Do we have flexible travel?

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Hi! I’m looking for a good large size designer tote to use for travel under 1500. I’ve seen the Dolce and Gabbana canvas tote and the Burberry tote. Can anyone share other suggestions or thoughts on these pieces of you already have them. I’m in my 20s so idk about Burberry as a brand. Thanks

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Any advice for trying to plan a wedding with families on different coasts?? (Neither of our grandparents can travel)

Anybody know if airlines (specifically Delta) are strict about keeping dogs in the carrier/under the seat? I have a small maltipoo who used to fly as an ESA dog & sit/sleep in my lap. But now that they no longer recognize ESA dogs, I’m a little concerned that he won’t like being under the seat. Any tips would be great! Thanks


Best Hilton properties for points redemptions? I have almost 400k points to burn but everywhere I go, Marriott/SPG has the best properties so I always end up booking with them instead 🤷🏻‍♂️


hi fishes,

does anyone have the consulting corporate travel policy of their big 4 firm handy? can you please share? i want to switch from EY to others and looking for where I can be at more comfort with the extensive travel.

If I have Delta choice benefit upgrade certificates can I upgrade anyones flight on Delta? (Assuming Delta coded and owned flight)

United Polaris Business (new retrofitted cabins) or ANA First to Hong Kong? I'd be saving 50K miles if I opt for UA.


Will Delta extend my Diamond status for another year if I had a valid reason for not meeting status this year?


Best car in Boston? wanting to live a bit far from city (buy a property) not on travel cases so need to go to office often (think teams like Bain PEG)


Has anyone here traveled on the United direct to Tokyo from Denver?


Is it crazy to pay $60-70k initiation fee to join a country club? Absolutely love to golf and the family would use all of the other amenities. How insane is this?


Hi fishes!
Need some suggestion.
I have last 7 days left in my LWD. I am currently in new delhi
Having the following offers in hand
Globallogic:24 fixed
Sapient :22 fixed + 2 variable
United airlines: 22.5 fixed + 2000 USD variable
Nagarro: 21 fixed

Yoe: 4.5
Tech: Dot net full stack


I’m 26, worked in investment management for 3 years and saved about $81k. I don’t feel fulfilled at all. Feeling pretty depressed lately and incredibly lost and really want a change. I feel behind my peers who seem to have it all figured out so neatly. Not sure whether to go back to school, just find a new company, or take time off to travel.

How is it to work as Data scientist in Cisco ?
1) whats the work Culture and is it Flexible for WFH/hybrid?
2) what is the Hike % on average? Is it Yearly?
3) how is the Job security?
4) what are the additional benefits? (Food, travel,etc) Cisco


How painful are the progesterone oil injections (scale 1-5, 5 being HSG painful lol)? Also, need to travel and haven't done these alone yet any tips?


Hello. A Strategy& recruiter reached out about a manager level role within the TMT team in the US. Would anyone be willing to share their perspective on WLB, travel, and sustainability (thinking of starting a family soon). Please feel free to DM or share your perspective over here. Thanks in advance!


Do you think we’ll ever travel again or will we be remote forever?

Recommendations for a standing desk. Looks like this is going to be a long haul flight. Could throw in recommendations for a chair as well.


Where is your favorite place to travel for work knowing you can run? I have so many but one for me is Chattanooga TN.

Hi Fishes,

I am relocating to bangalore from Coimbatore. What will be the min flat rents for 1BHK near bellandur. Ready to travel upto 5 kms if rents can be reduced.



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Does anyone know anything about starseeds? Are any of you starseeds? I’m trying to understand and learn which planet I might be seeding from.


Hey all,

I am looking for a part time sourcer role ( already have global linkedIn recruiter seat). Any leads would be appreciated



Is there a difference in salaries between Monitor Deloitte and Deloitte Consulting? Seems a bit ridiculous if they pay anywhere similar to normal consulting given the hours worked and charge rates.


how the job security in IGT (inter globe technology) yearly hike please advice if any can share their experience have offer of 15 as EUS Manager IGT


Are all big 4 now offering to pay for part-time MBA programs or is that just EY?


What’s the easiest Oracle cert? I have experience as a PTP lead and RTR lead


If asked this in an interview, how would you answer?
What is the one unique quality that makes you an effective salesperson?


The world is changing fast and the tools we use to help us learn more about this world are becoming more advanced. What new technology are you passionate about?

