How is the job stability in Tesltra India How many employees work in India?
I was interviewed by people from Infosys, not sure how did they interview me for Telstra job. Any idea on these points ?

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It's surprising that vendor took the interview..there ar 1k+ employees in Teltra India.

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My dream agency interviewed me. Asked who my seniors were and poached one of them.

I am a little rattled by this experience. Did they only interview me to see who the seniors are and what everyone did? Is this okay for agencies to do?

I've only ever had 3-4 interviews so far...and I am not quite sure how to feel about this. Or if this is common. Or if I am overthinking.


What's the expected salary at Zs in Decision Analytics Consultant role in San Francisco office.
What do homegrown people get at this level? And what is the bonus percentage?


Hello all recently applied for a position at Boeing. Application states it’s under consideration. Is this a good thing? What’s the general turn around time for a decision. How hard is it to usually get on? Boeing


Hey guys,

I recently joined tcs and they told me to work at the Qualcomm office.

How will Qualcomm. What are benefits to the employee who comes from other companies to work at Qualcomm

What is work life balance like at Alverez and Marsal? Specifically for transaction advisory/financial due dilligence


*Input on Salary* I have two opportunities in hand.
1) EY GDS - Assurance Senior
2) BDO Rise - Assurance Senior

I am an ACCA affiliate with 2+ years of experience in Assurance. What can I expect in terms of compensation?

Thank you in advance.

BDO BDO RISE Private Limited EY

Is it appropriate to email a hiring manager for an update? I emailed HR on Monday. I had an interview two weeks ago (the third interview) for a position I really want. I haven’t heard anything and I keep checking the status and I’m not rejected yet. I thought about emailing the director who I initially interviewed with today since I haven’t heard from HR.


I am holding multiple offers with different roles and different locations.
Please help me make a right choice in terms of Work life balance, growth and learning.
My Preferred location is Hyderabad.
WNS Global Services : Assistant Manager Machine Learning (17+3.40)-Bangalore
EXL : Consultant-2 ML ops( 20.5(fixed +pp)+1.9)+2L joining bonus- Hyderabad
Hotstar : Data Ads strategy Analyst( 21+3)+ 1L joining bonus- Mumbai
Tiger Analytics: ML engineer(22+2)- Hyderabad

Hi Fishes I have two offers, YOE -4. Qualcomm offer- Base- 33L Joining bonus- 5L Retention bonus - 5L (paid after 1 year of service) RSU- 30k USD (3 years vesting) Nvidia offer- Base- 30L Joining bonus - 4L No retention bonus RSU - 90k USD (4 years vesting) Which offer is better considering company and future hikes? Intel Corporation Qualcomm


Just accepted a position as a Claim Specialist (Salaried) at State Farm in Atlanta. Start date is pushed out couple months from now. Does anyone know if the company pays twice a month, or biweekly? Forgot to ask the recruiter.


Can someone help with interview questions for agile coach role?


Hey guys

I will be joining Accenture soon , in countdown to accenture i can see the project name/dept as SAP SI solution factory . What is it ? Also under business unit it says IDC any idea anyone

Anyone have the Marriott Bonvoy credit card and feel like it’s a waste? I can’t even use the annual free night because the points has to be exactly 35k!


Anyone from EY Parthenon in Asia open for a chat? I just got offered a role and want to know if the compensation is alright.


What is the Salary for Assistant Vice President (AVP) at BNP Paribas CIB in Regulatory or compliance/Finance ?BNP Paribas CIB


When it came to applying for a job, did anyone ever have to submit a spec campaign via a fake brief? For a client the agency doesn’t have? Then not get a response even after you followed up?


Hi Fishers! Good Afternoon! Can you please tell me what is the minimum & maximum salary IQVIA generally offer for Associate Consultant Position in Analytics division? What is variable pay range usually Associate Consultants receive at IQVIA ?
IQVIA ZS Associates Novartis


How is the culture like at McKinsey in Waltham specifically.


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Why do Uber/Lyft drivers think it’s a good idea to always drive 5-10 miles below the speed limit????


How much does first year seniors make in a year in the St. Louis/ Kansas City area?


Wondering if anyone can share the approximate timeline after applying to Target Corp. to hearing something from them. Applied 9/1 and on the applicant portal the status still says “in progress.” I got a great internal referral, but I’ve not reached out to the hiring manager. 😬 I know there were a few hundred applicants — what’s a realistic timeline and what could I say to the hiring manager if I reach out to them. Many thanks.


What are some general warm-up prompts that can be applied to different texts & get students' wheels turning before a lesson or discussion?


Authentic Leadership - what does this mean to you?


July $13 F calls

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Any advice for landing an assistant/associate editor role? Anyone know of shops looking to hire full time?

