I recently gave Capgemini Java B2 Consultant technical interview (java Spring Boot, Functional programming). The interview went well and the interviewer told that HR will contact me. When can I expect a HR round to happen? Please advise.

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How much hike to ask on counter offer of 25.6 (fixed) from JPMorgan Chase ? will they give hike or simply match only?

Yoe: 4, Role: DevOps


My partner just told me he’s been interviewing and is close to getting an offer. He’s looking due to our company being a total mess right now. We work so well together, have great creative chemistry and really support each other. I get why but I still feel dumped. And now I’m left alone to deal with the mess. Anyone relate?


LinkedIn jobs applied.
Resume updated.
Referrals made.

But still no calls from companies.
No interview scheduled.

Is I'm the only one here?


Am I a back up for the firm?
I passed the first round of interview at a t2 firm in the Middle East but they put changing the time for final round interview. It has been more than two months and my final round slot still cannot be confirmed. They say that it is because of Christmas time and things. Is this normal? 
Am I just a backup for them? (like they would only let me interview if they need people desperately.)
Is it even good to join if I get the offer given the situation?


One of my friend wanted to understand the type of questions being asked in Nagarro's 2nd Technical Interview for .Net Fullstack Dev. Please share the insights on the same. Nagarro Infosys Newco

Has LinkedIn apply helped anyone to land an interview etc.? If not what according to you are some of the best ways to land a job in your company of choice or bette yet what has worked for you?


How much percentage is the bonus payout in PWC for Oracle Consulting ?


My first round of interview cleared for Walmart Walmart global tech but HR didn't schedule the 2nd round after 3 weeks, and he mentioned that there is some migration of tools are happening, is this the real reason or something else, Anyone face similar issues is this real or any other reason ?


I got through all the rounds of interviews (including 2 technical panels) at CrowdStrike before being assured that I was nearing the end of the process and was expected to receive an offer soon… almost two weeks ago now? Anyone else experienced this kind of delay from CS or similarly sized organizations? Did I get ghosted? Anything more I should be doing?


Anyone working Azure SQL DBA at present here ? I am looking for transition from SQL DBA to Azure SQL DBA. I have completed my training and certification.
Want to connect for real-time project related issues and interview preparation.

need help on the topic, My location is Pune.

Please help 🙏 Has anyone done human/employee due diligence before? I’m thinking I’m going to approaching it where I do a mix of 1:1 and workshop style “interviews” to assess the quality and skills of people coming from a company to be acquired. How does one does this in practice? What types of questions should I be asking given I don’t have domain expertise in all these areas, and what does an final output/deliverable look like? It’s like 50 people.


Which place will be better to Join in terms of Career growth and benefits?

HashedIn by Deloitte - 13.25 fixed + 2.5 variable - Work from office after July (Bangalore)
Software Engineer 2

Jio Haptik - 14 fixed - Permanent work from home
Implementation Engineer L1

Abzooba - 15.5 fixed - Permanent work from home (Not yet confirmed)/ Hybrid in Kolkata
Senior Software Engineer

Location - Kolkata
Python Developer, 3 YOE


Hello Fishes, How much Amex can offer on Product Owner role at 14 years of exp ??


Anyone at CFGI care to comment on the culture?

Does EY supports higher education in any manner like loan,time-off without resigning..


Does anyone know the compensation for a senior analyst at McKinsey with a Master degree and 2 YOE? Looking for base pay and bonus.


Moving on to round 2 of an interview for a social media position. I have to prepare a case study. What are things you would include? What not to include?


Hi, What's the hiring process for CTS. How many rounds they conduct. In which how many are technical rounds.

Recently I've cleared technical round and there is no update after that mail.Ple Please let me know how many days it takes for next rounds

Thank you.

Any healthcare consultants here that transitioned from clinical roles? I’m in the middle of interviewing for an analyst position in HC for Huron. I have 6 YOE as an OT in the hospital settings and also experience as a rehab coordinator.

Have you felt the switch was a good pivot for your career? I’m excited about the potential to join the consulting/business world but wondering what it’ll be like to switch to a entry level role. Would love input from others in the consulting world as well!


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Anyone looking for a freelance PM at an agency? Preferably in LA? I've been doing strategy brand side internationally (currently in Dublin) but moving back to LA soon. Thanks in advance!

Any advice for someone currently working at a smaller firm in a “niche” area but looking to branch out to a larger firm with broader service offerings and career opportunities?


I have been Zoloft for 3 weeks and this week every afternoon I felt dizzy and nauseated I can't have lunch. It works wonders for my anxiety though. Anyone experienced this before?


Anyone know of any great entry-level digital marketing positions in Austin, TX? Accenture has a few cool ones but it’s pretty difficult to get your foot in the door given how many people apply.


As a Black woman in the military, how did you learn to deal with the policing of your hair?


Plz help which one is better tech Mahindra or Times internet

TechM : 21.50 lpa

Hey folks,

Can anyone give salary insights on the automotive business side of Qualcomm.

What to expect as a offer with 4+ YOE in automotive industry and looking for a Business Development role.


