Salary for Mechanical Engineering Team Leader in the automotive industry located in the Midwest.

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For IC folks out there, how are the hikes like?


Fishes, does anyone have insight to salary info for CVS Health in a Senior Manager Data Engineering position? The job description says anywhere from $95k-$209k which is a pretty big range. What is a closer range? Recruiter is starting out with $120k which sounds too low to me.


Here’s a question that’s top of mind:
How much of a percentage bump would you have to get to leave one company for a similar situation in the other? Everything else the same (hours, travel, etc.)


Those of you who have been in public accounting for 10+ years. Have you ever seen it this bad as far as staffing, low pay increases, low morale, etc?


Hello fishes,
What’s the compensation range for below roles at Bain & company U.K.?
1. Manager
2. Associate Partner

Bain & Company


I am currently located in Germany.I have a valid work permit- blue card for Germany.I am planning to move from CGI India to CGI Germany. May I know how much package (in Euros) I can ask for CGI Germany , 7 years of experience in Java, Spring Boot, Microservices,Kafka,Elastic Search and Camunda BPM (niche skills).

How much does an EA make in NYC?


Hi Fishes,

I have two offer from LTI and HCL

LTI is offer 17.32 lpa for senior data engineer domain is insurance. Technology@ informatica pc.

HCL is 19.9 lpa working will in ing account and technology will be power bi,congnos

Which one to join as per Work life balnace and future growth.


I had better get top tick bonus.


Hi all. I have a doubt. The joining bonus should be repaid if I resign in my 9th month and serving 3 months notice period or not required as I have completed my 12 months in current organization.


Hi , Grade C09 got the fixed CTC as 10 LPA. 4.7 year experience. Non technical role. Is it less or Ok for non technical role.

If my CTC is 8 LPA including variables. What would be my take home salary after tax deductions? Please help.

I left my family at 15 on the west coast to pursue my education on the east coast. I have since then got my HS and bachelors degree increased my salary after college from 56->62->70->~150k over the span of 4 years. It’s been 11 years after I left and I can finally give my family a life without all this suffering of not knowing when their next dollar is going to come from. But I fear it’s too late...


Can anyone please help me with expected salary under loan management current exp-3 years


Inquiring mind here—has anyone been a part of a group within their office demanding raises? I’ve been approached by a few coworkers here that we need to do something…like a “unionized” front? I’m sure many can agree…especially with inflation just hammering us right now…


Why doesn’t anyone answer salary questions 😐


What’s a decent salary for a 1-3 yr of experience project manager in SF?


Hi people, what would be in hand salary per month based on this below salary structure? Total fix salary is 16 lpa.

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Can anyone give insights on the work culture/load at EY Gurgaon, in the Govt and public sector vertical? and the salary range for a consultant position? Also, does it have any projects on sustainability domain?

EY PwC KPMG Deloitte


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How do you cope with being laid off?

I’ve changed jobs many times, even moved to the other side of the world without job and work visa (it all worked out fine) and after I left my previous job I took 6 months off to travel before I started this job at a network agency I loved. I always had confidence.

This is the first time I feel so heartbroken and almost grieving about it, and even the quality of work sucked (but the network and people are good). How do I get over this? I want myself back!


Searching for a Senior UX Researcher with B2B in software experience!


Who has the best People Analytics/Workforce Analytics/Talent Analytics offering? I know D, PWC, and McK are strong in the space. Anyone do this work and love it?


For a smallish project have you had any luck paying an editor by the hour or flat fee? I idieally do day rates but worried feedback on this one might drag on and there may be down days.

Why have men stopped wearing full length socks to work? This looks so weird IMO

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What is Data Service BU in LTI?


Had to evacuate hotel with the fire alarms going off 3 times in the last day. Each time, it ended up being a “false reading” on the alarms, but had to wait for fire dpt to check. 8pm/1am/3am. Points??

Today was my joining at Walmart but still didn't receive onboarding email. When I tried contacting HR, he said due to some pending formalities my doj is postponed for 2 more days. Anyone faced such issue or should I be asking for an updated offer letter?


I’m trying so hard to break into iOS developer roles, and I’m landing quite a few interviews, but then when I get to the technical interview I feel like I bomb them 😭

I keep on having recruiters reach out to me for non developer roles and I don’t want to be in sales or doing ux designer roles due to the lack of job security in them…. Idk if it’s wrong but I’ve always thought that the more technical your skills are the higher job security you have, but idk how true that is?


