Hey Fishes,
Been working at D India as a Manager (Not USI) for past few months.
Ask me anything as there are very few reviews available online.
To clear few misconceptions
1. Global projects are available here
2. They've started mentioning Bonus, Gratuity amount etc in offer letter
3. Work life balance depends on Project and managers you work with
4. Inside opportunities if you're the creamy layer
5. PF amount in offer letter is the total deduction and not just company's contri

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Point No 5 , On PF deduction. As per the offer letter it says, organisation’s contribution to PF. Wouldn’t employee’s contribution to PF be deducted additionally? Could you please clarify? Thanks.


Both employees and organizations contribution is deducted and it gets mentioned on their offer letter too, I believe.

I will be joining the Deloitte India (not USI) SPA Advisory Team.
1. Will there be any Welcome Goodies ?
2. How many Total Paid leaves and Sick Leaves ?
3. Is this business line have any offices in Delhi location ?
4. What is a range of pay for a Deputy manager in INR ?

No welcome goodies atleast for me. I joined in Dec
They dont have concept of Sick leaves, only paid leaves
They have offices in Delhi.
Not sure about pay range of D Manager.

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Also, D India offered market correction on Dec 22nd, 2021
They're almost at par with USI in terms of policies

Directors and Partners have been very welcoming so far. There are quite a lot of good projects in DCM, consulting

You get blocked leaves in Dec end

You cannot opt for holidays in probation, only LWP

Wasn't aware about this. But then a lot of Orgs don't have it i believe

If yiu don't mind csn you please explain the point 4? Creamy layer means? Top performer? What kind of opportunity they get?

Oh ok ok 👍

I joined DI in Dec first week. Will I get joining kit ? And DCM and Deloitte Digital is same ?

DCM sits under Deloitte Digital. Not sure about joining kit


Where is Deloitte India office in Bangalore ? I know Deloitte USI offices in Bglr.

They have office near vidhaan souda in Bangalore

Not quite sure about Bangalore as I'm based out of Jamshedpur. They even have an office in Kochi

I will be joining Deloitte India as a S&O consultant. Can you please confirm if DI has december end vacations just like Deloitte USA i.e., in last week of december?

Yes, they do


Hello. Would like to know if they have global projects in pipeline or is it mostly indian projects. How much hike can I expect if I make a move to DI? I am an SAP Data Migration/ BODS/ IS/ SYNITI practitioner currently with EY

They do have global projects

@Author: can u pls tell, how to check if the offer is of D india or USI.

Deloitte touch tohmatsu is Deloitte India. Anything else is Deloitte USI

Hi, thanks for starting this thread. I have received an offer from DI and the role says ScrumMaster-Manager. While I know the WLB depends purely on projects, can you tell me if there are any specific projects where WLB could be better? Also does everyone work for more than 12 hours regularly here? I ask, as I am a working mother and WLB will play a major role in deciding if I should be joining DI or not as I hve been reading too many negative reviews about the same.

Thanks for responding. Very helpful insight.

I have a joining date on 28th Feb.
When can I expect the onboarding link and office assets/ welcome kit to be received at my residence?
What actually happens on Day 1? Do i need to contact anyone ?

U have to collect laptop from office unless u r in a very remote location. Joining lik u vl get on Saturday or Sunday

On an average someone with 14yra exp with with techno functional expertise or an SME ..what would D ctc look like ?

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People have been telling me that once I hit 35 I should go to client side and stay there before it's too late and my age begins to turn them off.


How much is your bonus? I'm 6 years in and getting around 25-30% a year


Accenture vs. JP Morgan

I am a new grad and been considering between two offers: one from Accenture as a Tech Arch Analyst (Austin), one is from JP Morgan SWE (Houston). Can anyone share your experience with either of these positions and what would be your recommendation? I appreciate all insights.


Hi Fishes,
What are the kinds of questions asked in swiggy interview for QA/SDET having experience almost close to 5 years.


