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Starting with OP 👍👏

22M, VAPT, 1yr

26M 12.5lpa cloud sec

23M, Fresher, 13.5 LPA, Product Security, Eaton

22M, VAPT, 8+ months, 5.5 LPA, EY LLP

24M, Appsec, 2 yrs, Microsoft

Noice.. referral ka jugad krvado

22M,VAPT,9+Months, 5.5 LPA, EYLLP

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How is Abu Dhabi for a family to live, how much salary is decent ?
school fees, medical expense ?


Does Deloitte pay out an annual bonus at an SCon level? If I join Deloitte in May/ June, will I be appraised and given an increment/ bonus?


Variable pay is given on basis of basic pay or fixed pay?
I joined Accenture in oct last year. But in May salary I received very less amount of VP. I am confused about the calculation.
My fixed pay is 8.2L and VP is 0 to 21 % of fixed.
But I received a very less amount of VP.


Hi , Optum is offering me senior software engineer role with 3.4 YOE. They offered me 13 lpa. Is it the market rate.


What is a fair salary/hourly for a kitchen manager in Tampa FL? Small kitchen with 3 to 4 kitchen assistants. Kitchen is open 50 hours a week. Manager has full creative license and has no one above them in the chain of command outside of owners.

Hi Fishes I'm New To This Space
Could you please help me calculate the in-hand salary of Associate-Consultant Role
Thanks in Advance

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Accountability correlates with Responsibility in this way: When a person accepts personal responsibility for how his/her actions and decisions impact and influence the lives of others, said person holds him-/herself accountable and accepts being accountable to others for the equity and inclusion (or lack thereof) in their spheres of influence.

Hello All
I am 28ish
BE Computer 2016 graduate
33 months work experience in start up
MBA from one of the premier institute 2021 graduate
Due to COVID the package I got was around 15LPA

I am planning to switch job
And I am wondering what should be my ask?
I know my peers are earning well and for someone with my profile something around atleast 22 to 24 LPA can be my ask.

It is my first job switch
So I really need some suggestions
Thank you


Does anyone know the compensation offered to old IIM grads who join as B30 analysts?

2022 Salary Reflections...Did you:
jump a bracket? get a raise? learn it's time to negotiate?
Please Share :-) it could help one of us!

Hi All, I'm currently working with IBM for Barclays client experience 5.4 years CCTC 14.2lpa holding offer 22fix 2.2 variable from mastercard and I have also interviewed at Barclays for the same project on which I'm working currently from IBM.

How much should I ask from Barclays ???


How much a machine learning engineer with 3 years of experience and overall 6 years of experience should get as a salary


Please suggest what is the expected CTC for AWS data engineer role.
With 11yoe.
Current CTC 22LPA

And which are good companies that pay good with good wlb.


How does below compare with regional comp for big4? Considering the salary progression and 1/2-bed flats in London being ~£400-500k I can’t see how it’s feasible to ever own a place until SM grades by which point most will be in early/mid-30s...


So just had my first Amazon interview interaction the other day and its BS. I got invited to take part in the interview process by first answering a bunch of situational/case study like problems and then had to complete this long work style assessment after which they requested a call/interview only to find out the comp for the role is way below my target. Why would you make people waste so much time on your stupid assessments before asking expected salary range?!


I Have 11 years of experience and working for IT industry. My role is technical Lead and changing the company. I have couple of offers like Boeing India, Manhattan Associates, JPMC Morgan Chase, Deutche Bank.
Any one suggest me, Which compnay is better in for future carrer and working for long term.


what is the salary range for Accenture Application development senior analyst position ?


Guys, can anyone please let know the monthly in-hand for this salary break up IBM Tata Consultancy

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Trying to conceive for past few months with Endo and I’m so miserable. Endo wrecks me during ovulation/period, and I get diarrhea every time we try bc Endo makes me react to prostaglandins in sperm 😔


I’ve seen recs for Headspace on this you think it’s worth the $? Do you have another meditation app you recommend?

With 5+ yrs of Experience in Performance Testing, what Job Level will be offered to me at Barclays and what will be the expected range of offer that I can negotiate on?


Honestly being admitted to a program and not having to neurotically obsess over my work performance in consulting until I quit has got to be one of the most liberating feelings ever. Anyone else feeling this way? My stress levels have decresed dramatically.


Nielson - 27 fixed + 3 variable + 2 JB
Genesys - still negotiating on this
KPIT - 28 - Fixed
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Inc
Which one is better? YOE 8 yrs 8 months

For those of you that worked in multiple big four companies, what differences (positive or negative) do you see or is it basically the same thing regardless?


After technical rounds, HR asked me to submit the documents and BGC related forms. I sent the all documents, it's been one week and no call back. Usually how much time they will take ?


