Hello, folks! I wonder if you have any advice/info for a person who is looking for an "investment associate" role in Dubai. I have a financial audit background (4 years Big-4), 1,5 year in deal advisory (half year financial due diligence department, 1 year valuation department). I have experience in TMT, retail, Energy and Utility and other industries. Currently I'm living in Eastern Europe.
What is considered to be normal in relation to WBL, compensations in Dubai for such role or similar?

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No WBL 20 hours a day work

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Our verbal design team is hiring! Looking for juniors that love copy, concepting, and naming. (If you’ve never generated names for companies/products, that’s totally ok too.)

DM if interested. Happy to chat more :)


I’m looking to transition from my current sales role (purely operational) to a more creative/strategic role that involves public speaking/facilitation. Have some experience in sales development (mainly business development & strategic advice to C-level), branding/marketing, facilitation (as a side-job) and working with content creators.

I’m new to this space so not sure about what kind of roles there are?


Joined in July 2021 as a Associates 2 in Assurance. Got 6.70 % hike with tier 3 rating.
Sad to know....
After increment also... our salary is lower than what freshers are getting in Deloitte..😔
🥜 🥜 Pwc


Hello All!

I am a graduate of Suffolk University, and I recently received my masters in Business Analytics. I am currently pursuing a career as an IT Business Analyst at MSU Denver, which I have the 30min first round interview scheduled for Tuesday, November 29th.

If anyone is or was previously employed as an analyst at MSU Denver, would you mind providing some insight into the culture, the interview process, salary information, etc. I would truly appreciate any help as this is a role I want


Would you take a 15% pay cut to work for MBB vs. getting a 20% raise from FAANG?

I am now working in middle management for a retail product company.


Please provide referral for

4.5 yoe automation Tester

Serving notice period with only 15days left.

Kindly help.


What's the deal with all these layoffs in big 4? Is this common? (Coming from a non big 4 guy, considering moving to big 4, but not all that excited after seeing the layoffs)


Anyone part of the AWS global sustainability group? Found an amazing role that aligns with my background and interests! Super excited about it and would really appreciate talking to someone on that team


Hi Sharks,

I have
JPMorgan Chase offer for 18 fixed

Airbus gave 23 including 18% variable (5L joining bonus but bond for 3 year)

YOE: 5.3

Can I negotiate with JPMorgan to match Airbus? Airbus JP Morgan Chase

Note: It's been one month post I accepted Jpmorgan offer

Hi 🐠 fishes,
Actively looking for opportunity in manual functional testing QA, 2.4yrs of experience...

Serving notice period
LWD:- 23rd Feb
Immediate joiner

Open to all locations

Current CTC:- 4lpa
Exp CTC:- 5lpa to 7lpa(negotiable)

Any referrals/openings/opportunities, plz let me know Contact:- 9356728605, 9403298511(whatsapp)


How many months of salary does wipro withhold during notice period for B3??


Any Microsoft folks have insight to comp for Director/Sr Director roles? Want to understand base and eligibility for cash bonus, stock bonus, etc. if possible


Hi Folks,

I received an offer for Staff eng at Nagarro for 25LPA(yoe 6yrs). I'm an SAP FICO consultant.

Could someone please help me to choose b/w Deloitte@19LPA and Nagarro@25LPA
As I've received mixed feedbacks about the organisation(few very bad for SAP and few say just ok)
Questions that are bothering are:
1.How are SAP projects?Got to know most of them are SUPPORT projects. Learning scope?
2.Scope for project rejection and lock-in
3.How companies prefer a candidate from Nagarro when switching


Does anyone know the average salary for a mid level Creative in Amsterdam?


How is OFSS(Oracle Financial Services Software) in terms of work culture, WLB, job security and perks/benefits for product development team?
How are yearly hikes there?
Safe place to work even when recession period is going on?


Any job openings right now for Python developer at Tata Elxsi?

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Which SF neighborhoods to consider? Lady 🐠 looking for safe 1br with public transit / walking accessibility to FiDi and not far from SFO. Hoping to spend $3k-$3300, but could go up to $3500.


I’m in SF but nervous to officially come out to my friends even though I’m sure they all know/assume anyway. :(


Nagarro vs EPAM Anywhere - which should I choose based the following points?
- both paying same package
- both are permanent WFH
- I am Test Automation Engineer with 7 years experience

your help will be appreciated

Nagarro Tata Consultancy IBM Infosys EPAM Systems Cognizant Capgemini Deloitte Mindtree


If I hit hide spreadsheet one more time when format locking a spreadsheet.....


Hello fishes. . I am Sr. quality analyst. Yoe 7. Skills - Manual + database + api testing.
Location- Pune
Need referals. Please help.

Good morning everyone and welcome to Latin week 😃. This is your morning DJ spinning the tunes 🎶t to get you movin and groovin through your day. Today’s Latin artist gave us hits like, Just another day, Too Late Too Soon and Ortro Dia Mas Sin Verte.” Enjoy, stay safe, hydrated and have a blessed day 🤗. Please put your hands together 👏 for the incomparable;

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I’ve just started my journey through Trailhead with an initial goal of Administrator. Any suggestions about how to best take advantage of this training?


