I have a technical interview for business intelligence analyst position. This will be the first time interviewing with the company hiring managers and also my first data analyst job. I’m going to google common DA interview questions to prepare, however, how do you answer a technical question you do not know the answer to without it counting against you?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

I would say, I do not know, but would definitely take it as a new skill opportunity for the job


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I work as a worker’s compensation adjuster and I cannot seem to get the hand of loss of time. Been in the same role for a year. Any piece of advise? I have made several improvements but it feels like I’m dragging it out. Last question is how do you manage claims that you have not handle for months and you’re too scared to do anything.


Any thoughts on CoroEng TPM role? Did not get many good reviews. Please advice. @Google


Can someone give me a referral to the McKinsey Nurse Implementation Consultant job I just applied for?

Hi Everyone, applied to Walmart Global Tech Java Developer role, with 3.5 YOE. Role requirements are 2-7 years experience in Java, Microservices, etc.. Interview scheduled this week.

Any idea on interview process, level of difficulty and CTC expectations

Current CTC - 9.2 LPA
Expected - 15+ LPA - As market is Employee friendly and one person I know joined for 15+ LPA with similar experience.

How will be the onsite opportunities for specialist and senior specialist position in LTI



I'm appearing for sde2 interviews this week. Any help would be much appreciated!

What's the interview pattern?
Did anyone give the interview recently and can post their questions here?
Any tips on improving DS stat?

Guys!! Any power bi developer opening currently for Kolkata location?

Any insight on getting MBA from mendoza as far as prospects for transitioning into a post-mba strategy consulting role? It’s ranked outside the top 15 but from research seems like it still sends plenty of grads to top consulting firms (not MBB)


Hello everyone! I am a Masters Student at California State University, Fullerton. I am looking for referrals for Software Engineering Intern and Product Manager Intern SUMMER Internship opportunities in the US. I'd love to get a referral from any company you think I'd be a good fit at. I have 2 years of experience as a Product manager at a US-based company managing a team of 8 people and have generated over $2.4M ARR for a product I worked on. Would love to get any help in DMs! Thanks so much!


Is anyone willing to offer a referral for Bristol Myers Squibb? Seeing some really interesting compliance roles that I think I’d be a good fit for. TIA!


Hi Guys

I've offer from air bus and Eli Lilly as engineer role. Can somebody please advise me which one should I choose of these two? CTC is offered more in air bus and commercial elements are also good.but role is good in lilly. M in confusion mode now..help me to get clarified on this please


Does Microsoft hire for Senior Devops position ?

What's the package offered ?


Starting a role in software as a Product Owner. Should I have a Mac or a PC?


Hi everyone !

I am trying to relocate in London, as a Legal Counsel in Privacy.

The opportunities there seems more interesting in terms of missions and financially. I had interviews for companies but one obstacle keeps coming up: I am not a qualified lawyer because is it not necessary to be one when you’re an in house in France.

I do have 2,5 years of experience as a Legal Counsel in Privacy and strong referrals.

Do you maybe have any tips to help me :) ?

Many thanks!


I have a job interview tomorrow, and I'm so prepared, I'm so ready to go! I want this job so badly!! EEEKKK. can everyone just send in some good vibes!


Currently working in Valuation with a few years experience and passed CFA level 1. Looking to get into an Equity Research type role, anyone know of any openings or willing to help? Thanks.


Is an SDR in tech sales for a saas company typically a very challenging role? Do you feel a lot of pressure? Can the sales skill be learned?


Who can offer a UnitedHealth Group referral, thanks in advance! :)


Hello! First Generation,Female Hispanic Electrical Engineering Graduate with 3.5 years experience working as a Telecommunications Engineer for Verizon.

I am looking for a new role/job opportunity and would appreciate your support! Thank you in advance for any connections, advice, or opportunities you can offer.


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Hello, what is keep warm session in Optum , I have an upcoming session, will they ask me to solve production bug live?😁Just kidding, kindly please let me know.


How do you know if/when it's time to switch careers?
My current job has a solid progression to make more money, but it takes years to get there. I make about $70k right now. As a data engineer/analyst. Primarily work on the engineering side, but I went to school for analytics. I never saw myself doing the engineering role, but when I first took it, it was a great start to my career.

I was offered a new position mainly in management in a completely different industry for $100k and bonuses.


What is the Salary range of Product Data Manager in Jio?

Cctc- 14 LPA
I have asked for 20+ 2 LPA

The HR is Negotiating to 16 + 1 (JB )+ 2 (RB) LPA only

YOE -3.5 (Analytics)

Should I go with offer?


Consultants in Dubai how do you spend your salary?
% on savings
% on housing
% on going out


Hi All,

Urgently looking for a job in the field of Resource Management...I am a seasoned professional with a Two decade of experience in Resource Management, IT Service Delivery, Transition, Project & Client Management and Pre-sales. Salary is negotiable and open to any location


How is bsc data science from IIT madras?

Is it bad that I want to quit after a few months on the job at a mid-market firm? The people are nice enough, but my training has been nonexistent and I am expected to just figure things out on my own, but am reprimanded if I do something incorrectly.


Netflix ke bure din chal rahe hain... One of Largest Netflix shareholder Bill Ackman sells stakes. Recently Netflix lost 2 lakhs subscribers 22 lakhs are in line to leave.


Any SAP analytics cloud developer here? Quick query, client wants a column root causes ..now this column is not available in S/4..now the S/4 team is not cooperative enough.

