How is Ambit Asset Finance project from learning perspective? Asking since everything is internal. Internal frameworks and stuff. And since it's a huge project, people just get to work on chunks of it. How is it if you move out of FIS after working in this project?

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I work at a Pvt Ltd company in Mumbai India as a Project Manager.
I have 12+ years of experience.

What is the expected salary range for Project Managers with 12 years experience?


Hello, I'm currently in a final round interview for Account Manager at a creative agency. As a written assignment very, I've been asked to answer the below question. Any advice?

1.we just won a large new client for an influencer mailer project. Walk us through any key initial points & questions to ask the client

Is a 601 waiver required for having done unauthorized work in the US? Client is married to US citizen, and applying for GC overseas. Never overstayed, but did work illegally here in the past.


Hi All,

Any idea or experience about Nomura project in Capgemini? Is it good to join that project?


Is it a big deal to lose a representative letter that has been signed by the client?


Need some advice r.e. expensing. Just moved from agency to sales in tech. We are expected to front our own money for client dinners meetings travel etc. I realize this isn’t abnormal. I was irresponsible in my early 20s and have been working to repair credit. I don’t have a credit card with more than a $500 limit. How do I approach this/ being approved for company card with my boss? I’m so embarrassed. Please no shame and sorry this isn’t a salary question!


Whats the next project you want to take on?

Currently searching for a Project Coordinator, Office Management or Administrative Assistant role in the DMV Area. Any suggestions?


Hello! I'm currently an associate consultant in the United States. I was wondering if anyone has any tips/suggestions or referrals for a Project Coordinator or Junior Project Manager role? I'm currently studying for the CAPM exam and will apply for new positions in 2 months or so.

If your ad contains the phrase “at [client name] we believe...” you’re a disgrace and you need Jesus.


Partner: this reminds me of a great book.. it is really very great I highly recommend you get this book.

Associate: What's the deal with (name) and that book. He just keep recommending everyone read it. He showed a chart from it in the last client touch point.

Manager: He wrote the book.


My client things change management is a band aid for poor/nonexistent operational policies. For example: someone isn’t reporting to the right team? It’s a change management issue.



We are looking for React Native Developer who have worked on Banking/Finance project or applications.

Its pune bases company
Relevant Experience :3.5

Got ibm offer but it's a different location from my city and they said its banking project so have to report to office soon. Any options to get role / project in my city itself without losing this offer ?


I have absolutely zero motivation these days, and I know my performance on my current project is affected by this. Nothing crazy happened on the project thankfully, but I know I can do much better


Recently i joined cgi but the project does not ses much good as per tech stack.Is there anything I can do in this case.I am tagged to this assignment but project has not yet started.Please help me with issues?

Hi All,

I am 12 yoe, working at a very stable product based organisation (not NEC).
But I want to switch to a better role & compensation.

I got an offer from Thoughtworks GGN as a lead consultant. Being a mother, I have anxiety about joining TW, since it is service based.

1. Bcoz of the recession and hiring is not for specific project, is it the right time to join TW or is it risky w.r.t job security?
2. How flexible is TW for WFH or it depends on the client?
3. How is WLB?

Please help..


I am a technical person having 5.4 years experience as a software developer.
I want to transition my career from technical to project management line.
Any tips regarding the same.
Can i directly apply for PMO positions?


We were told recently that we need to get approval prior traveling to client site out of current work locations, how does other companies comply to this?


Hello, I’m on my OPT right now. Should I report USCIS that I work at client location?

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Any recommendations for Cincinnati? Restaurants, things to do?


How much are other Mortgage Loan Processors making right now? I know times are tough and layoffs are abundunt. I gotta know where I stand before venturing out. Im currently making about $5,000/mo doing about 10 files.

Are there any Caregivers available on here?


Have any of you had to go through multiple different therapists and found one that you enjoy meeting with consistently? Hating myself rn but don’t want to talk to the one therapist i have met with 3x and not sure if the search is even that worth it ultimately. For those that couldn’t find a good match for a therapist - are there other methods of therapy you’ve tried or would recommend?