Clearance question: My mom is a naturalized US citizen who has been living in Iran since my parents divorced 15 years ago. I’ve been told that this will stop me from getting a clearance. Is that true?


Can anyone share about their thoughts for company called

How is wlb? Work? And other details

My joining date is in next week


Is it okay to pay 50% of monthly income in mortgage, hoa and taxes in a HCOL area? I am in the process of closing and really panicking over this fact.


DM me for more details.

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Hey all - 2 years in consulting so far as a fairly "type b" personality - relaxed, uncompetitive, enjoy socializing with my colleagues. To be clear, this is not the same as being lazy or irresponsible - I am diligent and do my work well.

Nonetheless I think we can generally say finance/professional services etc. reward "type a" habitudes on its face.

Thought it could be fun/funny/supportive to share experiences as the chiller brains in these anxiety-fueled fields.


My hands are cracking more than ever! Anybody have a favorite hand cream that works well?


Anyone deal with their families not really liking your career choice? I always hear about it during the holidays and get told that "it's not too late to do something else."


Today or tomorrow
Oh gosh !! So much funn EYGDS !!


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What is an acceptable salary range for a director role in KPMG?

Anyone here work with Salesforce Salesforce Canada and know the pay range for Manager, Finance Program Management & Delivery... im in the middle of interviewing and will like to assess if its worth my time. Thanks


How does getting salary info on Fishbowl actually work? The reason I joined was because the video showed people looking at their salaries… But it looks like a lot of people are posting asking for salaries, and nobody is responding to them.


Hi all, I moved into a role in marketing about 9 months ago and they let me know they were starting me off at $42k CAD because I was entering with no marketing background. Now that I've had time to learn more and show my abilities I wanted to get a feel for what Junior marketers make so I can ask for proper compensation when the time comes.


What is an acceptable bonus range for a PE sales associate in the NYC metro area?

Hello, what should be the salary for a project engineer? I will ask for promotion and I am unsure. I have 2 master degrees, 5 years of experience. what range should I have in mind?

If job posting pay was $36.66 hourly (no
range) what would be an acceptable offer
and counter offer?


What is the salary range in Technology consulting with 3 years experience in a small company moving into one of the Big 4s with work location in NYC ? The position is Senior 1 , there are 3 positions within senior level Senior 1,2&3.


Hello Shark, I have 24.5LPA offer in hand(Erricssion-Program manager job level-6) and one more offer as a project manager from Toll in process. Pls guide me how much package I can ask to Toll logistic IT Project Manager Job role.

What is the average salary range for a Senior 1 technology consultant role at EY in NYC? Next levels are Senior 2, Senior 3, Manager , senior manager.


Looking to find out realistic salary of VP's in technical roles at Barcalys in London area. I've been working at Barcalys for 7 years in Infrastructure engineering roles , I feel like I am getting underpaid, I have no realistic reference since this is my first fulltime job.

How much are project specialists making in Florida?…I’ll go first, I’m making $46,000/yr with 2 years of experience in the electrical sales and distribution industry.


Anyone aware of the base salary for a Business Ops Manager II - Chase Auto - Lease to Loan ??? (chase bank)


JPMorgan Chase
What should be the average salary for a product owner at JP Morgan Chase in US with 5 years of experience in IT and Finance.

Last year I moved internally from a
Paralegal level 11 w/ 14 yrs exp at
$100k base + up to 8% bonus to my
current role as compliance manager
level 9 at $123k base + up to 35%
bonus. I was above cap in my prior
role and now my range is up to $138k
base. I'm being recruited to my old
team as a level 10
Manager with
same base/bonus as now but since it's
a lower level I will cap out within a
year. I always found the legal work
more interesting but limited in career
growth. Not sure what to do.

Hi! Does anyone knows the salary of a Compliance Sanctions Analyst at Citi? Thank you!


Hi, I been working for Lloyds Bank for almost 9 years now , I recently attended a interview for Barclays and offered an Senior Business Analyst AVP role in Wealth and private banking area. I did not see much difference in the salary offered and it is pretty much same ie 68.5k.But the difference is current role is London based, however the Barclays one is based in Glasgow where cost of living is less in comparison. I am unable to decide whether to take the offer or not..any suggestions will be helpful pls.


What is the salary and bonus range for AVP at Citi London?

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