My company is looking for a new CFO (my would be boss) and I may have an opportunity to interview him/her. What questions should I ask ?

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works at
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What do you already know about our company’s financial succes/initiatives/business strategy/goals?

I’d imagine for a CFO interview that would already have done research on this

What’s your experience with risk management?

What’s your experience with increasing efficiency/cutting costs?

How do you minimize the risk of errors in your work?

what’s your experience with leading/managing a team?

What is your management style like?
What kind of expectations do you have for direct reports?

Ask your internal recruiter or whoever is shuttling this person through if there is a territory you are supposed to cover off in your interview. Ideally each interview is a puzzle piece so it’s not just random convos over and over again. Ask what your puzzle piece is.

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I’ve been asked to do an accounting assessment for a role in FAAS at EY as a Senior. Anyone have any idea what sort of questions I should expect?


I have an interview scheduled with infosys. My CCTC is 16 and holding an offer will infosys be able to provide at least my current ctc.... Yoe 3

Any books/self help materials for someone who is constantly worrying (and waste a lot of unnecessary time)? E.g. No matter if i pass or fail an interview, there is always something to worry about. The worrying/anxiety multiplies when I proceeded further in the interview stages. Now that I signed the offer and is pending background checks, my anxiety is off the roof as it itches closer to my starting date.


Anyone have insight on the best recruiters in California/Bay Area?


Is PwC being selective with their FDD hiring?


What is the most unexpected interview question you ever got?


I completed my final round loop interview on Thursday and was told that they will get back to me in 5 business days. It’s already 3 days and didn’t hear anything. Does it usually take 5 days or do they contact us early if we are selected?


Interviewing for an AVP role at TD and curious to know the current pay bands and split between base/bonus/RSU. Also how many days PTO is offered at that level. Can anyone help? Thanks!


Hello Fishes,

Did anyone attend interview from Delta Airlines recently?


posted in strategy but figured might as well toss it here too - does have experience with startups? did you like it? currently interviewing with a small but growing CPG brand to lead their brand marketing & creative. my background is in creative strategy & comms for a large CPG brand, so the autonomy is exciting - but I want to make sure it’s a good move. how was the experience? was valuable for future roles?


Hi.. I am working in TCS as a BA (Third party payroll) , recently my team has started the process of bringing me on-board TCS permanently ?
Is there going to be an interview for the onboarding ??

I’m currently interviewing (step1) with Alvarez & Marsal in Dubai. Anyone knows what the total comp is for senior consultants? What is their focus in the region? What does their hiring process look like?

Thank you!


How should a future CM looking for their first job build their resume?


Hi Fishes,

I have HR interview scheduled with LTI.
YOE. 4.4
Skillset: Java, Springboot
Already holding offer for Mindtree of 16.2 fixed. How much should I ask to LTI?


Been through multiple final rounds with no offers - it’s demoralizing, but pushing through.


Hi fishes,

I done a interview with TCS it's almost positive and they asked me ectc.. how much can I quote ..

Designation - python developer (API &AWS) Cum Lead

Already offer in hand for 12lpa

Anybody in TCS pls add some words

All your words and thoughts are appreciated.... Thanks

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Any day is a good day to pat yourself on the back. In public. 🤦‍♂️

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Guys! When do new joiners get their laptops?

I'm from Ireland, would I be able to move to Berlin in the next few months?

This is my first job in a large corporate company, and I’m trying to gauge how long it normally takes to move from entry level to another internal position in the insurance industry. I have been applying internally for a year now and I am wondering if this is normal or if my company is just slow? I am a top performer, with great metrics, and I have some wonderful connections I’ve made who support me. I just can’t seem to move up. How long did it take you to move up? How many tries did it take?


Is it worth it to save up to fly business or first class internationally [even just US to EU] - or save the money for other things?


Anyone hiring lol

Thoughts on "unlimited PTO" policies? I'm guessing it could be good, or terrible, depending on who's in charge of approving leave requests...


Hey Fishes need referal for UK and EU locations. Pls do connect for Project Manager/ Product Owner/ Business Analyst positions. Work Exp 8 years.


My skillset: Oracle Identity and Access management, Java , YOE:3.5

My current CTC is 8lpa, i have an offer from VFISLK 11lpa, and expecting offer from Accenture 12lpa.

Can Wipro match the offer?