Been contracted for almost a year and I have all the experience for full time technician, I just can't afford the price of the tests. My current gig has yet to onboard me even though I have stellar recommendations from higher ups in the company speaking of my work and professionalism. Does anyone know of a place that needs a high energy, professional, friendly computer Technician?


Thoughts on PLTR?


What is your typical class size for your shop class? Do you have a maximum?



Backend Dev - 10.5 YoE

I am in my last week of notice with TCS with an offer outside for 35. An opportunity has arisen now where I can get my Dependent L2 Visa through the Wife's org. in a few months time. Considering this, should I revoke my resignation and take up a TCS US project so that I can fly with a secure job (less pay) or take up the 35 LPA job, resign in 2 months again, fly there and then start looking for a job afresh, which carries a risk.

Need to decide by today.


Audiobook recommendations? Currently listening to The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck and I'm enjoying it, but I'd also be open to listening to novels aside from self help books.


Any 1st floor Pune crush stories 🤪?

Possible to move into IB associate role after two years in transaction advisory / strategy? Or usually have to work up from analyst?


Anyone know anything about SSI Strategy and can share some details?


Litigation to something else…
Im looking to go fully remote and ability to work while traveling (any time zone).
What are the jobs out there in the legal market for this?
Any advice welcome please! Thank you in advance.


Does anyone here use quickbooks for personal finances?


Hi’ im a CNA and been travel since the beginning of the year and looking for openings after my contract is up


Honest question, if you had approximately 100k to invest right now, whether it be stocks or real estate or crypto - what would you say is the best idea? Timing is also part of the equation.


Additional Posts in NTT Data

Would love insight into the workforce readiness practice… good/bad/ugly :)


Just joined NTT a part of the NEXT program and interested in the Manufacturing group. I understand they are very good although have very little work. Can someone provide perspective?

How are employees that started in 2020 feeling? Glad you made the switch? Worried about the business? Etc.?

I have an offer with 19.5 LPA fixed from Accenture and 21 LPA as fixed from NTT Data. Which one should I choose?

Managers are getting 170k and above? At “NTT Data Services?” Specifically consulting?

Anyone else extremely disappointed in the raises they’re giving us after the results of the CPA? My hardline informed me today and I instinctively went to LinkedIn to look at new jobs.

These numbers aren’t sustainable, especially with the amount they’re paying poachees from other orgs and what I’ve seen from other companies.


How thorough is the academic background check?

Pay in the consulting practice. Do we have pay bands? Trying to see how much a manager makes so I can prepare as we approach April.


Kinda quiet in here. How are annual reviews going?

Considering a move to NTT Data in a healthcare consulting role. Mixed reviews in the bowls. Major concerns are bench policy, staff aug roles, 2 week PTO, and high turnover due to job dissatisfaction. Recruiter and mgr had great things to say around growth and opportunity, which doesn’t align with feedback from the bowls or Glassdoor.
Understanding things have changed there in the last few months, I need un-biased advice from fellow fish who have recently joined or can speak to recent changes

I have been offered a job at grade 10 at NTT Data UK. The pay is good, however given my experience (19 years) and current designation of Associate Director in a large consulting, it looks like I should at least get a higher grade like 11. What are your thoughts? Will it be wise join at grade 10?

What is the salary for Managers in the Consulting practice? Experience hire vs someone who grew up in the firm?

I'm a manager specialized in Strategy & Customer Centricity projects. Joined Parthenon a few years ago but mostly do Cost Evaluations and CDDs. since Customer isn't really their core. So, I just recently received an offer to work for NTT Data to energize their Strategy & Customer practice (and near +50% salary). What would be the pros and cons of switching?


What is GC immigration process at Nttdata? How is ogletree doing? Does NTT doing downgrade from eb2 to eb3?


Can anyone provide an honest summary of the bench policy? I’ve heard everything from 2-10 weeks

New bowl and new fish to this bowl. Small number of us now but with the consulting practice growing more will search this bowl. Drop your city level to get things started! I’m a Principal Consultant in Charlotte, NC


Anyone in NTT Data UK? Could you share your thoughts on the Data and analytics vertical ? How is their consulting model ? Read in a lot of bowls that they do staff augmentation. Is this true ?


Expecting an offer at either the Director or Sr Director level. Can someone talk about baseline variable bonus %? What your comp is? Were you able to negotiate a signing bonus?


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