YOE : 7
Current CTC : 14.5 LPA

Practice : Informatica Cloud services ( IICS ), PowerCenter

Current offer in hand :

Mindtree : Holding offer with 20 LPA

Delloite : Waiting for HR call for compensation discussion

Cognizant : Technical interview scheduled


Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Sorry mate, where did you join

Is 20LPA fixed or variable?

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My wife is interviewing with Deloitte Digital for Senior Consultant and is being offered $125k. She’s currently an Associate Manager at ACN. Would $140k be a possible counteroffer? No city restriction


What is ADD. TAX component in Mastercard salary slip, it's my first month and this salary includes the signin bonus..


💲For those who DON'T think a six figure salary is possible:

👉Just ask for it. Really, you would be surprised. Might be easier to switch to a new company and ask. I did that 3 years into my career.

And 🛑 wasting your time at a company that under-values you severely. Sometimes switching companies every 2 years or so will allow you to keep raising the bar for yourself.


Kotak Life Can anyone help me, to know.... Does KLI has any salary band at L 8, level I. e. Vice President level


Hi There,

Actually i am in process of interviewing for SDE 1 at Amazon,
Cleared OA, Technical Round 1, Technical Round 2 as well & only thing left is Bar Raiser Round.

It is actually pending for more than 2 months, when asked the recruiter about the reason of not being able to schedule the round? They said due to bandwidth issue!
Recently they did scheduled the BR round but panelist didn't join,
and now it is again went for scheduling!

What should i do so i get the round scheduled for me?


I had my 2nd skills interview with Accenture (Industry X) a couple of days ago. How long does it usually take for the recruiter to get back to me to see if I’ve made it to the next round? When should I reach out to the recruiter? What have people experienced in the past?


Applied to a role (TAM) by getting a referral from the potential hiring manager(HM) a week ago. I haven’t heard yet, even an automated rejection. How long should I wait to hear back ? I am reluctant to keep prodding the HM


I have a total of 12 months of experience as an IP paralegal. The first 6 months were with a global law firm and the second 6 months were with a famous retail company. I am currently working with an agency that would like to assign me to a company that is in need of an IP paralegal for a total of 6 months. My current salary with the agency is £35k (based on my current experience) but I would like to ask for more money before I accept this new role. Please advise how much money I should ask for.


Friday the CEO sends out an email proudly proclaiming that the company made $22 billion last year.
Two hours later I am told on our team meeting that the bonus/raise pool is down from last year.
I just have no words.


I am an entry level design engineer in Bozeman MT. I have a BS in Mech E. I was signed on at $55k annually, curious if anyone has any insight as to similar jobs salaries? I am almost at the 1 year mark and going to ask for a raise, curious what seems fair


What should be the ideal salary at HSBC EDPI for the GCB 6 senior analyst position with the 3 years of work experience for the Bangalore location. Tech stack - Risk & Compliance HSBC India HSBC


Looking for advice on how to career pivot. My husband is a general manager for a company that has HQ in a different state so growth opps are limited unless we move. How do I help him pivot into a more corporate job somewhere before it’s too late and he’s pegged as a boots on the ground GM? He has so much potential but I feel like all people see on his resume is that he’s a GM of a location as opposed to an operations leader especially when applying to jobs on LinkedIn. Looking for jobs in ATL.


Just received my offer letter with a sign-on bonus. If I voluntarily leave or terminated I need to return the bonus prorated. What does that mean?


How is the culture and hours in TMT at strategy&? Would love to connect with someone to know more.
Also, are TMT projects across the country or more focused in a certain region?


Gibt es schon irgendwelche Infos ob es dieses Jahr einen Bonus gibt?

Software engineer salary at big-4/MBB? My role is 90% management now and it’s not something I enjoy or am good at. Current salary is 190k and was wondering if it is possible for similar money to code?


Hi Fishes,

Is there a way to know your client or atleast the industry before joining IBM? I'm from supply chain domain and I have one more offer. HR isn't revealing this information.

I’m looking at Sr Mgr./Manager Security Governance Risk positions in the industry. Anyone have any salary ranges that I should expect? I have 9YOE in IT Risk & Assurance if that helps.


I got a call from a recruiter about Clinical testing analysis position. Any must know incase a get an interview?