Hey everyone, would anybody be interested in setting up a social/meet up for those in London? Would be great to expand to a new group of friends 😁


Does anyone want 2016 APICS CSCP exam materials? Totally free, asking for the shipping cost tho. They haven’t been used, someone gave me their version and I used those to study


Hey friends, what do you suggest an aspiring writer reads (novels, magazines, etc) and do you have any specific suggestions? Cheers


Looking for a remote/hybrid job working on Global Information Reporting (FATCA/CRS). Prefer to be in house. In the NYC/NJ/CT area. I would appreciate any leads. Thanks!!


I am a tenant and my landlord wants to come into my room for the first time in years to check on a possible leak situation that has come up. I wasn’t expecting visitors and live alone in a tiny place so it’s a bit untidy (kind of understatement). It certainly isn’t how I would want visitors to see it. Is it ok to let my landlord in if it is like this or does it need to be squeaky clean? Won’t have time to clean before he comes in.

I’m current MBA student and I’m looking for financial analyst and treasury analyst positions in Philadelphia. I’m trying to determine if I want to work for a Big 4 firm that has an office in Philly or a private business like Comcast. What are the primary differences between working for a Big 4 versus a private business.


I studied film in college but that was years ago. I’m an avid adventure seeker and can’t shake the thought of working as an adventure filmmaker, but I can’t see a way in without the right connections. How does someone get started in the industry?


SAP. Manager. Consulting. Deloitte. East coast mid tier city. What should the expectations be like?


Any good places to buy large plants near Gramercy Park? I looked into the sill and bloomscape but looking for other options


I came in on a fiancé k1 visa. My greencard i485 is lending, but my wife wants a divorce. Will I need to leave the country?


👀 Navigating the consulting world as a black person can be challenging.

💎 Community and support can help.

✊🏾 Request to join the *black consultants strategies and tactics* bowl today!

➥ Search “strategies” in the bowl search and click to join

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Has anyone moved in the afternoon / evening hours? The movers gave me 2 options: 1 in the early morning, 1 in the late afternoon. The costs are $300 different between the 2 options (afternoon is cheaper but their arrival window is between 3 and 6pm, meaning they can literally show up at 6pm and if the move takes long it can lead up until bedtime).


I have recently started in a specialty and have been experiencing co workers making racist comments. I have stated to my co workers how wrong they are but it hasn’t stopped. I can’t go to my manager because she is friends with the ones who say inappropriate things outside of work. I fear going to HR because of retaliation. I work in a critical care unit and need them when my patients code or airways are obstructed. I fear that if I go higher up, my patients could be at risk. What should I do?


Additional Posts in Telstra

What’s the Salary for Data Specialist in Telstra, Data and Reporting Team ?

Hi guys,

Do you have any opening for sql and power bi skillset


I'm in the final stages of interview with Telstra for Senior data engineer role. My cctc is 20 lpa. I'm considered for band 2 in Telstra .How much i can negotiate max with Telstra? Thank you.


Does anyone know what an IT Network Inventory Specialist is as a designation?

Hi everyone
I got an offer from Telstra for Microservices Software Engineer developer role.

YOE: 3.9
Techstack: Java, Spring Boot, Microservices, AWS, Docker, and Kubernetes.

could you please tell me what will be work life balance and job security at Telstra Hyderabad.



Hi friends,
Can you please help me with below query?
When does Telstra India starts Background verification? Before or after joining?
How many past year employment history and documents need to be submitted for background verification?

Hi Everyone, can someone please refer me for Technical BA role in Telstra. I have 8 YOE. Serving notice in my current organization. Telstra


I have cleared online test and 1st round technical interview scheduled for Monday. I would like to know how many rounds are there and how will be the interview questions. Skill set is java , microservice

Hello Friends,
Can anyone apprise me of the expected salary that i can ask for a Solution Architect role in Telstra - India? The band offered will be Band 2 which is confirmed. I just need to know the range Min and Max. I have 15 years of experience now.


How is telstra for data engineering role.? How about WLB?


Hi Folks,

Good Evening

Hope you all are doing well.

I am just done with the HR and Salary discussion for the Data Engineering role with
Telstra .

Which location is good to join Bengaluru, Hyderabad or Pune when it comes to Data Engineering roles and opportunities in Telstra ?

Any one currently working or worked in Telstra looking forward to your valuable inputs and suggestions.

Hi ,

Anybody working for Telstra client in hyderabad on behalf of FRACTAL Analytics ?

Please let me know the benefits of working at Telstra client when your payroll company is diff ?

How the company benefits like food ,cab and leaves do apply.

Please do comment.


Telstra giving 19 LPA , General mills 18 LPA and current ctc is 11 LPA . How much maximum i can negotiate with 4.2 yrs of experience?Telstra


Hello Everyone, I have joining next month in Telstra. I needed to know if Telstra has joining bonus policy and how much you can ask (basically what percentage of package). Also, will I be eligible for next year appraisal cycle.

Thanks in advance

Infosys Telstra

Wanted to know details on Telstra
1. Does Telstra offer work from home?
2. Does Telstra provide international relocation transfer(onsite)?
3. What would be the average salary slab for 10+ yrs exp in Telstra?
4. Does Telstra have mandatory work from office?


Looking for referral at Telstra..pls dm if you can refer

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