Considering wlb and job security, i can stay in Wipro if they match the offer.


AA SWA- what international destination were you able to use them for and when ( what time of the year)? I have 4 expiring in January 2019


Just stopped by to say happy Friday. So cool that this group, started on a whim last week now has nearly 100 members.

What's everyone drinking this weekend?


I have already completed my LWD on friday and mh joining date is on 8th June. gave my PDM in IBM on Thursday. Aa i am an immediate joiner, will IBM send my letter with in 1 week?


Who else thinks shutting down the entire country was a boneheaded decision? We should have followed Sweden's approach.


Hi everyone

I am having around 3 years and 8 months of experience in building Web and Microservices using technologies like Java, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Security, Hibernate, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, JavaScript and React.

Looking for referrals.

Thank you


Anyone has any idea how much time does it take to recieve the F&F and relieving letter after LWD in Deloitte India.
I deposited my assests in the office on my LWD

Hi All,

Got promoted to TL level 9,
Present CTC 12.4 VP 40k

Please let me know is this what given in Accenture ????


I am in a period of growth in my role (in house and getting more exposure to top management) - im grateful for it but I also have constant anxiety during and after work hours. Does anyone who’s been in a similar position have tips for riding this wave? Hoping it’ll get easier.


Hey Everyone ! Many greetings from me

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Is the Hr lying when they told me the salary is not negotiable? How to properly respond and get my base higher? My last job’s HR told me the same thing but I found out My pay is 20% lower than my colleges.


Is too gaudy to ask what your total sales/renewals target would be for a potential job? Also, is it too much to ask what account list or target companies you would be given? Had an interview where I asked this and the interviewer scoffed at my questions saying that if they made an offer then we could talk about it.

Early in my career and interviewing at a tech company in the cybersecurity industry. Two interviews down, two more to go with potential teammates and then a high-level executive. Tips for dealing with imposter syndrome/nerves when everyone is far more experienced and credentialed? Hiring manager interview went great, just hard to shake feelings of inadequacy sometimes.


I'm curious what exactly do companies check in a background check?

Do they go into depth about your assignments and tasks in previous roles?


I'm interviewing at Noom for a technical data analyst position. The role's function (According to the job description) serves as a link between data engineers and data scientists.

Next week, the recruiter has arranged a one-hour coding round and a one-hour SQL round.

Please share advice on how to prepare. Thanks in advance!


How much does Technical Product Owner role pays in GTA , Canada?


Cannot take credit for this because I saw it in another bowl and idk how to reshare it but this is… accurate 😂

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Do you always send a thank you note on all your interviews? What if you forgot to send one, is that a sign you might not get the job?


I’ve posted this poll to my LinkedIn and have received some interesting insights…let’s see what the Fishbowl community has to say!

“How many minutes before a virtual interview’s start time do you join the video link?”

• Less than 1 minute - Like!
• More than 1 minute - Comment!


Any tips / prospective questions for BA roles in EY. Asking for a friend


Any interview tips for Slalom? I have my first round scheduled for the Data Visualization Consultant role. Thanks!
#Slalom #DataVisualization
P.S: Newbie here. Sorry if this is not the correct place to post.


I am getting no luck in finding a job. How are you guys applying? I want to diversify my career from my current niche. Does updating your resume with job description help? Isnt it lying?


Have a phone screen with an Amazon hiring manager tomorrow (non-tech role). The recruiter said to block off an hour for the call. Does the first phone screen usually actually last that long? 👀


Should I dress in formal attire (white shirt snd tie) for tech interviews?


I'm coming to the end of a contract term and being converted to FTE.

The offer was presented to me by the hiring manager and not HR/Recruiter. To me it is a lower base salary offer than expected, so I asked for info on the total compensation package (base, benefits, bonus, stock/rsu, etc.), which I was told about when they took me on under the contract with the intention to convert.

Hiring manager sends me an email with only standard benefits, no bonus, etc. Are these red flags?


I’m interviewing for a non-technical, mid-senior level role at Stripe. I know culture is really important to them. To that point, I have a half-dozen or so friends that work there, and I’m wondering how it would be perceived if I asked them to formally or informally advocate to the hiring team on my behalf? I know efforts like this can rub people the wrong way, so I just wanna be careful before deploying them. Anyone who works there or knows them able to comment on this?