Expecting an offer at either the Director or Sr Director level. Can someone talk about baseline variable bonus %? What your comp is? Were you able to negotiate a signing bonus?

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Did you end up accepting the offer? Any comp , bonus structure you can share?

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Hi Fishes,

I have two offers in hand right now, First is from Salesforce of 16.2lpa + 1.6L variable+ 1l jb and position is of Technical support Engineer.

And second is from one small scale US startup company of 22lpa+1l jb for java developer position, the only thing I'm worried is, it's a very small company having almost 53 employees globally. And to avoid double taxation from US and India, they have one Indian entity company to rollout salary of Indian employees.. please help me


How much pay can I expect for an Application Developer role(Oracle Analytics Cloud) in Accenture ?I have roughly 2 years experience in Oracle Analytics Cloud and 7 years total experience with 5 years as Business Analyst.


Assuming that I'm okay with a salary of 70K and more, and that I really don't want to work at a law firm. Is it going to be difficult for me to return to law with two years of experience and one year working in a legal adjacent role.


Anyone could share his salary info please? I’m a Manager level 4 within S&C and feel underpaid.


Six figure salary earners, how many hours do you work a week on average?


Hi Novartians,

Question regarding Monthly Salary Credit -

Let’s say I joined Novartis on 6th Dec’21. If I receive my first salary on 24th Dec’21, will my salary be based on only 3 weeks?


Hi everybody,

Looking for some insight/curious to hear how others would handle this situation:

I have an offer I want to accept; I was trying to negotiate for a signing bonus… but they’re not budging.

The issue is, the start date is in a month and I’m up for a promotion in a week at my current company. I would like to leave before I get promoted, I think it would be pretty low of me to accept and promptly quit.

Not the new employer’s problem? Or can/should I try to leverage this?


Hi , got an opportunity at Singapore. Salary is 7000 SGD per month. 4 years experience. Current fixed is 15 lakhs. Is it good enough to have a decent life in Singapore?

Hi , I joined as member of technical staff 3 in NetApp What is the average yearly hike in netapp when is the variable bonus paid ?


Im preparing for an interview within my department for a lateral move. The position is brand new. Any suggestions for questions I should ask? Or tips for asking for a salary increase.


Hi Friends,

After joining the mindtree will they do bgv check??
Is that before getting first salary??

Please tell me


What should be expecting salary for SA2 designation in PWC SDC (Assurance)


The severance package at Meta for laid off employees almost makes it nice to be laid off depending on what your personal situation is….. personally wouldn’t mind getting 4+ months of full pay to reset and think about what’s next 😬


What kind of sign-on bonus might an experienced hire expect at Deloitte? Also, what’s the PTO, floating, sick, and holiday details at the M level?


Trying to evaluate monetary offers is difficult since I receive a significant bonus for maintaining my clearance (120k + 30k for the clearance). So I’m evaluating a non-cleared offer for 180k. I don’t want to hold the clearance anymore. Should I evaluate it against the 120 or the 150 in terms of answering the question “is the jump big enough to leave?” With bonus and without clearance, it’s a 40% or so jump, but only a 12-15% jump with only bonus and base included.


Need help with the compensation and designation at
EY, INDIA - Performance@ Improvement Team.
I have 4 years of experience in banking & fintech and am currently being offered 23L at senior con level. I tried negotiating a manager level but was told that I lacked experience, it requires 6y. Do help me understand if there any lee way for negotiation/ is the current comp and designation the best that EY can offer for MUMBAI location? EY Consultant


Larsen & Toubro Infotech Hello fishes,

I have joined LTI one month back but after one month also i haven’t got any project call yet and they are taking some skills assessments and just for job security i have started searching other jobs and got 1 offer as well..Should i abscond from LTI???
What would be the consequences if i abscond and i have taken the salary but haven’t got the laptop yet
Please help
Larsen & Toubro Infotech


This valid for point compensation? 1 hour flight delay (prior to boarding), 40min delay once boarded, 40min delay in air for holding pattern (high traffic into EWR). United Airlines

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Bonjour, hi! ;)
Any good agencies in France outside Paris?
Des agences qui valent la peine en dehors de Paris?


The MBTA needs to get its act together. I cant believe I'm saying this but I'd actually rather commute


How strict are MBB on quant section? Are they more worried about structure or calculation proficiency


Hello fishes
Can anyone reffer for data scientist fresher.
Need it urgently.


The apocalypse is near! Scruff is down! (At least from I am at). Next best thing - Fishbowl!


Client onboarded a new manager almost a year ago but the resource still pulls the “I’m new card.” I am SO tired of their growing attitude to let things crumble instead of escalate, have tough conversations, and pretending they don’t know what they are doing when we’ve been having the same conversations 20 different ways and behind closed doors they understand and discuss the issues. Personal life is a mess and I am losing patience bringing solutions and documenting all of these issues.


Hi All , As part of onboarding process , what documents I need to send to the base location.

