Anyone from coforge kolkata location for UK based client?Coforge howz work life balance and job security in coforge.

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Hey, I received a verbal offer from EY for a role as manager, which was quite a low ball offer. I had received another offer from a different firm and I informed EY HR about it. I was told yesterday that they have an updated offer for me, scheduled the call twice with me but didn't actually call and told me she got occupied in other meetings. I have not got a response from her yet on the mails, should I contact the hiring partner directly? other firm is asking me to update as well.


How much does deloitte US offers an analyst working on Oracle with 2years of experience in SFO? Also, Is there hybrid work culture promoted or one has to go to office on daily basis?


If you started this year, how long were you on the beach before first project? Note bachelors or MBA


Anyone have thoughts on AIM Allianz? I know benefits are great, what does comp look like for sr portfolio positions? How does it compare to Allianz Global Investors?


How is job security in Xoriant as one of my knower is on bench since 3 months since joining. He is very upset and worried. Guys Please suggest. It would be a great help if you comment

Anyone have experience working supply chain roles with P&G? More specifically, their Customer Supply Chain Manager role? Procter & Gamble


Hello! Does bain provide initial accomodation, flight reimbursement and brokerage amount?

Hello All,
Looking for some help with salary compensation at
Microsoft DART( Detection and Response Team).
Anyone who have joined or about to join Microsoft DART, Could you please help me to estimate on how much salary compensation 5/5+ yoe professional should expect for security analyst role at Microsoft DART within UK/Europe region.
#salary_expectation #negotiation #microsoft #dart Microsoft security Detection and Response TeamMicrosoft


CD: I want you to take more ownership of this project and really lead the campaign.

Also CD: Says my ideas are bad in meetings. Undermines me at every opportunity.

Just another day in an agency 😎


Hi Fishes,

Anyone can tell me what is consumer tech ASE 3 and 4 role in Amazon


Partners - what advice do you have for competing project requests from senior leadership? I have 3 PPDs asking me to join them for my next gig and they refuse to hash it out between them.


This general strike talk has really got me re-evaluating my whole career. I can’t complain about compensation, I’m paid well, I have benefits, and I have a roof over my head. But the work life balance and unsustainable productivity expectations that have been created by agencies that won’t say no to clients needs to change. We place/create ads to turn millionaires into billionaires while we’re treated terribly. Something’s gotta give. I don’t know a single person who isn’t burnt out right now


Hi all! Could anyone help provide some insight into how good the maternity leave policy is at EY? Thank you 🙏🏻

What's a good outfit for an in person client conference
man and women?


Partner: this reminds me of a great book.. it is really very great I highly recommend you get this book.

Associate: What's the deal with (name) and that book. He just keep recommending everyone read it. He showed a chart from it in the last client touch point.

Manager: He wrote the book.


What's the difference between changeability and utilisation? How does it impact promotion, performance appraisal if you're on a non chargeable project that gives utilisation to the resource?


Which is the best salary account in Nagarro


Hi Friends. I have my HR discussion today in Accenture. I already have an offer for 18 LPA with 1.5 LPA as variable pay. How much should I ask Accenture. Do they have any salary slab. 6YOE


Question for NY-based LCSW, what's your current salary in Suffolk Co, Long Island?

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I officially have an offer coming my way. So eager to peace out of the hell hole I've been working at. Here's to hoping the grass is at least a shade greener ✌🏻


My hardest task today is to make sure this stays on...

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Can copywriters be marketing managers or do they only look for account people for that title?


Anyone want to chat about their addiction/sobriety? I’m getting forced into compliance by my SO and kind of glad and sad at the same time.

What tools are you using at your company to manage advertising? Do you like it?


Hello people, Please share your thoughts or experience to help me decide between ADP( 19+1.5 VAR) VS DBS(25 Fixed)
yoe:7+ Kindly help with work culture(is there any login hours tracking policy or micro management),job security, average annual hikes. ADP DBS Bank DBS
10 days left, no more negotiation possible.


Years of Experience: ~6 Years
Prior Compensation: ~ 30 LPA (FIXED) + 12 LPA( ESOPS) -> ~ 42 LPA

Microsoft India
Title/Level: L-62
Base: 38 Fixed
Signing Bonus: 8(6+2)
Stock bonus: $80k for 4 years
Relocation: Basic + 3 Lac
Bonus: 10-20%
Total comp- 38+6+15 ~ 59 LPA

Company: Oracle
Title/Level: IC3

Base: 43 Fixed
Signing Bonus: 10(5+5)
Stock bonus: 1200 RSU for 4 years
(CTC): Rs. ~66 LPA
more inclined towards Microsoft, but they are offering less
Need suggestions Microsoft Oracle


Fun things to do in St. Augustine, Florida? Good restaurants?


Is there any way to view your DD-214 online?