Hi Fishes,
By when does adidas deliver the laptop/goodies for new joinees?

How is Accelirate in terms of wlb, growth and learning opportunities?


How much time your divorce procedure took?


Hi, which company is better jp morgan or mastercard?


DM me if you want a referral Citiustech Healthcare Technologies and have not applied in the past 6 months.


This is a legit question so don’t hate me just trying to understand if it’s worth it or not. What is the draw of applying to M7? I understand elite status, but based on research the median total comp for an M7 grad is 185k as of 2020 study (2019 data) and the average age of the students in these programs is 27/28. I know going to MBB they have pretty specific comp coming out for M7 grads but outside of those three firms, what is the draw? Trying to justify spending 200k for a degree.


Hey Fishes,

After working in a startup for last few yrs, now ready for a move. Matured this startup from 10 to 300..

With over 2 decades in multiple roles, fells like I am ready for my next jump.

Any one here has any references for a C level..? AWS, People Skills, Service Management, stakeholder management, escalation management and leadership.

Please help.



Guys need help as my Joining is 19th September and got the below mail on 9th September. But no other mail till now 😕.could anyone please let me know what will be the next step.

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McKinsey & Company Does McKinsey & Company do employee referrals?


My SO and I are expecting our first child in a couple of months. We're starting the kid thing later in life, so we already have a NW of $2mil, no debt, and live in a MCOL area. Baby checklists say we should think about term life insurance, but if one (or both) of us were to pass, we talked about it, and each of us think we should be fine without an additional insurance policy. (We also have group life of $200k+ through employers.) Would you/wouldn't you pay for term life in our situation?


Has anyone been following the progress of “data portability” discussions / legislation? It has been a topic of discussion among retail clients who need to comply with privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA.

What is your ytd utilization and Company? Mine is 98% as of the end of june. @ Kroll


I’m at a MM firm and have been stuck on mostly dental deals 1.5 years now. I’ve asked multiple times to have other experiences, but about 80% of my deals are dental, while new folks joining the firm are on other type of deals. Will I be pigeon holed if I stay on these dental deals? Should I leave at this point? I don’t hate it here deals, but I don’t want to be pigeonholed and hurt my career by staying.


Additional Posts in Cyber Security Professionals

Can anyone guide me for master study from psu saudi i want pursue master in cyber security from psu if anyone from saudi please help me and also non saudi who have knowledge


Hey fishes ,

Can someone in
Accenture refer me to job JOB NO. 57763?


Hello All,

Thinking of switching my career to cyber security from development since it interests me. My yoe is 4 and cctc is 22. How much ctc can i expect? Also is there any upper band for cyber security salaries, unlike in sde?


Fishes profile ma kya likhu
Jo phle se likha hai vho bekar hai

Thanks in advance

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I currently have a offer letter- 15.5 CTC (fixed)( profile- security Researcher)
Cleared all interviews of another company and they are asking “expected ctc” . How much should I ask??( profile- threat researcher)
Current ctc - 8.5 lpa ( profile- risk & compliance)
Basically I am changing my profile.


Hey guys, how to crack the interview at EY GDS for penetration testing as a fresher?


Hi all,
Im second year student
Im fresher and I have two offers need help to decide best fit for me

Company: Eaton Corporation
Role: Cybersecurity Engineer
CTC: 11 LPA (fixed)
Location: Pune (Magarpatta)

2nd one is Tata Digital where im interning. They will release PPO (Pre-placemet Offer) soon.
Role:in Cybersecurity Domain (not decided yet)
CTC:11 LPA+ (not decided yet)
Location: Mumbai (Fort Area)

Both offers having similar job profile. Which company will be better for Cybersecurity role?


Hi all, need help from the community. Recently i have given interview for senior security engineer at Sprinklr and got selected. Now there is an HR round that i have to attend, so, need help regarding the feedback of the company Sprinklr and how much should i ask in terms of CTC?
My current package: 11.5 CTC + 1.1 Association Bonus

Currently holding offer from following companies:
1. PNB Housing : 18.9 CTC + 1.8 Joining Bonus
2. Rebit (RBI Company) : 20 CTC + 1.5 Joining Bonus

Does anyone here has any suggestions on how to improve your LinkedIn profile and also your CV?
I am looking for a job in EU region.


Hey everyone,

Looking for any openings in SOC analyst role. Please DM me or comment if someone can refer me.



Hello Fishes,

Any references for Threat Hunting position in Pune?

If yes please do let me know......


I'm expecting a HR discussion sometime this week with HCL Software (Product based division).
I'm into Appsec with web, thick client, web services, mobile and network pen testing.
My current is 19L and YoE is 8yrs.
How much can I ask guys?


What’s the expected ctc for security analyst role with 6years of experience ?