Hi Fishes,
How many rounds of interview at CGI for Mainframe. How much can I ask for 3 years experienced. Could you share few suggestions.

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Working with a recruiter for director (specialist ) position with KPMG in cyber security . Can anyone share more information on the work culture within KPMG cyber , expectations from specialist directory ( I am told it’s deliveries and not sales) , WLB etc KPMG


Hi Folks,

Did anyone gave Interview in Crisil for Sr. HR Recruiter role and what is the salary band. Kindly guide on the questions asked.


Does Deloitte give H1b visa for finance guys?


What’s the starting salary of IA associate at Goldman Sachs in HCOL?


Folks does protiviti reimburse cell phone bill?


I am a Senior Manager at KPMG, about to be offered a Senior Manager role at Deloitte. Consultant with 9 years of Big 4 experience.

How much should I negotiate for base salary?


2 years of experience at BCG post-undergrad. Interviewed for the biz ops team and was told they thought I was a great fit for google, but just didn’t have enough tech experience at this time. I believe this was because I struggled in one of my case interviews. What other roles could I look at at google with my experience level?


Any idea about Accenture yearly hike percentage for level 7. And promotion time to move up to level 6


is anyone working on the MetLife project in TCS?
I want to know-how is the project(.Net) ? is there any onsite opportunity?


I have an Audio Only 30 Minute interview with an EY Recruiter. Is this an interview or just a chat?


Had an interview today and the interviewer asked “what’s been your biggest set back?” I kind of blanked out and said that moving to the remote method of working was challenging for me because I do well in person collaboration. I am worried this was not a good answer. Thoughts 😥

Asking for a friend
Role : Product Owner
Yoe : 10+

Accenture - Sr. Manager (30+5VP)
Siemens Technology - level 8 (31 fixed)

Which is better ?


I am applying at Fidelity investment and the applications keep getting rejected. I have applied for at least 10 jobs that i believe are good fit but they keep getting rejected. Is that to do with ATS template resumes or something else? Did anybody else experience this before? How did you mitigate this issue?


Got ghosted after a final round interview with a unicorn startup. I had a very hands on interview and showed them detailed code examples and architecture diagrams. Maybe I gave away too much? The interviewers seemed really impressed. The cynical thought I have is they're doing interviews just to find answers to the problems they haven't been able to solve. Why else would they ghost me? Everything seemed to be going so well until now.


Hi fishes, I am currently working in Tiger Analytics, I have joined them in july as fresher, now I have offer from American Express (Amex). What should I do? Please suggest.


Hi All - anyone working in the swiss market here?

Looking for some insights of different firms there in terms of Comp., WLB but also brand within Health&Pharma would be useful



What is a Deloitte SM bonus like? Thinking of considering an offer. What other perks are there apart from Bonus?


Hi everyone! My younger sister is about
to graduate college in May 2023 and she
is having trouble getting interviews for
full time jobs in marketing. Would
anyone be willing to refer her to
companies? She has a strong resume &
has worked for Maybelline, Mented
Cosmetics, Supergoop, Function of
Beauty and etc. She's based out of NJ/NY
& loves the beauty/cosmetics field. Any
help would be greatly appreciated A


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What’s EY Associate Director in Advisory equivalent to? I don’t see that role in the other Big 4s. Is it equivalent to Deloitte Consulting SM role or one better than that?


Hi Guys, any opportunities in the UI/UX department working on the Salesforce platform?

Where are people buying their coins at? I've heard of Coinbase. But hoping for a place that won't report earnings to the IRS...


I think I want to be a data scientist / engineering manager in 3 yrs .

What’s the salary range?
What are the best soft and hard skills to have for this..

I already do lots of data science and engineering and I delegate and manage projects without the title so seems to be the best path path.


Anyone here know the creative recruiter at YouTube? 🙏🏼 I so appreciate it.


