Which band or designation can I expect from Wipro with 5 Years of experience in SAP domain and what is the salary range for that band?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Sr. analyst, ranging somewhere between 10-16 lacs

I dont think so. I'm joining wipro and what I have heard from some friends is that 10-15% is their usual, above which it depends on your performance. But you can double check

I have 3.5 yrs of exp and Wipro offering same B2 designation🥲less ctc than yours.

How much are they offering you can you please mention and which skill ?

ETL , 12LPA includes VP.
Do you think I need to negotiate for B2 band or its fine as per my exp?

Prohibition period is 6 month but generally they complete it within 3 months only. I don't think there will be huge difference in responsibility due to package because for lateral already they should have some projects in their mind.

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11 YOE. Looking at Integration Architect role. Any inputs would be appreciated. TIA.


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Bay Area licensed producer in life accident and health Seeking a producer position in employee benefits where there is a good base salary + commissions pay structure, or a salaried position in marketing or account management/benefits consulting where I can earn 50% commissions on groups I sell in addition to my salary. These are my current options so I know it exist. I’m an account manager who is licensed and can write my own groups, and I will get 50% of the commission.

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Please suggest.


Hi Fishes, Happy Sunday ! I have offers from @zoom india and Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India for DevOps SRE role. I have 5 years of exp. I am bit confused with respect to learning pace and onsite opportunities. Kindly share your inputs.


Mathematicians/Tax Accountants, since I can never figure out tax brackets in CA, what would my net salary be on a $150k salary before 401k, insurance and all that jazz gets taken out? They say rule of thumb is assume 30% but is that realistic?


31L CTC+6L Joining Bonus in a small company or 30L CTC with 10 YOE. Fishies which offer you suggest I should take? Please suggest along with reasoning.


Honest opinion required from experienced people.....

I am currently drawing 16.5 as an Associate Manager 2nd year have told them to kindly correct 2 3 times to SM in SAT domain. This is the 3rd year have told.

Can anyone please suggest what would be the median salary in SAT for this level. I presume it should be 25 to 30, i am sure this year it is again fake promises and they can't suddenly pull me in this range from 16.5.

Honest opinion needed, waiting for Sept then will start looking out


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Found some consulting jobs on the PwC website that caught my attention. Hoping to find a few people from their life science branch that could have a look at my resume and answer a few questions I have. Thanks!


Anyone know of ways to get into contracting for Java Test Engineer role? - I have been in this field for ever 5 years.

I would appreciate a wfh role or some flexible working arrangement.

Expectation of £350-450 per day. I do not mind inside or outside IR.


If you’re interviewing with a ceo - what would you ask?

Hi Fishes,

Please help me to get 11 likes to unlock messages.


Additional Posts in Wiproite

Looking for refrel for Delivery Manager post.

Hello Wiproite,
What should be the good offer from Wipro as compensation and band for a 14 yr IT experience with niche skillset?

Hello All,

Can anyone refer me for a job opening at wipro?

Thanks in advance. 😊

Can wipro give early release to an employee who is serving notice period and if he is released from a project

Can anyone suggest the salary range in Dubai for 14 yrs experience person as IT solution Architect



Please can anyone tell what is cateria in Wipro & for anyone who comes from outside, the years of experience required to get Senior Analyst (SA) particularly in Finance domain.

Hi Sharks, Any idea in how many hrs we will be able to login with credentials after joining wipro?Wipro

Hi guys,

Does anyone have an idea on how a general referral works in wipro.
I want to refer my friend, is there any criteria for me to refer him? Pls help


I have got offer letter from Cognizant, for gurgaon location, i am supposed to join as Blueprism RPA Developer, what are the chances of re locating to different location after getting into project, if possible can someone help me with number of open opportunities in cognizant for gurgaon location.

I don't want to re locate to a different location from gurgaon.

Hi In my offer letter I was hired for the consulting stream but in the Wipro internal portal in the staffing page my career stream is updated as " Project stream" my band is B2. How can I get it changed to Consulting?Wipro

Hi, I'll be joining Wipro 28th September. Any idea when I'll get hike? 2023 or 2024?

what does sr role developer L3 means?

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to check what is the difference between Associate Consultant and Senior Project Engineer in Wipro. B2 band



Can someone please refer in Wipro for this job ID: 2748524

Thanks much!

What is the salary for developer analyst at Wipro 6 years of experience? For .net developer

Hi Folks,

I have received an offer from Wipro and there is a component WBP (Wipro Benifit Plan) which is of 2.5 L.

Will this be divided and paid monthly or will there be any deductions?

Thanks in advance.