Anyone heard about Ogilvy Atlanta shuddering?


Pretty dead on this bowl central Florida 🐠 is anyone going to Gainesville today for the UF-LSU game?


Need right direction regarding pf amount -should i withdraw pf amount from leaving company pfaccount compulsory
-what are all the drawbacks if i dont withdraw
-What if i transfer the amount to next newly created pf member account of mine by next company i go
I have heard if i transfer from one acc to another (under same uan ) i will lose employer contribution is this true.
Or i can maintain all the accounts under my uan and withdraw at my retiral or whn needed


Does KPMG have a Salesforce practice? What do they do?


Does UBS provide any welcome kit?


I applied for a position in jpmc two months back. There is same requirement again. But I cannot apply as I had applied before. How can I apply again?

I want to get my masters in HR, but I also want to get my phr.. is it better to get one over the other? Or should I do both. Are there any masters hr program someone can recommend?


Hi all,

My joining with TCS is on Monday and didn't receive any onboarding mail invitation yet.

Does anyone else have joining on Monday and facing the same situation?


Hey All,

Please help guide me with below confusion:
My Tech Mahindra Hyderabad salary is 35 lakhs and my wife's salary is 10 lakhs.

I am getting an onsite offer for Sydney, Australia with AUD 95,000.

Will this amount be sufficient for a good lifestyle like we mantain in India?

My wife is an Android developer and how feasible will it be for her to get a job and what would be the pay like for her on dependent visa.

We both have around 9 years of experience


Considering to buy a condo with SO and wondering which mortgage product to use.. Came across 7year arm with 2.5% rate which sounds pretty low. Anyone know pros and cons against traditional 30 yr mortgage? we are more than likely to live in this place for 5-7years and possibly renting out afterwards.


Secret’s Out: airlines measure the broadest men and put them in the middle seat


Larsen & Toubro Infotech Hi I have an offer from LTI (16 Lpa variable 1.3), cognizant (16.5 variable 45k) and coforge (17.5 Lpa variable 50k) Can you please help me with your suggestions which company is good with job security and WLB? My experience is 5.7 years

In LTI I got offer for solace messaging domain rest of is for weblogic HCL Technologies Larsen & Toubro Infotech Cognizant Coforge


Additional Posts in NTT Data

Anyone in NTT Data UK? Could you share your thoughts on the Data and analytics vertical ? How is their consulting model ? Read in a lot of bowls that they do staff augmentation. Is this true ?


Managers are getting 170k and above? At “NTT Data Services?” Specifically consulting?

Kinda quiet in here. How are annual reviews going?

Just joined NTT a part of the NEXT program and interested in the Manufacturing group. I understand they are very good although have very little work. Can someone provide perspective?

Anyone else extremely disappointed in the raises they’re giving us after the results of the CPA? My hardline informed me today and I instinctively went to LinkedIn to look at new jobs.

These numbers aren’t sustainable, especially with the amount they’re paying poachees from other orgs and what I’ve seen from other companies.


How are employees that started in 2020 feeling? Glad you made the switch? Worried about the business? Etc.?

Would love insight into the workforce readiness practice… good/bad/ugly :)


I have been offered a job at grade 10 at NTT Data UK. The pay is good, however given my experience (19 years) and current designation of Associate Director in a large consulting, it looks like I should at least get a higher grade like 11. What are your thoughts? Will it be wise join at grade 10?


What is the salary for Managers in the Consulting practice? Experience hire vs someone who grew up in the firm?

How thorough is the academic background check?

I have an offer with 19.5 LPA fixed from Accenture and 21 LPA as fixed from NTT Data. Which one should I choose?

What is GC immigration process at Nttdata? How is ogletree doing? Does NTT doing downgrade from eb2 to eb3?


New bowl and new fish to this bowl. Small number of us now but with the consulting practice growing more will search this bowl. Drop your city level to get things started! I’m a Principal Consultant in Charlotte, NC


Do we have flexible travel?

Considering a move to NTT Data in a healthcare consulting role. Mixed reviews in the bowls. Major concerns are bench policy, staff aug roles, 2 week PTO, and high turnover due to job dissatisfaction. Recruiter and mgr had great things to say around growth and opportunity, which doesn’t align with feedback from the bowls or Glassdoor.
Understanding things have changed there in the last few months, I need un-biased advice from fellow fish who have recently joined or can speak to recent changes

Pay in the consulting practice. Do we have pay bands? Trying to see how much a manager makes so I can prepare as we approach April.


Can anyone provide an honest summary of the bench policy? I’ve heard everything from 2-10 weeks

I'm a manager specialized in Strategy & Customer Centricity projects. Joined Parthenon a few years ago but mostly do Cost Evaluations and CDDs. since Customer isn't really their core. So, I just recently received an offer to work for NTT Data to energize their Strategy & Customer practice (and near +50% salary). What would be the pros and cons of switching?


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