Can anyone tell me the hierarchy structure of Mindtree? I’ve 4.6 Years of experience and they’ve given me C2 grade? I’m not really sure if it should be C2 or C3!


Cont. from Previous Post 3 mos 8 rounds: Thank you for your interest in NR. We appreciate the time you took to apply for the CSM position. We were very fortunate to have a strong group of applicants to consider for this role and have recently filled this position. Unfortunately, because this role is no longer available, we will not be moving forward with your application. We will hold onto your application, and if a position opens that closely matches your skillset, we may contact you.


PWC AC Bangalore doing mass layoffs? Is it true?


Are there any employers out there who would hire and cover tuition of EMBA grads?


Recommendations for an ob gyn in Philadelphia?


Thinking of relocating my primary residence to Ptown and commuting into Boston. Has anyone done something similar?
Do share your experience. Thanks.


Is 1.5 years of experience too little for a top 10 MBA? I’m getting promoted early to Senior but I want out because I see abysmal growth for my practice... my goal is to try again for (cont.)


What contract companion software do you use? Do you like it? (Debating between Contract Companion and Drafting Assistant)



The immigration firm(for the new company I’ve accepted offer from) reached out with a link to put in my details for H1 transfer. They specifically mentioned that they won’t support dependent immigration.
My wife is on H4, how do I go about her immigration requirements? Does she need a transfer or amendment on current visa once I get my visa transferred?
Thank you

When is the next APM opening for tech companies?


What do UX/UI designers (5+ years of exp) charge hourly these days? Thinking of picking up some freelance.

Hi All,

How's work culture for LTI Salesforce projects ?

Please help!


Are there any apps or programs that allow you to automatically add events to a calendar such as a webinar? For example, someone registers for a webinar and instead of having to click add to my calendar, have the ability to populate on their calendar automatically without clicking anything so they don’t forget about the event.


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Flexible Compensaton Plan-1: Option includes components like Meal Vouchers, Conveyance, NPS, LTA, Medical Reimbursements etc.
How much amount for medical reimbursement will be deducted monthly? CGI

How is CGI in terms of WLB and Job Security?


Cgi,wns or virtusa which one is better

Can I reject project in client interview in CGI if I am not okay with roles and responsibilities said by client or it will lead to escalation?


I have been onboarded to cgi last week. But didn't receive any mail regarding the induction or any other things. Just onboarding happened and now i am into project. Any idea how long it will take to give access to forklore and all stuffs?


Infosys or CGI? Both are offering 2*YOE only.. Which would be good for 10+ Years experienced?


How many rounds of Interview will be conducted for Automation Testing ?

I have 3.9 YOE, how much can I ask HR?

Current CTC : 5.1 LPA

I have completed 1st round (technical interview) and now they've scheduled 2nd round in CGI .HR said it could be techno managerial round.. Anyone who attended it can share review about it and what kind of questions will be asked? CGI

11 YOE Infosys - Senior Consultant role CGI - Lead Analyst role CTC is just 2*YOE tat too match with counter offer.Suggestions from existing employees Infosys CGI

I have joined CGI 5 months back and my project is going to end on 31st. So what will happen after that? As there are layoffs going on in the market will it affect? I am from mainframes technology and have only 2yrs of exp. Can anyone explain pls? CGI

I got offer from CGI recently. Been told will be working from client Location. May I know how it will be and pressure and things like that


How to claim internet charges in CGI ?

I uploaded documents after HR discussion last week but not yet received any update after follow ups with CGI.. Shall I ignore or consider them since my joining in a week. CGI .

How are the hikes at CGI ? any avg %?

What are the ratings in CGI for appraisal

Hi Folks, I have recieved offers from below comps in the same order
Mindtree 32LPA +75K JB
Capgemini 34LPA
YOE: 12yrs
Role: Data Modeller, Data Architect

Which company is better interms of Job Security & Carrer growth

HCL Technologies , Capgemini Mindtree ,CGI


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