Hi Fishes

Please please please help me with the following:

What are the perks or benefits provided by SCB?
How is associate manager placed in the hierarchy?
What is the avg salary for associate manager?



Any new joiners @EY India? I just want to is EY india onboarding virtually or am I supposed to visit office?
What is the WFH policy in EY India for the current situation?


How's the work life balance at Walmart?


Domain : Identity and Access Management (IAM)
YOE : 9
Skillset - Active Directory, CA-IDM , Beyond Trust
Current CTC - 11LPA
Am I underpaid?( I think yes to much extent)
And I have been applying to various places for the past two weeks...no updates as of yet!
Any help or suggestions??


Can anybody provide any insights about citibank project in @Synechron. How is the work life balance here?


Is hiring at D on freeze ?
Got a verbal from D but no updates since.


In your opinion, which firm offers a better career growth and compensation - Protiviti or Crowe


Thoughts on biotech WLB? Want to leave consulting because of unsustainable hours, but wondering if I’ll have the same issues in a biotech job where the environment sounds quite unstructured and the role isn’t that well defined


I HATE when I am asked to have a project/deliverables due by x time and when I deliver at x time or a little before and I inform x person who asked for it by no later than x time doesn’t review it. 😡


What is the salary band/range for Senior MTS in VMware Bangalore, India?


Hello Fishesh,

Is any one have recently given interview at accenture?

Kindly help me with the interview process


Hi, What is the salary band for Program Management profile?

Hi. I'm a final year btech student, and I recently got an offer from PwC India for the post of Sr. Analyst, with the package of 4.5lpa fixed + some yearly performance bonus. How should I expect me to be my career graph in pwc? Promotions, work culture, work life balance, basically any kind of insight will be appreciated.



Did Accenture really stopped giving joining bonus from August??

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Hi fishes, How is WLB, Hikes in company @dell .


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Meta reached out to me for an initial chat about TPM (technical program management) role. Pretty generic sounding team but has anybody heard of this division and what they do?

Also comp wise, how much does a TPM make at Meta (take the title for face value)? Glassdoor shows avg base is 226k for YOE >15. Myth?



Hello Fishes,

Can anyone please suggest how is
Globant in terms of wlb and will they continue remote work. Also holding offers from Fractal Analytics. I am from data engineering background. Which one to choose in terms of good learning,job security. Both are offering the same CTC. Please suggest.
Globant Fractal


Oliver Wyman’s financial services practice is hiring, DM me if you’re interested!


Hi @All

I need likes to DM .
Hoping to help to reach this milestone first to start better beginning .

Thanks in advance !!!!!!


Is there any stable project in Brillio with less/no micro management and work life balance ?

Hiring - Social Writer for luxury automotive brands


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How to decline cognizant offer after accepting it.Will they become angry?


Salesforce --> Okta offer

Currently at Salesforce (relocated from US - UK), been here 6 years. Okta recruiter gave a salary range; the top of range is just slightly above what I'm making now. Looking at the benefits package, Okta falls short so I'd be coming back to her with a number that's around 30-35% > than her top #, to make up for it.

Any tips for having this conversation? I've made the mistake of leaving money on the table before, but don't want to take the piss


Sounds bout right

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Additional Posts in Deloitte India (DI)

Hi All,

I am on probation period but got other offer recently so I am planning to resign. Can someone please help me with below queries.

What are things that we need to keep in mind before resigning from Deloitte India in probation period?
Do we need to inform manager before raising separation request?
After how many days we get FnF after last working day?
Can we take leaves during notice period? (Sick leave)
Do we need to go to office to return our laptop or we can courier it?


May i know how long it will take us to get into project


Guys, any tips for first day at Deloitte India?


Hew folks,

How is it like working as a consultant in the consulting business/service line? What are the kind of work you do and how is the wlb?

Please share you experiences!