HI Fishes,

I am currently working as a senior research analyst with 4.5 years of experience in market research (report writing, proposals, market estimations, presale and post sales qeuries, etc.). Can you please suggest me with suitable openings and also a possible hike. I believe I am highly underpaid because I started my career with low salary. However, I think I deserve more. Could anyone please help. Seriously please help. Have a great day⛅


If one gets an offer from a company, is it possible for the offering company to withdraw the rollout even after the offer is accepted?


The company I work for is having a hard time finding benefits account managers in the Houston area. If anyone is looking for a good company to work for please send me a shout.


Hi ,

Can someone please clarify this.

I have attended interview on EPAM anywhere last week and cleared technical interview but recruiter saying 'my profile is onhold'

Can anyone tell me onhold means what and did they call me back or not?


For people who have been promoted from senior to ACD at a Publicis agency, can you please share your salary bump? Thanks.


What's the variable component in s&p global , HR is saying only fixed component will be mentioned in offer. Pls guide...


I’m a manager and one of my direct reports makes more than me. It really bothers me. Anyone else been in this situation before? What’s the best way to handle it?


This channel should be called the “Dog Bowl” - Hi from my hound, Rosie!

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Looking for C# Automation Testing folks in Pune.

No of position: 3
Exp: 3-10 yrs
Company name: Atyeti
Early joiners preferred.

Kindly DM me if interested.

What is you’re favorite way to source today?


Not getting any interviews at Amazon. Is there a trick to this?


Have anyone taken Growth school design workshops? Are they even relevant?
I know they might be teaching all proper UX but in reality companies doesn't follow.
What's your view?


I have an offer from PwC US AC in India for Management Consulting. Want to hear feedback from learning, growth and WLB perspective.


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3ys exp total, 1yr angular and 2yr Java. How much should I demand??

What is the average hike people got/expecting in this cycle?

Any one participated in “FIS code Fest - 2022” ?


I am unable to add meal card in FBP. It is throwing FBP window is closed error. I have joined on May 25, 2022. Can someone help me from FIS?


Can someone refer me in FIs ? Position open for senior business analyst-banking domain in Bangalore.


Howz work pressure in business analyst profile in FIS Global? I got a offer with designation as senior lead analyst.


Hi can anyone refer me to this role.
ITIL Change management analyst senior


FIS is giving retention bonus to particular employees. Fortunately I'm selected. They are giving 1.5 lakh and requested me to stay for next one year 😂


Can anybody refer me to FIS Global?

Having 10+ years experience as .NET Full stack developer in BFS cards and payments domain.


Hi all,

I joined FIS recently and I want to access outlook and teams in mobile. If anyone knows settings please DM me. It's something very urgent.


How is Ambit project in FIS for .Net developer ?

YOE - 7 year

Would it be a good learning project or not ?


Hello All,

Anyone from
FIS Global who's onboarding was done recently? What was the process??
Mine was done yesterday and I just received 2-3 mails during the day, one of which I had to sign and mail back. Nothing else besides that. 🙄


Hi fishes Will work from home in FIS continue atleast upto Dec 2022? Any idea? FIS Global

I got offer in Bangalore FIS and my husband got an offer with one big company in Hyderabad. Both companies are currently WFH only but in future, I might have to consider moving to Hyderabad. Fis doesn't have office in Hyderabad so I was wondering if I can ask permanent WFH later. I guess I will be put in fis payment solution.

Thanks in advance. Kindly let me know. FIS Global


Any idea how long FIS global Pune is allowing WFH?

If FIS retains an employee with a new salary in November/ they consider you for Yearly Appraisal ?


Is there probation period in FIS Global ? If yes how much notice need to serve in probation period in FIS Global ?

In my Offer letter nothing is mentioned about probation period , only notice period is mentioned.


How is work life balance in fis gurgaon?

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