Angular Js, etc. I have experience in cloud migration using AWS and GCP. I have worked with complex functional as well as CMS based project.
I have handled project for real estate, education, automobile, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, etc.
Request for referral


Background: work primarily with preparing c/o financial statements for divestitures (CMAAS)

I like the work, I don’t like the culture.

What exit ops could I look for, with assumption I leave after making senior?

Hi Team, I was part of the layoff at Elastic last week. Our whole midmarket AE department was eliminated.
Does someone hire for a midmarket/commercial AE position in The Netherlands?
I am a native German speaker. Of course I already applied via LinkedIn, but I urgently need a new job in January.
Thanks everyone!


Hi fishes,
Looking for a job change for UI developer role, any referrals plz for Deloitte,Infosys etc


Acko requirements for blended process (voice & chat) Min 2 years of calling BPO exp (1 year of which should be in international voice process mandate). Graduates/undergrads can apply. Excellent English & Hindi Work from office Day shift No cab Salary 4lpa to 6lpa ROI - HR + TL + manager round
Kindly share your resume at my email ID yashig997@gmail.com



Looking for switch into consulting..

I have a 5 years of experience in supply chain management. Have worked into the functional role and willing to move into technology or analytical side.

Any help appreciated.


I have an interview for a technical writer position in the chemistry field. Coming from a lab based chemistry role I'm use to getting technical questions about my lab experience. With this role I'm interviewing for being office based, I'm not sure what questions they may ask. What interview questions can I expect for a technical writing position?


What are the most ridiculous things you’ve seen on a resume?


Anyone up for going through my resume :)

Looking for a data science internship, please let me know in the comments if your companies have openings.


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What is the best way to answer the question "how would you approach this job"?


Accidentally exited a chat with a KPMG today. My apologies, chat back? 🙂


Asking on behalf of my friend. Anyone aware of Cyient Company Pune? Is it a good company to join as an Electrical Design Engineer? How't the wlb in this company and career growth opportunities?Cyient


Thoughts on Pathmatics?

Can it actually provide media spend? Are all brands in there or do you have to request to get brands in, etc?


Any f 🐠 in NY/NJ up for a drink tonight? Not looking for anything - just casually hang out as friends. M30.
Neurotic about covid measures (I sanitize everything!)


What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?


Hello Fishes,

Need some suggestions..!!!

I got an opportunity with John Deere as a 'Technical Information Specialist'
Offer - 11.5 lpa, and joining in 15 days
In discussion with other company they said the same around 11.5lpa but process is taking time.

Also i have an offer of 9 lpa

My current is 6.5 lpa

Experience 5.6 years, I am a Mechanical Engineer worked with tier 1 company.

Can anyone suggest me, w.r.t. market value or anything?
They said that 11.5 is last

Thank You.


What do you do when you need to work with your EC students, have explained this to your teacher assistant (para), but they don’t assist the remaining children with engagement or problems?

What does a mid level writer make in Toronto?


Would you hire a first year analyst who went to a 2-year technical school focused strictly on Finance/IB. Straight two years of Econ/Acct/Corp Finance/Stats/Excel/DCF modeling? Why or why not?


TIL Starbucks offers 50¢ refills


How are these finance memes??


I left Big 4 after 2 internships and 1 year as a staff for reasons I’ll describe below. I was highly rated and they didn’t want me to leave. I want to go back but only if I can be a senior. Realistic?


Sup party people; whose going clubbing tonight 🧐


How often are you having sex? I’m in a relatively new relationship, and feel a subtle pressure to have sex every day (if not more — often morning and night.) I generally enjoy it, but it *is* time consuming, and I can’t help but feel stressed by it at times. Any tips for managing misbalanced libido? (Another factor: my partner is underemployed, while I’m working FT.)


Hi fishes! I recently joined Nagarro as a FE dev. Got a proposal mail today for CSX MEL Sourcing (Angular). Can anyone pls share some insights on this project? Based on learning opportunities, WLB, on-site opportunities, etc.


Did anyone lose money on squid? I thought about a small bag but never got around to it. I actually think it’s a good thing that this happened so people can see meme coins don’t just pump. Hopefully folks didn’t go all in.


I want to swim with a whale shark. It looks awesome

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Additional Posts in Data engineers India

Hi All. I have 2.5 yrs of exp in azure tech(adf,synapse,lake,sql and dedicated pool)
Along with 6 yrs of strong power center exp. i want to learn data bricks but have no knowledge of python. Can i make use of sql and be a good data bricks resource or python ll be more helpful. Also please suggest me how can i learn adb and python.

Which company pays highest for Data Engineers (Fixed CTC) for anyone with 5+ years of experience?


How to change my tech stack from python to pyspark experience 4 years?


Hey Folks,

How can I find churn customers in SQL for a period of one month?

I am assuming it as
Total customers at 1st day of month - Total customers at the last dat of same month
E g 1000 on start day and 2000 on last day would give us Zero churn right?

Can someone help me out with article or videos which explains using SQL


Please suggest

YOE 2.4
Azure data engineer

Fractal - 14.5
@Rich Products Corporation - 18.5


Hey sharkss,
Any openings for 2022 btech ECE passout fresher??


Please DM if interested asap

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I have learnt Python (Numpy, Pandas) and have SQL advanced knowledge...
Can I start looking for DE roles?
I have 3YOE data analyst experience ..

Q2) Where and for what purpose do we use python in data engineering cycle?


What is th le MAX CTC you can get for Data engineer (big data) for 4yoe in Non FAANG and non Startup companies??


Anyone here who have given data engineer interview at rolls royce?


What range should I quote to HR when they ask for what are your expected salary? Current CTC is 10.55 LPA. I have 5 years of big data experience including 6 months of on site project at egypt. Your suggestions are most welcome....

Hi currently iam looking for big data developer role, i have got offer for data engineer ,dataops - company name (comcast), but i have only limited idea about that role, could anyone please help me to understand about this role. Comcast

While describing, it was more like support role

Has anyone given interview in Daimler for data engineer? Can you please help what kind of questions they ask in the first round?


***Is there any organization who trains candidates to become a GCP data engineers ***

Hi Fishes, Welcome to the data engineering Hive. Since we are growing it will be great if we can start with a brief introduction with this this thread. Mine is as follows

Company :- Harman international
YOE :- 6
tech :- AWS, Spark, Hadoop, airflow , Kafka , python , informatica, oracle, plsql ,sql


Hi fishes, I have 3 years of experience in DevOps, I have a good knowledge of python and DSA, I want to work in Data Science.

Can someone please suggest how can I switch to Data Science ?