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Hello buddies I am looking for a C/C++ referral in Infosys for @indore location. Can anyone please refer me for the same or any C++ based role in Infosys .. Thank you all in advance.

Want to get everyone's thoughts on a trend I'm seeing lately. Not yet at my own company but with people close to me.

I'm sure we've all seen the uptick in companies asking their employees to come in to the office more often.

Given the economic environment, does anyone feel that companies are doing the Musk thing: mandatory office attendence to cloak a need for a workforce reduction? Like coaching people out so you don't have to fire them and be the bad guy essentially.


Do HSBC India Provides Cab facility to their employees?HSBC India


Hi, i am looking for relationship management or corporate investment. I come from banking industry with more than 6 years of experience aa a chief manager.


the more money I make, the cheaper I get... does this apply to other people or is it just me


This life is too much.


Share your story, and why you’ve chosen to work with your firm or custodian here. So many BD’s force their clients onto expensive platforms. Raise awareness and help reduce client fees.

Hello friends, I am looking for job. I have more than 9 yrs of experience in application support role. I can join immediately. I will much appreciate if any lead/referral.


Which area in Austin is better for a single guy in early 30s to rent? I have been focusing around Downtown but keep hearing SoCal is pretty fun too?


Anyone here do work for very early stage startups? I do freelance and I got a new opportunity where I'd want to do a mixture of my hourly rate and equity. What's a good mixture or typical breakdown? I think this startup has potential but I also want to make sure I can be bringing in cash with it.


Everyone going office regularly?


Anyone looking for a succession plan or looking to sell their book? CFP with a decade experience in Wealth Management.


Hi fishes,

Currently working at Freshworks for 20LPA,
I want to change company because i need WFH.
Can i get some suggestions like where to apply as senior frontend engineer?

Exp CTC would be 35LPA +
Exp: 5.5 years

Any suggestions will be welcome.
Thanks in advance.


Anyone having idea on CES delivery Unit in Amdocs ??
Is it good to join as java developer there?

Tata Consultancy


Can anyone share work culture and flexibility in olam Chennai. Also what is salary range and incentives for associate director in olam.


Additional Posts in Informatica

Dear fishies, what is the best way to get exposure to IICS? I have 13 yrs experience in Informatica Powercenter. Unfortunately I'm not getting chance to work on IICS in my organization.


Hi All,

Greetings, I am currently working as informatica administrator and serving notice period in my current organization, can you please let me know if there are any opportunities for the same.

Does anyone have idea about what exactly is this Informatica fast track program? Anyone tried it before?

Any IICS certified professional here ?

Career paths for informatica power center developer with 10 yr+ experience?.

1) big data
2) iics



How to convert soap API to web API in between informatica to CRM application??

Thanks in advance.

Can someone tell me how is it to work in Informatica Professional Services?
What kind of wrok exposure will i get?
Also do guide me the hike percentage i should ask for. I am thinking of 45-50% on current CTC as this a product based company.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Humble request!!

Hi Fishes got offer on Informatica can i know what can i expect on joining kit .

They called me for laptop allocation i said mac instead of windows.

i never worked on mac before will it good for developers ?

Also will i get keyboard mouse for mac book pro ?

Hi i am recently got shifted from sap bods project to informatica project. Could anyone please tell me the career path in future? Whether informatica is in demand currently ?

I have 1.8YOE Current Packages is 5.5CTC
How much i can expect from informatica if i switch ???
How about joining bonus


I have 2YOE in development
My tech stack is Java , C# Asp .net
How much i can expect in informatica...
And any openings please refer me


Any openings for informatica ..let me know

Hi fishes,
I have got an offer for the R&D Connectors team in Informatica. I would like to know about the role and if it is a good choice to accept the offer. Thank you for your help.


Anyone attempted interview ar imformatica for a solution architect role? Any tips please

How much compensation does Informatica Bangalore provides to QA automation Engineer with 1.8 yrs of experience. How much can be expected as per industry standards?


Is there any openings for informatica developer role.. please let me know. For 2.6yr experience

Hi fishes,

I got 2 offers, one from @informatica

and other from 7-11. Informatica CTC: 13.5 Fixed + 1.25 variable+ $6500 RSU's

7-11 CTC: 16.6 + 3 lakhs (joining bonus).

Given there is not a lot difference b/ w the two. I wanted a little insight to which one is good.

7-11 asking me to come to office, while that's not the case with informatica.