My leads suggested SAC has comments option. However comments are not going to help users either. Because it will not show graphically which root causes contribute the most.

So my question is now, does SAC have an in built excel option which would allow users to enter root causes across materials and then SAC refresh this

Do you have a ritual or song you play when you close a new client?


When you become EXECUTIVE creative director, do you have to dress executively like with executive slacks or can you still wear the denim pants?


Deleted my dating apps and feel more content (not constantly checking for new matches/messages) but the lurking feeling that I’m shooting myself in the foot for not being more proactive about dating is taking its place 😂

Also has anyone watched the Ultimatum on Netflix? Just starting it!


What can I expect in legato if I have an counter offer of 16.5 (50k joining included) ?
Tech :Qa Automation
Yoe : 5


What is the average experience hire consultant salary for GPS in DC?


If you found out that your MIL said some really hurtful things about your spouse to a member of your family, would you tell your spouse? I realize it will hurt my wife and damage their relationship, but I also think she should know. I don't typically keep things from her.


Urgent opening at Larsen & Toubro Infotech , dm for referral

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What were some challenges y’all faced this week?

I’ll start. Trying to get non local resources utilized. National Leadership thinks this is the answer to our problems but local leadership is hesitant.

Any recommendations for an anime from the manga? I recently saw the whole Naruto saga, and I have to say that I underestimated this genre a lot. I am a producer, and thanks to this my mind has been totally opened. Now I want more knowledge about this culture.


Hey Dolphins!
Need some inputs and if possible referrals.
I have a current offer from Accenture S&C CN Role L9 under CFO EV practice and have 30 more days left in notice period. Wanted to know where all I can apply and get competitive offers both in terms of comp and brand name?

Btech MBA
Yoe 6.7(3.5 yrs after MBA)
Work Areas FP&A (EPM)


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I interviewed for a job a month ago. A few weeks after the interview, I was told my feedback was good, but the company was evaluating all positions at the company at this time. Today, I saw the job is no longer posted, but my application is still "active" in the workday system. Anyone have any idea what this would mean? I don't want to continuously bother the recruiter.


Hello all.
Please for those that are technical Project Manager or Program Manager what technical courses did you have to take, am trying to register for AWS/DEVOPS class come January.. I will really appreciate your feedbacks, thank you.


A picture speaks a thousand words

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I will be moving to a new City soon and may have 2 offers, one is a small firm, another is Aws. Although AWS is the company I can see myself be successful in, since they encourage their employees to grow, I have heard a lot about Aws and other big companies laying off people when I see posts on LinkedIn hence I am afraid to jump into it and my budget after taking moving expenses out of my pocket will be tight too so as to survive during lay off in a big city in case. Any suggestions?


Looking for some advice on a couple of offers I have.

The first offer is for an Account Executive position at a smaller company with a base of $50k and another $20k in OTE.

The second offer is for a BDR position at a larger and faster growing company with a base of $60k and another $20k in OTE. Also some stock options but they aren’t public yet.

I have 2 YOE as a BDR and think I could succeed in either position. Both have hybrid work set ups. Any thoughts or advice is appreciated! Thanks.


Mastercard vs Freddie Mac vs Cap one all project management based roles and similar salaries which do ppl advise 🧐


Thought I’d post here hoping for a referral. I’m looking for a Director of Product Design position at a tech startup. Anyone know of anything? Happy to send my resume/portfolio if you want to see some of my work before referring.


I currently make 78k at Lockheed but I’m not doing what I’d like to be doing and i felt stuck and after many conversations with my manager and no solution in sight, I started applying elsewhere. I just recently got an offer from a smaller AI company for 95k that I plan to accept. I’m happy to make the jump, I just don’t know how my manager/coworkers will react when I tell them I’m leaving.


Does anyone have any recommendations for a good resume writer?


Need advice for my full time job in tech. Would you guys pursue business analyst roles or IT project coordinator roles? I would like a job that would land me a Project Management role in the least amount of time.


Hello, Portuguese guy here, still in Portugal/Europe but really wishing to move to USA if an opportunity comes up.
Currently working for an IT company (within the Credit Agricole Group) and thinking about becoming a developer since I learned C at the university and could easily pick up a "hot" language if the market justifies it.
Otherwise I love project management and am happy as a PMO, specially working in Change/Transition Management.
How can I get a VISA? Do I need to get a job offer first?


Hi there, If anyone knows of any leads for hiring Customer Success Managers in the tech industry, please feel free to reach out. I am wanting to transition from 5 years of technology retail sales experience. Within one years i was promoted from a Sales Consultant, to Assistant Manager, and one year later to Store Manager. I am customer first professional, always focusing on building the relationship with the customer.

Any help is appreciated!

Is Oracle still hiring? I applied for a role about a month ago and application status still says “received”. I even reached out for the recruiter for that role and got no response. A few of my colleagues said the same thing. Any suggestions?


Please can anyone recommend a good instructor in coursera or udemy for PMP?


I have an interview with McKinsey - Senior Associate, the role pays 50k more than my current role. (3YOE)
I have no consulting experience nor do I have an MBA. Somehow I’ve passed the first 3 stages and I am now onto the case study interviews.
Has anyone went from product management into consulting, is it worth it, Am I making a mistake? (London, UK)


Is it natural to be happy then sad then happy again or on an emotional roller coaster in your career? Or is there such thing as work nirvana?is it possible to truly like your job and enjoy it every day? Or are hard days inevitable?