Expected SalesForce packages for a manager level? Base, sign-on, yearly , list YOE too please.

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

M in customer & marketing - my best estimates below:
- 8 yoe minimum
- 175k base
- 25k bonus for an avg yr w/avg perf.
- 0‐20k signing (too many factors to estimate)

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Hi Folks,

Need Advice.

I have 9.6 years of exp and have cleared technical round. HR has offered 17.45 as fixed for team lead role.

Since I am holding an offer of 21 fixed. I had requested Accenture to match the same. They denied as it is out of budget for team lead. Post this I had received call from another hr and was informed I will have to give another technical round for associate manager role.
1. What is the max range for team lead role
2. Advice on what should I do next ?


Hello Fishes, I need a small suggestion and guidance from you. I have an offer in hand of Honeywell of 20 LPA and am presently working with TCS. Total exp is 7 yrs working as an HR Business Partner. In TCS my CTC is 13 LPA presently and they want to retain me with promotion and A band in next few months down the line. Whereas my Honeywell joining is in Oct, they are offering me Senior HR Strategic Business Partner role. I definitely need some guidance here from you guys. What should I choose?


Anyone know Deloitte core business group in Deloitte consulting LLP?

Salary range, business outlook of this group amid layoffs and green card initiation timeline?

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I have a ctc of 18 for 7 yoe at EY GDS and expecting a 10% hike on sept 30.

Got an offer for Mindtree, asked for 24 fixed, he said will get back to you, but hasn't yet

Is it too much a package??


When the hikes get updated in HCM portal?


What’s the going rate for a remote bookkeeper to handle A/P, A/R, creation n collection of membership invoices (about) 175 and perform monthly bank recons on 4 banking relationships? All done in QBO quick books on line I’d estimate 15 hours per week


Hi fishes,
I finished my B.E (CSE) this year. Working in TCS since 6 months on a CRM Project. CTC : 7LPA (I also had offer at Accenture for 6.5LPA)

- I know basics of many languages/ technologies : C, C++, Java, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Azure

- Basic level Problem Solving, DSA, OOP

I am a quick learner. I am currently learning DSA using C++ & Azure.

Can anyone in Hyderabad hire me for a better package at a company where I can work in development or Cloud Role?



Please help me evaluate the following offer:
- $210K base
- 30% bonus
- 35% stocks

TC: ~ $350K

YOE: 5 including 3 in consulting at MBB
Industry: Consumer goods

Is this already very competitive or should I try and negotiate a bit? If so, what would you negotiate on and how much?


Why does @Deloitte India have so many different teams for the same work?? Basically what is the difference between:
1. Deloitte India SAMA (Strategy and M&A) team,
2. Deloitte India Financial Advisory (domestic) team,
3. Deloitte India Financial Advisory (International) team also called as DI Joint Venture??

In terms of work, culture, projects, hikes, growth etc??


Coforge or IRIS for same package and same profile?


Wipro - x lpa including variable + 1 lakh JB
Tech m - x lpa fixed + 2-3 lakhs JB

Which one should consider in terms of job security,wlb.


Hi guys, an extension on my previous post. Which company should I prefer:

CitiusTech - 25 LPA- 2 days WFO in my hometown

R Systems - 28 LPA - Remote

YOE - 6.5 years

Looking for stability, decent WLB and good growth opportunity. Difference of 1-2 lacs doesn't matter too much.

These are the final options I have. No more interviews/offers lines up.

Any help or suggestions will be highly appreciated.



Currently working in HCL serving Notice Period. Got offer in wipro of 18.8LPA. If I'm asking 27LPA CTC during Exit interview or in negotiation, whether HCL provide the pay or not? Someone please share your opinion on this one?


How much are consultants that are moving to Miami getting in comp? What industries / positions are you getting? YOE?


Got offered 21.30 for program coordinator and at my current role I am getting paid 21. I would like to counter offer but this is my first time. Any tips? I would like to at least be payed 24. She is sending me the offer in writing and said she can go any higher due to the budget.


Anyone know average salary for an executive training program in industry? Specifically interested in Estee Lauder's Finance and Strategy MBA program.


Hello connection,

I am a frontend developer. My skills are HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Bootstrap, photoshop and angular. I have currently 4 years 2 months of experience so how much should my salary be?

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Anyone from Tax team?? DM me please.


Hi - can we revoke and withdraw resignation in the last working week? ( Ey gds audit ) will it have in affect anyhow?

Hi there,
I’m a bit newer to data science and recently read through a few academic case studies on ethical fairness in ML/modeling. Would love to start a thread to hear some more from data scientist/ML perspective.
The most harmful example I came across was bias in ML for the criminal justice system.