Anyone have any experience with the interview process at Enova, more specifically for an Account Manager position?

didn’t know where to put this but with the pandemic (and some irresponsible spending) i haven’t been able to pay off my zero interest cc balance as much as i would’ve liked. has anyone had any luck in getting the promotional 0% time period extended? (through any of your banks)


Hi Fishes,

I have a 7 year of experience in Service based IT Company. Is preparing for Maang good ? What roles and expectations should I be having?
Or should I consider working in service based itself or any other product based company.

I am really confused and concern about my future

Thanks in advance.


Fridayyyyyy. Let’s NOK this one out of the park!


I’m planning on quitting my job but I am working out of town. I have a couple of interviews lined up in a different city but I am on the tail end of a large construction project which I am in the field managing. I feel like I’m having to babysit the project Monday-Saturday 7AM - 5PM. It’s becoming unbearable. How do I juggle interviewing when I am extremely busy on the jobsite and working in one of the most toxic environments I’ve ever been in. I don’t want to ruin relationships but I have to go


Hi Fishes, I want to ask to HR for counter offer. Will they provide that? My joining date is 15th June and I want X+4 lakh more. Which goes 30+
YOE 7 | technology Bigdata
Please help me for negotiation.


I just chose company reputation + a more senior role over higher pay.

Is there something wrong with me??


Why is everyone in love with “Fire Island”, I see people and friend fiercely defend a frankly kinda mediocre movie 🙈.


Anyone able to make a referral to Zausner Foods? TIA!


Chicago or NYC for ib post grad? Interested to hear experiences from Chicago regarding social life and general exit ops as I’ve never been.


Any books / movies about life and career of partners of professional service firms?


Additional Posts in Coforge


A quick check. How many of you got the project after joining in coforge? If you got the project is it same client which was promised while interview process? Please respond.

After submission of all documents in portal, how long it takes for release of offer letter? Pls suggest

How is the onsite opportunities in the coforge..?

HR called me and said this position is for onsite once the border gates are open...? Can i believe HR words..?
I am interested in Onsite opportunities.


What is the joining bonus amount in coforge and when it's paid?

Hi Fishes, generally after how many days of L2 interview , will Coforge get back? Also are the profiles to coforge sourced via only@ inceptica?

Hi fishes,
How much time does HR takes to get back after L2 technomanagerial round in Coforge??.
Also what package can I expect for 2.6 yrs of exp for the role of Technical Analyst?


Hi fishes,
I am having 8+ years of experience in iOS.
I got offer from coforge. Just want to know what are client for iOS project?
Is it good company for mobile app developers?
How about learning curve?


Hi Fishers,

I have a very good referral | Interview guarented.

Role: Oracle PL/SQL Support Enginner. (JD attached)
Exp:2-7 yrs
Job Location: Greater Noida/Gurgaon/Banglore.
Offer will be much good from current market.
Company: Coforge (NIIT)

If anyone is interested, kindly comment or DM me for more details.

(Early joiners to 45 days) will be given priority.

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Can someone help , how is work life in coforge, job Security?


is WFH available in Coforge? I got an offer recently, can I ask wfh atleast till this year end? Pls suggest Coforge Coforge ltd

Anyone from @Coforge, can tell me about Conveyance Allowance + LTA component in salary breakup. Is it fixed or variable? Is it paid with monthly salary? Does it requires manager approval? Can we claim it while working from home? Tata Consultancy Tech Mahindra Infosys Wipro HCL Technologies Coforge Coforge ltd.

Hi All
I got recently hired at Coforge for HSBC account. I am a Java Developer (Spring, Spring boot, Micro services). Could someone please share their experience working with HSBC client. How is the work, work life balance and learning experience?
It would also be very helpful if someone details the tech stack from a Java developer perspective.
Thanks in advance.


Do Coforge release offers for chennai ? Is it wfh?

Hi Fishes!!!
How is Coforge(previously known as NIIT Technologies) is for the Scrum master role on the basis of :
1. Work life balance.
2. Work nature.
3. No. Of teams handled by one Scrum Master.
4. Being Agile forum.
5. No. of reports and meetings for the agile forums not just teams.
6. Layoffs.

Please help me by answering as many pointers as you can.

Location is Noida.

Thank you.


Hey fishes, how is the project allotment done in coforge..
It's been a month since I have joined still no tasks allocated not even induction is it a common in coforge?

Rented accommodation

Please suggest good areas to live near
Coforge office in Greater noida

Budget is not a constraint Coforge


i am going to join coforge banglore location in december and got info from HR that im gonna work for banking project, so please help me how will be WLB and banking project names?pls help me with this info.Thanks in advance.!!

Having 2 offers in hand one is Capgemini’s(Hsbc) and Coforge(Hsbc). Both companies offered same package. Any suggestions for job security and onsite which one is good. Having 7 years of experience..

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