Got reached out to by wealth managers from Merrill Lynch, Chicago group. Any fish here work with them before? I’m not a high net worth individual so wondering what’s the benefit vs managing my own?


I cleared all my rounds of interview in JPMC, had salary discussion with HR 2 weeks back. After which i was asked to apply the job on candidate portal and submit additional information.

Its almost 2 weeks and i haven't heard back anything from them. My status in portal shows "You are moving to the final steps in the process". This status has not changed since last 2 weeks.

Can i expect the offer letter to be released? If yes when?

Hi Ladies! I have a room available with a shared bathroom in Palms Los Angeles. If you or anyone you know might be interested - please DM me. Rent 1100 - available Oct 1! :)


Going to join *C* for the client RBS as an Implementation Analyst/Manager role. Could someone explain me the Technologies used at NatWest and how do they Operate? More from AQ perspective. Agile or waterfall?

How does one get a government job in texas if they were fired from the abbot admin?


My 4 month old puppy started teething. What are some chew toys or treats you recommend to keep his biting at bay? I currently use Kong’s, ice, frozen towels and fruit. Bully sticks work, but those

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Just started a few weeks ago. Is it weird if the people you work with don’t ask you anything about yourself or are generally aloof? Several of the people in my group don’t even get my name right. I get I’m brand new, but I just find that odd. Even when I worked in fast food people called me by my right name. When the group has had lunches, they mostly talk about affluent topics i.e. Rolex collections, test driving teslas, expensive sneakers/restaurants, etc. Is this typical of big law?


Hello, what questions are usually asked in a tableau developer interview?

Hello, everyone!
My company got laid off recently and Iam looking for a new oppourtunity in Cyber security field.
I am a cyber security graduate with one year of experiance. If anyone knows of a job opening where I would be a good fit, please let me know!!
I am looking for job openings based in Canada and US.
Any leads would be appreciated!!


I know this isn’t the best bowl for this but I figured women may have more info - I’m considering moving into the fashion world and I’m looking for people who have made the move. Open to an ops role


Hi guys, just wanted to know from people who work in product roles. How did you land those?


Additional Posts in Capgemini India IAM

Is C2 Band Manager at Capgemini same as M at Cognizant in designation hierarchy?


One of my friend has received an inquiry email from capgemini that it has been found that he is moonlighting. has anyone has received a similar email ? He is just working with capgemini only and is currently serving notice period and was expecting to leave by start of january 2023. Is capgemini harassing the guy ? Has anyone else got the same email ?


Hi fishes,
Can anyone refer me in CG

Tech stack: ping federate, saml, SSO, oauth, openid
Yoe: 2+
Lwd: 10/Jan

how to declare new tax regime for tds deduction in capgemini anyone has an idea? i recently joined cg and want to go with new tax regime


Affordable PG for Boys

Shared accomodation available in 3BHK
Location: Pimpri Area (Pune)
Landmark: Pimpri Station Rd

*DM for details*

Rent: Rs.3500 per bed/per month
Deposit: Rs.5000 per bed

- Fully Furnished
- Direct Owner
- Car & Bike parking available
- Standalone Building
- Electricity bill will be shared equally among all tenants
- Rs.1000 to be paid by tenant for notarized agreement
- Maid charges (for cleaning room) included in rent
- Max 3 people in 1 room


Hi Guys,

I have a salary negotiation round with Capgemini for the profile of ABM (Account Based Marketing) - Team Manager Role at C1 level

My Current CTC is 13.15 LPA, what is the range that i can look to negotiate between, also want to know if it is possible to ask for joining and retention bonus

Hi everyone

Can you tell me about the work culture in Capgemini.. I am 5 yeas experienced

I had given interview last week for Capgemini and had salary discussion on Monday. They told me they need approval and will come back. Within how many days can I expect offer letter?


Hi folks,
Need a small help. Can anyone please tell what is the C1 level in Capgemini and what is the median salary package for the post?

Do Capgemini provide life insurance for their employees?

Is there any opportunity for eCommerce marketing position in any firm? I have 3+ YOE in same profession.
Please let me know I am looking for job.


Hello everyone,

Can anyone give me an idea of well are the hikes while joining in Capgemini and after at what interval of time there are best chances of increment.


Is capgemini hiring for Governance, risk and compliance domain?

Hi ,

I have a offer with TCS 18 LPA and capgemini with 16.5 LPA. I am working in SAP ABAP. Is capgemini will consider renegotiation as well as how is CG interms of Work life balance, job security and WFH policies .


Hi Fishes,

Can we claim for electricity bill, chair table and internet expenses in Capgemini?


Is C1 level at Capgemini equivalent to Manager grade?


What is avg CTC of consultant B2 grade in CG ?
will the HR'S are ready to negotiate if any counter offer provided to them ?


What should be the expected package of C2 BAND manager at Capgemini at an experience of 12.5 years?


Hi Folks,
Hope everyone is doing good and staying safe!!!
I have given my interview on 28th May and hr discussion and documents upload was happened on 30th May. It has been two weeks but I did not get offer letter. Recruiter is not responding to my calls and emails. I am a lateral hire. Can anyone help me to get offer letter.

Thanks in advance...