Is anyone currently in a data science/ML position willing to share their thoughts/maybe an example based on experience? Thinking about how to actively prevent this kind of bias in future models


Looking for an Job opportunity in operations - O2C domain, preferably cash application.
Experience in years - 3.8 years
Current company - Accenture Solutions
Current designation - Senior executive (management level 12)
Current CTC - 4,58,000
Variable+incentives - 73,280
Expected CTC - Around 7 LPA (Negotiable)

Can someone suggest if any vacancies are available or refer me the best opportunity


Hi guys, I'm looking for role where I'd get an opportunity to work with Alteryx, Tableau/PowerBI. I have 2.6yrs of exp with 1yr of relevant experience.
Alteryx core certified.
Please reach out to me if you have any vacancy or referral.

What is your response when being asked what your weaknesses are during an interview?


Which events are you going to at NABA!?


Which M7s (or even T15s) have the highest % of men who are single and ready to mingle?


I always hear so much about W&K from creatives and strategists. But what are their data capabilities like?


half way there. time to play index options(Es)


Moving back to the great state of TX after 5 long years in NYC. Any job leads for SR ADs / ACD - ART.

Hi folks

Can anyone tell what type of question are there is second coding test in nagaroo


Hey Guys
What is this position called Customer Experience Consultant- Senior EY GDS? Which department does is come under, Advisory or Business Consultant?


Hi all - Google recruiter reached out to chat with me for a Strat and Ops roles (I assume manager) based in NYC (most likely remote) - how should I respond on excepted TC? I’m currently at $250K-$300K.


Has anyone successfully pivoted from LS to a different industry pre-MBA?? If so, how


Challenge - Unsee this 😣

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Is it okay to say no to a firm 4 days prior to joining?

Can they affect me negatively in my career or in any means?

Buenos días mi gente!

Question: what is the most common micro-aggression you experience as a Latino consultant?


Hi Everyone ,
I need valuable suggestions from you all , I'm working as an SAP ABAP developer in a product based company with 6 years of experience
Current CTC - 11.4.
I'm looking for a company switch.
How much i can ask for during the next switch , please suggest


Additional Posts in Deloitte Experienced Hires

Any other new hires experiencing a backorder on their phone? Says mine won't arrive until July


Deloitte has a number of roles for Advisory Manager Financial services Risk management, one of which I've applied to. It has been 3 weeks and haven’t heard anything, is this normal or have they passed on my application? I believe I've met all their requirements in a candidate for the role.


Good morning everyone! I certainly hope you all are doing well on this beautiful Saturday morning. I’m creating this post because I am desperately looking for a job. Currently, I am pursuing my PhD in education and will be finished by December. I have experience in the legal field, higher education field, mental illness, and a few other fields. If you know of any companies that are hiring people with graduate degrees, please forward me their information. I am anxious to work! I also don’t min


What’s the salary in the human capital group for a manager? Please share bonus as well. Thank you.


Started fall 2019. Have always received top and far right with performs at next level etc. but keep getting told I don’t have enough time at the firm to promote. Even though I meet all requirements for 2 levels up in terms of experience and degrees. I run a full project as an analyst reporting to 3 levels of senior managers, pmo and coordinate across multiple teams in my practice . Is this normal ? What are my options?


Supposed to start at D at end of the month. Anyone familiar with HR strategy & services? Any insight is greatly appreciated :)


Did anyone have issues with the DStart website? I can’t submit “employee record” for some reason and the website/onboarding help suck. My background check is also delayed because my study abroad in Korea is hard to verify lol

What is the SAP consulting practice like at Deloitte? What is WLB like? How is your experience thus far in the practice? Interviewing soon and curious about the general culture of the practice.


Are nice jeans, shoes, and dress shirt acceptable at DU?


What are some good questions to ask after accepting an offer? I’m joining in a few weeks and new to consulting so I’ve been asking the recruiter a lot in terms of how the firm works. I’m wondering if I’m missing any good questions. I understand I’ll learn a little in the orientation (and in the first year in general) but want to be able to hit the ground running.


Was your background check complete before your start date?
The BI onboarding team has a flag on one of my previous employers because of a title discrepancy. This seems minor but they said they would review the flag one week prior to my start date. I don’t understand why they can’t review it now...


I recently accepted a Deloitte offer. Can anyone share the experience on background check and H1B transfer process and timelines? Thank you in advance.


What do people here think about this “Experienced Business Technical Analyst” role?

There doesn’t seem to be much info online (I guess it’s a new title?).

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Deloitte 🐠 - starting soon with D. Can you own TSLA?

Trying to figure out position exit timeline in case it’s restricted. TIA


We can expense an Uber to the airport for DU correct?


Deloitte Canada Car Lease

Is Deloitte Canada have a Car Lease benefit? May someone explain how that works?


How do i know which cost center code i am? I’m trying to enter time for virtual DLaunch, but not sure which CED code to use


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