7 rounds of iui, 3rd round of ivf, finally got the positive call today, at the age of 40.... You can do it, please keep the hope up


Best book about networking? About to switch jobs after many years and feel very out of practice at classic networking… any good books that both suggest tactics but perhaps more importantly, mindset / how to get yourself excited about networking? I’ve always felt it’s a chore and I want to become one of those people who genuinely loves it. Any help appreciated!


It's funny how many people like to hate on Florida but everyone was so quick to leave their Manhattan apartments to flood the Miami market. I get it, I'm jealous as someone who lives in Chicago and I have to suffer through incompetent governance and sad weather.


Favorite family vacation destinations? I figure I should spend some of this money on something fun.


BTC to 🌕!


Can anyone tell about informatica performance team?

Any advice on who I should have as a reference? I have only one professor from grad school in mind but it would be weird to ask people in the office if they don’t know I’m leaving yet (I just becameA2

Is 5.5 good mortgage rate in current situation for first time purchase? Any predictions on future loan rates?


I have a hard time believing any account people get why creatives are in advertising. What makes us tick. And tock too.


Has anyone had any experience investing in fine wines through vinovest or live.ex? Is it a scam or have you seen any returns? Vinovest charges 2.85% management fees. They claim to actually buy and store your wine for you and you can claim the wine. I don’t want to build my own cellar. Any feedback or experience would be great! Thanks

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A friend of mine has an expert sourcing startup and she has been receiving request asking for consultants to support in projects for top firms. Do you know how she can locate ex-consultants who are interested to freelance and work independently?

What’s the best company in dubai for WLB?

I currently average 60h/week in BCG

Hi all, I have recently received an entry level offer from BCG Dubai.
I have 3+ years of experience out which half in consulting and half in managerial role in corporate.

Would you take such an offer or would you look for better seniority at another consulting ? Is it a fair treatment?


I am looking for opportunities in Dubai.. I have a PhD, 2 postdoc fellowships, have experience managing projects throughout my PhD and postdoc, currently senior consultant (i focus on systematic lit reviewss). Experienced scientific writer with over 30 peer reviewed articles. IQVIA in Dubai is one place am hoping to try. Can someone help point out what other industry I can fit into - i am mainly looking for a good work life balance.. any examples of companies in Dubai you can share?


Hi guys,
Looking for a referral in a fast growing tech startup for a business analyst role!!!

Hello how does Kearney and OW compare in the MEA? And who would you pick out of the two? Oliver Wyman Kearney


I'm currently in a process for senior associate at a Big4. The process began on July, yet between the first and second interview it took like 3-4 weeks. And between the 2nd and 3rd like 7 weeks. I sent an email to HR during those weeks asking for an update and didn't have an answer. Then it a 3rd one was scheduled three times (the manager didn't connect to the first 2) and next week I have the last interview with 1 partner. Is the timing normal? Or were they looking for other candidates or what?

Can anyone offer advice around working with UAE government committees? How they make decisions, allocate budget and deliver? For example.. a multi-ministry committee set up to spearhead the digital agenda within government. Thanks in advance!


Hello! I’m a US citizen and I work for a big four firm. I love Dubai and I’m interested in moving here for a couple of years. What’s the salary for a senior consultant within the risk advisory practice? TIA!


how is recruitment in general happening in Dubai at the moment? I was told it slows down during Eid and now with summer around the corner, recruitment activities are not high..

any comments ?


Hello everyone! Due to visa issues I will transfer from the US to another Bain office and was considering Dubai. How is WLB (amount of hours)? How flexible is the expense policy? Is it actually fun to be there? Thanks in advance!

are there any boutique consulting firms in Dubai? I work in ICON, a CRO similar to IQVIA. ICON doesn't have office in Dubai but I know IQVIA has.. I am looking at other options - what other life science or health care oriented consulting firms are there in Dubai?


Can anyone let me know how easy it is to apply to a consulting firm in Dubai directly coming from London? I am currently working at a T2 strategy firm in London and my partner and I want to relocate in ~1.5 years. My firm does not have an office in Dubai whilst my partners firm does. Is it possible to apply straight (rather than moving laterally in London, waiting a few years then transferring?) interested in MBB views too. (I would have roughly 2.5 YOE by then)

Hey habibis expats! The market in Dubai is obscure when it comes to compensation and benefits. I suggest we add clarity by posting salaries, role/position and years of experience here and anything else you want to add such as benefits. I’ll start:

- Industry: tech
- Role: finance manager
- YOE: 5 years
- Comp: 270k aed/year + 5% bonus
- Other benefits: work from Europe/US 1 month/year, 30 vacation days


Anyone from Deloitte here?

Any one know that total comp for bcg dubai at project leader and manager level? Ideally split by base, housing allowance and target bonus.

I would be very grateful for the info


Bain & Company What type of projects are done at Bain in Dubai, how much travelling is involved (and where to), and what is the WLB like? Bain & Company


Anyone looking for a Head of Analytics, please let me know.