How to use the insurance provided by birlasoft? My father has a medical condition for which I need help.

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It's straight forward. Choose network hospital for easy processing. For others you may have to follow some procedures and send all docs.
Insurer is National Insurance Company. You will get approx 80% of expense based on the expenses and will be credited in 2 weeks of proof submission and within 1 month for above 1 lakh expense.
Send mail to a particular id before hospitalisation they will share details. The id you can get from hr.

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I've my HM rounds in Paytm & Swiggy for Frontend developer role.
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Which is better in terms of:-
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Additional Posts in BirlaSoft

Hi Fishies , Need one help. I have 2 offers from Birlasoft and Genpact where Genpact is paying 2LPA more than Birlasoft . But profile is better in Birlasoft. I want to join Birlasoft but not sure if they will give me same profile because IT Companies after joining change projects sometimes. Any suggestions from Birlasoft or Genpact employees. My domain is in Oracle Apps Technical (Genpact ). Birlasoft it is PDH( MDM) cloud version. CTC offered :- 16.5 + 1.85 + 50k(Birlasoft )
Genpact :- 21 LPA.


How much appraisal can I expect, I joined recently as a front-end developer (Angular)? I have been assigned project immediately.

YOE: 1

Anyone knows contact number for Birlasoft separation help desk. I left the company in Aug and still haven't received resignation acceptance letter or experience letter. I tried to mail but no reply from company.


Does anyone know how to apply shifts in Birlasoft? And how is their promotion policy for new employees.


Newly joined birlasoft, how can I know the policies and workarround of the my world portal. Any idea who can help me on this..??


How appraisal cycle is done in birlasoft?
Is it biannually or annually and how much is the average hike percentage?
Also if any of the fishes can share some information on the variable payout policy changes.

Hi Sharks,

I joined Birlasoft recently, I was not able to fill timelog but filled onduty though. I contacted HR but there is no proper response.
Does this affect my salary?

How are on-site opportunities in Birlasoft ?

Hi, What would be the max CTC can expect from birlasoft if we have counter offer of 11-13 for Python Automation with 4 YOE


Hi All,

Join birlasoft one month back, but didn't get any project yet. Till now gave two client round perform well in both but afterwards didn't get any kind of response from RMG. RMG people are also not too interactive, they hardly respond to the pings.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable now as in my 8years career it is happening the first time that I am idle for a whole month, also there is no one to interact with. This whole atmosphere is now making me loose my confidence.

Hi folks
Joined birlsoft lastweek

Please let me know how to declare and modify medical details of dependents

How to apply for WFH kit like table chair?

Whwn we can declare flexi


Got an offer from BirlaSoft. I have mixed views about the Organisation and how it operates. Would anyone care to brief a bit of WLB, Leaves, WFH flexibility and work culture in general? Thank you!

If anyone absconded from a company what legal action company can take?

Can anyone please help with the hierarchy of Birlasoft. What level is Technical Specialist with grade 4C ? Is it same as SSE in other companies?


Hello Everyone, I have total 7 years of experience in Power BI and MSBI and currently getting 13 LPA. I got interviewed at Birlasoft Pune for Expert Developer/Technical lead role. How much CTC I can ask as a m immediate joiner and got a mail for background check. Thanks!

Hello Friends,

My Wife is having offer from BIrlaSoft and Barclays. And thinking to join on next week.
Can you please suggest how is the WLB and Work Mode in Birlasoft?

Technology - .Net
YOE - 5 Years
Current salary - 9 lpa
Offer in Hand - 15 lpa

Appreciate for the feedback.

Thank You

Hi folks, recently got an offer from birlasoft. Wanted to know how’s work culture and what clients available in chennai location?? Any feedback would really help, thank you. Pls advise