Hi all
I have an offer with a company and joining is 27th of Jun. I got offer from JP Morgan on 20th and they have given joining 4th of July. I am planning to join in JP Morgan. If left my previous offer, i will have only JP Morgan. Will I have any risk to keep JP Morgan offer alone? Once we get offer from JP Morgan, is ther any chance of cancel the offer? Please guide me JPMorgan Chase

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So far as per my as well as others' experience there is not even 1% chance of JP Morgan offer withdrawal.

Thanks for your response. I also hopping for the best.

Can you please share YOE, Skills and Package. This will help others.

How much time it takes to complete back ground verification

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Hi Fishes,
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Hi everyone!

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Anyone here live in Lincoln Square? How do you like it?


I’m interviewing for BCG and had a principal reach out to me for a zoom chat. Is this normal for principals to reach out or is this a positive sign?

What’s a good salary range for a Global CD -NYC?


With all the tech layoffs feeling really worried that software engineer salaries will be affected. I’m at 330K with 7YOE and worried if I can still cross 400-500K next


Currently fully remote as a contractor. Managers are super flexible & understanding. They’re interested in my interests and catering to them. I’ve been interviewing passively and I’m in the final stage at another company. Both companies are great, stable, seem like great teammates. The other company is hybrid and 3x’s in office. As a single mom I honestly am exhausted as is fully remote but I miss the people interaction. They’re offering me about $15-25k more. Not sure it’s even worth it. Contd


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Confession: My job & some posts on this app make my heart race. It’s been a problem since I had Covid last year & I have to wear a heart monitor when I go to the gym b/c once my rate is up, it STAYS up.

Reason No. 4 for ^^ HR today:
🧐 I guess I have view-only access for posting a meme that has “Twat” & “WTF” in it. Merely stating my displeasure at someone’s self-satisfied/congratulatory post regarding a draft of a decision that could actually kill me in the event that my BC fails.

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Anyone have a positive or negative experience working at Audigent?


Team, for those like us in this insecure state, by a chance have we thought of floating a petition of what can be done here.

Point is Lawyers and Attorneys wont. So we may have to. Please suggest


Going to listen to “The Man” as my prep song for big client meetings 💃🏻


Happy Halloween 🎃 my fellow ADHD 🐠!Pros and cons for those of you who take adderall regularly? Just got diagnosed and will start the prescription today.


I'm looking for something to put in front of clients discussing the idea that returns are based more on being in the the proper sector than individual stock picking. No luck so far


Hello Fishes
I accepted offer letter in ibegin portal, but now I don't want to join TCS.
Will TCS, blacklist my profile permanently ? Please suggest.


Where the 1337s at?

Want to join PE from a non-MBB firm. From an advanced degree (PhD) background and hence mostly exposed to the LS industry. Want to know if anyone did this transition: PhD > Consulting > PE. Is there any way to go for LS specific teams in PE ?


How long is your work out session? Specifically, weight training


Can someone tell me the interview process at csg international.

I have completed my managerial round and waiting for hr round since last one week.


Semi-retired grandfather looking for position as part-time HR assistant. Went back to school during COVID, and I’m ready to contribute.


Additional Posts in JP Morgan Chase Hyderabad

Hi All,
I have offer from JPMC 16 fixed lpa is it a good package
YOE - 3 years
Tech Stack - Java, SpringBoot, Oracle PLSQl.
CCTC - 10 lpa.

Can someone please help me refer my friend in JP Morgan?

I have joining on 08/08/2022 in Hyderabad Office.
Do we get any welcome kit from JP Morgan?


I cleared all my rounds of interview in JPMC, had salary discussion with HR 2 weeks back. After which i was asked to apply the job on candidate portal and submit additional information.

Its almost 2 weeks and i haven't heard back anything from them. My status in portal shows "You are moving to the final steps in the process". This status has not changed since last 2 weeks.

Can i expect the offer letter to be released? If yes when?

Hi Fishes, I cleared an AVP role in JP, Hyderabad. I'm currently at 22 LPA and JP is offering a 45% on this. I have 17 years of experience and 13 years association with Deloitte. Should I consider this offer. Deloitte has great flexibility, my last annual bonus was 3.2L. Does JPMC has flexibility and what other benefits do they offer?


Is 15 LPA a good package for 3.10 YOE in JP Morgan for analyst role?
When is Hike and a variable bonus paid in JPMC?

Looking for IJP . Any open positions in u r Hyderabad team. Skills Java, Angular and AWS. Applied for few positions in Jobs portal but I didn't any response.


Any data science/ machine learning opening in jp Morgan
Pls refer me
I have 4+YOE


Hi JPMorgan Chase Hyd Fishes,
What do you like about Hyderabad campus?


Hello All, my joining date needs to be extended by 5 days in JPMC and HR said in call that no revised offer letter based on new joining date will be issued and new joining date confirmation will be somewhat communicated prior to 3 days of onboarding.
However he mentioned he will reply back with a confirmation email on top of the email which I have sent requesting for revised joining date.
Do you see any risk of offer cancellation/revocation here?


How much JPMC can offer for Testing Analyst -UAT Manual with 1.6 YOE


Hey fishes, do you see JPMorgan Chase calling people back to office in near future? Location: Bangalore!


In how much time, does background check at jpmc India gets completed, will they notify once it is completed

How will be work life balance for Software Engineer in consumer and community banking
Profile for Salesforce Developers in jpmc?


How much time JPMC takes to release offer letter after HR discussion? Can anyone help me out with this please.


Looking for referal for below tech stack. Ping for more details:
Tech: Unix,Azure,Mainframe, Splunk,AppDynamics,Snow,Sql Developer and JIRA.
YOE: 6yrs
Availability : 44 days